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2017-12-02:  "MLP" by marithlizard
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19 January 2018 - Friday

[ . . . ]

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18 January 2018 - Thursday

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17 January 2018 - Wednesday

Once again, it is time for 13th Age and Italian food! This week, Koru behemoth exploration! Creepy, fungusy, disgusting, and loaded with superweapons. Also everyone's soul is tied together, just in case.

I don't think other people appreciated octopus communication as much as Ken and I. They are philistines who just bought eight tickets to the gun show.

I've now read up through vol 19 of Worm (JC McCrae), which ties up some major plot threads (but only revs up others). Now I want to play supers (although probably not Champions, more likely Masks) and also never write again.

Words: 124. But I finally figured out why everything is so weird since the Gravekeeper bombardment. It's not just all the previously-hidden weirdness being forced to the surface. (This has no bearing on the current story.)

octopus communication by marithlizard (Fri Jan 19 08:28:07 2018)

That is hilarious, and I am somewhat relieved because I would have had to revoke their funding.

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16 January 2018 - Tuesday

Bleah, work. Sleep is better.

Words: 604.

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15 January 2018 - Monday

No work, MLK Day! Although honestly I would be okay with white people having to work today and PoC getting the day off.

Hardly any Avalon.

Words: 216. You'd think I could do better on a holiday. But you'd be WRONG!

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14 January 2018 - Sunday

First PAD&D of 2018!

Jeremy skipped us ahead weeks? months? in the campaign to where the Heroines of Red Larch had reached 8th level but everything was terrible and they were making a doomed last stand using all the weird stuff that had happened in the intervening time, and then the Crystal Dragon sent her two popesses back in time to where the Heroines had knocked fate off the rails, which turned out to be the confrontation with the [SPOILER] in Yartar. We got to replay that, but with an extra ninja (Mara hadn't been there the first time), and people yelling "Nooooooo!" at dramatic moments, and it all went much better. Plus, the Heroines are still 8th level!

Apparently there is some doubt as to whether Deirdre will come back within the life of the campaign (for unrelated reasons). Bah!

Words: 355.

Weekly total: 2666.

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13 January 2018 - Saturday

Bah, cleaners were late and slow (short-handed, apparently), so I did not get to go grocery shopping at a reasonable time. But wait! I have Monday off, I can go shopping then! Today, I can be useless.

No Marith, she is flat from work.

  • Steven Universe 5.11-12: Lars of the Stars!!!
  • Sailor Moon Crystal 3.6-7: Chibi-Usa's new friend's dad isn't creepy at all.
  • Monthly Girl's Nozaki-kun 4 (rewatch): This is so episodic that catching up isn't necessary, but so funny that making sure to watch all of it is.
  • Love, Chunibyo, & Other Delusions 9-12: #chunibyo4life #adorable #superadorable

Words: 149. I think I will follow Kit's example and try to write at least 100 words every day, even if the day is otherwise eaten up with stuff. That's only a paragraph or two, I should be able to do it even if it doesn't seem like much.

All my words are still terrible, though.

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12 January 2018 - Friday

Still no Avalon. Healing takes a lot of energy.

Words: 253.

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11 January 2018 - Thursday

Words: 493. I'm getting bogged down again, and my characters are having second thoughts about calling in the authorities. No! Don't wimp out now!

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10 January 2018 - Wednesday

This week, we were prepared for people to not show up, so everyone arrived in good time for 13th Age and BBQ!

This session, my character was completely useless because it was all about talking to people and I couldn't afford any Charisma. But that was okay.

Hurray, there's a new "Twenty Palaces" novella, The Twisted Path (Harry Connolly)! I think it suffers from not being novel-length, because things are a little too neat and not built up enough, but I still like it a lot.

Words: 0, because gaming.

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9 January 2018 - Tuesday

There was almost some Avalon, but no, there was only Zzzuul.

Words: 1063.

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8 January 2018 - Monday

Eww, Monday.

I spent too much time reading vols 7-8 of Worm, which continued to make me feel bad about what I'm writing even though it's not really the same. Probably I should reread Please Don't Tell My Parents I Have a Nemesis instead.

Words: 353.

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7 January 2018 - Sunday

I actually got up and made it to the lab to phlebotomized before it got busy!

No PAD&D5, Deirdre is out of town and Rachel is physically unwell.

There is no gaming, there is only tumblr.

One doesn't expect redeeming social value from light novels, but by sexualizing the practice of medicine, Monster Girl Doctor (Yoshino Origuchi, Z-ton) may achieve the opposite. (But maybe I'm just showing my ignorance of medical/hospital-themed romance novels.)

