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2018-11-03:  "what's wrong with liking routine?" by marithlizard
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23 November 2007 - Friday

Food: Leftovers! And then, more leftovers! Because it is the way of our people!

Vacation: First, the shopping! Ken and I have no local gaming store since Gamescape was killed, so we got Al to take us to his local and semilocal gaming stores. The first one had run out of parking, which I attribute to their cleverness in putting a stacked redhead on the register. However, they did not sell me any gaming stuff. (They did sell me a few manga back issues I had on my list of stuff to buy, though.) The other store had a curmudgeonly old guy behind the counter, and was mostly wargames and boardgames, but they had RPG stuff I actually wanted, so w00t!

Amazon Sextet of Justice XIIe: "Death Spiral II ½: The Cozy, Well-furnished Den of the Undead!"

(We spent an extended period mucking about teleconferencing so that Harold could play without having to actually drive to Roseville. Of course it worked perfectly in the test yesterday, and of course it didn't work worth beans today. Finally we got the webcam working and borrowed JHart's cell phone for voice. It didn't really work because Harold could only hear us when we shouted, and couldn't see the battle map well enough to make decisions. Bah. Our technology is inadequate!)

Onward, into the depths of the lich's lair!

The next room the Amazons sneak into is a library, or at least full of books! However, the filing system leaves something to be desired: quite a few of the books are just stacked in huge piles on the floor. As the Sextet enter and start looking around for the "Plot Hooks" section, some of the piles stir to life and lash out with hideously enlongated tentacles!

Marika, Amaryllis, Alyra, and Fresa are grabbed at various times, but Natalya and Gabrielle stay back and fill the monsters full of arrows, and soon the mutated ropers are down for the count. The library proves to be of limited interest, but all the books that seem interesting are stuffed into the pocket dimension, along with a complete set of Amazon Sextet action figures (mint, in box). The complete series of Nancy Drow mysteries is left behind, though.

There is still more to the dungeon, though, so Our Heroines continue around the spiral. Further down, past some familiar-looking evil stairs, is a room in which two of the lich's frost giant minions sit playing chess, apparently heedless of the earlier commotion. Gabrielle charms one with a spell, but the other one is still full of fight and the charmed one isn't willing to stand by while his friend gets chopped up, so the situation devolves into a general melee. Both giants end up dead, but so does Alyra! Fortunately Fresa is able to call her soul back from the great beyond, and she is willing to return, so the Sextet remains a Sextet.

The Amazons are not disturbed during Fresa's prayers, which turns out to be because every room above them has been cleared out and there is only one more room below: a well-appointed, comfortable space with quite a few books, some magical trinkets useful to one of the living dead, and a lot of correspondence. The Amazons grab everything not nailed down, including the long villainous rant about how the Forces of Good will never figure out the complex process for freeing Queen Ditte of her unwanted tentacles (see appendix B for detentacularization ritual).

Now the Sextet just have to escape before anyone can set off the evil stairs!

Vacation (cont): Suddenly, JHart appeared to help Al redesign Runequest! Then we finished with AQoJ, and he lured everyone into playing Civ, so Marith and I snuck away into the darkness. There were stupid people on our freeways, but not enough of them to prevent us from arriving home in due course.

Cats: They are okay! I am so glad! Aspen seems to have lost some of her tolerance of me, but I don't mind, because she is okay. I gave them extra gooshyfoods.

Writing: VACATION.

Nancy Drow! by Carl (Mon Nov 26 20:05:58 2007)

I really like the idea of Nancy Drow mysteries! Although I know some prefer the Halfling Boys.

Were the tentacular book piles really Ropers and not Mimics? Shocking!

And Endgame is a really excellent game store only two blocks from the Oakland 12th Street BART station, although that would perhaps be more useful to you if BART was laid out in a reasonable manner.

Re: Nancy Drow! by Trip (Tue Nov 27 10:02:05 2007)

I don't remember who was responsible for Nancy Drow. Maybe Ayse?

Apparently mimics don't have enough tentacles, so we got mutant ropers instead. Which are immune to electricity, so really not very shocking at all.

I suspect that getting to Endgame from Mountain View by public transit takes as long or longer than getting to Roseville by car, and without the added bonus of AQoJ at the end!

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