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2018-11-03:  "Re: what's wrong with liking routine?" by Trip
2018-11-03:  "what's wrong with liking routine?" by marithlizard
2018-10-25:  "Re: Road to El Dorado" by Trip
2018-10-25:  "Road to El Dorado" by marithlizard
2018-10-10:  "Re: Escaping from Portland" by marithlizard

15 November 2018 - Thursday

[ . . . ]

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14 November 2018 - Wednesday

Once again, it is time for 13th Age and Indian food!

This session was spent entirely in exploration of a creepy cave city full of magical nonsense and deranged cultists. We're pretty sure it's the right place, we just need to figure out what to do to it.

Words: 144.

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13 November 2018 - Tuesday

Ghirardelli has been off his feed a bit lately, so Marith helped me cart him to the vet. Highways are difficult, but we made it eventually, and Ghirardelli was very well-behaved and did not give the vet or the vet-techs any trouble at all. (Because he is an excellent kitty.)

Now his neck lump is drained, and tomorrow we will know the results of his blood work, and he did eat some when we got home, so probably he will be okay.

Words: 206.

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12 November 2018 - Monday

It's Veterans' Day (or Remembrance Day, if you're in a country that prefers peace to war), so no work for me. Instead I went shopping, and then went shopping some more. Now my clothes have a better place to live than a laundry hamper. Also I had to throw away a bunch of old clothes, so they are no longer taking up space in my closet.

It's Holiday Candy Season at Trader Joe's.

Words: 155.

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11 November 2018 - Sunday

The air is still full of smoke, so Dave and I walked less briskly to PAD&D5, but were not overrun by fires.

As the Heroines of Red Larch finally emerge from the depths, their new friend [SPOILER] is surprised to be abducted for a talking-to by [SPOILER], but it's not really the Heroines' problem. They hardly knew the guy!

Their great tour of the planes of existence has returned them a couple of days before they were banished, so the Heroines consider averting the whole somewhat embarrassing episode, but decide to leave the fabric of time intact for now and instead head for Red Larch, where they know trouble is about to happen.

Fortunately, Red Larch has levelled up militarily since the Heroines first visited, but unfortunately, the trouble knows that Red Larch has Heroines, and has laid a clever ambush for them. As the Heroines approach the gate, suddenly EVERYTHING IS ON FIRE! This is extremely inconvenient in many ways, but although things look bad for a bit, the Heroines manage to defeat the enemy leaders and the ambush falls apart. The town is saved! (More saved than it would have been on its own, anyway.)

After an all-night victory party (long rests are for wimps!), the Heroines head out to rescue the village that was taken when they were banished. Surely the enemy will not expect them to attack immediately after the banishment!

Next session is 2018-12-02, it looks like.

Words: 166.

Weekly total: 1237. Ugh.

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10 November 2018 - Saturday

No shopping, only sleepiness. And pizza.

  • Sailor Moon Super S 130: Oh yeah, they claimed points for that DNPC, didn't they?
  • Non Non Biyori 3: To a farmer, all kids are free labor, doesn't matter whose they are.
  • My Hero Academia 50-52: We didn't get to see Froppy's ultimate move! Maybe next time, when they take the provisional test.
  • Love, Chuunibyo, & Other Delusions 2.10: Can a Magical Girl keep both love and chuunibyo in her heart? Will we get the poly ending?

Words: 149.

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9 November 2018 - Friday

Today the office celebrated Diwali, which means free Indian food, but also a lot of people being loud and festive, so meh.

The life of an Avalon is always intense! Possibly because she works for an organization that employs humans.

Words: 116.

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8 November 2018 - Thursday

My plan for this evening was to play Gloomhaven with Ken and Dave and Brooks, but then President* Shithead tried to obstruct justice again.

In theory I should have been able to ride the light rail right to downtown, but in fact there was a problem with the electrons and a lot of messing around with bus bridges. I blame Republicans for this too. But almost everyone on the train was going to the rally.

Despite that, the rally was not very big, only a few hundred people (I think), but it was 17:00 on a weekday with one day's notice, so that's not surprising. Also, fuck Trump and his entire unqualified grifty mob.

