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11 February 2016 - Thursday

FedEx could only give me a 12-hour window for picking up my bum TV to RMA it, but in the event they showed up promptly enough that I was still able to go in to the office for the afternoon. Yay, I guess?

No 13th Age for us this week! Ken has to do something with Jus's school, and no rescheduling worked out. (There is a reason we decided on Thursday originally!)

After Please Don't Tell My Parents I've Got Henchmen, I had to reread Please Don't Tell My Parents I'm a Supervillain and Please Don't Tell My Parents I Blew Up The Moon (Richard Roberts). Reading books about young people always reminds me how much of my youth (ie, all of it) I wasted being me, but they are awesome anyway.

The Hunt (Chuck Wendig) is the sequel to Atlanta Burns, in which everyone's favorite psycho teenager continues to work out her PTSD by kicking the asses of evildoers all over her small Pennsylvania town. The evil she fights is at least as sordid than in the last book, but on a somewhat larger scale. Also, guys suck.

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9 February 2016 - Tuesday

I had to do something to a customer right during the time when I would be commuting to the far office, so I ended up just working from home. Bleah.

A Girl Corrupted by the Internet is the Summoned Hero?! (Eliezer S Yudkowsky) is an Original English Language light novel (or novella; it's pretty short). The protagonist is hikkikomori × nymphomaniac; she does go to school, it sounds like, but the rest of the time she's in her bunk with the Internet. Mages from a fantasy universe summon her because their spell says she has a 100% chance of defeating the Dark Lord. The implications of these two points make up pretty much the entire plot, which seems very philosophical for a light novel but actually fits pretty well into the light novel stream-of-consciousness style.

Broken Hero (Jonathan Wood) continues to focus on the emotional trauma of saving the world every week while having no support from the world being saved and also dating coworkers. The degree to which MI37 appalls people from functional organizations is telling. Spoiler: The world does get saved.

Please Don't Tell My Parents I've Got Henchmen (Richard Roberts) is the third book about middle-school supervillains The Inscrutable Machine. This time, their greatest threat is their schoolmates, a surprising number of whom have superpowers and some of whom did trade their sanity for power. Oh, the doom!

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7 February 2016 - Sunday

The plumbing demons have been banished (although it sounds like it was an epic struggle, or at least an epic expenditure), so we had bonus PAD&D5 this weekend. Dave was late, but we hadn't gotten to the point of fighting anything by the time he showed up, so it all worked out.

The PCs find some ogres doing maintenance work on the giants' longships, so they wait for one to wander off by himself and jump him with mind-control magic and cheap shiny trinkets. He spills that the giants are from Far Away, or more likely from multiple Far Aways since most complain how wet and heavy it is here, but one has to use an inhaler full of water vapor in the dry giant lair. They are gathering thralls to work on the diggings beneath their lair as well as to serve them generally. The ogres are not cleared to know what they're digging for, but (no surprise) Zach's key suggests that the armory of the gods is right under the giants' lair.

Kicking in the door and defeating all the giants in personal combat is proposed but overruled. Instead, the PCs sneak in and mingle with the thralls — all size M humanoids look the same from above, and Ella is a swarm of spiders (which her friends may eventually get used to) — and sneak through the drunken festival to the dungeon underneath. It is a major underground complex, guarded by enlongated four-armed green creatures and one antisocial giant with his white apes, so there is more sneaking around until the PCs are spotted and have to quietly murder the drunk giant and his drunk ape. Then they mind control their way past the guards on the barricade blocking what Zach is sure is the way to where they want to go and make friends with the renegade thralls with loaves and fishes.

Finally, the PCs find the room covered in ancient writing: "This is not a good place. No great deed is commemorated here. There is nothing here that is worth having. This is a place of danger. Your life will not be improved by remaining here or disturbing anything." Naturally, they cannot resist going in and poking around the ominous alcove behind the altar, and the convex mirror lurking there. Inevitably, but not naturally, The Frederick's reflection comes out of the mirror and tries to murder and replace him. When it is beaten into a collection of rainbow-colored bad angles and then destroyed, it leaves behind a magic item, so of course Ella and Frinka have to try it. Each reflection is more trouble than the last, and Frinka's almost escapes the room (leaving her trapped within the mirror's focal range), so they call it quits there and leave, after adding to the warnings in modern languages.

Now The Frederick has reusable confusion bomb, and Ella and Frinka have crystallized resurrections. Also, everyone is level 7!

