Previously, in Trip's Life...

29 November 2001 - Thursday

That was more insleeping than I hoped to get by failing to commute, but I do feel about 293659253 times better than I did last night, and my futon and carpet also feel much better (or at least drier)! Yay!

However, looking at my work mail shows me that everyone in the group except for Bruce is working from home or just plain dead today, so now I feel I should go in to work. Moral support issues aside, I'd be a lot more productive at work with the bigger monitor and faster connection, and I now feel up to working. But the bus doesn't run out to AV at this hour. Decisions, decisions...

Okay, it's not actually that hard of a decision wumwumwumwumzoom.

* * *

It wasn't that effective a use of public transit, either.

* * *

It must have been a long time since last winter, since I now find it unnatural and disturbing to stay at work an extra half-hour and end up walking to the bus stop in the dark*. At least the passing cars shed enough light on the bike/jogging trail that I can avoid the ill effects of its also being a horse trail.

Now I am annoyed that the laundry room is in use. Don't these people understand that I want to do laundry now?

*"Dark" is when I can use the backlighting on my external brain. I don't know how to describe the annoying condition where there is enough light to wash out the backlighting but not enough to make the normal LCD display visible.

* * *

Muahahahahaha! I return in triumph to my rightful parasitenest!

dark* by kit *laugh* (Fri Nov 30 10:11:10 2001)

I think that dark*ness is called 'twilight', typically. o.o

twilight by Trip (Mon Dec 3 19:36:36 2001)

Well, yah, but that doesn't convey the highly irritating nature of the condition!

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28 November 2001 - Wednesday

Everything was going mostly okay, although I skipped out of work a bit early due to lack of brain and had to get Christy to give me a ride to anime because I am not up to walking long distances, but then I got home from anime and found out that the wind which never blows from that direction had in fact blown huge quantities of water through the window I had opened for ventilation this morning. :(

Some of my bedclothes will need to be run through the drier tomorrow (after being washed, which they needed anyway) but I still have enough to make a parasitenest on the couch, and the gaming papers that got wet were of little value. I am worried about my futon and the carpet, though, since they are pretty soggy in spots and I have no good way of desogging them. Hopefully leaving a fan blowing on them all night will um not do any more damage, anyway. :(

Sick and doomed. :(

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27 November 2001 - Tuesday

Cough. Cough. Cough. Bleah.

But I did a little bit of work, at least, and did double writing which, with the Kit-mandated retroactive vacation last week, makes me all caught up through today.

Anime tomorrow, so I'll be behind again on Thursday, but for this one brief moment I am caught up!

Cough. Cough.

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26 November 2001 - Monday

Blarg. Accomplished little at work, accomplished pretty much nothing otherwise. I am a big failure as a writer (Rule 1: "You must write.") and still have a backlog of three days of writing. Maybe I should just write off Thursday and Friday as vacation, so I don't keep going "Augh 1200 words augh". Or maybe I should fling myself into a deep deep pit.

writing by keeeeeet (Tue Nov 27 12:19:18 2001)

Call Thursday and Friday vacation days. I say so. :)

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24 November 2001 - Saturday

Slept way in, of course (travelling always throws off my sleep schedule), and then went to have yummy Thai lunch. I drank about a liter and a half of water with the intent of not sizzling my mouth on prawns with Thai basil, but I didn't feel at all overwatered, so I must have been dehydrated.

Helpfully, it rained as I was waiting for the bus home, but I am obviously not made of sugar so I didn't melt.

Now I catch up on journalling and web-surfing and reading and writing. Three writings of backlog, whee.

* * *

Now there are only two writings of backlog! I think this means it's time to watch anime.

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23 November 2001 - Friday

More sleeping in today. Eventually people arose and breakfasted, and Sherilyn persuaded me that I should run D&D for her, so she could get kill things and get XP. However, before we could actually play (making characters is now a fairly involved process, especially above 1st level), Marith returned to life and we made a plan to see the Harry Potter movie. Then we executed the plan, which apparently was very stressful on Christy, because the average box-office droid is not able to distinguish between "six for four-fifty" and "six for four-fifteen", but it went off without any significant hitch.

