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2020-07-24:  "Martha Wells story" by marithlizard
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26 September 2013 - Thursday

Avalon seems to be having way more fun even travelling to Montreal than I am at work. I think I'm doing something wrong with my life!

I don't often go to author events at Books Inc., but this was for someone I know (plus it's not like anyone was making me a better offer for my evening). There were actually four people reading, since the book being promoted is an anthology, Doorways to Extra Time, but Susan was the only one I had ever heard of before. She read first (because her story was first in the book), but it turned out everyone was done reading and most of the Qs were Aed by the time I had to bail for the bus.

Susan also has a couple of ebook-only pieces published under the name of her character from the story she read tonight, so I picked them up for my virtual Kindle along with DtET. Yes, I feel back about contributing to the death of bookstores, but paper books just take up way too much space.

Twelve paws!

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