We are the man by Jeremy (Wed Feb 10 17:01:35 2016)

Breezing past, scoring fat lutes, and then adding to the warnings counts as joining the establishment, right?

Re: We are the man by Trip (Thu Feb 11 09:32:17 2016)

It's not like we took the escaped diggers in there and fed them through the Lens of Doom or anything!

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6 February 2016 - Saturday

Writing! Bookcase! Pulled pork sandwiches!

  • Dennou Coil 23-24: Isako has doom too!
  • Brother, Dear Brother 13: Miya-sama may be experiencing an unfamiliar emotion!
  • Croisée in a Foreign Labyrinth 4: I'm surprised Claude let Yune go off without a chaperone. That rich girl sure looked like she had designs on her virtue!
  • Legend of Korra 4.8: Recap episode. I don't think Mako set out to become a two-timing weasel, but he sure didn't come off well.
  • Steven Universe 25: I think this is the first time we have seen another gem!

Harmony Black is a spinoff from Craig Schaefer's first series about a sorcerer/con man, starring the eponymous sorceress/FBI agent. There is occult investigation, but the genre is mostly conspiracy, and promises to only get deeper and more horrible.

After approximately one million years, the tenth "Young Wizards" book, Games Wizards Play (Diane Duane), is out! Pros: non-het representation, wizarding society when it's not about to explode, a wizard who is a straight-up asshole and still a wizard, Nita getting The Talk from her dad. Unfortunately, it feels a little formulaic with the extremely cryptic hints and the sudden explosion of awesomeness. Also, Nita and Kit's relationship mostly consists of her going "Boyfriend? I have a boyfriend? What do I do with one of those?" without even the teenage-boy-embarrassment of book 9.75. At this rate her little sister is going to figure out what to do with a boyfriend first, and her boy has been dead for two books!

I think I need to reread the first three "Magic Ex Libris" books, because I had no idea how things got the state they were in at the beginning of Revisionary (Jim C Hines). But I just rolled with it, and it all worked out, kind of. Governments are almost as evil as corporations.

Hunt The Wicked is a game about interstellar bounty hunters who are the most organized law enforcement that the sun-eating alien god-machine will put up with. Add in the explicit disregard for realism as a distraction from cinematics, and it should be like Feng Shui with more plasma cannons and powered armor. However, the system is quite abstract, somewhere around the level of Fate, so I can't get traction on it, and there isn't enough setting flavor to make up for it.

The Southlands Bestiary is for Kobold Press's house setting, not the standard Pathfinder one, but it is at least fantasy Africa. This means lots of undead with dessication powers, and lots of monkey monsters, but also dire spinosauruses and flying jellyfish with tusks.

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5 February 2016 - Friday

Julia came to the office to sell Girl Scout cookies to my cow orkers, who were all appropriately floored by her adorableness.

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4 February 2016 - Thursday

Costco failed Kelsey, but she did eventually bring us food so we could play 13th Age. This week, I annoyed the GM by actually making a skill roll to suborn the agent of the Prince of Shadows. If we can get the mushroom people to stop raiding the town's mushroom farm, he will hand over the instructions for getting the book from where he stashed it. Ktangs is overhearing dragons in his sleep talking about the book, so not letting it escape our control any further seems like a good plan.

Grant has decided that the stupid crazy people at his new job that conflicted with gaming were too obnoxious, so he is back tonight, and probably will be in future weeks. His character from the alternate team was declared to have been swallowed by the Stone Thief shortly after the Kobold Rocket Incident, so we encountered him in the library of the Eaters of (F)Lies, where he had been hiding out after Dungeontown wouldn't let a tiefling in. Allegedly he has turned over a new leaf, or at least now he has an aasimar in a magic bow to give him good advice, so despite Claire being extremely dubious about his moral fiber, we recruit him to help with the mushroom people problem. With his knowledge of spore-based communion to guide her, Anwë is able to get the fungaloids to suggest something for the town to eat besides their offspring(?). Sadly, there was a random encounter before we could get back to town, because of course the bowels of a living dungeon have giant snails and giant lizards and plain giants wandering around to trash Anwë's dress.

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3 February 2016 - Wednesday

Worked from home again. Hopefully my cow orkers appreciated it.

I am not just caught up, but ahead on writing. It is still all awful.

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2 February 2016 - Tuesday

I went in to work in the San Mateo office today, because I was lured by free food, but so many people commented on how unhealthy I seemed and mentioned that working from home is an option that apparently I probably shouldn't have. And then meetings went on and on and I didn't get home until like 20:30. But I did do a little writing.

