Simon ben Mattathias

Greatest Advocate in Nexus

Personal Description

Simon stands 6'6", but his shoulders are so broad he looks shorter. He has a narrow waist, powerful legs, massive biceps. His hands are huge, with many interesting callouses and the enlarged knuckles you get from hitting lots of things very hard. His hair is blonde, eyes black, complexion cafe au' lait. His face is mature, largely unlined except for the traces of a wide smile that shows brilliant white teeth under a strong nose, broken at least once. He stands like a 40-year army vet: relaxed but absolutely erect, balanced on feet shoulder width (but not _his_ shoulder width) apart. His signature attire is gleaming black shoes, deep black formal evening wear (tuxedo) with a blindingly white, ruffled silk shirt (no ruffles at the wrists), black cravat, and a scarlet rose at the lapel; add a bandolier with many shells over his shoulder, supporting a huge bastard sword and a large riot gun on his back. No hat.


Simon is now the greatest advocate (i.e., trial lawyer cum duelist) in Nexus, but he started as nothing but a scrappy revolutionary kid fighting the massed zombie regiments of the Empire of the Overmind....

Not-Judea's interface to Nexus opened fifty years ago, smack in the middle of the Empire of the Overmind. Zombie hordes were quickly dispatched (through the main entrance of Not-Judea's primary temple) to conquer this small, poorly-organized, low-tech kingdom and its politically chaotic, low- tech world. Surprising everyone, the Not-Judeans, led by Judah ben Mattathias and his older brothers (each able to outfight any older brother and out-think any younger), were able to fight the Empire to a meatgrinder stand-still which persisted (at great cost in zombies) for a decade. Finally, Simon ben Mattathias, the second brother and the Not- Judean army's personnel officer and principal envoy, and Caroline Campbell- Bannerman, Special Executive of the Empire of the Overmind, hammered out a peace treaty. Not-Judea is now a small, poorly-organized, high-tech kingdom, dominating trade in its world and enjoying lightly-tariffed access to Nexus through the Empire.

Simon, finding his talents underutilized in post-war Not-Judea, immigrated to Nexus. With his prodigious memory and talent for languages, he soon became a successful attorney and eventually founded the firm of Macabee Associates, providing a broad range of legal services, supported by extensive paramilitary capabilities (essential for practicing interzonal law in Nexus). The firm has been quite successful (rendering Simon so rich, you'd have to scrub him to get to filthy), but Simon himself is the firm's greatest resource. He knows what to wear in any court room in Nexus, where to go have a drink and overhear clerks and/or lawyers and/or judges, the 417 variations of property rights, the 13 systems of determination of fact and their minor variants, the rights (or lack thereof) of the accused in 2,729 different municipalities, the language, idiom, cadence and pacing best calculated to seduce a jury in each and every courtroom known to the modern Nexan bar, the ceremonial gestures to win permission to argue in court from the Justice of the War in the court of the Purple-fringed Thunder-muzzled Lizard People, and the subtle variations by which one signals one's willingness to provide opposing counsel as a snack after the trial....

And so on. And languages, and local traditions, and when to go to court and when to challenge directly and when to settle quietly in every part of Nexus. Not to mention the actual legal codes. And where to get a good meal, and conversely where to take a client (or opposing counsel, or a judge) for a meal which will have the desired effect. And of course how to dress when not before the court.

Simon wears clothes appropriate to the activity at hand (riding, hunting, whatever) but prefers formal attire, usually evening wear unless it's absolutely not appropriate. All his clothes are custom tailored (he's richer than God). In court, he always wears appropriate costume, but as formal as is consistent with good judge/jury response.

Like Willie Brown, he has no former girlfriends - he's on excellent terms with a number of women, is unmarried, and has no current main squeeze, emphasis on main.

Simon has a fascination with gadgets. His wristwatch, motorcycle and car are all large, powerful, and full of features; his mansion is full of odd devices, and he's always buying or comissioning more. His signature weapons are his bastard sword Habeas Corpus, and his riot gun Pro Bono, but he's skilled with every legal dueling weapon known to the Nexan Bar Association.

Macabee Associates

The firm is loosely organized into three divisions, each headed by one of the senior partners. Simon's group is the smallest, focusing on general interzonal law, criminal defense and trial by combat. Felix and his people handle civil litigation. Martha's group deals with commerce and financial law. Lines between the divisions are blurred, and cases requiring direct action tend to erase them entirely. Oscar, the senior chief paralegal, is in practice as powerful as the senior partners. Simon has a great deal of general oversight of all cases and operations, being the most broadly educated and experienced partner as well as the majority owner.

Name: Simon ben Mattathias Species: Human (approximately) Position: Senior partner, majority owner Specialties: Interzone law (all of it), intrazone law (all of it), criminal defense, trial by combat Secondary: Investigation, witness protection, hot LZ extraction Notes: See PC write-up

Name: Henri Jones Species: Human Position: Junior partner Specialty: Interzone criminal law Secondary: Jury selection, disguise, bodyguarding, recruitment Notes: Henri is a very sweet young man with a sure eye for personnel and personalities. He is professionally cynical and personally innocent. Tends to lose a lot at poker.

Name: Suzette Crepetti Species: Human Position: Attorney Specialties: Interzone law, library research, trial by combat Secondary: Investigation, patent law, special weapons Notes: Suzette is slight, pretty, and faster than your average rattlesnake. She shares Simon's fascination with gadgets. Her performance before a jury is poor compared to her performance on the field of combat, but she's given lots of practice. Doesn't like poker but will play chess.

