Peking Space Opera Blues

A Work In Progress


All of human space, or at least all the parts that matter, are ruled by the Celestial Empire. 'Rule' is perhaps too light a term; the Empress, her army of bureaucrats and officials, and her navy of soldiers and starships desire a stable, orderly society, in which every citizen knows his place beneath the Empress and stays in it. Only a unified and orderly society, they say, can win the favor of the Transcended Powers and be raised up to join them.

Not everyone supports the Empress in this, of course. There are always individuals who go against the order of society for personal gain or personal beliefs, and in the outer marches where the light of Imperial civilizations shines only dimly, there are whole movements of such people: pirate gangs, revolutionary secret societys, and the like.

The most notorious such group is the New Republic, a revolutionary army dedicated to overthrowing the Empire and shattering the stable pyramid of society, in the belief that democratic rule by the people and a society free to develop are both morally desirable and more likely to achieve Transcendence.


Most inhabitants of the Empire, and of most other places, are born, grow up, get jobs, raise families, retire, and die, all without leaving their niche in society. PSOB is not about those people.

PSOB characters are adventurers, rebels, and outlaws: the ones who prefer risking death to live free rather than living safely in the Imperial cage. They are also the ones capable of surviving such a life: PSOB characters are not average or even merely good, they are among the best around, possessed of superlative skills and exceptional talents. They'll need them.


PSOB is a game of cinematic action and adventure: the characters will face overwhelming threats that take every gram of resolve, skill, and courage they possess. Like all other roleplaying games, PSOB claims to have a system that will allow players and GMs to quickly and easily yet accurately resolve the predicaments the characters get themselves into.

Peking Space Opera Blues is copyright 1997 by Trevor Placker. All rights reserved.

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