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30 June 2002 - Sunday

Burritos, Sovereign Powers (writeup coming soon, really!), and then we1 went to see Minority Report. It didn't suck! I don't know that it actively anti-sucked, but the characters were not completely dim, and I only cringed at the gross bits, not the exposition.2 Recommended.

1: Including Tara! Who isn't dead!

2: Even the sneakernetting that we complained about immediately after I have realized wasn't actually lame, since one of those workstations was clearly networked but the other may well not have been, for ultrasecurity reasons.

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29 June 2002 - Saturday


Marith has graduated from BAMM level 2! She is extra-fierce now!

There was some confusion as to when the public part of the graduation was, but we saw two of Marith's three fights, and many other fights as well! Even Ayse got a fight, though the mugger had to lure her away from the videocam! One of the students had an excellent hat, though I did not get to give her the secret hat-wearer handshake. And, though it is undoubtedly very wrong of me to say so, one of Marith's classmates was really really cute.

I'll be over here under this rock.

* * *

Then we dinnered Marith at Chef Liu's, and succumbed to the lure of Books Inc, and I went grocery shopping with about ten minutes to spare, and now I am home rereading Girl Genius.

I mentioned the rock, right?

Cute classmates by Flit (Sat Jun 29 23:13:27 2002)

It's not wrong to say that she's cute, as long as you respect the fact that she might kick you in the head at any moment. :)

BAMM graduation by Trip (Mon Jul 1 08:55:49 2002)

Right. And, well, I didn't say to her that she's cute; she probably all knows and doesn't want to hear it again from a grotty little parasite.

We were sad that you were too sick to come to the graduation and watch Marith kick people in the head!

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28 June 2002 - Friday

To go with Teresa Nielsen Hayden's post on using the Evil Overlord Lists to generate plots, there is now an automated plot generator. Save this for next NaNoWriMo!

* * *

My grumpiest cow orker has been laid off. Dilbert flashbacks. Netcom flashbacks. Realization that I am now grumpier than any of my cow orkers.

(Chronologically, this happened first, so I was going to type something like "'time linear' of concept Earthly your understand not do I", but then I thought, "Hm, maybe Yoda's strange syntax is a result of having extended his understanding of the Force beyond the illusion of linear time" and then I got all confused. Fortunately, I discovered that it's still Friday.)

* * *

Once again, Christy and Chrisber have brought structure and excitement to my otherwise amorphous and dull evening! This time, we saw Windtalkers. There were no doves, but it was very John Woo anyway: all about friendship, loyalty, and duty. And lots of people dying, because let's face it, even a relatively just war sucks. Recommended, at least to anyone who liked any other Woo flicks.

Time warp, worm holes et al. by You still knew. (Tue Dec 21 09:20:01 2004)

Fast forward and Go here:

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27 June 2002 - Thursday

There was an all-hands pep rally this morning. I can't discuss details or the terrorist will have already won, but I was interested in an appalled sort of way by the marketing guy's presentation. It was half reasonable psychology and half mendacious business, and apparently that sort of thing works.

Quote from the pep rally: "We have to get a new brand position so we can go forward with the brand repositioning."1

Not a quote from the pep rally, but I thought it: "'Focus group' is the plural of 'moron'."

1: I don't think this counts as divulging privileged information; if there's a company that's not going through a brand repositioning every six months, I haven't met it.

* * *

The Martian Successor Nadesico movie isn't as good as the series. It's not bad, but it doesn't have nearly enough Gekigangar references. It does have plenty of Ruri-Ruri, though.

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26 June 2002 - Wednesday

I actually kind of like Wednesdays. New Megatokyo, new Onion (sometimes), the week's half over, and new comics!

* * *

I realized how much anime I've watched in the recent past when I went back through my web page to find it all so I could recommend or disrecommend it to foxmagic. Yike.

I did save the post so I can do something of more general interest with it.

* * *

Chrisber and Christy lured me to see The Bourne Identity in the evening, so I still have many comics to read! It was a pretty good movie, though, so I don't mind. Bonus points for having a female lead who wasn't particularly pretty (and did look very European), and for not explaining things that weren't relevent to the plot. But then, the author of the original novel (Robert Ludlum) was super-hyper-uber-producer, or some title like that, so the usual book -> movie butchery was alleviated.

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25 June 2002 - Tuesday

Wow! Diet Dr Pepper two days in a row!

