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2014-10-14:  "Re: liralen and peking duck" by marith
2014-10-14:  "Re: liralen and peking duck" by Trip
2014-10-14:  "liralen and peking duck" by marithlizard
2014-10-11:  "Re: You will" by Trip
2014-10-11:  "You will" by Avalon

14 October 2014 - Tuesday

Hurray! It's Liralen! And Carl! And Chrisber and Christy and Matteo! And Earl and Cat, although I've seen them only like ten or eleven months ago, so it's not as big an occasion. Also, enough Peking Duck to crush an scheming eunuch! [*]

[*] Yes, everything I know about China I learned from playing Feng Shui.

liralen and peking duck by marithlizard (Fri Oct 17 23:30:19 2014)

Now I want a dish at Chef Chu's to be named Flat Eunuch.

Re: liralen and peking duck by Trip (Mon Oct 20 08:29:50 2014)

But that would just be a double order of Peking Duck! It would need something distinctive to be a new dish.

Re: liralen and peking duck by marith (Mon Oct 20 10:18:18 2014)

I didn't say it had to be a new dish! We could just rename the Pressed Duck, I guess...

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13 October 2014 - Monday

The most inaspicious day of all: Monday the 13th!

In The Brothers Cabal (Jonathan L Howard), Johannes and Horst save the world, or at least part of Europe, from horrible monsters, which is pretty ironic, really.

I found this the weakest of the four, possibly because the adversity was not as interesting.

Twelve paws!

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12 October 2014 - Sunday

I finally got around to ordering the volumes I was missing, so now I am caught up through volume 5 of From The New World (Yusuke Kishi, Toru Oikawa). Their society is still appalling, but I can see why they thought they had to make it that way. I can't really blame the rats, though.

Finally, more Fading Suns! I still suck, but at least I was able to enable one of the other PCs to interact with the bizarre alien tech that may be destroying the planet but is almost certainly not mind-controlling her. Much.

My character should be using NPCs as resources, rather than using powers or tech or even violence. Also I should be playing out social scenes in full, because the other players are LARPers. And dying in a pit.

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11 October 2014 - Saturday

After a morning of being useless, I went to iPad art class and learned some Procreate. This is a much more serious digital art app than Paper, with layers and brush shapes and masking and all that good stuff, so it took the old people in the class even longer to figure it out.

(Yes, I know that in some other class I will be the old person who takes too long to figure things out.)

  • Chihayafuru 6: Another perspective on the greatness of karuta!
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica 1-2: Ayse is already convinced the entire setting is creepy and wrong. I think it's the terrarium-like classrooms. And Kyubey.
  • Tiger & Bunny 9: Wow, and I thought Jus was impossible.
  • Legend of Korra season II 1-2: Is the obvious villain really the villain? Only time will tell!

You will by Avalon (Thu Oct 16 17:15:34 2014) the cool guy that has taken lots of classes in things that interest him. =)

Re: You will by Trip (Fri Oct 17 09:49:06 2014)

Possibly, but that won't make a difference to whether I can learn things!

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10 October 2014 - Friday

Yay! Made it to Friday! Hardly dead at all! And Avalon-smooches!

Johannes Cabal: The Fear Institute (Jonathan L Howard) could just as easily be called, Johannes Cabal vs the Dreamlands. I think it's a tie, although possibly the Dreamlands get a moral victory just by irritating Johannes so much.

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9 October 2014 - Thursday


Ancillary Sword (Ann Leckie) picks up pretty much where Ancillary Justice left off, with Breq doing the thing for the person while the events occur. We get to see more of Radch life, military and civilian, and learn that despite all the new ways that have been invented to suck, humans still suck in all the old ways as well. We do not find out much more about the aliens. Breq is still awesome.

In Johannes Cabal the Detective (Jonathan L Howard), everyone's[*] favorite necromancer takes a journey by airship, which leads to murder, mystery, politics, women, and more politics. He is not a happy necromancer, but then is he ever?

[*] Except people who have met him.

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8 October 2014 - Wednesday

In Earthdawn, the zombie carnival has come to town. Oddly, this does not appear to be related to the recent string of grisly murders, which the PCs have been asked to solve. The carnival is just creepy, but the murders seem to be the work of a Horror that can control people from a distance.

I failed at roleplaying when I thought about whether it would be a good idea to offend the elf with thorns growing out of him, instead of immediately denouncing him as an abomination against elfkind.

