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2014-09-02:  "Re: HR rituals" by marithlizard
2014-09-02:  "HR rituals" by Avalon
2014-09-02:  "Re: important observance day" by marithlizard
2014-09-02:  "Re: important observance day" by Trip
2014-09-02:  "important observance day" by marithlizard

2 September 2014 - Tuesday

Today is an important observance for my people, which is why I took it as one of my six floating holidays for the year. We call it Slack Day.

important observance day by marithlizard (Fri Sep 12 04:37:59 2014)

But did you claim it properly by giving a knife to HR and making the ritual request?

Re: important observance day by Trip (Sat Sep 13 12:08:18 2014)

We have a spreadsheet for that.

Re: important observance day by marithlizard (Sun Sep 14 00:12:21 2014)

So, you just type the ritual phrase "Cut me some slack, man" into the Reason column? Bah, these modern observances, they just don't have the same zing.

HR rituals by Avalon (Sun Sep 14 18:39:59 2014)

Well if you just put 'cut me' then it would go better with the knife...

Re: HR rituals by marithlizard (Mon Sep 15 01:20:27 2014)

I was imagining "cutting some slack" acted out as cutting off a length of a piece of rope or something. Hi, I'd like to request about one day of slack, plus an ergonomic keyboard, thanks!

..Then again, perhaps it would be a bad idea to give HR ideas by putting the verb "cut" anywhere in a sentence about the workforce.

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1 September 2014 - Monday

Oh man, we're leaving Roseville and I forgot to swim!

Cat report: 12 paws!

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31 August 2014 - Sunday

Still in Roseville! (Not likely to be a Concrete Blonde song anytime soon.)

No more Ptolus today, but we watched Frozen, bought and played 7 Wonders, and introduced Avalon to Al and Sherilyn via FaceTime. See, my girlfriend in Canada really exists!

I picked up the 5th edition PHB, because Earl was threatening to run it. It seems okay, although I have only skimmed it. Not nearly as inspiring as 13th Age, though.

Of course I exist! =) by Avalon (Wed Sep 10 17:56:21 2014)

I think therefore I am! xoxoxo

Of course you exist! by Trip (Thu Sep 11 21:41:12 2014)

Although it might be, "I FaceTime, therefore I am"!

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30 August 2014 - Saturday

This time I rode up to Roseville with Ken and Ta Baby, instead of Ken and Dave and Jus. That is just about the happiest and most chill baby ever!

Roseville is still there, although soon it will be less one Robert, who is going off to college in a couple of weeks. Yike.

Julia swam and swam and then tried to have a sleepover with Elyssa, which unsurprisingly ended in tears.

I missed the last session of Ptolus, but people were able to bring me up to speed pretty quickly: "We have to defeat the giant hydra chaosbot of death and get the last box from the secret chamber beneath the defunct and haunted brothel of prophecy." Okay, no problem, except for the bit where a hydra could eat us all for lunch, simultaneously.

Nevertheless, the attempt had to be made, so we racked our spells and sallied forth. Sure enough, the hydra savaged everyone brutally despite Karl summoning the dead to distract it, and repaired the damage Raul did with far-reaching lightning. However, as people were already fleeing back through the water-filled tunnel (almost probably too small for the hydra to squeeze through), both Johann and James hit it with their big attacks and we discovered that it had exchanged most of its actual hit points for regen that only works when it's above 0. Yay!

Then Raul almost died when it blew up while he was trying to take it apart. Chaositech: putting the "danger" in "dangerously unstable".

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29 August 2014 - Friday

Yay! Friday is here! And I'm not on call!

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28 August 2014 - Thursday

Come on, Friday! You can make it!

Lock In (John Scalzi) is a police procedural, set in a moderate-future world where a plague that causes complete paralysis has swept through the population, meaning a fairly large number of people have heads full of electronics to let them teleoperate humanoid drones to have some semblence of a life. Scalzi is not a big fan of headware, on security grounds (insert joke about Windows users here), so this goes about as well as one might expect.

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27 August 2014 - Wednesday

Today was all meetings, all the time.

