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2018-06-18:  "bookcases" by marithlizard
2018-05-25:  "Re: deductive reasoning" by Trip
2018-05-25:  "Re: deductive reasoning" by marithlizard
2018-05-25:  "Re: deductive reasoning" by Trip
2018-05-25:  "deductive reasoning" by marithlizard

21 June 2018 - Thursday

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20 June 2018 - Wednesday

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19 June 2018 - Tuesday

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18 June 2018 - Monday

Argh, the three bookcases will not quite fit on that side of the second bedroom, because of the stupid baseboard heater that I never use anyway! This is not tragic, because I can swap with a smaller bookcase on the other wall, but it is very annoying.

I'll still have two bookcases to find new locations for. Maybe I should take out all the small bookcases on that wall and rehome them instead? It would be easier. Also perhaps I should dispose of comics I'm probably not going to reread any time soon so I can have fewer bookcases overall.

Rescues and the Rhyssa (TS Porter) is exactly the kind of SF that Vox Day and his suckweasels want to eliminate: humans are not the dominant species, none of the ones we meet are white, few of them are cishet, even the aliens are queer, social skills are important. Not that it would make it to the Hugos, it's not very subtly written and has a lot of smut, but it is good that such SF exists.

Words: 283.

bookcases by marithlizard (Wed Jun 20 14:06:40 2018)

You can leave one or two bookcases if you want! Either way, some bookcases are going into storage, and it doesn't much matter whose. (Or we could sell/freecycle them. If I had more spoons I would try to freecycle my sofa.)

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17 June 2018 - Sunday

Still no PAD&D5. I blame capitalism.


Tabby took us all to dim sum, which was very good. I sat next to Nonny, who was adorable. Everyone was happy, except maybe my tummy. (Dim sum is not health food no matter how you look at it.)

In the afternoon, Marith and I went to see Incredibles 2. It was pretty good, but it didn't raise the bar beyond what the first one did, so it seemed less impressive by comparison. That was a pretty good mole machine, though. And was [SPOILER] trying to lesbian seduce [SPOILER]?

If Marith is to have the master suite as her sealed cat-free zone, then I need to move all my stuff into the second bedroom, which means I need to move the bookcases that go against the far wall first. There should be room for three of them, but I only got two moved (and the second one not repopulated) because I am very lazy.

Words: 100. The assholes next door were having some kind of fun that involved music and loudness right outside my computering nook. I tried yelling at them, but they couldn't hear. Maybe I should invest in a bullhorn.

Weekly total: 1430. Bah. Too many late nights, and also annoying neighbors.

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16 June 2018 - Saturday


Dave's mom "Tabby" is visiting at Monkeycat Towers, which makes Jus and Nonny very happy. And probably Dave too.


  • Sailor Moon S 18: Among all the things Usage is the worst at, "Cupid" has to be pretty high on the list.
  • Laid-Back Camp 3: See, having another person around when you camp isn't so bad!
  • My Hero Academia 21-22: The first round of one-on-one fights were all good. Poor Ochaco, though.
  • ACCA 10: Another cigarette.

Words: 118. Anime started late so I got home late, blargh. As long as I have a social schedule, I probably shouldn't increase my quota past 100.

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15 June 2018 - Friday

Words: 259.

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14 June 2018 - Thursday

The vet says Ghirardelli's horrible neck lump is not a problem, so I guess I will believe her.

It looks like Marith moving in might not be delayed as she had feared. Wum!

Words: 271.

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13 June 2018 - Wednesday

Mike is still Elsewhere, but we have everyone else this week (Kelsey perhaps only in body) so we had chaat and almost had 13th Age, but instead tried making characters for Changeling: The Lost, which is what Ken plans to run after we destroy civilization.

Making characters is hard. I am thinking of someone who was abducted by the Timothy-Leary-esque Keeper, and used for cosmic exploration via astral projection, until they realized that all the worlds they were "exploring" were actually being created by them for subjugation by the Keeper (which reminds me that I failed to see the recent Wrinkle in Time movie). I'm not sure this fits with the theme and/or paradigm, though.