The stories in Black Wings of Cthulhu 2 (ed S T Joshi) don't average quite as well as the ones in the first volume, but they are still perfectly cthromulent.

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7 October 2014 - Tuesday

Meetings. But also Avalon.

Many books that I had been waiting for magically appeared on my virtual Kindle today, because Tuesday is the Day of Releases! I only read one, however, because there was also work and Avalon to do.

Poison Fruit (Jacqueline Carey) is the third book in the "Hel's Liason" series, and could easily be the final one, since a very significant plot element is resolved. I like Daisy (how can you not like a hellspawn named Daisy?), but I felt the ending was a little anticlimactic. Nevertheless, if there are any more, I will probably buy them and enjoy them.

Since Earl was threatening to run D&D5e, I picked up the Player's Handbook and read through it. It is finished now, so I regard it more highly than when I reviewed the playtest version, but it still doesn't excite me all that much. It seems like it should be pretty functional, at least.

13th Age FTW!

Do me! by Avalon (Wed Oct 8 19:54:17 2014)


Re: Do me! by Trip (Mon Oct 13 08:39:46 2014)


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6 October 2014 - Monday


There is no Avalon, only Zuul work stress.

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5 October 2014 - Sunday

I had to get up early to go grocery shopping, since there was a surprise ramen festival yesterday, but it all worked out and I was not later than usual to Immortal Empire.

The PCs finally passed the buck for the subterranean invasion, but will probably have to take care of it anyway. At least they've learned their lesson about bringing prisoners to the Empress.

Avalon's work is being terrible. We should kill it INFERNOKRUSHER style.

No um infernokrushing by Avalon (Tue Oct 7 18:47:45 2014)

It does pay the bills. =)

INFERNOKRUSHER by Trip (Wed Oct 8 10:03:01 2014)

My favorite introduction to INFERNOKRUSHER, by the late John M Ford:

[From Verona Total Breakdown (Liebestod), a forgotten early Infernokrusher work by Bill "Hoist This Petard" Shakespeare . . .]

Ro-Mo. Your windows are still mirrored; taunt me not,
But show your colors, dare to challenge me,
These lips are two shaped charges, primed and hot,
That wait the go-code for delivery.
J-Cap. The flag is to the deadly, not the loud,
Yet aim as well as posing show in this;
The worthy throwdown's always to the proud,
And hammer down is how the hard girls kiss.
Ro-Mo. My draft is stopped; I struggle toward the clutch.
J-Cap. And would a charge of nitrous make thee run?
Ro-Mo. Too much; but what else is there but too much?
Let me take arms, and elevate the gun.
J-Cap. Small arms but hint what demolitions say.
Ro-Mo. Then, gunner, gimme one round.
J-Cap. On the way.

Re: infernokrusher by marithlizard (Fri Oct 10 05:14:59 2014)

Infernokrusher is an energetic literary movement! It's going places! (Preferably at terminal velocity.) Surely there's a place for it in the popular press!

quote from the manifesto:

Infernokrusher fiction explodes stagnant genre conventions, e.g., that itís not okay to have all your characters run over by a monster truck in what would seem to be the middle of the story

Some other famous IK poems mined from luminary discussions:

"Two paths diverged in a wood, and I-
I rode my bike off the path
That was awesome!"

I blew up the plums
that were in the icebox
and which you were probably saving for breakfast
forgive me
I like fire

Who needs seasonal
references? There is no
season without "boom".

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4 October 2014 - Saturday

Now it's really Saturday, and I am still not at work. Yay!

The Irregular at Magic High School and Aldnoah Zero seem to both be between seasons, so I watched a few episodes of RWBY. The suffer from being Poser art and having only so-so voice acting, but are good within the limitations of what they are.

I also watched a couple more episodes of Kill la Kill, but it is so weird that I want someone to watch it with.

No art class — the teacher was unavoidably abducted by aliens.

Look, it's a conveniently-located RAMEN EXTRAVAGANZA!

The different were actually noticeably different, but at least the ones that were actually from Japan were pretty yummy. Marith did not eat any, because none of the ramen stands were from New England.

  • Princess Tutu 25-26: The end! I am glad they didn't turn [SPOILER] into [SPOILER]. Ayse seemed pretty happy with it, too.
  • Chihayafuru 5: I hope we get to see the Fukui girl again. There's no way she should let the big-city hussy steal her boy!
  • Tiger & Bunny 8: What?! How dare the supervillain not be [SPOILER]?
  • Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood 63-64: The end! Some people survived. Some people might even live happily ever after.