The rally broke up by 18:00, so I went to Monkeycat Mountain after all, and ate leftovers and waited for Brooks to show up and eventually played Gloomhaven late into the night. We could totally have done that adventure at level 2.

Words: 124.

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7 November 2018 - Wednesday

Now that Halloween is safely past, it's time for Thai food and 13th Age!

Despite the confusion spell and general horribleness of the battle, the PCs did much better this time than last time they faced the giant golem of lasers and death. Victory! Long rest! Incremental advance!

Also there was more discussion of Mike's upcoming 13G campaign, which sounds like it is going to be extremely railroady.

I finally got caught up with the "Laundry Files" series so I could read The Labyrinth Index (Charles Stross), but sadly I did not like it as much as the past few. Mhari is not as engaging a narrator as Bob or Mo or even Alex, the whole thing felt like a complete sidequest, and what we were shown at the heart of the OPA was not horrifying enough to support how they've been built up. Maybe [SPOILER] being in charge makes everything worse even on a meta level.

Words: 177.

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6 November 2018 - Tuesday

I gave in and signed up for a real Hulu account so we can keep watching The Good Place. 3.5 and 3.6 are still good. I'm not sure whose family is worst, but they are, indeed, all fucked up in different ways.

Words: 193.

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5 November 2018 - Monday

Date with Avalon! For very sedate values of "date" because I am old and it is late at night for her and also because Internet.

Reread The Delirium Brief (Charles Stross), in which the enemy scores a critical hit using Bureaucracy skill. Now I am ready to start The Labyrinth Index again!

Words: 312. That's something, I guess?

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4 November 2018 - Sunday

Wow, my leg that I banged up last week is a remarkable shade of purple now.

Today all I did was reread The Annihilation Score (the one from Mo's PoV) and The Nightmare Stacks (the one partly from Alex's PoV). Only one to go before I can start on the new one!

I guess this is what they call resting, but it's terribly unproductive. Worse than usual, I mean.

Words: 123. I realized I should have done something different from the beginning, but don't want to go back and change the existing chapters (and not only because I don't know how to count that against my quota). I guess I'll just go forward as though the changes have been made and pretend like there could be a rewrite later?

Weekly total: 1302. Bad trend.

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3 November 2018 - Saturday

Hurray for weekend routine! Boo for being a person who like routine!

Hurray for apple cider chicken!

  • Sailor Moon Super S 128-129: A pegacorn! Dead Moon Circus! A new round of soul extractions begins!
  • Non Non Biyori 2: Did they ever figure that out?
  • My Hero Academia 48-49: Wow! That was quite a plot development! Ganbatte, Midoriya!

Words: 106.

what's wrong with liking routine? by marithlizard (Tue Nov 6 09:45:56 2018)

If you don't have a control established, how can you properly judge whether or not you like it when you try something different?

Re: what's wrong with liking routine? by Trip (Thu Nov 15 12:56:16 2018)

Liking routine is the opposite of creativity and interestingness! All popular culture assures me of this!

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2 November 2018 - Friday

The new "Laundry" book is out, but as often happens with later books in a series, when I started it, I realized I didn't remember the previous book well enough, and then when I started that, I realized I didn't remember the one before that, etc. This time, the curves of "how many times I read this" vs "how long ago was the last time I read this" intersect at The Rhesus Chart, which is the one about the wunch of bankers who accidentally quant in too many dimensions and make everything increasingly worse. Also Bob gets hosed.

Words: 144.

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1 November 2018 - Thursday

I finally walked home the usual way, and my leg was fine. Now I feel slightly embarrassed to have ever mentioned it. It's not like I did martial arts so hard my tibia exploded and I had to be rushed to the hospital for surgery and transfusions, or anything.

Avalon is doing fine. :)

I am not doing NaNoWriMo this year. I failed last year and I'm not any less lame or busy this year, so there doesn't seem much point. I will stick to my (extremely) slow and (more-or-less) steady routine.

Words: 234.