I should probably give up and make a male character.

I found Revenant Gun (Yoon Ha Lee) somewhat more comprehensible than the first two books in the trilogy, possibly because my brain has already been stretched into the new shape. It is still pretty awesome and disturbing, though, full of extradimensional mathematics and extremely sketchy transhumanism and unremarked queerness. Also, a parallel to Ancillary Mercy, which is all to the good.

Night Shift is the first in what is projected to be a series, "Emily Monroe Is Not The Chosen One", about a young woman who unfortunately happens to look very much like the greatest superhero in the city and therefore must obviously be her secret ID. It does not have worldbuilding or writing that makes me want to plummet into a deep pit like Revenant Gun, but it is possibly even gayer.

Words: 111. Without Mike to make us leave at a reasonable hour, we apparently will sit around for half an hour or more after my phone tells us to stop having fun. Also all my writing sucks.

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12 June 2018 - Tuesday

I tried to order books through the local indie bookstore, but they may have been too obscure. We'll have to see what happens.

Words: 182. Apparently going to a bookstore uses up more energy than I thought, or maybe it's that The Revenant Gun (Yoon Ha Lee) came out today, so dying in a pit seems like a viable alternative to writing.

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11 June 2018 - Monday

Bah, work. Can I have Fully-Automated Luxury Queer Space Communism now?

Volume 5 of Worth the Candle (cthulhuraejepsen) is now complete. Oh the doom. But at least not reproductive doom, exactly. Now the PCs have to actually change the world, instead of just wandering around being murderhobos.

Words: 389.

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10 June 2018 - Sunday

Today, I am mega-useless! At least I did a little bit of work, but it's hard to feel that I am making the world any better by doing so.

Words: 295.

Weekly total: 2181.

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9 June 2018 - Saturday

Unlike some recent weeks, this was a perfectly ordinary Saturday for me. Jus and Nonny got to do an obstacle course, though, which apparently was super-fun.

  • Sailor Moon S 16-17: Ganbatte, Makoto!
  • Laid-Back Camp 2: New characters appear!
  • ACCA 9: None of this conspiracy based on shared lust for power or wealth! Our conspiracy is fueled by... BREAD!
  • My Hero Academia 19-20: You can tell it's proper superhero genre fight when you need to whack the mentalist first.

In volume 2 of Fire Punch (Tatsuki Fujimoto), we see that the doom of the world is not exactly what it seemed before, and also that some relics of the old world remain to keep fucking things up.

I don't actually know anything about the telenovela genre, but maybe Free Chocolate (Amber Royer) is it? Family drama, celebrity, bio-exploitative economics, incursions by alien powers, hot (and extremely sketchy) guys, .... My tiny white brain might be excessively swayed by the use of Spanish in with the future slang. Anyway, it was not quite my kind of thing, but for people whose kind of thing it is, perhaps it is their actual thing!

Words: 427.

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8 June 2018 - Friday

The medtech(?) who took my stitches out seemed to think I had healed well. I guess being bathed in sweat is good for surgical incisions? Anyway, now my cranium is symmetricish.

Words: 263.

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7 June 2018 - Thursday

Yay, Avalon is still alive! Just very busy all the time.

Only one of the stories in The Red Brain (ed ST Joshi) is explicitly in the Cthulhu Mythos, and it's not the title one, but they are all cosmic horror and morbidity and death, so that's good.

Words: 337.

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6 June 2018 - Wednesday

Voting seems to have mostly worked out, I guess? Except that at the national level, the Nazipublicans are still building up to a second Holocaust.

Mike is out of town, Kelsey is busy with her thesis, and now Brooks is busy with family stuff or something, so no 13th Age this week. Instead I went shopping and went home and died in a pit.

Finally, I have all the planets in Walkr! (Until they add some new ones.) But only about half of them are level 7, so there's plenty of walking and tapping yet to do. (My clever plan is to upgrade planets forward from the beginning using money and time, and backward from the end using energy in the lab. It could work!)

