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2020-07-24:  "Martha Wells story" by marithlizard
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27 October 2019 - Sunday

Make-up session of Atlantic City SCRPG!

I missed the last session, but apparently there were hurricanes and cockroaches and swamp critters and mysterious transfer students and someone playing Monopoly with the city and turning random streets into modern gravitational sculpture.

This session, conflict between local mobsters and the raygun-toting Brooklynites trying to muscle in is sublimated into a battle of the bands by mysterious women with contagious mind-control magic! The charity concert for disaster relief got turned into a huge competition with national stars and surprising local acts, like the mysterious transfer students and the reality-shaper.

Then there was a big part in the middle where we didn't know whether to try to enter the contest ourselves (no, Moth was the only one with actual musical skill), or back one of the other bands, or stay neutral and just protect the contest against interference. Like, say, the spreading mind control that made everyone in town think the battle of the bands was a great idea and choose sides. At least Feathers was able to make some kind of frequency-canceller to keep the judges from being mind-whammied.

It was probably for the best that Moth's secret ID got eliminated from the contest early on, because it meant she could be in hero ID when the mysterious transfer students started glamouring the crowd and luring them up on stage to serve as human shields and propmpting the two sets of mobsters to fight and generally causing a ruckus. A huge fight ensued, the transfer students combined into a three-headed dragon, Moth displayed surprisingly demonic powers, and then the reality-shaper dropped the dragon into a dimensional oubliette. "Guess I win!"

Dave was not very happy with how this session went, and I can't blame him. It definitely bogged down at points, mostly when we didn't know what to do, or when we made Dave improvise instead of relying on his preparation.

I might be a better GM than Dave, which seems like a terrible thing to think.

I have a weighted blanket! I will have to see if helps with sleeping.


  • Elementary 3.5: No Watson at all! But Kitty is not a terrible character.


  • Spire (Grant Howitt, Christopher Taylor): Apparently I only read most of this, but after playing at BigBadCon I reread it from the start, and it is pretty awesome. Creepy masks! Dark gods! Midwives with too many legs! Exceedingly unwise use of magic on the part of pretty much everyone! Revolution!

Words: FAIL.

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