Next week, Puella Magi Madoka Magika (so Ayse can experience the GIANT DOOM) and er something else. Maybe more Legend of Korra?

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3 October 2014 - Friday

Today, there is no work. Only sleeping. And eating. And picking up comics. And going blblbl. And reading Johannes Cabal the Necromancer (Jonathan L Howard), which is very funny but not for the faint of heart. It seemed to be fairly well wrapped up at the end, but there are apparently a bunch of other Johannes Cabal books, so I will have to investigate.

No more terrible medicine for Aspen!

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2 October 2014 - Thursday

After a zillion months, I am finally caught up on this! I am writing the entry for 2014-10-02 on 2014-10-02! Woo hoo!

Specifically, I am writing this while waiting for the customer on a never-ending call that has already kept me three hours late at work (no Avalon for me!) to figure out what they're doing besides tormenting me. So much for starting my long weekend early!

I managed to hand the call over to someone in a better time zone shortly after midnight, and got home before 2. Ulgh.

You are a mighty conqueror by Avalon (Fri Oct 3 17:54:04 2014)

Of neverending calls!

Re: mighty conqueror by Trip (Sat Oct 4 12:45:37 2014)

But I would rather the never-ending calls collapsed due to internal conflicts, so that I could spend the time being mushy with you!

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1 October 2014 - Wednesday

There is no Earthdawn, there is only Jus and her parents going to Santa Cruz for HAPPY HAPPY JUS DAY!!

Retread Shop (T Jackson King) is set in the same universe as Stellar Assassin but is more firmly in the "orphaned human makes his way in the universe" subgenre.

We Are All Completely Fine (Daryl Gregory) is an excellent book about a therapy group of people who are completely not fine, and the horrors that reduced their SAN made them that way. I totally did not figure out who [SPOILER] was.

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30 September 2014 - Tuesday

Marmalade is getting pretty tired of only getting gooshyfood, so it's a good thing his mouth should be healed up by now!

Stellar Assassin (T Jackson King) is not quite as cheesy as it sounds, possibly because it has only STL starships (although FTL communication, which suggests that the AIs should have FTL travel) and mostly very non-humanoid aliens. The alien mentalities are more told about than shown, though, and the love interest alien is awfully humanoid.

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29 September 2014 - Monday

Still on call, but it's usually not an issue during the— oh, thank you for calling at 6am to ask how to handle an incident you should know how to handle, cow orker.

Poor Aspen is getting more and more fearful of me because every time I come near her, I chase her down and fill her mouth with horrible medicine. :(

Everybody knows,

Lizzie Borden took an axe,
Gave her mother forty whacks.
When she saw what she had done,
She gave her father forty-one.

but only those who read Maplecroft (Cherie Priest) will know why.

This is apparently the first of a series, although I'm not sure how far it can go before getting stale or has to diverge too much from history.

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28 September 2014 - Sunday

No gaming today, only work. Not hard work, since I just had to monitor the system to make sure it was continuing to do its thing, but it didn't finish until like 21:00 (which was conveniently when we had the meeting to discuss how it was going, so I could report good news).

Black Wings of Cthulhu is a collection of Lovecraftian stories assembled by S T Joshi, who may reasonably be considered to know his stuff. And indeed, most of the stories are pretty good, and most of them I had not seen before.

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27 September 2014 - Saturday

Did I go to the second session of iPad art class today? Did I go to anime today? No, I did not. Instead I spent like 16 hours working on a customer issue. I shouldn't complain, since my boss and cow orker were up all night, instead of merely starting first thing in the morning, but I am going to complain anyway!

It doesn't help that we ended up doing this morning what I said we should do yesterday afternoon, after Other People wasted the whole night faffing about.

Mutter grumble grrr.

Terrible anime I watched while waiting for machines to do their mechanical thing:

  • I Couldn't Become A Hero, So I Reluctantly Got A Job: A PC in training when the war against the demons ends has to take a job in a store selling consumer magic items, next to the daughter of the demon king. Fan service, retail commerce, and fan service ensue.
  • Momo Kyun Sword: An old couple find a baby girl in a giant peach. When she grows up to have giant peaches of her own, she and her pheasant, dog, and monkey join up with the Celestial Maiden Squad to fight oni who are trying to gather fragments of the magic peach. Fan service, transformation sequences, and fan service ensue.