Words: 291.

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5 June 2018 - Tuesday

I voted. Hopefully it went a tiny way toward beating back the Nazipublicans, although it was mostly only primaries.

This is for Marith.

Volume 2 of Astra (Kenta Shinohara) is a little better with the characterization, and maybe with the energy budget of the alien biology. Also, additional intraparty conflict!

Fire Punch vol 1 (Tatsuki Fujimoto) is Mad-Max-ish post-apocalypse, except that instead of fighting over water in a desert, the scattered bands of depraved and murderous survivors are fighting over food and fuel in an ice age. Also, some people have superpowers (one apiece), which adds to the potential depravity.

I finally got the Star Sea set in Love Nikki! But now I need something else to work on.

Words: 216.

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4 June 2018 - Monday

Once again I have failed to do voting research until the last minute. But you'd think the Internet would be more useful for this. I should have asked Wonkette.

Words: 352.

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3 June 2018 - Sunday

Doing something useful today was obviously not going to happen, but I avoided lying around the apartment all day by going to see Deadpool 2 and Infinity War. (Avalon disrecommended Solo, so it didn't make the cut even though it is currently playing.) Unfortunately, someone seems to have turned on the summer, so I also sweated 57 million gallons.

Deadpool 2 was much like the first one in many ways, so if you liked that, you'll like this. I probably wouldn't object to what happened to Vanessa if fridging weren't a thing; really it might have been the most realistic part of the whole movie. Domino was awesome, Yukio was adorable, Juggernaut was annoying (and may return in Deadpool 3?).

I did not expect the ending of Infinity War! (So, good job not spoiling me, tumblr.) I'm pretty sure there will have to be another movie, soon, which undoes it all; I can't imagine that they'd leave the MCU in that state.

Sadly, Thanos's plan was stupid from the very beginning. With such a huge budget, you'd think the writers could have afforded some advisors. Oh well.

Words: 234.

Weekly total: 2126.

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2 June 2018 - Saturday

Nonny and Jus went to the beach today. Apparently it was very fun, so hurray!

  • Sailor Moon S 14-15: Witches 5! I'm not sure why they translate Eudial as Eugeal in this version, though.
  • ACCA 7-8: Jean's big secret is out! To the viewers, at least.
  • My Hero Academia 16-18: All Might said, "Tell the world 'I am here'", but that's clearly the same as saying, "Come and get me", even if he got through the first two trials with cleverness instead of powers. Frog-girl is still best anyway.

Words: 332.

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1 June 2018 - Friday

43% mucus, with bonus coughing.

The Cackle of Cthulhu (ed Alex Shvartsman) is an anthology of humorous Mythos stories, which are actually amusing. Sadly it did not help me revive SCOOS, because I am too dim and probably also it was a terrible idea to begin with.

Words: 280.

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31 May 2018 - Thursday

Marith does not appear to be dead. Perhaps the atmosphere cleanser worked.

Mucus levels down to about 68%.

The lab results came back, and the horrible thing removed from my head the other day is just normal horrible, not special horrible.

Words: 318.

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30 May 2018 - Wednesday

Today I am approximately 73% mucus by volume.

We had no Kelsey, but everyone else was there for 13th Age and yummy Thai food, so we did the thing. This session was more talking, although we did get to bury Brooks's character in a shallow grave and pour libations on his headstone.

Marith tried another allergy test, this time with an atmosphere cleanser for her cat-free space. We will see if she is dead tomorrow!

Smoke Eaters (Sean Grigsby) is sort of a cross between Reign of Fire and Ghostbusters. Dragons have burst up out of the ground and burned down civilization, and also there are vaguely electrical ghosts associated with them. The main character is a firefighter (the kind who puts out fires, even if they were started by dragons) who gets recruited by the elite antidragon forces. Doom ensues. Also, in this timeline, Canada is weird. Bonus points for heroic firefighters, and for a main character who is both old and married. The technology and worldbuilding are very cinematic, though, and I don't necessarily mean that in a good way.

