Previously, in Trip's Life: The Distant Past

The Distant Past

<flashback montage>

Trip goes to Caltech and lives in Dabney House!

Trip meets many exciting people!

Caltech flings Trip out into the cold hard world!

Trip moves to Santa Cruz to live with Chrisber, Gretchen, and Brad!

Trip loses his job, runs out of money, and lives on people's floors for half a year!

Trip moves back to Santa Cruz to live on the floor of Bryant and Keely!

A strange person offers Trip and Bryant jobs at Netcom! They get an apartment and name it Axolotl!

Bryant imports Cera! Bryant and Cera make Trip import Margaret!

Trip flees Netcom in moral outrage!

Trip mooches off John Hart until getting a job at Netscape! Trip rides the VTA a lot until he wises up and moves to Mountain View!

Trip finally escapes tech support by going to work for Taos Mountain Software (a company that produces no software and does no business in New Mexico)! Taos rents Trip out as:

  • an "Integrator" (which seems to mean "software gofer") to Synopsys;
  • a move weasel to Quickturn Design Systems;
  • a brainless network monitor and tape monkey to Frontier Global Center;
  • an even more brainless website monitoring chimpanzee to Internet Shopping Network (RIP);
  • a webmaster-like thing and perl scripter to Filemaker (nee Claris); and
  • a perl scripter to (now Third^H^H^H^HFirstworld Communications, whose website crashes browsers)!

Ambar, Tara, and Bryant shanghai Trip to altavista:!

Trip writes perl and learns to admin Compaq Tru64 (nee Digital) Unixoid OS, while surviving many purges and forced marches!



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