Amazon Quartet of Justice

Sherilyn is a great GM! We can tell, because she runs D&D3e for us and we all enjoy it! So when she tries to tell you she's stupid and a bad GM and no one likes her, you should say firmly, "Pish tosh!".

Don't listen if she tries to tell you AQoJ isn't a campaign, either. It's just a very slow one!

Our Heroines are, at any given time, some subset of:

Alyra (Dave's character>
Sneaky and sensible. (wood elf CG ranger/rogue)
Amaryllis (Trip's character)
Dragon-blooded floozie. (halfling CG sorceress)
Fresa (Marith's character)
The voice of law and order. (dwarven LG cleric)
Gabrielle (Harold's character)
Just like on TV, including the no clothes. (human NG bard)
Marika (Ken's character)
A mercenary of varied background. (human NG monk/ranger/barbarian/fighter)
Natalya (Ayse's character)
Priestess of the god of travellers, and superior cook. (human NG fighter/cleric)

Formerly with the group but now off doing good on their own:

Alyssa (Rebecca's character)
Guardian of the wild, with a GREAT BIG WOLF. Left to deal with family business in a distant forest. (human NG ranger/druid)
Solara (Emily's character)
It's amazing how much trouble you can find if you really look for it. But now she's looking for it at wizard school. (elven CG ranger/rogue)
Sophia (Earl's character)
The other voice of law and order, a blacksmith's daughter with a heart of gold and a golden horse. (human LG paladin)


  1. "Into the dwarven tomb! We have to save Connor!"
  2. "After the Bandits! We Must Rescue... CONRAD?!?!?"
  3. "Cleaning Up the Town"
    1. "On the Trail of the Necrotheologians!"
    2. "Attack of the Zombies!"
  4. "Having a Ball"
  5. "Back to the Ruins"
    1. "Circus of Revenge"
    2. "Moradin's Morningstar"
    3. "You come to this plane often?"
    4. "The Altar of the Dead God! Ophidiophobia!"
  6. "Royal Runaround"
    1. "The Bigger They Are, The Hotter They Burn"
    2. "Unmasked! I Slept With WHAT?!"
    3. "Assault on the Dimensional Pocket! Are You Sure You're Not Evil?"
    4. "Forty Tentacles, No Waiting"
  7. "Five Widgets to Rule Them All"
    1. "Assault of Darkness! Hey! I Was Using That Soul!"
    2. "On the Path of the Sun! Trial by Fire!"
    3. "On the Path of the Sun! Triumph!"
    4. "The Road Ahead!"
  8. "Full-Contact Diplomacy"
    1. "On the Road to Rati! Arms of Fire!"
    2. "Storms Gathering over Pelagos! Attack of the Lecherous King!"
    3. "The Pirate Warren!"
    4. "Fall of the Naga Pirates!"
  9. "The Red Sands"
    1. "The Dragon and the Virgins"
    2. "Into the Sunrise! The Lost City of Karal!"
    3. "...and TEN THOUSAND DRAGONS!"
    4. "Look! An Invisible Dragon!"
  10. "Land of Neutrality"
    1. "Druid King Drew"
    2. "Though I Walk Through the Valley of Death, I Shall Not Fear, For I Have Protection From Evil, 10' Radius"
    3. "Theft is a Legitimate Military Tactic!"
    4. "Betrayal! Queen Ditte on the Plane of Snakes!"
    5. "No One Lives Forever! Into the Caves of Lightning and Death!"
  11. "Stronghold of the Snake Monsters"
    1. "Onto the Plane, But Not Into the Snakes!"
    2. "Temple of the Snake God! It's a Giant Snake Made Out of Snakes!"
  12. "Political Monsters"
    1. "Civil War! Tigris Splits in Two!"
    2. "In the Eyestalks of the Beholder! Deathtrap Beneath Rati!"
    3. "The All-You-Can-Eat Venison Buffet... OF DEATH!"
    4. "Death Spiral II: The Lich's Cursed Library!"
    5. "Death Spiral II ½: The Cozy, Well-furnished Den of the Undead!"
  13. "Too Many Tentacles"
    1. "When Calamari Attacks! Insidious Evil on the Streets of Rati!"
    2. "The Lunatic King of Marginalia! Tentacles Attack AGAIN!"
    3. "You Call That A Plan?! Into The Spider Caverns For Daniel!"
    4. "The Wrong Side of the Web! Into the Lair of the Mind Flayers!"

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