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5 June 2004 - Saturday

I meant to do laundry before going off to do things, but failed. Oops.

* * *

Because my brain is small and narrow, I only got five books at the library book sale. Still, two of them are sort of like research for Library Superheroes.

There was some spazzing around, but not too much, so we departed in a timely fashion. On the other hand, it was very hot, there were five people in the car, and traffic sucked, so it wasn't really the best expedition we've ever undertaken.

Ayse and I got hungry halfway there, so we made Ken drive through an In'n'Out and let us buy burgers. I now understand about In'n'Out, to which I had not previously been exposed!

Late as traffic made us, it made Harold and his sweetie Chris later, so we had some vague sort of moral high ground. This was not enough to make gaming start before 15:00, however. :(

Amazon Quintet of Justice VIId: "The Road Ahead!"

Nothing is waiting to ambush the Quintet when they emerge from their camping dimension, so they make their way out of the temple complex. When they pass one point near the exit, the roof of the complex disappears, along with the entire bulk of the hill above that point. This is confusing, but not as alarming as the vulture-demon and squad of undead lurking just outside.

Having handily defeated the first hit squad, the Amazons head back for Tigris. Gabrielle experiments with her new harp, which clearly does something, but no one can tell quite what.

That evening, as Amaryllis is standing watch, shadowy forms rise up out of the earth and attack! Amaryllis dupes the vampire who thinks it is mind-controlling her and gets all the undead grouped to fit within a cone of cold, which is a good start to the fight that then breaks out. Most of the Amazons are afflicted by various evil powers, but the undead are nevertheless defeated, and Fresa fixes everyone up.

That seems to be the last of this batch of monsters, and Our Heroines reach Tigris without further incident.

In their absence, alas, Hrogarth has been spreading word about the coming Armageddon and generally rousing the rabble, which doesn't much please the rulers of the city. Hrogarth, in turn, is displeased by the Amazons not handing over the harp; what kind of feeble excuse is "We have to save the world" anyway?

Dwayne reports to Alyra that the existing power blocs in the city are not inclined to support any wars. Since Avalon's previous troubles were a direct result of its allies abandoning it, this is probably a bad sign.

Princess Lisbet sends a maid to bring Amaryllis, Alyra, and Marika to a secret midnight meeting, where she expresses her support for saving world. After some discussion, the plan formed is for Lisbet to stay in Tigris, alert for opportunities to lobby her siblings, while the Amazons travel to the four other remnant kingdoms of Avalon's allies, gathering the remaining artifacts and trying to drum up support. Lisbet gives them letters of introduction to people she believes will be sympathetic, and agrees to host the gathering of emissaries from kingdoms that favor saving the world.

* * *

That is about as far as we got, between starting way late and having to dissolve into a mass of still-born dinner plans. We ended up with Chinese delivery instead of sit-down at Claim Jumpers, sniff.

This Chris person seems to be okay. We are tentatively prepared to let Harold keep her.

Ken may have sucked Al into Exalted. I suppose I will have to die in a deep deep pit.

* * *

To no one's great surprise, I stayed up after we got home to play more KoL. Kithug finally got all the parts of the pirate disguise, and managed to hork a lot of meat from the pirates, but they got him so drunk he passed out with quite a few adventures unspent. Well, it's not like they disappear, at least not quickly.

I have made one of the items required for the Hey Deze map quest, but I don't know where to get the components for the others. Still no idea on the Orc Chasm.

Exalted and pits by Ken (Sun Jun 6 22:46:12 2004)

Why would you have to die in a pit because I sucked Al into Exalted? Hopefully you won't, since I'm counting on you to be the person in the game who knows the game at all...

Re: Exalted and pits by Trip (Mon Jun 7 16:52:26 2004)

But I don't know the system! Or I don't want to know it, or something.

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