Buck Rogers: Grievous Angels (Howard Chaykin) is an unamazing version of the story, but I do like Buck Rogers as a Wobblie.

How the White Trash Zombie Got Her Groove Back (Diana Rowland): zombie road trip! And then, the most tragic final scene I have seen in quite some time.

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26 August 2014 - Tuesday

Not dead yet!

Apparently my existence on the Internet is now redundant.

Broken Souls (Stephen Blackmoore) is the sequel to Dead Things, in which the necromancer with the tragic past and bloodied hands continues to make and then piss off friends, enemies, and dead gods.

White Trash Zombie Apocalypse (Diana Rowland) is the third in the series, in which the eponymous zombie goes for her GED, meets ethical medical researchers, and eats brains.

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25 August 2014 - Monday

Last week was short jam, next week is jam, but this week is no jam.

Bryan Lee O'Malley's new comic, Seconds is not set in a video game, so probably will not be the same sort of runaway hit that Scott Pilgrim was. But it is pretty good on its own merits, if you can put up with humans being foolish and greedy like in all the best fairy tales.

The Ministry Protocol (ed Pip Ballantine, Tee Morris, TS Tate) is a collection of short stories by various authors set in the world of Ballantine and Morris's "Ministry of Peculiar Occurances" series. In other words, authorized fanfic, although filtered for a slightly better quality curve than the Internets.

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24 August 2014 - Sunday

Dave threatened to finish off the Immortal Empire campaign, but we were so slow at remembering how to play this game after like six weeks, and so prone to talking instead of playing, that we only got through about two of the four weeks until Matri-nation Day. Hyacinthe is working on finding an antidote to the mysterious new truffid pheromone, everyone is getting cultist tattoos, and the bunyip volcano shaman says she will definitely give the Eye of Fire back before Eloise needs it to be married/crowned.

What will we play if Immortal Empire does end? Earl made noises about running D&D 5th Edition but I don't know if he will still want to by the time we finish. I suppose we could make Ken die of envy by playing 13th Age, but I don't know if Miriam (or anyone) would be up for learning a new system.

Unlike Substrata, Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 Artworks (UDON Entertainment) is all about the scantily-clad girls. They are cute, though.

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23 August 2014 - Saturday

Today Ken had his birthday party, which involved many board games and also cake and ham and some of his friends from Before Ayse but also his friends from now. It was not a wild and exciting party, but it was a perfectly good party.

The new discovery is 7 Wonders, which scales from 3 to 7 players, only takes about half an hour play, and has many options but is simple to learn once you figure out what all the cryptic icons mean. W00t!

No anime tonight, obviously.

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22 August 2014 - Friday

No work today! Only sloth! Well, and laundry. Lots of laundry, at least by my standards.

While lying in bed, I watched the first few episodes of Aldnoah.Zero. I am all for defeating invulnerable mecha by cleverness, and they did address the point I thought they had neglected for the first invulnerable mecha, so I am tentatively not scornful.

In The Silk Map (Chris Willrich), Bone and Gaunt get into more trouble along the fantasic cognate of the Silk Road as they try to get things back in order after the events of The Scroll of Years, specifically [SPOILER].

Willrich writes in a fairly modern style, but there is more than a hint of the old weird stories in the ancient ruins of prehuman civilizations, hidden worlds, and whatnot.

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21 August 2014 - Thursday

Today is Logical Friday, since I am taking a day off for working at least a full day over the weekend. So there!

Substrata (ed Paul Richards) is the result of telling a whole bunch of videogame artists to draw concept sketches for a hypothetical dark fantasy game. I don't know how they picked the artists or if they gave them more direction, but I like pretty much all the results. Yes, even though for videogame art it is quite low on naked chicks — more sinister landscapes, things made out of trees, and goblinoid critters.

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20 August 2014 - Wednesday

Same customer, different problem. It's only our fault in that we don't provide a set of armored boots with the gun, but we get to spend thirteen hours fixing it anyway. So much for doing any of the non-work-related things I had on the schedule tonight, like taking books back to the library, and Avalon.