The movie was pretty good, as I had heard. It was pretty obvious that it was a cinematic retelling of the universally-known story of Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone, but it did form a coherent, if sketchy story, and it all looked very right.

By the time Sherilyn bludgeoned Al's malfunctioning car into taking us back, it was almost 20 o'clock, so after some flopping around and some more feeding, we officially passed the duty of Sherilyn-entertaining to John Hart and Sasha, and zoomed back home with another play of the Buffy Musical CD.

I ended up returning with a very large pile of parasite yummies, since I had taken some in case Sherilyn wasn't able to shop for any, and then only ate a fraction of the huge pile she provided, so had to take the rest home. Bloated parasite!

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22 November 2001 - Thursday


I slept in (despite or because of the trauma of being away from my own parasitenest) but awakened in time to participate in the festivities, which mostly consisted of playing Munchkin and eating parasite yummies and rosemary bacon while food cooked, or was cooked by Al, or something. Finally, Sherilyn threw the game to me (though five of the six players were poised for the win) so we could clean off the table.

The Thanksgiving feast was traditional: turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, yams, salad, rolls, more turkey, more mashed potates, etc. In attendance were: Al, Sherilyn, Chrisber, Christy, Marith, Ambar, Harold, Eric Schell, Sherilyn's two sisters Tammi and Terri and their boys, James (a Grass Valley gamer) two more Grass Valley gamers whose names I didn't catch, the Al&Sherilyn spawn (Bobby, Katie, and Joshua), and myself. Much food was consumed, then much more food was consumed, then a little more food was consumed. Appropriate gratitude was shown.

After dinner, we rolled into the back room to watch the two extant episodes of the live-action Tick, which worked surprisingly well (probably because it was written by Ben Edlund). Sadly, it is probably too strange to prosper on today's television.

Once people were feeling up to dessert, we went back into the front room and played Fluxx (brainless!) and then the new Cheapass game, U. S. Patent Number One. Christy seized the victory, but all of us had some shot at it, which is always a desireable feature of a game.

I should take a moment to mention the parasite-compatible macaroons Ambar brought, which were extremely yummy. Initially I liked the chocolate ones better, but soon I gained a proper appreciation of the plain ones. Yay Ambar!

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21 November 2001 - Wednesday

Work! Comics! Comics traded to the Kruger-Murdochs for Angel & Buffy tapes! mony's stuff delivered! Spazzy parasite!

I gave into temptation and watched the latest Buffy while waiting for the prophesied meeting to begin the pilgrimage to Al & Sherilyn's Temple of Gustatory Delights. My four-word synopsis/review: "Augh! Augh? Augh!! AUGH!!".

Zoom zoom! With Harold's very fine CD of the Buffy Musical to entertain us.

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20 November 2001 - Tuesday

Oh, that's what I should have done last night. Laundry. Well, I guess I know what I'm doing tonight!

In addition to buying the book I'm supposed to lend Chrisber.

And I should run mony's stuff over to her.

* * *

Laundry done. Book purchased (along with one of the books on my Amazon wishlist). Triple writing done.

I will give mony her stuff tomorrow evening since tomorrow afternoon I go to get comics and there might be something for her.

Having just now caught up on my writing, I realize that there will probably be no writing Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and probably Saturday, which means quintuple writing doom on Sunday. Meep. But I've caught up from that much before.

In the ongoing bid to fritter my writing away on as many pointless projects as possible, I've started writing the Sidirielle story I babbled about way back when. It seems to have changed considerably, though; happy protagonists make for little conflict, and conflict is the essence of fiction, even smut. Or something like that.

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19 November 2001 - Monday

Eeee! I have another response to my personals ad! This one sounds a lot less geeky, though, and her profile is apparently classified as "Adult Material", so I fear.

Chrisber will let me provide space for a spare Mac monitor so he doesn't have to move it! Yay!

