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19 July 2008 - Saturday

Gaming: Again, Sherilyn came down here to run...

Amazon Sextet of Justice XIIId: "The Wrong Side of the Web! Into the Lair of the Mind Flayers!"

The excessively large spiders having been dealt with, most of the Amazons returns to the pocket dimension and Alyra (invisible) and Marika (disguised) follow Frizz't onward to the address where Daniel is being kept.

The cavern they end up in is seedy and not well-frequented, as one might expect for a neighborhood inhabited by brain-eating horrors from another dimension. With no around to raise the alarm for non-drow, Our Heroines deem it safe to deploy and cautiously advance.

An illithid peeks out of a window and freezes the brains of Alyra and Gabrielle, but the next few who try that get pincushioned by Natalia. Fresa brings down the building that one is hiding in and Marika finishes it off on her way to bust into the target building.

Amaryllis blinds a few mind-controlled drow and flash-fries one illithid while Marika, Fresa, and Natalia take down another and free Daniel from thralldom. Then everything goes wrong.

Drow special forces charge in and kill the helpless Frizz't, put Marika and Amaryllis to sleep with poisoned arrows, and imprison Natalia in a cube of magical force! Meanwhile, their wizard flies overhead out of sight, raining devestation down on the Amazons! Things look bad for the good gals!

Fortunately Fresa is able to get Marika back on her feet, and Gabrielle, who recovers from the initial mind-blast, rescues Natalia from the forcecage. She also magically confuses the wizard overhead, so he can't escape Natalia when she flies up to get rid of his invisibility and fill him full of arrows. In the meantime, Alyra (also recovered) and Marika deal with the drow on the ground. It's a mess, but the Amazons are triumphant in the end!

The spellcasters have expended almost all their magic, so the Sextet plus Daniel retreat to the pocket dimension to rest up and brief the new king of the drow. He isn't happy about being put on the throne, but the Amazons convince him that he can help his people most by taking charge and ending the war. Somehow, they also persuade him to let them make off with most of the equipment the assassination squad had, even though it's property of the drow state.

Samuel has knocked the drow city to pieces, so Daniel will have his work cut out for him, but there's no doubt he's up to the task. The world is one step closer to being saved!

Food: Piscevegetarian Chinese food.

Silly Computer Games: Blargh.

Cats: Twelve adorable paws!

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