Words: 137.

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29 May 2018 - Tuesday

Monday is extra-sad when it comes on a Tuesday, somehow.

Today I got sweaty by trundling over to the vet to buy special cat food. I hope the beasts appreciate it, although they probably don't.

Also I have a sore throat, origin unknown. Glrgh.

In Xenotech Rising (Dave Schoeder), aliens have come to Earth to do business and sell exciting alien technology, which definitely requires on-site tech support. Our main character, in true American entrepreneurial fashion, has formed a startup to provide these services in the Atlanta area, but actually seems to mostly use his knowledge of alien languages and user interfaces for thwarting plots and rescuing alien princesses. I mean, I have nothing against heroic tech support, but there's a lot of heroism for someone with a day job.

Words: 189.

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28 May 2018 - Monday

Another lazy and yet sweaty day, but at least this time I avoided a bookstore accident. Only groceries were successfully hunted.

Mostly what I did today was lie in bed and read the manga I bought yesterday. There may also have been a small amount of napping.

  • Astra (Kenta Shinohara) vol 1: Several teenagers with poor characterization try to go camping on a safe alien planet but get eaten by an unexplained glowing orb that teleports them somewhere else. Some of the alien creatures are interesting, although not workable from a physics standpoint.
  • Dead Dead Demon's Dededede Destruction (Ino Asano) vol 1: Tokyo has been invaded by flying saucers (and aliens, although we haven't seen what the aliens look like), so people could randomly be zapped at any time. Two somewhat eccentric schoolgirls attempt to liver their lives in this environment without losing their sanity.
  • Slumbering Beauty (Yumi Unita) vol 1: She's a schoolgirl who sleeps way too much. He's a spirit charged with making sure everyone goes to sleep and wakes up correctly. They fight sleep deprivation and crying babies.
  • The Promised Neverland (Kaiu Shirai, Posuka Demizu) vol 1: Young kids at an apparently idyllic orphanage discover the horrible truth, which is horrible, and must use only their mental stats to survive (because 11-year-olds have terrible physical stats).
  • Magical Girl Site (Kentaro Sato) vol 1: Badly abused schoolgirls get magic items from a dodgy web site. And then the murders started continued.
  • Magical Girl Raising Project (Asari Endou, Marui-no): Not technically manga, but translated light novels get an honorary classification. More dark magical girls, or at least darkness in which magical girls are entrapped.

Words: 636.

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27 May 2018 - Sunday

Today I was very lazy, but then spent a lot of time walking around in the hot sun, because I am dumb. But, while failing to use public transit successfully, I did manage to visit the new indie bookstore and have a small accident. Also I bought an atmosphere cleanser which might make things better for Marith, ate fully-toxic ice cream (too rich, gah) and became extremely sweaty.

Don't Meddle With My Daughter vol 1 (Nozomu Tamaki) is two generations of superheroines vs hentai villains, and has no redeemed qualies whatsoever.

Words: 455.

Weekly total: 1738, which is a dozen gross plus ten.

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26 May 2018 - Saturday

This year again, while Ken was at KublaCon, the rest of us took the kids to Fanime to admire the cosplayers. Nonny found the con overwhelming (which is totally fair, it's a lot of loud people!) so eventually Dave had to take him over to the Tech Museum to look at things. Jus, however, has become a cosplayer, which is ideal for someone who likes attention but is shy. All she had to do was be dressed as Peridot, and people wanted to get their picture taken with her! It was the best thing ever!

Next year, perhaps we will get memberships and actually go all through the con, not just visit the nonrestricted areas.

There was no Ken and also no Marith, so Ayse and I Doordashed some delightful catfish and duck with cashews and watched some anime with Jus and Dave.

  • Sailor Moon S 12-13: Aw, we all knew Haruka was a big softy! But now it's time for Wtiches 5!
  • My Hero Academia 14-15: Setup for the sports festival arc. Whatsistoes is going to be a tough rival.

