SPD: A Nexus Campaign Using the BESM Rules

Our Heroes (well, protagonists) are the elite staff of SPD, a courier and assorted peculiar-jobs company in Nexus. (The name stands for (Speedy|Special|Safe|Spiffy) Package Delivery, as appropriate.)

They are:

"Junior" (played by Dave Flowers)
The son of the hotshot pilot and crazed technical genius who founded the company, Junior is the closest thing to a normal human on the team, so it's just as well he's in charge.
Elisaveta "Lisanka" Vartiklis (played by Chrisber)
Twelve feet of genetically engineered Lithuanian naga, Lisanka provides plenty of muscle and the occasional dose of common sense.
Leo Fiscus (played by Adam Janin)
A generic elemental, Leo takes on the characteristics of whatever element he is slithering across, which can be pretty handy. He joined SPD after unaccountably becoming free-willed and discovering the cost of feeding his materials science habit.
Mitsui (played by Laura Burchard)
Mitsui is a twelve-year-old catgirl of irresistable cuteness and vast magical destruction. She is probably the reason many zones in Nexus have criminalized caffeine and refined sugar. She is part of the team because Junior's mom adopted her and her fuzzy pet off the streets.
Kailani (NPC, formerly played by Tara Lynch)
Formerly a famous gladiator (under the arena name Seraphine), white-winged Kailani escaped a short but highly-televised life when Lisanka took over payments on her slave contract.
Shadow (played by Tara Lynch)
The daughter of a god of night from a primitive and sordid suburb, Shadow was kicked out of her hometown to get a job, so she joined SPD to work on those jobs where point A is not the SPD office.

In the course of their work and various avocation, Our Heroes travel all over Nexus having all sorts of adventures.

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