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24 June 2002 - Monday

My tentacles are still sore. I must be really old. :(

* * *

But I had a interesting dream, or series of dreams. It started off with a vaguely Weiß Kreuz heroic-assassins-against-the-evil-cult sort of thing, with holographic teleconferencing (you can't stop him from casting the spell if he's not actually there!) and skyscrapers and whatnot, but that ended badly with one of the heroes getting caught on the ground floor of the skyscraper and chopped up with axes before he could get out. Cut to...

Spacious, well-lit white rooms, and men in suits shuffling people around. The master villain from the previous sequence, who pretty much triumphed, got taken off to a corner and sent up the gold stairway. A secondary villain, who also did well for himself, went up the white stairway in a different corner. Everyone else got organized into four groups with red/blue/yellow/black uniforms, and sent back into life to try it again. Cut to...

I and many other people are being taught to fly airplanes. These planes are about the size and shape of a single-seater WWII fighter, but made of smooth white ceramic. Also, instead of two machineguns, they seem to have two scary lasers. We didn't ask to be here, never mind be trained as part of the Airforce of Ultimate Evil (apparently run by the suits from the previous sequence) so I and the women who stand on either side of me when we're lined up for review make a break for it at night, flying unsafely, engaging the planes sent after us in dogfights, and waking up.

After thinking about it, it seems to me that the planes must have been trade goods made by an advanced civilization to sell to someone at a 1940s tech level: similar enough to the barbarians' gear that you don't have to raise their tech level for them to use it, completely superior to anything they have, but no threat to real military equipment. (Heck, lasers with a 10Hz pulse rate and 2.88MJ pulse energy (I got to see the spec sheet for the planes) are completely superior to anything we have now!).

* * *

Woohoo! Diet Dr Pepper!

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23 June 2002 - Sunday

My motile tentacles are sore from slithering up and down and up and down and up and down two flights of stairs. My manipulatory tentacles are sore from lugging boxes and bags and furniture. I must be old.

But I have successfully pillaged Trader Joe's (although they failed to provide me with chile verde frozen burritos, sniff!) and now I can lie around until it's time to meet up with Marith and Dave for FONDUE!

* * *

I think small amounts of lean meat and fish simmered in red wine or sizzled on a grill are actually acceptable to my diet. So is spinach salad, although the cheese makes it marginal. Glooping the salad with four kinds of dressing (in quadrants; I'm not a deviant dressing-mixer!) and then feasting upon large amounts of cheese with garlic and kirschwasser and garlic (incidentally glooped on bread and vegetables) and then large amounts of alligator and buffalo and elk and ostrich and venison and wild boar and savage wild duck and tuna with assorted sauces and MANGO CHUTNEY and marshmallows and rice crispy orbs and cream cheese balls dipped in decadent chocolate and bittersweet chocolate with Irish Cream, however, is right out. But I don't care, because it is important to celebrate Ayse's company pre-emptively offering her everything she was going to ask for, and also Ayse being out of the closet (er, as being multiple; she's been out of that other closet for years).

Spherical parasite!

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22 June 2002 - Saturday

Today there has been not just confusion, but the extended dance remix of confusion.

At 16:30 or so, Rebecca called to ask me to call other people involved in the move that she would be another 45 minutes because her appointment to get her driver's license fixed up at the only DMV office in the state of North California that's open on Saturdays had run over. So I called people, and people called people, and many calls were made.

At 17:15 I wandered over to see if Rebecca was in yet, and she was, but no one else was there, not even Kirby with the truck. At 17:30 she logged in and determined that Kirby et al were having a pre-move barbecue and had unilaterally decided to load starting at 20:00.

"Allow 50% for lameness" I said. 20 - 17:30 = 2:30 x 1.5 = 1:15 + 20 = 21:15. So I went home and watched the 3d DVD of Love Hina, which continues to be much wackier than the manga.

20:00: no phone call.

20:30: no phone call.

21:00: no phone call.

21:15... still no phone call. And I had been willing to believe that the extra hour and a quarter was padding we wouldn't need all of, sigh.

21:30: Rebecca calls!

I scuttled over and found that not only Kirby but Soula, Megs, and Michelle had also arrived to help, so we weren't really doomed all the day. I carried many heavy things, which made Soula call me her personal god (we'll establish the temple, vestal virgins chicks, and offering schedules later), and we finished by midnight. Well, my part finished; the rest was just gathering up trash and flinging it into dumpsters, which didn't need my testosterone-poisoned physique.