What, I said it was terrible! Also unlikely to use any of my scarce neurons.

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26 September 2014 - Friday

Wait, I have to go back to work, what?!

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25 September 2014 - Thursday

Today, I oppressed cats! Marmalade and Aspen had to go in for a dental overhaul, which means I had to put them into carriers (not one carrier, because Marmalade was throwing a hissy fit) and trundle them all the way to the vet, though surprise rain. Poor Aspen was closest to the puddles and in the carrier with the most holes, so she got quite wet despite my almost-clever use of plastic sheeting. Sad kitty.

Fortunately, by the time they were ready to come home, it was no longer raining, so I did not have to get Marith to come up to transport them or anything. (Plus, they were so drugged up, they probably wouldn't have noticed getting wet.) Marmalade only had to have one tooth removed, but Aspen came back lighter by nine teeth. It really is very hard to be Aspen.

Now the dented kitties have painkillers twice a day, and Aspen also has antibiotics. Ghirardelli has great relief at having escaped the Box of Woe, which he expressed by wanting to play Chococat Chase the whole time the other cats were gone.

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24 September 2014 - Wednesday

I trundled all the way down to San Jose for Earthdawn, but Ken was too fried from work to GM so we had to play 7 Wonders instead. I came in second from last and third from last (out of five), which is better than I expected.

In The Name of the Star and The Madness Underneath (Maureen Johnson), a girl from a small town in Louisiana goes to boarding school in London and gets mixed up with ghosts. The narrator is pretty engaging, and I like that when ghosts destroy her school life, the problems don't get magically resolved.

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23 September 2014 - Tuesday

Did something happen today? Who knows.

Steel World, Dust World, and Tech World (BV Larson) are not great, and in fact are pretty bad by some measures (as one expects from ebook-only publications), but I want to find out more about what's going on in the background with the revival machines. It seems like there's something being hinted at.

Unmade (Sarah Rees Brennan) mysteriously appeared in my Virtual Kindle this morning, so I had to devour it. It is as good as the second one, although perhaps not quite as good as the first. Also, there is doom.

Maybe it's just that it's been so long since I read the last one, but Shadow Unit 15 (Elizabeth Bear, Emma Bull, Steven Brust, Chelsea Polk) didn't grab me as much as previous episodes, even though there was more than enough doom.

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22 September 2014 - Monday

Hi-ho, hi-ho.

Pilgrim of the Sky (Natania Barron) is a particular kind of fantasy that I don't know the name of. It reminds me of Alis Rasmussen Kate Elliot's The Labyrinth Gate, which only one person reading this is likely to know. Who says reviews have to be helpful?

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21 September 2014 - Sunday

Even though I am not on call, other people are too busy with lives to game. Bah!

Something More Than Night (Ian Tregillis) tries to combine two genres, or maybe embed one within the other, which I appreciate, but I don't think it was entirely successful. Noir is a very human genre, and goes poorly with transcendent beings.

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20 September 2014 - Saturday

Today, I did something useful, or at least productive! I went to the Pacific Art League (which is not a superhero or supervillain organization, as far as I can tell) to learn to do iPad Art!

We are using Paper by 53 to start off with, since it is simple and will hopefully lead to reduced confusion. It looks like everyone except me is already a painter and learning iPad; I'm the only one who is familiar with iPad and learning art stuff for the first time. I am also like the second-youngest person out of eight.

After going through all half-dozen or so features of Paper, we painted leaves. Kind of abstract leaves, but definitely leaf-shaped object.

  • Princess Tutu 24: Apparently this show is so meta that it glows, because there is a lampshade on it.
  • Chihayafuru 3-4: End flashback, cue teenaged angst!
  • Tiger & Bunny 6-7: I like that the special effects are different, but the descriptions of surprised or terrified witnesses would be the same.
  • Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood 62: I dunno, this doesn't seem like the kind of problem one should be solving via shounen punching. The long-term planning that got them to the punching place was good, though.

Next week, double finale action!

Yay art! by Avalon (Sat Sep 27 19:59:42 2014)

Yay art class! I hope it keeps being fun once you are not on call. And also it is fine to be the youngest, it just shows you can take art for a long time. =)

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19 September 2014 - Friday

Nothing useful was accomplished today, except maybe playing a bit of Sil very badly. No, even worse than what you're thinking.

At least I am not on call — that got swapped to next week.

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