Letter 44 vol 1 (Charles Soule, Alberto J Albuquerque, Dan Jackson, Guy Major, Shawn DePasquale) is a little better than movie-grade SF, but not a whole lot.

Nice Dragons Finish Last (Rachel Aaron) is the first in a new series by the author of the "Eli Monpress" books, set in the near future when magic has come back due to a mysterious meteorite. It's not really Shadowrun, since magic is amenable to use in consumer goods, but Detroit is run by a spirit but is totally a cyberpunk city, with a literal underlevel and everything. The main character is a dragon who suffers from the disadvantage of not being a sociopathic assclam and therefore gets along with (some) humans much better than other dragons, which is how he comes to have a hot mage sidekick.

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19 August 2014 - Tuesday


Same customer, same problem, but now we have done the thing so they are back in business.

Tonight we had Caribbean food, because it is Ken-day!

Earthdawn is still delayed due to Jus, but we did eventually get started. My character got her ass completely kicked by a giant bug monster with a zombie hand for a hat, which the rest of the party was able to dispatch with no difficulty. I think I need to stop playing games that involve dice. Or brains. Anyway, the PCs then spent most of the session tasting the sand playing with the zone of mystical blindness and time-distorted mutterings, without getting much of anywhere. We have it on good authority that place is creepy as fuck, though.

After looking through Dragon Girl and Monkey King, I think I do not like Katsuya Terada's art style. Oh well.

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18 August 2014 - Monday

Same customer, same problem. But this problem is now kind of okayish, although it needs more work tomorrow.

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17 August 2014 - Sunday

I was too inept to make it to Jus's dim sum-based celebration of becoming a kindergartener (How can she be in kindergarten?! She was barely able to walk not that long ago!) but Marith saved me with the power of text messaging.

Today, there were no calls. The threatened meeting from yesterday wasn't even mentioned, so I guess it will be dealt with tomorrow during business hours (for someone). When nothing happened all day, I felt safe in going to San Jose in the evening, but not even that got the GTS to call me. Weird, but not unpleasant.

Fading Suns was a huge fail from the PCs' point of view, although they did not all agree on why. I felt bad for having Mazoku horribly betray Yelena, but of course Mazoku only felt bad about getting her stabbed. Becoming not a horrible person is going to be a long character arc, I can tell.

Art class! by Avalon (Wed Aug 20 18:11:24 2014)

And art class signup!!!

Art class? by marithlizard (Wed Aug 20 21:45:49 2014)

What is this class of art? Do tell!

Re: Art class. by Trip (Thu Aug 21 08:58:36 2014)

I signed up to take a course on art on the iPad at Pacific Art League in Palo Alto, on Saturdays from the end of September to the end of November. Now I need to buy a good stylus!

re: Art class by marithlizard (Thu Aug 21 10:33:31 2014)

that sounds cool! I should try again to find a local zendoodle class, hm.

zendoodle by Avalon (Fri Aug 22 15:58:51 2014)

What is zendoodle? It sounds really neat. =) I say art classes for everyone!

re: zendoodle by marithlizard (Tue Aug 26 21:07:31 2014)

Oops I meant zentangle. It is a method for doodling that seems neat and not too hard to learn, and taking a class would be like practicing interaction with other humans! here's some examples:

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16 August 2014 - Saturday

First thing in the morning (okay, not really, but it seemed like it after last night), I got called to help with a different P1 for a different Big Customer. I resolved that with the Big Hammer and got the customer going, but a little later they came back and complained about performance. Naturally, the answer to "why does this operation take such different amounts of time on these identical tables?" was "the tables aren't identical".

The customer from last night threatened to hold a meeting to discuss the shape of our doom, so I couldn't go to anime, but the meeting never actually materialized. Bah!

I watched some more Mythbusters. I think I may be a snob, but it's still enjoyable even if it's not as purely geeky as the first few episodes.

Morningside Fall (Jay Posey) is the sequel to Three. In this one, we learn that both doors in "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" are equally available. Although, sometimes, even what kills you makes you stronger.

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