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21 April 2007 - Saturday

Amazon Sextet of Justice XIIc: "The All-You-Can-Eat Venison Buffet... OF DEATH!"

With Rati disinfected for the time being, the Amazons turn their attention to other parts of the plan for saving the world. Rumors of piracy near Rati, attributed to King Penn's fleet, quickly prove to be exaggerated reports of one incident which did not seem to involve the powers of evil. The death match against the Champions of Evil for the votes of Nööl is finally scheduled, and terms set. Marika points out that there is no reason to believe either the organizers or the opposition will keep to their word, but no one has a better idea. Fresa refuses to have anything to do with the match, but dwarves are like that.

Daniel, the drow paladin, is contacted in his extra-dimensional watery cave, and it turns out that he is indeed the lost prince of the drow. He went into exile to avoid plunging his people into civil war, and isn't very happy at the idea of doing so deliberately, but the world does need saving. While Daniel meditates, his brother Sam attempts to determine the Amazons' trustworthiness. No conclusions are reached, but all the drow appreciate Natalya's non-fish dinner.

With no other obvious leads to follow, Our Heroines decide to hunt down and squash the evil strike team that almost killed Fresa with dozens of magical tentacles. Divination magic leads them to a secret camp hidden in the woods near Tigris, where they swoop down upon a handful of huts, two dire elk, and a guard dog.

Armored people pile out of one of the huts, and a druid lurking nearby turns the dire elk into 40-foot-long, 30-foot-tall monstrosities! For a while things are touch-and-go, especially when a treant joins the fray. Fresa in particular is trampled by an enlarged dire elk no fewer than four times! However, the druid is quickly dispatched when he returns to help his beasts, and his companion forced to teleport away, leaving the Amazons unhindered in their fight against the elks and hangers-on.

The camp's two cooks are taken prisoner and interrogated, confirming that the strike team just defeated were the ones who were tormenting both Lisbet's rebel army and the loyalists in Tigris. Presenting this information to the ruler of Tigris may avert civil war!

Cat: Marmalade is all affectionate! I don't know if he's glad to have the alien zombie infestation over with, or misses Dani, or thinks I miss Dani or what, but he is super-snuggly and full of purrbucketing.

I seem to have reached the stage of feeling bad for not having loved Dani more, which is a lot like feeling bad for not feeling bad enough.

Writing: Check, surprisingly.

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