Then I stayed up until almost 2 reading, because I'm not a very smart parasite at all.

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21 June 2002 - Friday

Blargh. Sleepy parasite. (Extra-late anime last night.) But Rebecca has said that she will not be moving until 17:00 tomorrow, so I will get to go to sleep tonight. Yay!

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20 June 2002 - Thursday

Finally, the conclusion of Martian Successor Nadesico! And I review it thus: "Buh."

Well, okay, it actually made sense, but possibly only to Dave.

Also, more Record of Lodoss War (Deedlit's line about watching Parn's back probably would have gotten the same reaction even if we hadn't all seen that one Buffy episode), more Tenchi Muyo (naked Ryoko, yay!), and Battle Athletes (go Miracle!).

Next, the Nadesico movie (if we can find a source), and then that slot will be filled by something Ray hasn't picked yet.

Nadesico movie by Angie (Fri Jun 21 12:56:57 2002)

I've got it fansubbed, though I can't speak for quality, as I've never watched it. I'm happy to bring it in to work for you to take to Thursday anime.

Martian Successor Nadesico movie by Trip (Thu Jun 27 11:48:04 2002)

Ray says he's got one, so if it's yours, thanks! And if it's not yours, thanks anyway!

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19 June 2002 - Wednesday

Now I seem to be posting to Usenet.

It's all Ayse's fault.

* * *

Al came to Wednesday Night Fun, so we were able to verify that he is still alive. But he helped crush me like the tiny chitinous bug I am in Roborally, so maybe that's not such a good thing. Hmph.

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18 June 2002 - Tuesday

Barbara brought another bird in today! This one is a peregrine subspecies from um Spain I think she said. Anyway, it's about half the size of the American ones, but still pretty fierce! I got to hold it, which was kind of cool, but also kind of alarming, because it kept eyeing my unprotected head as a potential perch! Fortunately it was on a short leash and no actual breaching of my scalp was attempted.

There was much admiring discussion of how fast and predatory and agile the bird is, and indeed it's a fine highly-optimized design; it even has baffles in its nostrils to prevent the 90m/s airstream from slamming into its delicate sinuses. But, like all highly-optimized designs, it sounds like it's pretty much useless outside its specialized regime. Barbara's husband specifically mentioned that peregrines are almost helpless at night, and he also said that it takes only a few days for even the most trained bird to revert to wild behavior, which suggests that the adapatiblity/instinct ratio is not high.

Still, I'm glad I have 100 times its mass and opposable thumbs. :)

* * *

Apparently yesterdy was a fluke; the social and physical mechanism by which I obtain Diet Dr Pepper is really still nonfunctional. Hmph! (No withdrawal headaches; I am just sullen at being thwarted. What is modern Western civilization for, if not to give me what I want, when I want it?)

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17 June 2002 - Monday

Finally, I have my Diet Dr Pepper again!

* * *

However, I still don't seem to have any words for a fantasy setting, and the deadline is Friday. Hmph.

* * *

I should possibly be doing laundry, but instead I am going through my accumlated mail and mailing out 13 envelopes (would be more but I ran out of stamps). Bleah.

Fortunately, I have yummy parasite-compatible chocolate-mints from Trader Joe's to get the taste of envelope adhesive off my tongue! This is just one of many examples of why Trader Joe's is best!

* * *

Okay, I'm scared.

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16 June 2002 - Sunday

Yep, I felt better after waking up to the alarm. I then went back to sleep, to try to get more of the dream about an angel who got run over, the wizard who picked him up off the side of the road, and the old red pickup in which they hitched a ride with God and some human chick who were going to New York, but I cleverly set the alarm a couple hours ahead so I could wake up properly again. (I was only vaguely successful at recapturing the dream; lots of wandering around what my subconscious guessed NYC looks like, but no more supernatural stuff.) Then I er did nothing at all for the rest of the day.

In the early evening, I badgered Marith and Chrisber and Christy into having dinner, so we went to The Duke of Edinburgh, a British restaurant somewhere in the depths of Sunnyvale, or maybe Cupertino. (It's Chrisber's fault; he was reading Dorothy Sayers or some such.) The food was good, but terribly unhealthy, more or less as expected. It is not the sort of place I should be dining on a regular basis. It is, however, the company I should be dining in on a regular basis.