Name: "Felix" Species: Cat thing Position: Senior partner Specialties: Civil litigation, interzone civil law, governmental relations Secondary: Probate, tactics, intrusion Notes: Felix was an assassin (political targets) until his polling/political solutions firm was driven into bankruptcy by a series of successful lawsuits. Deciding to join the winning side, he went into law. He is quite unpredictable, with a gonzo (and generally victorious) style of litigation. Most of the junior lawyers are afraid of him.

Name: George Naber Species: Human Position: Junior partner Specialties: Interzonal contract law, family law Secondary: Psychology, jury selection, airborn assault Notes: George is a real bastard ("I represent children in court. Nothing says I have to be nice to them when I see them on the street.") He gets along well with Felix.

Name: Fuzzball Species: Cat thing of a different variety Position: Attorney Specialties: Class-action lawsuits, personal injury cases Secondary: Research, medical law, armored cavalry Notes: Fuzzball prefers his meat alive. He sees the law as a way to legitimately destroy people's hopes and aspirations. Oddly, he has only ever suggested taking cases which place him firmly on the side of the angels. He and Felix have a good professional relationship, but their tails tends to bristle when they're in close proximity.

Name: Martha Hemmingway-Ginsberg Species: Mother (human) Position: Senior Partner Specialties: Accounting, interzone commercial law Secondary: Probate, family law, interzone patent law, logistics Notes: Martha is the calm center of the firm. Everyone loves her. Her division brings in about half of total income. She rarely appears in court because she hates conflict, but the last three attorneys she went up against left the profession soon after, one feet first (and one to work for Martha as a personal assistant). Her husband Bruce Ginsberg-Hemmingway is an auto mechanic, one of Simon's good friends, and a cut-throat poker player.

Name: Ossyrssis hat' Senissimass Species: Lizard Position: Junior Partner Specialties: Labor law, interzonal environmental law Secondary: Tactics, communications Notes: Ossy is a crusader. He also has the ability to carry on three conversations simultaneously under fire.

Name: N'Dabi Othut Species: Human Position: Junior partner Specialties: Interzonal commercial and contract law Secondary: Accounting, small arms and hand-to-hand (instructor) Notes: N'Dabi is a very tall man. His preferred weapon is a long spear, but he doesn't get to use it often. He secretly hates close-order formations, but teaches pike and rifle drills very well.

Name: Helen Papahadjapolous Species: Human Position: Attorney Specialties: Investment law, patent law Secondary: Library research, class-action lawsuits, combat engineering Notes: Helen's face is good for at least 500 ships. She is quite promiscuous, and there are a few strained relationships in the firm as a result. Simon keeps his distance.

Name: Oscar "Wild Man" Dominguez Position: Senior Chief Paralegal Specialties: Shorthand, library research, brawling (instructor) Secondary: Personnel, ground assault, amphibious assault, close combat (instructor) Notes: Oscar is... well... Oscar. Much feared, but everyone wants to be in _his_ squad. He gives each new paralegal a lot more personal attention than they probably want, since he takes it personally should one of them drop the ball.

And a cast of dozens, some of which I might write up later.

Ranked Attributes

AppearanceGoodMore distinctive and impressive than handsome.
Applied PsychologyGreat
BrawlGreaterMostly 'cause he's big and fearless.
ChastityDeficientBut very selective.
CuriosityPretty Good
DancingQuite ExtraordinaryDreamy.
DrivingGreatLoves to drive.
Duelling (any weapon)HeroicIt's all in the wrist, er, focus.
Evade HarmDeficientBut he heals awfully fast and his clothes always look good.
FiddlingAverage-plusBetter with a piano or accordion.
Financial AcumenAverageThis is what accountants are for.
Hold LiquorGoodOnly 'cause he's big and fearless.
Inflict HarmAverage-plus
Inflict Harm (intentional)GreaterWhen he hits something, it stays hit... in the snoot or the wallet.
Inflict Harm (unintentional)Deficient
IntimidationPretty GoodNever gets physical.
Knowledge: Nexan CulturesQuite ExtraordinaryAll of them. So there.
Knowledge: law (whole suite)Very HeroicAll of it. And courtroom procedure, and legal theory, and...
Knowledge: politicsAverage-plus
Knowledge: porcelainDeficient
Knowledge: security proceduresGood
LanguagesQuite ExtraordinaryYou can speak what?!
LeadershipAverageJudah was the great leader of men.
LeapGreatJust for completeness - this is only his normal leap, going off agility.
LongevityGreatExpect, oh, about 300 years if he eats right.
MeleeQuite ExtraordinaryBig Honking Swords a specialty!
MendacityGoodGetting this good took lots of practice.
Missile DeflectionExtraordinaryMinus two ranks if he's not using Habeas Corpus to protect a third party.
Music AppreciationAverage-plusLikes pretty much anything with a melody.
Nexan PhysicsAverage
PersuasionHeroicOnly this good in court, otherwise great.
PokerGoodGoes for the grand gesture.
Regeneration (Power)GreatClothes first!
Religious ToleranceAverage-plus
Sex AppealGreat
Skydiving/HanglidingDeficient_Hates_ airborn assaults.
SneakAverageVery quiet, but just too big and distinctive.
Spot ClueGood
Spot TroubleAverage-plus
Trouble MagnetPretty GoodInteresting cases, plus he's a big guy having a good time.
Weirdness MagnetGoodInteresting cases.
Average RatingPretty Good

Unranked Attributes

The following attributes have been ranked on other characters, but not on Simon. They default to Average+.

ActingBreaking-and-enteringDisguiseImprovised Munitions

Nonexistant Powers

Simon does not have any of these powers, although other characters in the game do.

Sword Like LightningTelepathyWheel-of-firelock Pistol

Rank Distribution

Pretty Good3Gd+Gd+Gd+
Quite Extraordinary4Ext+Ext+Ext+Ext+
Very Heroic1Her+