* * *

Chrisber has come through with the monitor, even though I don't actually have the book I promised to lend him! But I lent him the latest Tim Powers, which seems to be enough that he won't take the monitor back just yet.

Now, um. Triple writing doom, I guess!

* * *

Actually, hideous flicking. And, as expected the other reply to my personals ad was from some porn site.

But there's single writing done, at least. Triple writing tomorrow, which is so much better. Or something. But I should not be sullen, because I have a monitor! And anime to watch!

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18 November 2001 - Sunday

Wah! My monitor is all dead! If I let it rest and then turn it on, the power light comes on and then fades out; if I power-cycle it quickly it makes the turning-on noises but the light doesn't come on. In no case does it display anything. So, no writing, never mind catch-up writing*. More worrisomely, no access to DB's phone number, so if she fails to call, there's not much I can do.

*And, yes, no updates; I am writing this retrospectively on Monday, with fictional present tense to add dramatic tension.

* * *

But she did call, and we have arranged to meet at 15:00 and go somewhere to get her her caffeine fix before driving to Milpitas to see Iron Monkey. Since it is only a little after 12, I can watch this week's Angel before having to prepare myself.

* * *

Angel was okay, although I'm pretty sure Angel needs to be slapped upside the head with a fish.

Next update after I return!

* * *

No Iron Monkey for us! The theater schedule lied about having a 16:45 showing, so we ate sushi off little boats and then went home.

Ow! Hey! Not in the face! Okay, okay, I'm writing!

The only picture I had of DB was not very good, but she did turn out to be human and brunette and my age, all of which I had suspected. She drives an SUV, but feels at least slightly bad about it, and is somewhat conservative (she thinks polyamory and tinysex are both immoral). She also has in the past done PBEM Pern, but I suppose I can't in good conscience hold that against her.

Going to the coffee joint on Castro might have been an error, since it failed to heed Norm's wise advice about activity dates being better because they avoid the "get up on the empty stage and say something interesting" phenomenon, but fortunately DB talks more when she's nervous, which makes up for me talking less. Not that skipping the coffee phase would have helped, since the long drive to Milpitas served much the same purpose.

Despite some failures of navigation, we did arrive at the movie theater in plenty of time for when we believed the movie to be, but as previously mentioned, that's not when it actually was. Saddened, we aborted to the sushi boat joint in that strip mall, and speculated about whether sushi boats are a Japanese tradition, an American perversion, or an American perversion assimilated and made traditional by the Japanese.

Then she dropped me back home and I hid under a rock.

Underneath my rock, I rewatched The Buffy Musical, which is so extremely very fine! I think my favorite song is "Rest in Peace" because I like the conceit so much, even if it's not the best song. And, well, Spike!

I also watched most of the first Hyper Police tape, so that when I get to work on Monday I will know that I should request the rest of it. However, I probably really should finish watching Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne and Nurse Angel Ririka SOS first, since they aren't my tapes.

Now, to my parasitenest!

Sushi Boats by mony (Mon Nov 19 09:43:46 2001)

From what I understand, sushi boats are a common phenomena in Japan. Sort of fast food sushi.

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17 November 2001 - Saturday

Of all the wasted Saturdays I've been complaining about, I think this one takes the prize. I didn't even get up until 14:30, and then after a brief flurry of dinner-planning activity I vegetated until dinner. Then there was zooming to Fung Lum, and salt-baked prawns! and Szechuan beef! and shredded duck soup!

Then there was zooming back to the Kruger-Murdochs' and KITTENS! and reading the Gallery of Regrettable Food (dead trees edition) until I laughed my brain clean out.

Finally, there was retreating home to watch this week's Buffy, which was pretty good, although I'm not sure anything could be quite as cool as the musical.

Oh oh! And when I went out to get zoomed for food, there was a big package on my doorstep, containing many fansub tapes! Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne 2-11 (to be watched and then given to Ayse) and Hyper Police 1 (to be watched and kept)!

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16 November 2001 - Friday

For a while now, I've been thinking about "historical SF", set not in the past but in the future as imagined at various points in the past, or growing out of changes at past times. However, this seems like cheating, and I think I've finally articulated why.

