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3 July 2005 - Sunday

Harold and Chris Zable (!) arrived in the late morning, bearing European gifts for all! In Amsterdam, they found me a plush tapeworm. The box says, in part,

Here is the girl with small friends of life present for always. Some irritation she finds with them, but much fun and love is to be shared!

Tickles Tapeworm is a funny friend.
He is always making jokes to tell.
He lives in Holly's tummy and loves good food.

There is also a drawing of the little girl surrounded by her friends Tickles Tapeworm, Dig Dig Head Louse, Zzeezz Bed Bug, and Blinky Eyelash Mite.

This is by far the most disturbing present I have ever received. By far.

* * *

Amazon Quintet of Justice IXd: "Look! An Invisible Dragon!"

Finally, the plan is put into action! Aurmvoris leaps upon the heiracosphinxes on guard at the first entrance to the dragon's lair and rends them limb from evil limb! A couple more sphinxes emerge from the cave, but quickly flee! On to the next entrance!

As Aurmvoris attacks the sphinxes there, reinforcements boil out of the previous cave mouth. The Quintet loose a great many arrows at them, but they stick to their task and pile onto Aurmvoris. This isn't too bad until the half-dragon hieracosphinx, Junior, appears and joins in.

A barrage of spells and arrows puts the flock to flight, and Aurmvoris chases them back toword the first entrance. In the meantime, the Quintet have a bigger problem to deal with, as the blue dragon attacks from surprise with a bolt of electrical death!

All three spell-casters work on taking down the dragon's enhancement spells while Alyra and Marika try to fill it full of arrows, but it turns invisible again and circles around to attack from another unexpected direction.

Since the dragon moves so fast that no method of detecting invisible creatures can detect it far enough away to make a difference, and it apparently is using magic items to protect it from Amaryllis's best long-ranged spell, the Amazons decide to sound the retreat for the nonce. Aurmvoris needs to be rescued from Junior and the sphinxes, who have ganged up on him, but this is not difficult for the Amazons, and they even manage to put down Junior for good before leaving the field of battle.

* * *

Marith was falling asleep, and everyone was disheartened, so we broke there to consider if there was a better plan than "level up before coming back". Of course, with the tiny amount of experience the book said Junior was worth, that could take a while.

* * *

As required in the first week of July, there was Grilled Food. Yum!

While flopping around after dinner, Ayse and I met a cat of pretty high quality, who had orange tabby stripes over a black undercoat, and was as friendly as one could ask of a cat. He liked the Pettersons's empty flower bed a lot, but could be coaxed out with a straw to chase or the offer of some petting. Kawaii!

* * *

Forcecage. Forcecage is the spell to use against this dragon, because the target gets no saving throw and no spell resistance, and we're pretty sure the dragon isn't powerful enough to teleport out.


Tickles! by Angie (Wed Jul 6 21:07:35 2005)

Archie McPhee has an enormous display of the Parasite Pals in their store (though no plush!), and I just love them. I gleefully whip out my Tickles tape measure at every chance I get, usually eliciting "ewwwwwww"s from most people. o.O

Re: Tickles! by Trip (Thu Jul 7 01:04:26 2005)

So. Freaky.

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