Words: 642. It's almost like not stressing out about meeting an arbitrary deadline is bad for creativity! (Except we know that can't possibly be true, because America.)

Weekly total: 3664.

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6 January 2018 - Saturday

Finally capitalism relented enough to give Marith some free time, so we went to see SW: TLJ. It was a flawed movie (the technical and military stuff was garbage, because Star Wars), but it had some good bits, including female characters, so fuck off, MRAs. I do not demand my 2 hours and 35 minutes back.

Anime: FAIL, because Crunchyroll FAIL! Instead Dave and Marith caught up on some of the Nirvana in Fire they missed, and then we taught Marith Roll for the Galaxy.

Words: FAIL.

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5 January 2018 - Friday

Today, I managed to do... laundry! Um. Yah, okay, I got nothin'.

I read the first 6 arcs of Worm (JC McCrae), because Twig was so awesome, and it is also good, but it is teen supers so now I understand how much I have failed by giving my main character only a puny amount of adversity to overcome.

Words: 818. Still terrible, and now I know how terrible.

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4 January 2018 - Thursday

No Avalon, she is still 1000% busy all of the time. Maybe more so, now that she has the busted leg and has to find different things to do.

After some number of months, I have finished with Twig (all 20 volumes) and the epilogues. Yikes, that was a lot of doom, and I'm not sure the ending was actually less doomful. I liked it a lot, because I like weird settings and cleverness, and the viewpoint character is all about cleverness, but it is pretty dark. Do not read this story if you have trouble with terrible things happening to minors, mental illness, body horror, tyranny, or unnatural attraction to cake.

Words: 608. Also I did some administrative stuff. Equal-length chapters are for wimps, apparently.

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3 January 2018 - Wednesday

Kill All Angels (Robert Brockway) wraps up the trilogy that started with The Unnoticeables and The Empty Ones, but it does not introduce enough new material to deserve an entire book. The climax is pretty much what could have been predicted in the middle of book 2, and I really would have liked it better if there had been at least one major plot twist.

We tried to gather for 13th Age and burritos, but Brooks and Kelsey failed to appear in a timely fashion, so we broke out Roll for the Galaxy to get them to show up. Brooks showed up just in time to get dealt in, but Kelsey never made it. (Mike won, to no one's surprise. I came in dead last, also to no one's surprise, but not by that much.) Once we finished up, we did a little planning for next week (Hellspears, here we come!) but then imploded.

Kelsey couldn't make it because her skeezy landlord was trying to swindle her out of her cleaning deposit, so fuck that guy.

Words: FAIL.

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2 January 2018 - Tuesday

Wait, I have to get up in the morning? I'm not sure about this 2018 thing...

A lot of customers (and coworkers) seem to still be on vacatino.

Words: 496.

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1 January 2018 - Monday

Starting the year off by being lazy is okay, right? Anyway, nothing is on fire yet, so, so far, so good.

I don't know what my daily quota should be, but today I made 1100 words, so that's probably plenty.

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31 December 2017 - Sunday

As has become traditional, I went to Ayse and Ken's, and we had fondue with Earl and Cat. This year we had no Marith, because it's hard to get both holidays off when you work retail. (It was probably hard enough to get just Christmas off.) So I really can't complain about just being a fifth wheel for an evening, at least no customers were involved!

Earl's fondue was, as always, superb. I probably gained about five pounds.

2018 better suck less, or I'm going to demand a refund.

I have officially failed at NaNoWriMo extension. I am still writing, but at this point I should probably just switch to a daily quota.

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30 December 2017 - Saturday

Well, now my apartment is cleaner, but I'm not any more productive.

  • Sailor Moon Crystal 3.4: Oh no, kissing!
  • Love, Chunibyo, & Other Delusions 8: Now Marith is caught up, so we can resume when Dave gets back.
  • Monthly Girl's Nozaki-kun 4-5: Dating sims! Mixers! Editors! Bento!
  • Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju 6-7: Kiku finds his motivation! Which is apparently the opposite of finding love.

NaNoWriMo extension: 42962/50000.

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29 December 2017 - Friday

Apparently being useful two days in a row is my limit.

I read some new manga that fell into my bag when I went shopping the other day, because I don't have to move to do that.

  • Gabriel Dropout (Ukami): Unexceptional high-school otaku shenanigans, doesn't make use of the supernatural angle.
  • So I'm a Spider, So What? (Asahiro Kakashi, Okina Baba, Tsukasa Kiryu): Teenager sucked into an inexplicably videogame-like world where she must negotiate the levelling and skill system, but she's incarnated as a spider monster. Cute, but not for arachnophobes.
  • Spirit Circle (Satoshi Mizukami): Definitely the best of the three, middle-schoolers inheriting grudges (and spirit minions?) from multiple past lives, where they each seem to have been in the wrong sometimes.