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1 February 2016 - Monday

I worked from home today, partly so I wouldn't cough on people but at least partly so I could sleep in. Neither sleeping in nor working went particularly well. Certainly nothing else did.

The Tomb of Follies is a playset for Costume Fairy Adventures that lets the fairies rampage around in a huge underground maze full of insane traps and goofy monsters, with the nominal aim of defeating someone who stole the Fairy Queen's power (but the real aim of wearing silly costumes, eating cake, and pranking everything). There are very rudimentary rules for inventory limits, levelling up, and having to return to base camp, because those are all important cultural references. Advice is also included for adapting this playset to other environments where the PCs must wander around a map and prank the random encounters on their way to the boss fight, like a city-wide party.

I found The Legion of Nothing (Jim Zoetewey) through a link from Wonder City, and it is pretty good, although it does not have nearly as much diversity (or as much sex). There are some similar issues with being descended from superheroes and supervillains, though. Plus, magical girl transformation sequences!

This makes me want to write a thing, or a different thing, or maybe run something. Or die in a pit. Yes, probably that one.

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31 January 2016 - Sunday

Jeremy and Rachel's house suffered some kind of mysterious plumbing outage, so no gaming for us.

Avalon sent in her submission to a Canadian writing contest, but it will be weeks until she finds out which side of the finger she is on.

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30 January 2016 - Saturday

So much mucus.

  • Dennou Coil 21-22: Cube-bots, ATTACK!
  • Brother, Dear Brother 12: Saint-Just: still sick. Miya: still horrible.
  • Croisée in a Foreign Labyrinth 3: Claude commits cultural appropriation for profit!
  • Legend of Korra 4.7: The party is almost unsplit!
  • Steven Universe 24: Steven's player totally picked the character class where you just draw random power cards every episode, didn't he?

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29 January 2016 - Friday

I said I was sick, but they made me go out to lunch to welcome the new guy anyway. I bet they will regret it.

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28 January 2016 - Thursday

This week in 13th Age: fewer crazy old guys, but more middle-aged(?) guys (...) trying to keep a hamlet functioning in the depths of the Stone Thief (which has just submerged, locking everyone in the Fungus Forest cavern). The sketchy guy, with Prince of Shadows connections, has the book everyone wants, but isn't very willing to give it up even though the Elf Queen is obviously the only person who can be trusted with it.

Finally, LEVEL 5!!

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27 January 2016 - Wednesday

My throat feels all scratchy and I have to do work with people watching.

The Bands of Mourning (Brandon Sanderson) is the third but not final book in the series, in which we find out a bit more about the fallout from the end of the "Mistborn" series, and feats of derring-do are committed. Steris just gets cooler and cooler.

It is all Marith's fault that I had to read Wonder City Stories vol II and vol III (Jude McLaughlin) without stopping. (Volume IV just recently started and is ongoing.) Man, the author is mean to her characters, even the adorable ones.

Costume Fairy Adventures is exactly what it says on the tin: you play fairies (the foot-tall kind) who cosplay and have adventures. These adventures typically make no sense and cause a huge mess, because fairies. The system is simple enough that kids could play it, the layout is simple and cheerfully colorful, and really only the GM needs an attention span longer than ten minutes. Bonus points: playing by chat or even forum/email is treated as equally as valid as playing around a table. Huge bonus points: all example characters, example players, and example GMs are female.

The introductory playset, The Big Pie Caper, turns the fairies loose on a hapless village festival full of pie, fraught character interactions that fairies can totally help with, wandering fantasy elements, and PIE. (Reading the Random Pie Table seriously made me hungry.) Not all the NPCs are female, but at least half the romantic relationships are non-het.

ooh! by marithlizard (Thu Jan 28 23:17:32 2016)

Will you run Costume Fairy Adventures for Julia? Can I play too?

Re: ooh! by Trip (Fri Jan 29 08:45:59 2016)

I don't know if she wants to be that much of a gamer yet! She still likes running around to pretend, or as the grownups call it, LARPing.

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26 January 2016 - Tuesday

TELEVISION FAILURE! Well, it was refurbished, so it's not a huge surprise, but up until now I had been having good luck with refurbished equipment. Fortunately I bought it from a reputable website, so I can return it for a refund.

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25 January 2016 - Monday

COUCH VICTORY! It is now all brown and padded to sit on and generally complete. Ghirardelli likes it.