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31 October 2018 - Wednesday

No 13th Age, it's Halloween!

By the time Marith and I made it over to Monkeycat Mountain, Nonny was done being in costume for the day (after school party and public trick-or-treating), but we got to admire Jus as Hermione. So adorable! Then we played Azul until Marith's brain fell out and admired Jus's haul from second trick-or-treating and went back home.

Words: 220.

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30 October 2018 - Tuesday

I once again avoided walking home by riding the bus to try to buy parts to fix the toilet seat I broke when I olded.

Words: 157.

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29 October 2018 - Monday

It is pure coincidence that having to go grocery shopping today to make up for going to Pumpkin Extravaganza on Saturday is keeping me from walking all the way home on my abused leg. (It is not actually that bad, but taking it easy for a couple of days is unlikely to hurt it worse.)

Words: 318.

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28 October 2018 - Sunday

I am now officially A Oldz, because I slipped getting out of the shower and banged up my leg. At least I didn't break my hip or throw my back out! I did shear off the toilet seat, though. Stupid plastic bolts.

That made going to PAD&D5 less fun, or at least less quick, but whatever. I offered Dave the chance to leave me to be eaten by wolves, which is all I'm obligated to do in that situation, right?

This week, the Heroines of Red Larch turn on their captors! The Fire Nation I mean [SPOILER] attacks, and while the [SPOILER] are lounging around decadently, going "Oh, look, blood and agony, how... quaint", Hazelrae (who due to absence-related shenanigans is mixed in with the attackers, seizes her chance! It might have been better if she had let the two sides wear each other down, but in the end the Heroines hold the field. Some of the [SPOILER] escape, but no one is fussed about that. Surely they have learned their lesson.

On the way out of the depths, the Heroines fall into a cunning trap laid by [SPOILER] and have to fight a bunch of [SPOILER], but even though Lam gets subverted for a bit, justice prevails! Also the rumored treasure is obtained.

It looks like the next session will be in a fortnight, continuing the off-phase forced upon us by life.

Words: 236.

Weekly total: 1321. That's better than last week, but that's about the most I can say for that number.

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27 October 2018 - Saturday

Today was Pumpkin Patch Day, with corn maze, terrible (I assume) food, a very short train ride, and um the other thing. But Jus and Nonny liked it, and that is who it is for!

Afterwards, we Doordashed some sushi and had cakes for the trinity of October birthday-havers, Ayse, Marith, and Cat. Hurray cakes! Happy birthdays!

  • Sailor Moon S 38: The end! But now we're set up for Super S!
  • The Disguiser 1: This has most of the same actors as Nirvana in Fire, and I think the same director, but is otherwise more like Peking Opera Blues with the Japanese invading and the KMT vs the Communists together against them and all that. Also, doom. I have no idea what's going on, but that was true after the first episode of NiF as well.

Words: 191.

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26 October 2018 - Friday

There was some amount of festivity at work today, so I snuck out. Fun, who needs it?

I finally managed to cancel my account at Large Unethical For-Profit Bank! Now I am a proud member of the Credit Union-Using Commies!

Words: 232.

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25 October 2018 - Thursday

For no particular reason, we watched The Road to El Dorado. It wasn't terrible, and also it had Chel. But all the other characters were guys, so bah.

Words: 133.

Road to El Dorado by marithlizard (Mon Oct 29 21:37:54 2018)

They were entertaining con men with a good rapport and not a complete lack of morals, what more do you want? :) But I had misremembered the portrayal of the Aztecs/Maya/whatevertheyweresupposedtobe as less cringeworthy and more "everyone here is on to you, we're just going along with it for our own ends." Also wow, gur vzcyvrq sngr bs gur uvtu cevrfg jnf cerggl njshy for a PG movie.

Re: Road to El Dorado by Trip (Tue Oct 30 07:47:07 2018)

Maya, I think. I thought the [SPOILER] was on to them from pretty early on, but the unnamed characters were pretty shallow.

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24 October 2018 - Wednesday

13th Age and Italian food.

