School Colors Out Of Space


What if Rumiko Takahashi Went to 0 San Before Writing Urusei Yatsura?

Caveat 1: This is version 0.0002a of this document. Not only is it massively incomplete and fragmentary, but what text there is could change at any second.

Caveat 2: SCOOS is derivative of TFOS, Mythos, and Call of Cthluhu in many ways, so familiarity with those games is essential to understanding SCOOS. A general grounding in anime and the works of HP Lovecraft and imitators won't hurt either.

Caveat 3: This document is written in second person, with "You" referring to both the player and the character, and sometimes even to the GM. If you (the reader) can't reliably make this distinction, please replace all your (the reader's) gaming material with Bible commentary and your (the reader's) CD collection with Amy Grant so that you (the reader) don't make the rest of us (depraved gamer weirdos) look bad when you (the reader) snap.


The basic premise is very simple: the teenaged offspring of Lovecraftian horrors go to high school with humans. Wackiness ensues.

The ensuing wackiness is very important: in a show of complete disrespect for ol' Howie, mindblasting, world-devouring horrors from beyond space and time are played completely for laughs. You will save the Homecoming game from the rising of Cthulhu, use Elder Signs to fend off the products of the school cafeteria, travel through abhuman realms of twisted geometry in search of forbidden knowledge, and do it all in time to make it to Speculative Civilizations class in order to ask out that cute Byakhee who sits in the back row. Gibbering insanity is far less worrisome than being grounded, and being attacked by a multitentacled semi-corporeal monster is just an inevitable consequence of being caught necking with its daughter.

The default setting for SCOOS is HP Lovecraft Memorial High School, in the New England coastal town of Arkham. The natural enemies of HPL High students are the yuppie scum from Whately Preperatory School in the expensive suburb of Dunwich, and the riffraff from Obadiah Marsh High in the disreputable town of Innsmouth, just down the coast. Plus, of course, the staff and faculty of HPLH itself. Parents and siblings are also common foes. Against these threats, you have only your native wits, a few supernatural powers beyond human ken, and, if you're really lucky, a library card.

To play, you'll need to start off by making a character (if you're stuck for inspiration, you can look at the sample characters), and then reading about how to play.

If you've been tagged as the GM, you'll also need to read about the setting, and read up on how to GM SCOOS (optional for experienced GMs, but recommended). If you are stuck for an adventure idea, a few have been provided.

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