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2019-06-18:  "Re: The Mummy" by marithlizard
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2019-02-11:  "Re: computer woes" by marithlizard
2019-02-11:  "Re: computer woes" by Trip

8 September 2015 - Tuesday


24th August 2001 -- 8th September 2015

He Will Always Be Missed

Marmalade by Cat (Tue Sep 8 20:08:43 2015)

Missed indeed. hugs

Marmalade by marithlizard (Wed Sep 9 08:49:14 2015)

Splendid orange cat
Chases string eternal now
He will never tire

Haiku by Trip (Wed Sep 9 12:02:35 2015)

This made me cry at work. I wish there were an afterlife.

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