Asenath "Poly" Oldersham

Asenath wearing more than usual Asenath using her Sex Appeal
Asenath wearing more than usual Asenath using her Sex Appeal

Name: Asenath Oldersham ("Poly")                Experience:  19
Player: Trip                                       Unspent:  2
 10 | 20        Str     4d6      4" Leap    400kg Lift
 33 | 21        Dex    7 CV     13-
 18 | 19        Con             13-
  6 | 13        Body 
  3 | 13        Int             12-     Per 12-
- 4 |  8        Ego    3 CV     11-
  6 | 18/13*    Pre   3.5d6     13-/12-
  4 | 12        PD    21/9 or 30/18
  4 | 12        ED    20/8 or 28/16
  9 |  4        Spd   Phases   3  6  9  C
    |  8        Rec  
    | 38        End  
    | 33        Stun 
--- ===========================================================================
 89 Total Characteristics

*top 5 not usable to defend against other Pre effects/skills [-1/2]

Skills &c
  5 | Unearthly Beauty
  3 | Mythos Lore 12-
    | PS: Cultist 8-
    | English 4
  2 | Corrupt Latin 2
  2 | KS: Paranormals 11-
  3 | Deduction 12-
  2 | KS: Forest Survival 11-
  3 | Stealth 13-
  3 | Sex Appeal 13-
  1 | High-school Equivalency
  3 | Contortionist 13-
- 1 | no TF: Automobiles
  2 | Contact: Radical Environmentalists 11-
--- ===========================================================================
 28 Total

 25 | 9rPD 8rED Armor [25]
-12 | 0" Running [-12]
 25 | 15" Flight [30], no turn mode if contact [+1/4], must land at end of
    |   move [-1/4], only in air [-1/4]
  2 | 5" Gliding [5], persistent [+1/2], always on [-1/2], only to drift
    |   downward with unnatural slowness [-3/2]
  5 | UV Vision [5]
 10 | Smell, Discriminatory [5] and Tracking [5]
  6 | Extra Limbs [5], variable [+1/4]
 12 | 2 pts Regen [10], any bodily harm [+1/4]
 23 | LS: Age [3], Disease [3], Poison [5], Sleep [3], Radiation [3],
    |   Pressure [3], Temperature [3]
 30 | Multipower: Nonterrene composition [30]
  2u|   Invisibility, normal sight & IR [25], own body only [-1/4]
  2u|   9rPD 8rED Armor [25]
  3u|   +30 Str [30]
  1u|   1/4 Shrinking [20], 0 End [+1/2], no CV/KB/Per modifiers [-2]
 50 | Multipower: Wind Powers [63], only in air [-1/4]
  5u|   10d6 EB [50], knockforward [+1/4], only in air [-1/4]
  4u|   40 Str TK [60], whole target [-1/4] only in air [-1/4]
  3u|   4d6 EB [20], NND [+1], only in air [-1/4]
  4u|   17" Flight [34], no turn mode if contact [+1/4], 1/2 End [+1/4],
    |     only in air [-1/4], must land after each move [-1/4], plus *8 NCM
    |     on Flight [10], no turn mode if contact, same limits [-1/2]
--- ===========================================================================
100 Total (200/2)
217 Total Character Cost

100 | Base Points
 10 | Vuln: 1.5*Stun from fire (after defenses)
 15 | DF: Tall, unearthly allure (barely concealable, strong reaction)
  5 | Hunted: Dendri Tenebrum 8-
  5 | Phys: Constrained by magical wards etc
 15 | Psych: Impulsive
 15 | Psych: Must prevent use of the Dark Mother's gift for evil
 10 | Psych: Devout worshipper of the Dark Mother
 10 | Public ID
 15 | Team Hunted
--- ===========================================================================
200 Total Disadvantages
 17 Experience Spent
217 Total Character Cost

Maneuver		OCV	DCV	Damage/Effect
Look Unearthly		  7	  7	Stunning (5pt)
Blasting Wind		  7	  7	10d6 EB, knockforward (6 End)
Grasping Wind		  7	  7	40 Str TK grab (6 End)
Emptying Wind		  7	  7	5d6 NND (5 End)
Fisticuffs		  7	  7	4d6 HA or 10d6 HA (2 or 5 End)
Dodge			 --	 10	May abort

Notes on Powers

Asenath basically has flying polyp powers, which divide into nonterrene
composition powers and bizarre wind powers.

The former category is fairly straightforward: she can make herself
tough, strong, squooshy, hard to kill, or invisible, but not all at the
same time. Note that even when that multipower is in another slot, she
occasionally suffers partial lapses of visibility, just not enough to be

Since her clothes are *not* composed of nonterrene matter, they do not
become tough or squooshy or, most important from a social perspective,
invisible, which means she has to strip down to become invisible, and
cannot carry foci or any such.

