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10 November 2019 - Sunday

I tried hard to be useless, but made it to the bus in time to get to Palo Alto for Atlantic City Rollers. This issue, the reality-bending Mav Bilium, having dropped the Dazzlings through a trapdoor into a fractal dimension, declares that she has won the wager the local and Brooklyn mobs had on the Battle of the Bands and is now the Mob Boss of Atlantic City (complete with wide lapels and Stutz Bearcat). Then she drives off with all of the mobsters present, back into her dimensional sculpture.


Mav is probably up to something, but no one knows exactly what until her goons try to rob an armored car using strange dessert-themed weapons. Despite the gooiness, the goons are captured, and most of the money is saved. When Feathers analyzes the weapons, they are incomprehensibly bizarre, but when Moth and the Mechanic analyze the goons, they are willing to say where Mav's new hideout is.

Anonymouse sneaks in through the airducts (which are surprisingly large for a residence) and finds a bewildering maze with vents that let her spy on rooms that are not in the same time or climate zone but all contain Mav, in different-colored outfits. Apparently she is sticking with the board games theme. Eventually Anonymouse finds the room with the version of Mav that is briefing her underlings on her plan to do all the important mob boss things, like bank robberies, but without hurting any bystanders. Then Anonymouse tries to escape through the room with the pool, instead of through the ventilation system, and finds herself trapped in Arizona. Fortunately, she can hitch hike back to cell phone service and arrange to get rescued before her family explodes.

At this point, the Rollers are convinced that Mav a) just wants to have a mob boss experience, and b) is strongly influenced by human culture, so they watch a bunch of classic gangster movies and use this knowledge to predict where she is going to attack for each part of her plan and mostly foil her with no loss of life and little loss of property (which is all insured anyway).

Surely next issue, Mav will go away happy with her mob boss tourism experience, and everything will be fine in Atlantic city.


Words: FAIL. Unless you count this journal entry.

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