Since we only get an hour or so to play, this session was mostly spent fighting flying architecture on narrow stairways over a vast pit (we r0xx0red them), and then admiring the gigantic doom waiting at the bottom of the pit and poking it with sticks.

Words: 194.

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23 October 2018 - Tuesday

Hey, I finally caught up journaling about the con!

The Consuming Fire (John Scalzi) is the second in the "Interdependency" series, following The Collapsing Empire, and contains many interesting plot developments, some with ramifications yet to be explored, and some outright cliffhangers. Also Kiva remains awesome, and I think she may secretly be a Zen master.

Words: 162.

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22 October 2018 - Monday

Avalon is still alive! Mostly.

Zeus Grants Stupid Wishes (Cory O'Brien) is the book version of Mythos Retold!. Need I say more? I need not.

Words: 173.

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21 October 2018 - Sunday

I'd like to think I'm recovered from the con, but I didn't actually manage to do anything today, not even move boxes in off the balcony, so maybe not. Or maybe I just suck. Or both!

Hinowa ga Crush vol 1 (TAKAHIRO, strelka) has a female protagonist but is very shounen, and also has the most disgusting limitation on the Deduction skill that I have ever seen. Seriously, ewww.

I saw the Dragon Half anime years ago and though it was cute but sadly incomplete. It turns out there is a manga (by Ryusuke Mita) as well, recently translated, and it is just as silly and somewhat raunchier (as you might expect).

Words: 167.

Weak total: 1013. I think I need more ideas. Or brains.

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20 October 2018 - Saturday

Yay, Ayse has started watching The Good Place and likes it and has Theories. Marith and I tried to look innocent.

  • Non Non Biyori 1: It's like Higurashi without any of the genre elements! Also kind of adorable, although not any more eventful than Laid-Back Camp.
  • My Hero Academia 46-47: After every super battle, there must be a recrimination phase. At least Iida is showing his leadership potential by making the PCs get a plan other than "sneak in until we're spotted and then charge". (Why are we not playing Masks?)
  • Love, Chuunibyo, & Other Delusions 2.9: Rikka will prove that love and chuunibyo can live in the same heart! Just you watch!

Words: 111.

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19 October 2018 - Friday

Finally Marith and I watched some more The Good Place and are all caught up through 3.4. "If you take all the juice out, they're dead!"

Words: 116.

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18 October 2018 - Thursday

A customer wanted a thing (which is only an issue because they completely ignored the other thing I did for them earlier) so I had to stay at work for an extra couple of hours. This is hardly traumatic in the grand scheme of things, but bleah. What if I had important tumblr-browsing to do during that time?!

The Swallower of Souls is a quickstart for the currently-kickstarting Chronicles of Future Earth. I backed the kickstarter because I like distant-future things, but the adventure is not that novel, and I don't think using d6-d6 instead of 4d3-8 for Fate Core overcomes my inability to use it.

The Indie Hack also uses d6-d6, but it's more like a stripped-down version of Dungeon World. Every two points above a net 0 lets you declare one detail (which could be a point of damage), every two points below lets the GM declare one. When your damage track is filled up, you have to face one of the three goddesses of death, who might make a deal with you. It's a general system, not specific moves like in DW, which I would once have preferred even though I was looking in the direction of moves a million years ago. Ah well.

Words: 132.

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17 October 2018 - Wednesday

After the con, it's back to the modified D&D of 13th Age and Greek food. We've reached the part where the dungeon is collapsing around us, that's got to be a good sign, right?

FTL, Y'all! (ed C Spike Trotman, Amanda LaFrenais) is an anthology of diverse short comics around the premise "what if anyone could build a hyperdrive for $200 in parts?". Almost all of the stories are slice-of-life from after that point, about people who are bopping around finding weird things to vlog or doing legitimate research or trying to remediate Earth's environment after everyone left or scavenging from earlier generations of starfarers. Almost none of the art styles really grabbed me, alas. I think I might be A Old.

Words: 144.

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16 October 2018 - Tuesday

Ew, work. I like going to cons and resting up from cons both better.

Words: 199.

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