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11 August 2007 - Saturday

Travel: Our path was plagued by delays of various sorts, but Marith and I eventually made it to Roseville, only slightly delaying the start of...

Amazon Sextet of Justice XIId: "Death Spiral II: The Lich's Cursed Library!"

After defeating the enlarged giant dire elk of unusual size, the Amazons return to Rati to regroup (and exchange the druid's belongings for more useful magic). While Amaryllis is out negotiating with wizards, Natalya is accosted by an urchin who informs her that a large, scary guy is asking after her in seedy bars. Amazons are not afraid of seedy bars or strange men, but a reasonable amount of caution seems indicated, so Natalya takes Gabrielle with her to meet the inquirer.

The big scary man turns out to be a midget fire giant, from the clan Amaryllis and Natalya befriended earlier, bringing a request for the Amazons to help them against their enemies, the frost giants. Normally the frost giants are under the protection of their lich master, but the lich is away at the moment, so the time is right for a massive assault!

Our Heroines are all in favor of destroying liches, but aren't sure they're powerful enough yet, and anyways the world needs saving. Fresa beseeches her god for information, and learns that the lich has important information stored in his library, and that he will return from his horrible undead business in two days. The time is definitely right for an assault on the lich's fortress!

The Sextet travel to the fire giants' village that night, so that before the next dawn Fresa can pray with extraordinary ceremony and receive the spell she needs for their Brilliant Strategem.

Early in the morning, Our Heroines descend into the lich's stronghold, which turns out to be a series of rooms arranged in a descending helix very much like the ancient dwarven tomb they explored during their very first adventure together. The Strategem is shown to indeed be Brilliant, or at least moderately clever: safe inside a globe of anti-magic, the Amazons can't be attacked by the spectres guarding the entrance, nor can the enormous iron golem's toxic breath or the marilith demon's ensorcelled weapons prevail against them. There is a bit of excitement when Marika and Alyra have to venture out of the protection to smite their foes with cold steel and they discover there is an invisible imp on the golem's back setting off fire traps to heal it, but despite the loss of Amaryllis's magic, the monsters are all defeated and none of the Amazons suffer any lasting hurt.

The bottom of the dungeon, and the lich's library, still lie further below!

[Antimagic field is amazingly useful, but amazingly annoying to use in play. Not only does it force everyone to recalculate their bonuses all the time, but using it brings up all sorts of questions like, "Does a +3 holy bow used in an antimagic field imbue its arrows with holy energy for +2d6 damage against evil creatures? (No, we think.) How about the +3 on attack and damage rolls? (Yes, we think.)" and "If a monster takes up 8 squares, but only 3 of those squares are in the antimagic field, are the monster's buffs disabled? Is it protected from spells? (Either both yes or both no, pretty clearly, but yes or no depending on whether it seems like most of the monster is in those 3 squares. Maybe. We think.)" Gah! Games without to-scale maps and detailed rules seem more appealing all the time!]

Food:No deaths from starvation occurred, no matter what Sherilyn may tell you.

Cats: One... five... seven... eleven... eleven... TWELVE! Still twelve paws!

Writing: FAILURE.

AQoj by Silkie (Mon Aug 13 19:08:44 2007)

I liked it when someone pointed out that we were doing a reverse horror movie when the spectres kept sending someone to see what you were up to (trying to avoid the anti-magic field) and getting trapped in Gabrielle's Sunlight one by one. :)

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