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3 May 2003 - Saturday

Made my external brain get me up at a reasonable hour, wandered downstairs, found Ayse and Ken had arrived, wandered back up to read Batman: Arkham Asylum and shower and return in time for gaming! Ayse sat out, or napped out, or something, but Ken made such big eyes at Sherilyn that she let him guest-star.

* * *

Amazon Quartet of Justice VIa: "The Bigger They Are, The Hotter They Burn"

Amaryllis and Alyra are drinking in some dive when a cloaked and cowled figure joins them and demands to be smuggled out of the city. To no one's great surprise, this is Princess Lisbet, last seen being sent off to the temple of Pelor for training. She has had another of her ominous dreams, and wants to consult her gypsy spiritual advisor, Madame Natasha, but is being followed by the Guard. Since she's obviously not going to be dissuaded, Our Heroinces decide it's probably best if they go along to keep her out of trouble. In the process of losing their tail, they fall in with Fresa, and the four of them fly out of Tigris and over to the gypsy encampment.

Alyra bribes a small gypsy kid to fetch Madame Natasha, who comes out with her two bodyguards (Fred, a free-lance berserker, and Marika, a lady mercenary of diverse training). Before Lisbet and Natasha can have their discussion, though, a pair of ten-foot-tall, dragon-winged giants crash the party.

The giants, being immune to fire, cause a great deal of trouble by setting off fireballs when Our Heroines (plus Fred and Marika) surround them, but Amaryllis manages to divide them for easier conquest and Fresa keeps the combatants and Lisbet (who cannot be kept out of a fight except by lethal force) from being permanently roasted. All available healing is then used on the bystanders caught in the blast radii, some of whom survive.

The City Guard, alerted by the huge columns of flame rising from the gypsy camp, rides out to investigate. Thad makes sure everything is dealt with, congratulates Alyra on her stealth, accepts Amaryllis's firm belief that Lisbet will come back fine from wherever she wandered off to, and goes back to town. Moments later, Alyra bursts screaming from the bushes, "Yuan-ti! They've kidnapped Lisbet!"

There are only two yuan-ti, so although they use a great deal of illusion and enchantment magic, they are soon run down and meet a grisly end. Lisbet is, indeed, returned intact to the temple of Pelor.

Neither the giants nor the yuan-ti respond usefully to post-mortem interrogation, but the giants have a jade statuette that Lisbet recognizes from the royal treasury, which makes everyone go "Hmmm."

* * *

A day or two later, Alyra encounters Liam, Connor's adventuring buddy, and gets drunk with him while he bemoans his failure to get anywhere with Sophia. After she drags him home, she notices that her life force has been sucked out. She goes "hmmm" but also finds Fresa to get put back together.

* * *

A day or two after that, Alyra and Amaryllis are keeping Lisbet out of trouble in another bar when the gypsy kid Alyra met earlier wanders in. Passing a couple of ominous-looking patrons, he passes Alyra a couple of haste potions, tells her Natasha said she'd need them, and makes his escape just as the goons notice their purses are missing. Chaos ensues.

Marika, having lost her job when Natasha and the gypsies decamped, is now officially in charge of keeping an eye on Lisbet, and has a magic hat so that no one can recognize her. So, when Amaryllis lets fly with the blinding spells, she ends up as unable to see as half the goons. With that, and Alyra's superfast magic hammer, the fight is soon over, although not without a few slapstick moments involving blind people trying to wrestle each other. Unfortunately, Lisbet escapes the ice wall Amaryllis imprisoned her behind in time to join the tail end of the fight and get charred when some villain from outside throws a fireball in to make sure dead men tell no tales, and has to be put back together before being delivered back to the palace. Any lingering doubts about the Great Yuan-Ti Conspiracy are slain by the Royal Army of Tigris-issue magic shortswords the assailants were carrying.

* * *

Ayse and Ken stayed overnight, so I got kicked out of the library and had to sleep on the couch again. It may actually be more comfortable.

AQoJ writeup! by Silkie (Tue May 6 15:18:49 2003)

V. keen! I can't wait to read the next one!

Re: AQoJ writeup! by Trip (Tue May 6 15:31:56 2003)

I can't wait to play the next one!

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