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5 July 2003 - Saturday

Poor Marith was all insomniac, so she only got about three hours of sleep! :( With coffee, though, she was up for driving to Roseville and wasn't even late!

Uncharacteristically, we talked and talked on the way up. About real-world things, even! In fact, we talked so much that we ended up in Auburn and had to drive back to Roseville very embarrassedly.

Chrisber, Christy, Harold, Earl, Cat, and Dave were all there but only Earl, Dave, and Harold joined us in playing...

* * *

Amazon Quartet of Justice VIb: "Unmasked! I Slept With WHAT?!"

While enjoying a quiet and perfectly legal breakfast in their inn, the Quartet are accosted by a large squad of the City Guard, who have a warrant to search Amaryllis's and Alyra's rooms. Since the warrant is based on the unsupported word of an anonymous informant that the two were seen with objects supposedly in the royal treasury, its validity is not greatly respected, but when Sophia sends for Princess Lisbet to vouch for Amaryllis and Alyra, all three of the royals show up and are less than helpful. The royal possessions recovered from the bodies of various assailants over the previous couple of days are of course found in Alyra's room, so Sophia talks Amaryllis and Alyra into going along peacefully to the VIP cells while the other heroines (along with a nosy and scantily-clad bard named Gabrielle who has invited herself along) investigate the corruption in the Guard and civil service.

Various inquiries by Sophia, Serenity, Fresa, and Gabrielle reveal:

  • The survivors from the exploding bar have been desurvived
  • The warrant was rushed through while Captain Marcus was off-duty, about 4 am
  • Tigris may have search warrants, but it doesn't have any of that face-your-accuser nonsense
  • Lisbet was sparring with Serenity when Amaryllis and Alyra were with her at the exploding bar
  • The bodies of the non-survivors of the bar explosion were personally identified by Captain Marcus and cremated on his orders, sometime in the early morning
  • Prince Richard thinks Gabrielle is cute
  • Captain Marcus was asleep in the early morning and hasn't been to the morgue in days


Liam comes to visit Amaryllis and Alyra in prison, all sympathetic and offering help. Before leaving, he pats Alyra on the shoulder and sucks her life force out. He tries to drain Amaryllis also, but since he hasn't been touchy-feely with her before, and has peculiar strong transmutation magic all over him, she backs off.

Shortly thereafter, Captain Marcus is dragged in for having stolen stuff from the Crown. Our Heroines know he didn't do it, of course, but at least Amaryllis and Alyra are sprung to continue hunting down shapeshifters, life-sucking monsters, and boyfriend-stealing floozies.

Gabrielle has a gig at the palace, so Amaryllis goes along to keep an eye on her. They mingle. Prince Richard keeps acting strangely. Amaryllis tries to scan the crowd for magic, but someone dispells her detection spell before she gets very far.

The other four set out in search of Liam, but discover that he was last seen heading for the palace. They take a moment to kit up and then join the party.

When heavily-armed heroines appear, the guards flanking the royal family start edging toward the exit, so Amaryllis glitterdusts the lot of them. The yuan-ti lurking in the shadows dispells magic on the area, removing the transformation spell on the four dragon-winged giants. Richard and Eleanor flee, and the fight is on!

Amaryllis freezes the giants (although one of them does get to pound her) while Sophia and Alyra engage them in hand-to-hand combat and take them down pretty handily, but possibly the most important contribution is made by Fresa, who uses her power to see things as they truly are to expose Richard and Eleanor as DEMONS!

Serenity tries to stop "Eleanor" but gets enchanted to think that Lisbet is the real demon, while "Richard" flings unholy energies to wound several of the heroines and slay Alyra. Amaryllis tries to encase the demons in a prison of ice, but they nimbly escape, leaving only Serenity trapped. They are hampered by the crowd of citizens also trying to escape though, giving Amaryllis and Fresa the chance to pound them with fireballs and godballs until "Eleanor" teleports away and "Richard" goes up in smoke.

In the meantime, the yuan-ti, having failed to give Sophia ophidiophobia, tries to slip out the back, but once the demons are dealt with, Amaryllis chases him down and he surrenders. Gabrielle, having not been able to contribute much to the fight because she unwisely left her bow behind when entering the royal presence, now shows her worth by hypnotizing the yuan-ti to tell all about the Great Yuan-Ti Conspiracy, the plot to raise the dark god, his boss Jorge, the shrine in the basement, the pocket dimension where the real prince and princess are imprisoned, etc, etc.

The key to the pocket dimension is found among the false Richard's ashes, and the yuan-ti stoolie knows where the gate is, so Our Heroines start preparing to rescue the kidnapped rulers. Lisbet wants to help, but is persuaded to stay at home and run the city, which she is at least temporarily ruler of. A wizard is hired to scry the pocket dimension, but finds only that Richard and Eleanor are on a small island in a body of water larger than can be seen in the dark. They are assured that rescue is coming, and warn about something big and nasty in the water.

* * *

Next session: the Amazons load up with good stuff from the royal armory and raid the pocket dimension!

* * *

Marith took a nap while everyone else scattered to the wind, but when she woke up she felt well enough to zoom back home, so we did. Zoom!

Got home about 0:30, bleah.

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