The essence of speculative fiction is world-building: setting up an interesting situation with (and this is the important part) all the relevant ramifications worked out. If the fictional setting could exist in the real world as we know it, it's SF; if not, it's fantasy. Either way, if you do the world-building well and honestly you end up with something good by the particular criteria of speculative fiction (which is not the same as meeting the criteria for having Literary Merit or being enjoyable to read).

However, I don't think excluding technological progress because it would make things too complicated counts as honest world-building if you intend to write SF, which is why 30's Pulp Adventure SF or Humans Got FTL From The Roswell Crash And Never Invented The Microchip seem like cheating.

However, I tend to agree with Vinge that in the not-very-distant future we will be able to do something about human stupidity, at least in specific cases, which makes the recognizeably human future pretty short. (This is, according to his commentary on "The Blabber", something that blocked most of his writing for a few years until he got the idea for the Zones of Thought seen in A Fire Upon The Deep.

I guess I'll write some more Transmundane and Heaven Help Hiaku! this weekend.

* * *

The * * *s have it! Tamago's argument is just too compelling. (And it was 4-0 anyway.)

* * *

Augh! I have a DATE this weekend! AUGH AUGH! The first one in um 13 years, the second one EVER! AUGH AUGH AUGH! I must trim my facial tendrils! And buy clothes! AUGH AUGH AUGH AUGH!


Iron Monkey on Sunday in Milpitas, if that's what you want to know.

world-building by Marith (Fri Nov 16 18:36:33 2001)

I realize I live on another planet when it comes to these things, but is writing 30's Pulp Adventure SF (say) really the same thing as excluding technological progress because it's too complicated?

It sounds to me like a challenge, to take a world that started out as a paper-thin concept and make it credible. As a world-builder you'd have to come up with all the reasons why the tech is the way it is (which you might or might not put in the story itself in detail).

I guess I mean there's a difference between wanting to do the following things as an author:

  • build as realistic and complex models as possible
  • build a world convincing enough to suspend disbelief and support your characters
  • borrow a genre world or lego one together out of conventions for your characters to run around in, because the setting is not the point

All three are perfectly legitimate depending on what you want to do. It would be pretty tricky to make Golden Age SF into the first kind without changing the laws of the universe, but alien FTL, why not?

Marith, rambling

Re: world-building by Trip (Fri Nov 16 20:07:22 2001)

The 30s Pulp SF Adventure is, in the terms I was using, legal but dishonest, I guess. Writing extrapolations of current technology and physics is hard. It requires actual intelligence and knowledge and stuff. Writing about something like what people in the 30s thought the future might be like involves not so much more constraints (FTL be FTL mon) but fewer things to consider the ramifications of. (There's a digression here into whether writing SF based on then-current cutting edge knowledge was just as hard for people in the 30s as it is for people now, but I won't take it.)

I'd say that your three options (which I have reformatted into a <ul>; I hope you don't mind) are in decreasing order of speculative-fiction rigorousness. The third I would say is across the line into "genre X in a sci-fi/fantasy setting".

Obviously there are considerations other than gonzo world-building mania which contribute to the overall quality of a book, but it's not clear to me that 30s Pulp SF Adventure would have these qualities.

The standards are different for games, but possibly in the direction of wanting better world-building, since the designers can't do much about characterization and plot.

Alternate history by gconnor (Sat Nov 17 08:53:10 2001)

I actually went to a whole one-hour session at the last LosCon about "Alternate History" as a writing style. One of the featured artists was Harry Turtledove and I enjoyed his explanation about taking a perfect copy of our world's past and changing just one event (such as one messenger failing to carry orders to one general) and then following forward to a natural conclusion in the alternate timeline.

So, if you rewind the world and an alternate "future" (much of which is a mirror of our own "past") then I don't really consider that cheating. However, if you rewind the past and then use someone else's old speculative fiction to build the alternate future, then it's a little more like world-plagiarizing then world-building :) That said, a derivative work is still "work".