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24 January 2016 - Sunday

Oh yah, that's why I go to Trader Joe's on Saturday: Sunday has too little bus and too much humanity.

I did not get much else done today, but I did get the frame of my couch assembled! It is lower to the ground than I expected from the pictures on the website, but that's okay because I have short stubby limbs.

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23 January 2016 - Saturday

I got caught up on writing, but that is about the extent of my accomplishments today.

  • Dennou Coil 20: It seems like the problem has been solved, but we have six episodes and one hanging love confession!
  • Brother, Dear Brother 11: Rain in Japan is apparently extra-toxic. Queen bees are pretty much just as toxic as anywhere else, though.
  • Croisée in a Foreign Labyrinth 1-2: This is not like what Ayse thought it would be based on the one sentence she read about it, but it is postcolonial reverse Orientalism and also very cute.
  • Steven Universe 23: Making friends does seem to be Steven's power, so it's good that he comes by it honestly.
  • Legend of Korra 4.6: "Don't violate parley" is an okay lesson to teach kids, I think. But the famous event of season 4 better start moving soon, or it will be cheesy.

Crooked (Richard Pett) is the horrible story of the horrible things that happen to people in a horrible over-the-top steampunk city of horribleness, with class-aspirational zombies and truly vast dark Lamarckian mills. It's like Perdido Street Station with extra sewage and existential horror.

The stories in Tomorrow's Cthulhu (ed Scott Gable & C Dombrowski) show that increasing your tech level will not avail you when the Great Old Ones arrive; in fact, your new gadgets are probably from Nyarlathotep. None of the stories were duds, but but none of them were super-outstanding either.

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21 January 2016 - Thursday

This week in 13th Age: talking to crazy old guys! We didn't shank either of them, although one of them was a Stone Thief cultist so possibly we should have if he weren't so decrepit and pathetic. In the middle, there was a fight with some crazy derro and their trained landshark retrievers. Apparently the Elf Queen's official stance on derro is "leave none breathing".

Sadly, the frog-lizard-monks whose temple we were trying to get to before the Stone Thief learned what was in their books turned out to be a nest of cultists, so we may end up chasing them through the dungeon to stop them from delivering the information about its eyes.

Ken, you did the thing!

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20 January 2016 - Wednesday

Brain? What is brain? I bet it is the thing I would need to work on my couch. Or write more than a tiny amount.

Chainmail Bikini (ed Hazel Newlevant) is an anthology of short autobiographical comics from women who play, or grew up playing, LARPS or RPGs or computer games. I am not the target audience, but I don't regret backing the Kickstarter.

If the introduction to Gathered Dust and Others (WH Pugmire) is to be trusted, Wilum Hopfrog Pugmire is a Fabulous Mormon Lovecraftian Poet. The pieces in this collection tend toward "prose poems", which my untrained mind cannot distinguish from vignettes with flowery language. They are full of nameless doom from beyond the grave and between the stars, and fabulous young men and/or Wildean older men, and blood and art. If this are the sort of thing you like, you will like this sort of thing!

Wicked Temper (Randy Thornhorn) is set almost a hundred years ago, in some impoverished part of the rural American South, and in dialect, so it seems very stereotypical in some ways. Supernatural(?) doom waits on creepy mountains for those who come to deserve it, though.

Will Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen (Lois McMaster Bujold) be the last Vorkosigan book? It seems like all the major characters are now out of their trauma adventure-filled lives, one way or another. Of course there could be more, especially with upcoming generations, but it seems like a good place to wrap up.

The Last Days of Anglekite is a Dungeon World module/setting of the last civilized (sorta) area on a dying world, and the numerous threats that are there to finish it off, one way or another. It is definitely intended for a bounded campaign that answers the question "How will this world end?", not indeterminate faffing about in dungeons for pocket change.

The latest FATE World of Adventure is House of Bards, which is all about electoral politics, journalism, and scandal in a socially-advanced (or at least Americanized) D&D setting. Ambition is not optional.

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19 January 2016 - Tuesday

I meant to do things tonight, but instead I stayed up until midnight trying to orchestrate the migration of fixes for bugs that QA had not caught from people's brains to the customer's server.

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18 January 2016 - Monday

No work today, because MLK Day!

MLK would totally have approved of white guys sleeping in, right?

At long last, my couch has arrived! In two large heavy boxes full of pieces and screws, but nevertheless it is at least potentially a couch and it is in my livingroom.