Also read today:

Redeemer (by everybody's favorite Kit, CE Murphy) is Rosie the Riveter × Buffy the Vampire Slayer × Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne. Weirdly, it also has a person I know as a secondary character, which hurts my brain, but whatever. People who don't know that person will probably like the character, but I had too much cognitive dissonance. That aside, it is pretty good 1940s and awesome female characters and butt-kicking. Everone should read it!

NaNoWriMo extension 42961/50000. It is not awesome.

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28 December 2017 - Thursday

I didn't get up quite as early as I meant to, but made it to Mike's gaming day no later than many. There were enough people that there were two, sometimes three, games running in parallel, but the ones I played were Tales of the Arabian Nights (a new edition since I played it like 20 years ago; Erin beat me but only because she had more statuses), Betrayal at House on the Hill (I survived and the traitor didn't, so I guess I won?), and then some Tsuro of the Seas (supports up to 8 players, no deep strategy, maybe I should get it for Ayse and Ken's family to play with Jus).

Eventually I was bloated with gaming munchies and it was getting dark and cold out, so I crept back to the train, but people were still gaming when I left.

NaNoWriMo extension 42069/50000.

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27 December 2017 - Wednesday

Today I managed to get up and go to breakfast, do laundry, and even shop for New Year's presents!

I also upgraded to Scrivener 3, which incidentally counts words in a different manner that robs me of 200 words!

NaNoWriMo extension 41713/50000.

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26 December 2017 - Tuesday

Today, I was useless again.

In Arcadia (Andrea K Höst) is the second epilogue to the "Touchstone" series (Stray, Lab Rat One, Caszandra ), and is mostly just goopy mush. But there is some of what happens after the protagonist makes it back to an unsuspecting Earth. Also, hot psionic space ninjas.

NaNoWriMo extension 41007/50000.

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25 December 2017 - Monday

Ayse and Ken and Jus and Nonny were kind enough to have me over to Christmas dinner along with Marith and Cat and Earl. There was ham and brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes and leeks and happiness, and then after the kids went to bed we watched some Nirvana in Fire (still without Dave, but we were equal to the task).

  • Nirvana in Fire 28-29: Uh-oh, Prince Yu is Suspicious!

NaNoWriMo extension 40443/50000.

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24 December 2017 - Sunday

Today, I did nothing of any use whatsoever, not even emergency Christmas shopping. (I meant to, but then it was cold outside, and getting dark, and the stores would suck anyway.)

NaNoWriMo extension 40278/50000.

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23 December 2017 - Saturday

Even though Dave is not here, we had anime! And because Jus was so good at washing dishes, we had Sailor Moon even though she was very sleepy.

  • Sailor Moon Crystal 3.3: Mysterious academy! Witches Ever-Decrementing! Male pronouns for Haruka!
  • Monthly Girl's Nozaki-kun 3: Shenanigans with the president and star of the drama club!
  • Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju 5: In which the main character finds out that he is good at bawdy stories and crossdressing, neither of which befits his dignity.

NaNoWriMo extension 39481/50000. That's pretty much FAIL.

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22 December 2017 - Friday

I didn't like Stiletto (Daniel O'Malley) as much as The Rook, because the main characters were not quite as engaging, but it was still good. Plus, the [SPOILER] reminds me of Twig, which is not a bad thing.

NaNoWriMo extension 39478/50000.

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21 December 2017 - Thursday

Hurray, Avalon is not dead, and finally had time to see me among all the work and recuperating and other work!

NaNoWriMo extension 39000/50000. A nice round number, only a few thousand behind where it should be. Maybe dying in a pit would be better.

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20 December 2017 - Wednesday

For probably the last time this year, 13th Age and Thai food! Apparently this is the part of the adventure where we fight monsters that hit on a 5 or better, and do enough damage to outright kill most of the party in one shot. I don't know about this game...<

I read The Rook (Daniel O'Malley) on Ayse's recommendation, and it is pretty good! It's somewhere between "The Laundry" and supers, and seems quite British but more on the eccentric-tradition side than the Laundry's bureaucracy humor. It actually reminds me more of Simon R Green's "Shaman Bond" series in the way people randomly have supernatural abilities, although it's not nearly as over the top. It is also quite funny in places, when it is not being alarming.

NaNoWriMo extension: FAIL.

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