Her Flight does allow her to become airborne, but only for one phase at
a time, so she can't go flying off into the sky. It's more like
superleap, except she can turn mid-move (at normal turn mode, unless
there's a solid surface she can bank off of).

The wind powers (including Flight) only work when there is air available
to manipulate ("not in strong matter fields" if you like). Grabs,
entangles, and prison cells will typically not do this, but being
submerged (or buried equivalently claustrophobically) will. If Asenath
gets dunked, she has to use only her natural 2" Swimming to get to the
surface, at which point she can use her wind powers to whack whoever
dunked her. She can in fact fly if she can get some of her body above
the surface, but since she has to land at the end of each half-move,
she'll go sploosh again and probably have to spend a half phase
surfacing again, for a net half movement rate and no noncombat multiple.
And considerable embarrassment.

The EB is a fairly normal wind blast except that the air goes *toward*
Asenath (and any knockback is therefore towards her, not away). The TK
is also straightforward. The NND works by ripping the air from the
victim's lungs; the defense is not being bothered by having the air
ripped from one's lungs (or not having lungs at all).

She can fly at 326 km/h (204mph) and carry one person more or less
indefinitely, but still can't gain much altitude, even though she only
touches down every 270m or so at top speed.

Her "Deduction" "skill" represents the possibility of helpful visions
from the Dark Mother (as opposed to arbitrary ones used by the GM to
further the plot). Deliberate use generally requires making an
appropriate sacrifice to a tree at night, so is not usable in combat, but
an unasked-for vision could happen at any time.

Notes on Appearance
Before she got powers for good, Asenath was of ordinary prettiness:
medium height, thin, short brownish-blonde hair, pale skin, nice legs.

When her powers manifested permanently, she underwent a substantial
change, starting with the addition of a foot of height (most of it in the
legs), almost that much in maximum circumference (equally fetching), and
three or four times as much in hair (which is now green-black as a forest
at night). Her skin has bleached from pale to white, and is faintly
textured like fine leather. Her face is still recognizeably hers, but
her eyes are even larger, and green without pupils or sclera. She also
has a double row of spiracles down her back, stiff antennae-like
bristles behind her ears, and a remarkably long tongue as white as her skin.

At need, she can be monstrously plastic, squishing under the impact of
superheroic blows and springing back unharmed or slithering through
openings no wider than a hand, and can extrude and resorb tentacles from
any part of her body.

She usually dresses either in small amounts of lycra, to accomodate her
plasticity and be easily removed for invisibility.

Her wind power attacks appear (at least in the comic) as sort of gritty
wind lines tracing the movement of the air (toward Asenath, out of the
victim's breathing orifices, etc); a similar effect accompanies her fast

Notes on Personality
Asenath still believes in the Dark Mother, she just believes that the
Dendri Tenebrum are misguided and unworthy servants. One should accept
the Dark Mother's blessing (paranormality) when it is bestowed, but not
seek it out for personal power and gain. She worships as well as she's
able (given the nonsecluded nature of trees in San Francisco, and her
lack of ordination), holds to the precepts of a cthonian fertility deity
(although she does not actually spawn, not being in a position to
properly raise a child), and will gladly expound on the worship of the
Dark Mother to anyone who shows a serious interest. She regards it as a
sign that she's doing *something* right, that she receives visions from
the Dark Mother. If only they were more comprehensible...

Paranormality is just as abusable as any other power accessible to
humans, though, and Asenath's first manifestion was used for violence
against her own blood, which was not an auspicious beginning.  She is
constantly worried that her powers lend themselves to indiscrimnate
violence and tries to overcome this by only doing violence in good causes
when absolutely necessary.

Aside from the peculiarities instilled by her background, Asenath is a
reasonably reasonable person: kind-hearted, generous, fond of children,
not willing to stand by and let evil run loose in the world.

Notes on Background
Asenath was raised in the Dendri Tenebrum cult, which believes that
paranormal powers result from incursions of higher-dimensional entities
into the human-perceptible universe.  Reliable communications and
possible alliance with such entities would (ab)naturally give the cult
leaders a dozen times infinite power, so they employ methods both
traditional and exotic to induce paranormality, with remarkably little
success in general.

The day before she was due to have her first turn on the altar, Asenath
went into the Oregonian woods to meditate. While becoming one with the
trees and the subterranean volcanic energies, she received a vision from
the Dark Mother, unambiguously showing her dying on the altar. She
returned to the temple to get her clothes and other things needed in the
outside world, but her father spotted her sneaking out. The Dark Mother gave
her the strength to strike back to free herself, possibly too much
strength: she fled not knowing if her father was still alive.

Asenath caught a bus to San Francisco with the little money she had and
got a job as a waitress at an all-night coffeeshop and an apartment with
housemates equally delighted to be free of their respective pasts. Having
no need to fight for her life and freedom, she did not have the Dark
Mother's blessing, until one day...

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