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8 January 2017 - Sunday

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7 January 2017 - Saturday

Argh, I forgot to (find and) bring DVDs! Woe! Sadness! Lack of anime! Fortunately we had lots of other anime to watch.

  • Durarara!!x2 10: I don't even, man. The stuff that was happening? More of that happened.
  • Nekomonogatory White 3-5: Go Hanekawa! Turn your life around! (Bonus points if you ditch that drip Araragi and run off with Senjyogahara! Bummer.)
  • Sailor Moon Crystal 22: Oh no, they got to Chibi-Usa!

We are at the end of what was orginally scheduled for *monogatari, because it's all that Dave had when I made the list that we are following oh-so-slowly due to SOME PEOPLE randomly having work events on anime night and the like. Despite never asking for the list to be changed, SOME PEOPLE teased me about being inflexible. But we are going to watch Steven Universe anyway, because it was just having plot when we stopped watching way back in June (when SOME PEOPLE made anime more inconvenient for everyone else). Also next week: Vision of Escaflowne, this time for sure!

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6 January 2017 - Friday

Another random person on the Internets came across the Challenge System and pointed out a problem with it. I guess it's good that Google indexes my ancient web pages from the days when I thought it was worth doing things, but sheesh.

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3 January 2017 - Tuesday

Oh, this is why sleeping in over the holidays was a bad idea. At least I got free Mediterranean food for going to work.

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2 January 2017 - Monday

No work today, because we couldn't take off the 1st, because it was on a Sunday. I did a few more things, like writing for the second day in a row, but otherwise was pretty useless.

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1 January 2017 - Sunday

2017, you better not suck!

Today I managed to do some things, so if I can continue doing things, perhaps I can hold up my end of 2017. I'm not sure I can recommend holding your breath, though.

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31 December 2016 - Saturday

This year I have written 114k words, which could be an entire book if only they were the right words. But they aren't, because I wrote them.

We had the traditional New Year's Eve fondue (provided by Earl) and very limited festivities (provided by Ayse & Ken). It was not very exciting, but was very tasty. Also, good riddance to 2016!

Ayse showed us Polar Bear Cafe, which is very silly but probably will not get a slot in Nigh-Weekly Anime.

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30 December 2016 - Friday

Roseville was swell, although there was Enormous Child Drama, especially when Jus could not play with Elyssa 27 hours every day because Elyssa was sick on Wednesday and also because sleep.

Some grownups played the first 5/13s of Temple of Elemental Evil. That was as close as we got to roleplaying, but Al was amenable in principle to running the Slumbering Tsar megadungeon in Dungeon World at some point.

We saw Guardians of the Galaxy, which was pretty awesome. I finally understand why everyone likes Groot so much.

Al successfully addicted me to Pixel Dungeon, which is obviously derived from brogue but has more and different things.

My cats seem to have survived my absence.

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27 December 2016 - Tuesday

Marith did explode from travelling stress, or maybe just from daylight, so we didn't go to Roseville until late at night, long after Ayse & Ken & Jus & Nonni got there, but we did go and did not even die from traffic.

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26 December 2016 - Monday

Boxing Day is not a holiday here, but this whole week is holidays for Arcadia (aside from this being the comp day for Newtonmas being on a Sunday), so I did not have to be useful. I did go to Target and buy a lamp with a base that's a single big rock so it definitely will not fall over no matter what the cats do while I'm out.

Marith and I went to Christmas in the Park with Ayse & Ken & offspring, which was like a town fair with extra conifers and also shrieking children.

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25 December 2016 - Sunday

Nifty Newtonmas to all!

Marith and I went over to Ayse & Ken's to see them and Earl & Cat (but not Dave, who is in Seattle) and eat ham and be generally festive.

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23 December 2016 - Friday

I took today off, because I could, so there! (We have all next week off anyway.)

Marith and I saw Rogue One, which was definitely a Star Wars movie in the old tradition, with clunky and aggressively anti-ergonomic technology, but it was also a war movie in which many, many people died. Not recommended for kids!

Babylon's Ashes (James SA Corey) is probably the end of the "Expanse" series, or at least it resolves most of the outstanding major questions. There easily could be more books set in the future of this universe, though. Major bonus points for data mining as a weapon.

Cells at Work (Akane Shimizu) might be good for middle-school students who need to learn about the immune and circulatory systems, but otherwise anthropomorphized blood cells don't seem like they're going to be the next big trend in manga.

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21 December 2016 - Wednesday

No 13th Age this week, Jus is full of germs.

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