Instead of putting together my couch (which has like 50 pieces, not counting screws), I went over to Monkeycat Towers to meet the new kitty! His name is Pierce, but he gets called Pirate Cat because he has only one eye. Since it is only his second day in the new place, he is still pretty skittish about new people, but seems to be doing well. And his fur is so soft!

The male lead of My Monster Secret vol 1 (Eiji Masuda) is incapable of keeping secrets, but the female lead is incapable of recognizing this so she trusts him with her secret. It's not clear what excuse the... second female lead? has for trusting him. I guess it's a story of having faith in humans, as well as romantic comedy? I dunno, man.

Golden Time vol 1 (Yuyuko Takemiya, Umechazuke, E-Ji Komatsu) is romantic comedy set in college instead of high school. The female lead is... eccentric to the point of dysfunction, but possibly self-aware enough to be interesting.

Inuyashiki vol 1 (Hiroya Oku) is unsurprisingly like Gatnz in both art style and alien stuff resulting in massive bloodshed. In this case, it's a prematurely-aged salaryman who gets sucked in to having vast destructive power. He decides to be a hero. I can't imagine this ending well.

At the beginning of the Bakemonogatari anime, the main character mentions the vampire-related events of the previous spring break, which resulted in his life being so weird. Kizumonogatari (Nisioisin) is the story of that spring break. The first-person semi-stream-of-consciousness style actually matches well with the kind of disjointed style of the anime (or vice versa, I guess, given which came first). A lot of it seemed kind of familiar, so I think it must have been explicated during Bakemonogatari and my brain is just mooshing it in.

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17 January 2016 - Sunday

The beginning of the new PAD&D5 adventure finds our lunatics scholars on the northern coast in autumn in search of optical-quality rocks reputed to come from the area (Frinka is, after all, a geologist). While trying to make nice with the locals and their stone library full of priceless navigational charts, they meet a refugee from the destruction of the next fishing village over (who is trying to sell them a treasure map to raise money to flee inland and never go near the ocean again). The doom came at night, so details are unclear, but apparently immense creatures with weedy tentacles came out of the ocean and blew up things with lightning. This sounds worth investigating!

Due to universally poor rolls, the leading theory as to the cause of the destruction of the village is "Thor's cow", which obviously knocked over the buildings, breathed lightning on some, stepped on the few corpses remaining, and ate the others. Before a worse idea can be presented, the investigators are ambushed by giant lobster-like monsters with oddly translucent, stony carapaces. Once defeated and dissected, the monsters are found to have eye-coverings/lenses that match the samples of optical rock, and biology that matches nothing anyone has ever seen. (The players know that the creatures are attracted to magic, or at least magic items, but the PCs have no clue yet.)

Most of the refugees have gone to the next village along, a thriving metropolis of nearly 300 people which is having its own problem with unnaturally high tides that are being blamed on the mermaids, probably due to townspeople fishing in the wrong waters or some other minor local issue. Further interrogation of the refugees gets only a few more details, but the "heroes" do what they can to recommend a course of action that seems least unlikely to fail to defend the town when the Inevitable Doom comes.

Inevitably, the Doom comes.

Unlike the hapless human villagers, the heroes have darkvision, and can see that the attackers are giant humanoids, wearing helmets festooned with long dangling tubes that obscure their silhouettes, and the reason victims keep screaming after being devoured is that they are actually being tossed into backpacks to be carried away. Zach spends a couple of rounds trying to negotiate, but the only giant he can get in range of is not the leader and cannot change the plan, although its attempt to Explain to its comrades results in another giant being detailed to slap some sense into it, taking both of them off villager-abducting duty. That is not enough to save the day, and despite The Frederick's giant-climbing, Frinka's archery, and Ella's own command of lightning, Dain is knocked out and captured and the rest driven off. The Frederick manages to hide in one of the backpacks and get taken along, so he can break Dain out while the giants row their longship back to the island that was marked on the refugee's treasure map as the lair of the Sea Queen, and which Zach's magic key says holds an armory of the gods.

When the rest of the investigators catch up to Dain and The Frederick the next morning, they find that the island is large and nicely wooded, if somewhat foggy and damp. This is interesting because the tubes on the giants' helmets serve to filter moisture out of the air, and the central building of their massive compound is tightly sealed and has a fire burning inside. Are they desert giants? Giant mummies? They seem to be too natural to be related to the rock lobsters, even though they use the lobsters as guard dogs in their compound and let them roam the island not terrorizing the wildlife.

