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21 May 2013 - Tuesday

If I were clever I would try to arrange to get more brain inflation, in hopes of being less tired. But I am not clever.

Curiosity drove me to download the D&D Next playtest packet (plus it was free). Unfortunately, I think it should be called "D&D Previous".

3rd ed and 4th ed both brought something new to D&D, but 5th ed not so much. It adopted some ideas from 4th ed, but otherwise the system is pretty comparable to a somewhat streamlined 3rd ed. Actually, it might be even less new than that, since the rules gave me a definite OSR vibe (although that could be from them not being finished), and two of the adventures in the playtest packet are ones I remember from my Red Box/Blue Box days. If D&D is trying to cash in on the OSR, maybe it's time to dub it "D&D Last" and move on to Dungeon World or Fate.

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