Re: Alternate history by Trip (Sat Nov 17 16:04:28 2001)

Yah, properly done alternate history meets my standard of specfic rigorousness and the criterion for SF vs fantasy: the events could happen in the universe we believe ourselves to be living in, even if they didn't actually.

I was thinking of the 30s Pulp Sf Adventure more as a destination than a route: "what reasonable what-ifs can I use to get a world of similar flavor?" But it turns out to be a lot of what-ifs, instead of the one traditionally allowable for alternate history, and it still seems like wimping out, since the result is not as bizarrely cool and/or terrifying as an extrapolation of what we have now. It is legitimately speculative fiction, but not first-rate (and probably fantasy rather than SF, since physics will probably need some tinkering, although FTL is allowable in SF, so the line is definitely fuzzy).

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15 November 2001 - Thursday

I never realised how much I use that tentacle until it was maimed. Sniff.

At least I can type mostly okay, if not quite as fast, so I have caught all up on my writing, although it seems like cheating to do 600 words of easy writing.

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14 November 2001 - Wednesday

Apparently Australia is a better habitat for space parasites than I originally thought!

* * **

Today was much less traumatic, as far as work goes. I did accomplish some tasks, including a lunch meeting with pretty much the rest of my group (less two) where we really did talk about work stuff, so I was able to justify slinking off 8.0 hours after arriving at work.

Scuttle! Scuttle! I made it to comics and back home to deposit my very large bag of comics and pick up some parasite yummies in time to reach the Bertani-Youngs' before anime started. However, as Tamago was kindly giving Dave and I a ride home, I got my tentacle slammed in the car door ow ow ow! There will be no more writing for me tonight, even though there are things I wish to write. Sniff.

But Tamago also gave me a Brain Juice Pen, with green slime that oozes around and bubbles at the touch of a tentacle!

*Asterisks are leading 2-0! <hr> fans better write in soon if they want to influence me!

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13 November 2001 - Tuesday

I managed to get one of my three writing units done before being informed that Angie and I would have to try to simulate Bruce (who was unavailable due to being stabbed in the back by bipedal locomotion) and release the complicated software with the pointlessly complex release process. Since much of the documentation for which hoops have to be leapt through exists only in Bruce's head, this took a long time and was very exciting. Events that happen this often should not be exciting.

After a ten-hour day and no lunch, I finally escaped, and now I lie limp and mostly dead at home, trying to persuade myself to not put writing off anymore, because tomorrow there will be no writing, which would mean quadruple writing on Thursday. Quadruple writing is not very much like watching the new Buffy and Angel.


I have actually done triple writing! Somewhat cheesily, but I am probably owed some slack for using my brain all up on work. Now I can watch more anime, and either talk to DB on the phone or not.

Feel free to comment on <hr width=50%> vs <center>* * *</center>. Or not.

* * * by keeeeeet (Wed Nov 14 09:28:08 2001)

I like * * * :)

* * * by Garrett's Evil Twin (Wed Nov 14 19:52:01 2001)

* * * is superior.

*** by Ayse (Thu Nov 15 16:32:33 2001)

Definite superior.

* * * by Tamago (Thu Nov 15 20:27:35 2001)

I like the splats. You can't invite Chris* without lots of * handy. In an emergency you can cannibalize your web page for * to invite us over sometime.

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12 November 2001 - Monday

Blargh. The day started of with a bad case of Monday brain, then I bailed work early to go to Norm, then the train was late or bizarrely scheduled (is today Veteran's Day or some such?) so I didn't get home until later than usual, then I had to finish up the work I didn't do while I was riding the train to Millbrae, so, er, triple writing tomorrow, I guess.

But DB phoned, as arranged, and we were nervous at each other but no one died, and we agreed to talk more and maybe sometime take the step of meeting each other in person.

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11 November 2001 - Sunday

Henceforth, I will refer to the woman who responded to my personals ad as 'DB', to avoid embarrassing her at work.

I attempted to invite DB to see Monsters, Inc. with Marith, Rebecca, and myself, but failed because what we think of as making a plan well in advance is last-minute flailing to anyone else.

