Agon High School


Name die: d4
Lineage die: d4

Descriptor: two of the following (may pick one twice if for different
  * +2 to one ability other than Athletics, Lore, Melee, or Missile
  * +2 to Melee or Missile with one weapon
  * +2 to Lore in one field
  * +2 to positioning rolls against one type of opponent
  * +1 to Athletics, Lore, Melee, or Missile
  * +1 to damage against one type of opponent

Athletics         1d4
Cunning           1d4
Cursing Magic     ---
Divination Magic  ---
Grace             1d4
Healing Magic     ---    (includes removing curses)
Insight           ---
Leadership        1d4
Logistics         ---    (both military and commercial)
Lore              1d4*
Melee Combat      1d4**
Might             1d4
Missile Combat    1d4**
Protection Magic  ---    (includes warding against curses/divination)
Spirit            1d4
Style             1d4    (fashion sense, sex appeal)

Allocate 12 die-size increases among the 16 abilities. Raising a -- to 1d4
takes one increase. At most one ability may be 1d10; all others are limited
to 1d8. 

*Lore rolls to know something are at -2 unless within a specialty. Lore
has one specialty to begin with, and more may be purchased at one
die-size increase apiece. Example specialties: architecture, history of
Amber, history of own Shadow, astronomy, navigation, shipbuilding,
herbalism, surgery, ...

**Melee and Missile Combat rolls are at -2 unless within a specialty.
Each ability has one specialty to start with, and more may be purchased
at one die-size increase apiece. Example specialties: unarmed, sword,
shield, bow, javelin, pike, atlatl, pistol, rifle, ... 


Glory is awarded for winning simple contests (1), for having the best roll
among the students involved (1), and for inflicting damage in extended
contest (number of highest wound box checked off). 10 Glory = 1 Cool + 1
advance. Buying a new ability at 1d4, or a new specialty for Lore, Melee
Combat, or Missile Combat, costs two advances. Raising an ability by one
step costs advances equal to half the sides of the old die (2 for 1d4 to
1d6, 3 for 1d6 to 1d8), etc. No ability can be raised above 1d12. The
lineage die is raised as an ability but at twice the cost. Increases of
the name die are awarded by the GM only.

A student gets +1 to Leadership and Style rolls against any student with
less Cool.

EXAMPLE (beginning character, 0 Cool/advances)

Tiacapan (1d4), First Born of the Sun and Moon (1d4)
Jaguar Person (+1 Athletics, +2 Grace)
Athletics         1d8
Cunning           1d4
Cursing Magic     1d4
Divination Magic  1d6
Grace             1d8
Healing Magic     1d4
Insight           ---
Leadership        1d4
Logistics         ---
Lore              1d8
  Xocolatl Myth
Melee Combat      1d4
Might             1d6
Missile Combat    1d6
Protection Magic  1d6
Spirit            1d4
Style             1d6

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