Next session: into the giants' compound to rescue the villagers, into the caves to loot explore the armory of the gods, or both!

cultural analogues by marithlizard (Thu Jan 21 00:51:12 2016)

Ah, I see, Thor's cow = space penguins!

Re: cultural analogues by Trip (Thu Jan 21 08:37:12 2016)

10000 space penguins + 1 cow suit = Thor's cow

Re: Re: cultural analogues by marithlizard (Thu Jan 21 10:35:29 2016)

Space penguins that moo Now I fear it too

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16 January 2016 - Saturday

  • Dennou Coil 19: I'm not sure how they would appear to someone Japanese, but the creepy things that chase Yasako and Fumie seem more like UFO aliens than supernatural, which is arguably even more appropriate to the genre.
  • Brother, Dear Brother 10: Other people watching thought Nanako was being mean to Goth Thumbs Girl, but "this person is a huge mess and I don't want anything to do with her" seems like a reasonable decision to me, if not charitable.
  • Silver Spoon 2.10-11: The end! Some people have decided on courses, but nothing is actually wrapped up, because this is slice-of-life and life doesn't work that way. I could not find any mention of a third season, although apparently there is a live-action movie.
  • Steven Universe 22: That widget does look familiar, but this isn't quite the same power that showed up in the pilot.
  • Legend of Korra 4.5: "Guards, do the thing!"

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15 January 2016 - Friday

While The March North only showed the magic system, and in the somewhat limited context of military action, the sequel, A Succession of Bad Days (Graydon Saunders) is about someone being trained as a high-end mage, and really about the training itself. ("Surprise, your magical talent isn't zero like you thought, it's actually way off in the right tail of this not-entirely-normal distribution — observe the graph I am projecting — so without training your chances of having a fatal accident in the next couple of decades are essentially 100%. We have hard statistics for that too, but they would only depress you.") Since, again, the main characters are not on a military adventure, we also get to see more of the society and how it mostly works okay, even when faced with people of novel and uncertain power. The magic reminds me a lot, in some ways, of So You Want To Be A Wizard: this is magic that affects the physical world, and the physical world is made of things like atoms and photons. Making a mess with magic is easy, but accomplishing something constructive requires either a lot more magic (their house!) or engineering skill.

The Bugs of Venus is a hack of Lady Blackbird for heroic soldiers defending the last bastion of humanity from the terrifying bugs of Venus. This doesn't seem quite as interesting to me as the original Lady Blackbird setup.

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14 January 2016 - Thursday

Hurray, 13th Age! Boo, trap-filled innards of the Stone Thief! In addition to traps, there were also horrible undead spiders that swung around on lines of barbed wire and had way too good defenses. Next week, more of the same! But maybe then some kind of victory, or at least an intermediate goal! And then, perhaps, in the distant future, level 5!

What? It could happen!

After a truly unforgivable delay due completely to my unwillingness to fire up a different ebook app, I have read The March North (Graydon Saunders), and it is pretty swell! This is definitely a book of ideas; descriptions and sensory details are pretty sparse, and characterization is mostly implied. But the major idea is a society based on magic, which has great potential. It's a typical fantasy setting in that a few people have vast magical power, but the society of the viewpoint character is built around the idea of preventing Dark Lords from rising to enslave everyone as they did in the Bad Old Days, which makes it remarkably egalitarian. It's not quite anarcho-syndicalist, but if it weren't for the leftovers from the horrible past, and random invasions from Dark Lords across the borders, I'd totally live there.

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13 January 2016 - Wednesday

I edited the end of chapter 16 of The Transmundane a bit, but did not actually write.

Rot & Ruin, Dust & Decay, Flesh & Bone, and Fire & Ash (Jonathan Maberry) are about growing up to become a hero in the post-Zombocalypse world. The main character starts off as a plausible teenaged git, although perhaps shapes up a little fast. There is lots of violence, because zombies and also the kind of people who think the collapse of civilization is an opportunity, but somewhat surprisingly almost no sex. There are many zombies, and some attitudes toward zombies that are not typical of what I've seen of the genre.

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12 January 2016 - Tuesday

Somehow, chapter 16 of The Transmundane is finally out there, after hundreds of years of lameness.

I also started chapter 17, but I think I might need to throw it all away. As usual, I will just ignore unwriting in determining whether I'm make my quota.

The serial publication of Indexing: Reflections (Seanan McGuire) is now complete! I'm not sure the ending is quite strong enough, but overall it is awesome, and also has Sloane's origin story. Because Sloane is awesome.

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