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4 July 2005 - Monday

Everyone was still around this morning, so we played...

Amazon Quintet of Justice Xa: "Druid King Drew"

Since the dragon no longer seems like an immediately soluable problem, the Amazons decide to apologize profusely to the desert nomads of Karal and continue the diplomatic part of their mission in the distant land of Nööl.

Getting to Nööl is something of a difficulty, but Marika has been there before, and her contacts with the caraveneers lead to an enterprising gentleman who is willing to give Amaryllis the name and description of his agent in Nööl's capital Newburg if the Quintet will take along a few cubic yards of his goods when they teleport there. He also provides the handy information that the Druid King of Nööl likes exotic plants, but that the king's knowledge should not be insulted by giving him instructions on their care. (Servants, on the other hand...)

It turns out that Connor and his party are also in town, and Amaryllis spends a few evenings plying him with drink, but only gets a couple of scrolls with the forcecage spell that she thinks will enable the Amazons to defeat the blue dragon. Furthermore, Connor gets the outline of her dragon-killing plan from her, and may take his group to kill the dragon first. Bah!

While the other Amazons oversee the loading of fresh oysters and dried fish into their pocket dimension, Amaryllis and Alyra visit Karal and Pelagos to obtain some exciting new plants for King Drew's collection.

The merchant's agent in Newburg is quite surprised to find strange people in his office who were in Vikjor earlier that morning, but has no objection to the huge amount of money he's about to be able to collect a commission on, and quickly arranges an audience with the king.

While seeing the sights and feeling out the local situation, Our Heroines learn that it's just as well they came by magic, since someone or something has been destroying caravans on the way to Nööl. One caravan was found as only a burned-out ruin, and at least one other has vanished without a trace. Investigation will have to wait, however, because their audience is that afternoon.

King Drew is impressed by the Amazons' explanation of the necessity of saving the world, but Nööl only takes action according to a majority vote of the eight members of the Royal Council. He invites the Quintet to present their case to the Councillors individually, which they do. The three good Councillors are of course in favor of saving the world, but the three evil ones apparently think they can do better for themselves by sucking up to the Dead God. The two neutral councillors are officially non-comittal, but one, swayed by Amaryllis's charms, admits that someone else has been making the Councillors offers they might not be able to refuse.

On the way back from her dinner with the neutral Councillor, Amaryllis sees a familiar figure entering the temple of the god of tyranny: the evil monk she once went on a date with.

* * *

We broke there so that Ken and Dave and Ayse could make it to Berkeley for the Independence Day barbecue, and since the traffic reports looked auspicious, Marith and I skedaddled toward Mountain View.

* * *

Splut! Tired parasite.

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