It floated to the top during the recent Great Sorting, so I reread Glitter Kiss (Adrianne Ambrose, Monica Gallagher), which is about boys suffering poetic consequences for being mean to girls. They do learn, but I would still be okay with using teenage boys for fertilizer, and I say this as a former teenage boy myself.

Words: 132.

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25 May 2018 - Friday

I went to the doctor this afternoon, and she cut open my head and pulled gross things out. Then I went home and did laundry.

Words: 258.

Meep! by marithlizard (Tue May 29 06:51:35 2018)

I hope it went okay and she did not steal any of your brains!

Meep! by Trip (Wed May 30 10:05:15 2018)

How would you tell?

deductive reasoning by marithlizard (Wed May 30 11:30:05 2018)

Well, I guess if you were suddenly confused at anime night because you forgot all the plot reveals of one of the shows, then we'd know what was being stored in the bump.

(On the plus side, you'd be able to enjoy it for the first time all over again!)

Re: deductive reasoning by Trip (Thu May 31 11:30:53 2018)

I don't know, I've always been pretty bad at keeping track of the details. I am a poor audiencer.

Re: deductive reasoning by marithlizard (Thu May 31 12:37:54 2018)

That has not been my experience in discussions!

(Also, it is probably good for the universe that not everyone lives on the planet of Hyperfocused Deconstructive Squeeing Fans with me. Some kind of 'conservation of chill' physics principle.)

Re: deductive reasoning by Trip (Thu May 31 15:45:38 2018)

But the squee is so important!

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24 May 2018 - Thursday

I finally got around to reading The Clockwork Boys and The Wonder Engine (T Kingfisher, who is secretly Ursula Vernon), They are a stand-alone duology, not related to anything else she's done, as far as I know, but very Ursula Vernon. Many of the scenes and characters were obviously painted in her style. Also, the main characters are a ninja accountant and a fallen paladin. They may be adorable.

Words: 215.

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23 May 2018 - Wednesday

The problem with going grocery shopping once a week is that when work randomly changes my dinner (yesterday) or lunch (today) plans at a later minute, everything is thrown into confusion! Cats and cats living together, statues weeping marinara sauce, etc.

After being out late last night, I was dubious about going to gaming, since we have neither Brooks nor Kelsey and would be reduced to Terraforming Mars, but then Mike mentioned Ethiopian food so I showed up to eat enormous quantities of injera and suck enormously at board games.

Tonight Marith tried out living in an apartment with cats but with cat-free rooms! Results to be announced tomorrow.

"The Flowers of Vashnoi" (Lois McMaster Bujold) is #barrayar #ekatarina #bugs #timeoftroubles #tragedy.

Words: 228.

experiment by marithlizard (Fri May 25 17:42:21 2018)

Results: Achoo!

Well, I didn't have a major attack, which is the thing I'm most worried about. But it was not optimal. Next step, try again with a HEPA filter and a separate set of safe-room vs outside clothes (the latter to be quarantined).

Bah, if we have such amazing toys and materials science in this timeline why can't we control our immune systems yet?

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22 May 2018 - Tuesday

Rachel recommended Strange Practice (Vivian Shaw), so I moved it up the queue. It is unquestionably urban fantasy, including mysterious deaths, multiple types of vampires and the terrifying things you find in London's Underground, but it is not action-packed. I mean, things happen, several of them violent, but mostly the characters keep their upper lips stiffened and carry on, rather than engaging in overwrought histrionics. I'm not sure I'm explaining this well, but it was definitely an interesting tone. Also, that was an extremely terrifying thing in the Underground.

Instead of being useful this evening, I hung around the office until my boss, who is in town to placate a customer, and one of my coworkers were available for a work dinner. We went to Orchard City Kitchen and ate American tapas and talked about shaping the product by advocating for customers, which is exactly as much fun as it sounds like.

Then I had to walk home because the bus was no longer running and try to write a tiny amount before dying in a pit.

Words: 169. I said it was a tiny amount!

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