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4 October 2003 - Saturday

Despite sleepiness, we all got up in good time to play...

Amazon Quintet of Justice VId: "Forty Tentacles, No Waiting"

While Amaryllis makes friends with the drow sorcerers Erasmus and Campbell, Fresa interrogates the captured pirates under a truth spell and discovers not only the direction of their lair, but also the location of some parts of the watery cave complex that they haven't been able to explore because their ship won't fit. After some discussion, it is decided that Sophia, Serenity, and Marika will go with the ship to clean out the pirate lair while Amaryllis, Alyra, Fresa, and Gabrielle take a skiff to explore the rest of the caves. Erasmus, the senior of the drow sorcerers, goes with them despite Fresa's misgivings.

Erasmus sends his neotenous stirge familiar off to scout one way, while the boat goes down another tunnel, right into the tentacles of two giant squid! Fortunately Our Heroines see motion in the water before the squid strike, so they are able to drag the boat up onto a small island and face the threat with land under their boots. Or, in some cases, air, as Gabrielle levitates the boat to provide a platform for archery and spellcasting.

What decides the fight, though, is Fresa taking the water away from under the squids, leaving one high and dry and unable to resist being done in. The other is able to drag itself back into the water, but by the time it swims around to attack the island from the side that still has a shore, everyone is able to gang up on it. Calamari for all!

Further exploration leads to a large cavern in which the stirge spots something enormous swimming beneath the surface. Figuring that the bigger monsters must be closer to their goal, the Amazons creep around the side of the cave with as little splashing as they can manage, but it's not good enough: something large undulates through the water toward them, and they barely have time to make it to a handy beach before an ENORMOUS white alligator lunges out of the water at them!

Spells and arrows rain down on the alligator, with little effect, but when it seizes the boat in its monstrous jaws, Fresa suppresses the magic of its collar, and suddenly, they are facing a much smaller (but still very large) silver-scaled dragon! Alyra performs a fantastic feat of combat lockpicking and removes the collar, and the fight is over.

Fortunately the dragon, Kellina, is relatively friendly, and after sufficient apology and healing assumes human form to tag along with the Amazons until they find the gate back to the real world (or until she steals Erasmus from Amaryllis).

With the aid of Kellina's draconic senses, Our Heroines soon locate the island on which Prince Richard and Princess Eleanor are stranded. However, as they approach the shore, cautiously checking for traps that may have been left by the necrotheologians, unholy energies suddenly assault them!

Not too surprisingly, the two figures on the island are actually the two surviving succubi. Surviving for the moment, anyway; once they have tipped their hand, the good guys come down on them like a pile of good-aligned bricks. One succubus goes down in smoke almost immediately; the other tries to take the real Eleanor (previously knocked out and hidden in the pile of provisions) hostage. This works for just as long as it takes Amaryllis to fly around and flank him: he can't hide behind a hostage from both directions at once, and Amaryllis is a good shot with her arcane missiles. Since Fresa has already zapped him with a dimensional anchor spell, he leaves a corpse behind and can be interrogated.

At this point, the other two giant squid show up.

Fresa (in full armor) and Erasmus (squeezed into unconsciousness) get dropped into the water from the hovering boat, but after an epic dragon-squid battle, good triumphs!

After healing up everyone in need, Our Heroines make camp to replenish their magical resources before going in search of their comrades.

* * *

We had to knock off gaming earlier than we often do so that Harold could go on a date. The rest of us fed on Chinese take-out and showed Sherilyn the first three episodes of Rurouni Kenshin. Sometime about the end of episode two, we began speculating scurrilously on whether Harold had gotten lucky, but actually he returned before the end of #3. Oh well.

Zooming home in the middle of the night, la la la.

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