It was a good movie, though! The one human character still looked kind of plasticky, but the monsters were good, and the animation was very good, especially on the main villain. I give it several tentacles up, even though there was relatively little brain-sucking.

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10 November 2001 - Saturday

Yet another dead Saturday. I should probably stop saying that, since it seems to be the rule. I did catch up on my writing, at least. Unfortunately, the natural length for chapters of Heaven Help Hiaku! seems to be 250 words per page times 1 page per minute times 22 minutes per half-hour TV slot, or 5500 words (not counting the eyecatch for the commercial break), so I guess I will have to keep putting out links to partial chapters if I don't want Sherilyn to snivel at me.

Now I go to eat at Chef Chu's and check out the alleged new Trader Joe's. After that, more anime!

* * *

I devoured my prey in a leisurely fashion, rather than an expedient one, and then when I got home I had to send very long mail to the answerer of my personals ad, so actually there is no anime for me tonight. Maybe tomorrow!

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9 November 2001 - Friday

Indeed, the woman who responded to my personals ad works at AltaVista.

My brain hurts.

A lot.

But Angie's brain actually exploded. Hee hee.

* * *

Finally, only two or three years after most everyone else, I have seen all 52 episodes of Fushigi Yuugi! Leaving only some number of OAVs, which apparently are even more melodramatic, if such a thing can be imagined.

Now, to sleep. 12/3 writing tomorrow, but that's okay.

hee hee hee by kitlings (Fri Nov 9 15:12:03 2001)

Envision if you will, seven thousand eight hundred seventy-eight Kitlings chorusing, "It's a small world after all!"




my ears are bleeding! by angie (Fri Nov 9 17:37:28 2001)

And that's actually happened to me before, so I know how unpleasant it can be.

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8 November 2001 - Thursday

AUGH! AUGH! AUGH! My personals ad on Yahoo has been responded to! AUGH!

For lack of a better idea, I counter-responded.


* * *

In less traumatic news, I have ordered anime fansubs for the first time. Paypal is awfully handy!

* * *

Only single writing tonight, but at least now I have a title for it, courtesy of Sarah, who gets many gold stars!

buh! by keeeet (Thu Nov 8 16:38:17 2001)

I dunno, counter-responding seems like a pretty clever idea to me. :)

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7 November 2001 - Wednesday


* * *

Now I have seen the Buffy Musical, and it is indeed very fine. Bonus points for the Mutant Enemy logo at the end.

I'd like to be a Dirty Old Parasite now.

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6 November 2001 - Tuesday

Another pretty quiet day. I'm up to James Nicoll post #3370, and have most of a requested script done.

Almost triple writing tonight, but on the Secret Mysterious Writing Project which is of no interest to any beyond a small, select cabal. I suppose I should write on something of more general interest as well, just to get the Triple Wordcount Bonus.

* * *

In fact, I have passed the QUADRUPLE writing mark! Yay me!

Of course, this is only 2/3 of what I would have to produce every single day to succeed at NaNoWriMo, so I shouldn't be too smug.

WriMos by gconnor (Wed Nov 7 00:01:29 2001)

Speaking of which, it remains to be seen whether I will get beyond the paltry 234 word mark. I suppose it's easier to write 2000 words per day on disconnected topics or projects than to write as much on a single goal. It also helps if the outline is there.

Anyway, my doom can be partly blamed on International foo, and if I do manage to start, I can maybe make up some time during vacation (last week of the month :)

Enough for now. This probably would fit in a bit better in MY journal, but hey, you mentioned it :)

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5 November 2001 - Monday

Geni liked my personals ads. However, since she lives in the Netherlands, this does me remarkably little good. (Okay, she wouldn't date me even when she did live in the same country, but her being on another continent makes it even less useful!) Obviously I need to figure out where to post so that femmes like Geni (except for the non-parasite-dating bit) will find them.

* * *

For me, this has been an extremely quiet day. Not so for my poor boss, who had to get up well before oh-dark-thirty to harass European domain registries (who apparently make the worst fumbles of Network Solutions look good). Fortunately, he did go home quite early, before his brain exploded, or at least not too long after.

