Caroline Campbell-Bannerman

Special Executive to the Empire of the Overmind

Personal Description

Caroline Campbell-Bannerman is tallish, very fit, and built something like a bodybuilder between competitons, although on a somewhat slender frame. She has red hair, curly, usually about shoulder length, green eyes, and a pale complexion with a smattering of freckles. Despite this, she has been known to wear red and get away with it. She sometimes wears trousers, but most often a short skirt/suit and hose, usually with a long coat. She has a nice alto voice, and generally speaks with a clear and level tone.


Ms. Campbell-Bannerman is one of the (publically known) Triumvirate of Founders of the Revolution, along with her late husband, Nicholas Baxter, and the Overmind himself (known as Alexander McLeod in the flesh). She was instrumental in negotiating the Treaty of Accord with the recently discovered suburb of Judea.

Ms. Campbell-Bannerman serves as something of a Minister without Portfolio, where she has no direct authority in the government, but a great deal of unofficial authority and personal reputation. She has in the past served in the Ministry of the Interior, principally as Head of Internal Security.

Ranked Attributes

AgilityGreatStays in Training, both in gym and in city
AppearanceGoodTraining, not talent. Expensive clothes.
Applied PsychologyGreatKnowing how people will jump.
ArtilleryAverageThere are people to do that.
BrawlExtraordinaryTraining, practice, experience, attitude.
CharmAverageToo serious and blunt.
ChastityGreatLoyal to her late husband.
CuriosityGoodFind trouble before it finds you.
Financial AcumenAverageThere are people to do that.
Hold LiquorGreatAdvanced zombie-spinoff medical technology.
Improvised MunitionsGreaterYears of practtice, plus a devious mind.
IntimidationGreatShe knows what scares people.
Knowledge: politicsGreat80+ years experience.
Knowledge: porcelainGoodAmateur collector.
Knowledge: security proceduresGreat80+ years of experience, from both sides.
LeadershipGreat80+ years experience on top of talent.
LongevityGoodAdvanced zombie-spinoff medical technology.
LuckAverageNever counts on it, but sometimes it's there.
MeleeGreaterFencing, and improvised weapons.
MendacityGreatPoker face.
Nexan PhysicsDeficientNever paid that much attention.
PerceptionGreat80+ years of running security.
PersuasionPretty GoodBetter at intimidation.
PhysiqueGreatWorks out a lot.
PokerGoodConservative and methodical.
RankGreatSpecial Executive
ShootExtraordinaryMost guns, either hand.
SneakGoodFor obvious reasons.
Spot ClueGoodIf it's not a threat, it's less important.
Spot TroubleGreaterShe's been doing security for 80 years or so.
Telepathy (Power)Average-plusGreat defences, but disappointing powers.
ToughnessHeroicAdvanced zombie-spinoff medical technology.
WealthGreatSet for life, anyway.
WillpowerExtraordinaryVery determined.
Average RatingGood

Unranked Attributes

The following attributes have been ranked on other characters, but not on Caroline. They default to Average+.

Duelling (any weapon)Evade HarmFiddlingInflict Harm
Inflict Harm (intentional)Inflict Harm (unintentional)Knowledge: Nexan CulturesKnowledge: law (whole suite)
LanguagesLeapMissile DeflectionMusic Appreciation
OratoryReligious ToleranceSex AppealSkydiving/Hangliding
Trouble MagnetWeirdness Magnet  

Nonexistant Powers

Caroline does not have any of these powers, although other characters in the game do.

RegenerationSword Like LightningWheel-of-firelock Pistol

Rank Distribution

Pretty Good1Gd+