OK RPG Rules

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Mission Statement

This system is intended to support fast-moving, heroic action at a variety of scales, all of which are larger than life. It does not have fine distinctions between characters who are almost as good, guns of almost the same caliber, or cars that are almost as fast. People matter more than hardware, so a skilled fighter with a sword is just as dangerous as one with a gun, and a bare-handed martial artist is only slightly behind. Almost all calculations of any kind are based on one central chart, which can easily be memorized; the remainder can be counted on your fingers. When the chart is used for numbers or measures, it scales exponentially, to cover a wide range without requiring calculations with large numbers. The only dice strictly necessary are regular six-sided ones, although admittedly FUDGE dice are easier to read.


How to write up a character; What Attributes and Powers are; What Attributes and Powers you get

Basic Mechanics

The Universal Rank Chart; Rank Chart calculations; Rolling the dice; Success or failure; Spending extra successes


Combat time; Combat Actions; Damage & Healing; Movement

The Environment

Falling, burning, drowning, & good parties; Travel; Winning friends and influencing NPCs

The author must confess that the OK RPG Rules system is very like FUDGE in a lot of ways, although he maintains that this is the result of convergent evolution rather than plagiarism.

The author would like to implicate the following people, in alphabetical order:

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