I have almost done double writing, because that's just how cool of a parasite I am.

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4 November 2001 - Sunday

Indeed, successful double writing!

Now I go to Kitdinner!

* * *

Yay! There was a Kit! A very silly Kit, which is the best kind! With many hugses! And, as an extra bonus, after dinner we went across the street to the bookstore and I found a new Vernor Vinge book! Well, not entirely new, but reprinting old and hideously out of print stories that I have sought for ages and not found! Yay!

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3 November 2001 - Saturday

Yay! It's TAMAGODAY! (observed)

And, really, that pretty much sums up my day. I slept way way in, but finally got up to be ready in time to make it to the party... and then my ride was an hour and some late. Christy very nicely said that the party hadn't started until I arrived; everything before that was just pre-party warmup. And, indeed, within minutes of my arrival, she opened her presents (which did not run as heavily to chocolate, booze, and videos as Ayse's, but did include all those things).

Many nice outfits and not a few silly hats were in evidence; Ayse was particularly reflective in her strapless blue 63%-metal Cyndi Lauper dress, and Angie wore a skirt!

I am assured a jester's hat with bells suits me.

Then there was sushi! Yummy sushi! Reasonably priced yummy sushi!

After sushi there was some flailing around and then there was Heather Alexander. As usual there was screaming from the audience ("How many of them can we make die?") and keen fiddle playing, but there was a lot of talking and not nearly as much music as previous concerts.

Now I am home, but it is late, so I think I will go to bed and do double writing tomorrow. I think I can avoid the hell that I fell into previously, because I actually have something to write. Maybe.

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2 November 2001 - Friday

I closed some tickets, I reported my status, I closed some more tickets, I read a lot more James Nicoll (up to #1375 of 15991!). Then, just as I was ready to go home, the NOC perceived a problem. The problem wasn't actually there; it was a failure of monitoring, not of any part of the site, but it still delayed my escape by a half hour.

Now I am at home, pulsating brainlessly and thinking about how I should be doing my writing instead of lying in a brainless chitinous heap, while wanting to watch anime instead of either. Kind of.

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1 November 2001 - Thursday

Things were going well until, this morning, I found in my mailbox mail from Dave, with this quote from James Nicoll:

From: (James Nicoll)

Somewhere I'd like to do a sequel to _Starship Troopers_ set after the War when the Bugs have become an integral part of Federation economics which explains that part of the contact difficulties refered to at one point was a Skinny who translated from Bug (which the Skinnies knew, at least to the extent they could be Bug allies) to Terran but who didn't get nuances that well in Terran. The _exact_ phrase which lead to trouble was 'we will suck out the fluid from your brains' but what it meant was 'we will engage in the regular exchange of information bearing material'. The Bugs know not everyone uses chemical exchanges to "talk" but bugspeak's idioms don't.

This is extra-funny because of its applicability to my TBG style, but even without that, it would have reminded me that James Nicoll is coolest, because he came up with the best quote on the purity of the English language*. At this point, I made the critical mistake of saying to Dave, "I really should read more of the Master's words". Dave promptly sent me 38 megabytes of James Nicoll postings he had collected over the past few years.

Somehow, I did manage to do some work today, and even some writing (although that was mostly before I got the file uncompressed and untarred into just under 16 000 individual postings.

I am doooooomed.

*"The problem with defending the purity of the English language is that the English language is as pure as a crib-house whore. It not only borrows words from other languages; it has on occasion chased other languages down dark alley-ways, clubbed them unconscious and rifled their pockets for new vocabulary."

* * *

Having escaped to my parasitelair, where I am diligently not thinking about what it would take to find the correct one of 16 000 cryptical-named files and pick up where I left off, I have been able to do a bit of writing and now I am all caught up from last week's doom! Yay me!

james nicoll and writing by keeeet (Fri Nov 2 09:05:26 2001)

you are dooooooooomed!

but you wrote! yaaaay!

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