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16 April 2005 - Saturday

It would probably have been better if we had left on time, as that might have avoided the horrible traffic on the 80, but we still made it to Roseville in good time for...

Amazon Quintet of Justice IXc: "...and TEN THOUSAND DRAGONS!"

Seeing the prisoners about to be sacrificed by necrotheologians, Our Heroines spring into action! Unfortunately, so do the two hulking yuan-ti abominations guarding the door and the two spell-casters stringing up a baby dragon over a pool of shimmering light!

Alyra darts forward and grabs the wyrmling, but the others are stuck in the narrow corridor as the abominations charge. Amaryllis covers the pool with a sheet of stone and makes a refuge for Alyra to get her back against, but then is savaged by one of the abominations and only survives by a miracle.

Fresa causes one of the abominations to implode into nothingness, and then distracts the other while Gabrielle fills it full of magic arrows. In the meantime, Marika, who for reasons as yet unexplained is among the prisoners, wriggles free of her bonds and joins the fight, though she is clad only in the standard diaphanous white gown.

When Amaryllis recovers from her near-death experience, she opens up on the yuan-ti spellcasters, incinerating one and then freezing the one that Alyra and Marika have been fighting. Justice is served!

Once uncovered, the pool turns out to be still mostly shimmery and non-evil, except for a few bits where the wyrmling's blood dripped into it, and it also has a sword resting on the bottom. An accident reveals that having the dragons swim in the pool reduces the amount of contamination, so soon the pool is pure again, and incidently, everyone is fully healed. From the strength of its magic, the sword is undoubtedly one of the Five Mystical Items needed to save the world. Only two more to go!

Marika explains that she was tricked into working for people who then hit her over the head and stuffed her into diaphanous robes, and did not actually sign on with the Forces of Evil, so the other Amazons take her along when they gather up the four dragons (two adolescents and two wyrmlings) and scarper.

Although leaving the city might be the safest course, the Quintet decide to stay and rest up overnight, incidentally finding out what happens when it's not dawn in the magical city. Fortunately, the most alarming incident is the attachment of one wyrmling to its rescuer, Alyra.

The morning is quite a different story, though: the moment dawn opens the gates to the city, the western sky darkens with an enormous flock of huge dragons!

After a few tense moments, Alyra defuses the situation by wearing one of the wyrmlings as a hat, and the Amazons are able to explain about the necrotheologians (including the now-deceased dragonnappers) and the importance of saving the world. Alas, the majority of the eighty dragons are unimpressed, but Aurmvoris, the father of the kidnappees agrees to help against the blue dragon (the most responsible surviving creature.)

Aurmvoris causes some consternation back at the oasis, but a few days of shopping are necessary for the Amazons to be ready to go after the blue dragon and his gang of hieracosphinxes. Not to mention, the sword from the pool needs to be properly analyzed; it is determined to grant the holder resistance to fear of reptiles, and therefore allocated to Alyra. Finally the preparations are complete, though, and the six set off.

Methods similar to those used in the search for the Lost City quickly lead them to the blue dragon's new lair, which is buried beneath a mountain ridge, and some invisible scouting by Alyra finds the three entrances, each guarded by a pair of well-camouflaged hieracosphinxes. Going into the caves after their target would be even more foolish than usual, so eventually it is decided that Aurmvoris will leap upon and savage the guards at each entrance in turn, until the blue dragon is drawn out and can be fought in the open.

* * *

We decided to break there, since there was no way we could finish the blue dragon battle quickly enough to get home in time for Ayse to give Jinian her medicine.

Zoom. Zoom. Splut.

wumwumwum by marith (Tue Apr 19 16:30:36 2005)

It gets harder and harder to make up random invalid urls... I just stuck "http://wumwumwum" in the worksite I was creating to qa, and now my worksite is talking about the great work and the carnivore patron!

I blame you entirely.

Re: wumwumwum by Trip (Tue Apr 19 18:19:03 2005)

wumwumwum return to our lair wum that your neural tissue may nourish the great work wumwum there will also be visual entertainment wumwumwum

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