Then I was sleepy, so I decided against going grocery shopping and instead finished watching El-Hazard Alternative World. Well, I should have seen that coming! But I wish they had explained more of the larger story-- no, actually, I wish they'd put out another series which explores another chunk of the larger story, because I'm pretty much of the opinion that more El-Hazard is better! (Even if Fatora is an enormous freak.)

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15 June 2002 - Saturday

After years of getting up to an alarm, I seem to have lost the ability to sleep until I am done sleeping and then get up. :( I deliberately didn't set my alarm last night, but instead of just waking up when I was done sleeping I entered a horrible state of dreaming about waking up and checking the time, realizing it was only a dream1, trying to wake up for real, lather, rinse, repeat. Bleah.

1: The clock reading '5:23' and then '80:17' in quick succession was sort of a giveaway.

Finally, I got up for real, and spent the day usefully... watching anime. The title character of Great Teacher Onizuka is indeed someone Largo could relate to, although he seems to live in a much closer approximation of the real world, or at least one without zombies and rentazillas.

The flesh of the slain for dinner (although, in a sudden fit of personality, not what I ordered the last 1294586239 times I went to Armadillo Willy's), successful Trader Joe's shopping (except I forgot the not-Triscuits, because I am dim), and then more El-Hazard Alternative World. It is still cool, Qawoor is still cute, and Jinnai is getting abused properly. But poor Nanami!

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14 June 2002 - Friday

Now I am really really tired, and there is still no Diet Dr Pepper, and many of the backends are hosed because people in other departments do wacky things when we don't keep them properly oppressed, and I still don't have any words for the goofy fantasy setting I thought of. Hmph.

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13 June 2002 - Thursday

This has not been a satisfying day. No Diet Dr Pepper. Idiom outage for much of the morning. Only pasta food for lunch. Idiom outage for much of the afternoon. Sniff. Poor abused parasite.

* * *

Okay, the afternoon outage wasn't too long, but there was a poorly scheduled meeting to make up for that.

* * *

And mail from Earl pointing out (unintentionally) that I'm really really dim. Whisman Station Anime better be good tonight, or I shall have to sulk.

* * *

Battle Athletes Victory and Martian Successor Nadesico make many things better. And even Record of Lodoss War was amusing; Deedlit is so cute when she's jealous! I think I have seen the Tenchi Muyo OAVs enough times now, though.

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12 June 2002 - Wednesday

Today I am staying at work all afternoon to make sure nothing explodes while everyone else goes to see Spider-Man.

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11 June 2002 - Tuesday

My cow orkers mock me extensively for my failure to upgrade my computer on a regular basis. Hmph.

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10 June 2002 - Monday

No more oncall for me! Although it wasn't at all bad this week; I got like two calls, both at reasonable times in the evening.

* * *

Not only did Usenet distract me from breakfast, it distracted me from webcomics!

* * *

After escaping from Millbrae, I scuttled to the Bertani-Youngs', where I was fed by Christy! (Ray, Jim, Marith, and Chrisber were also fed by Christy, but they can write about it in their own journals.) The flesh of fowl! Butter lettuce! Biscuits! Sweet potatos! Parasite yummies!

Also there was conversation and stuff. Then I went home and slept.

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9 June 2002 - Sunday

Today's major activity was Sovereign Powers. Oh, and grocery shopping. I bailed on sushi dinner because I felt more antisocial than piscevorous, and watched the first episode of El-Hazard: The Alternative World, which seems to be set after almost all of the OAV series but before the final scene1.

1: Which either is or isn't a substantial period of time.

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8 June 2002 - Saturday

Another lethargic Saturday, although this time I was not betrayed by the hot-water system. I spent all day as a slimy heap in my apartment anyway, though, watching the last six episodes of El-Hazard: The Wanderers (the first TV series). It had most of the same characters as the OAV series, but some of them were somewhat different (especially Ifurita, which made me sad, because I liked the OAV Ifurita a lot more) and the relationships were also somewhat different. Overall, though, I liked it, and it had much beautiful scenery1 which I now realize is important for the genre2.

1: And I don't mean just Rune Venus. Pblt.

2: The importance of this will become apparent in due course.

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7 June 2002 - Friday

Yay! The network is back!

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6 June 2002 - Thursday

Ken, the smart engineer who makes things work and brings in Neon Genesis Evangelion DVDs, is leaving us! We are so very doomed!

* * *

Last week, the city of Palo Alto tried to take away our electrical power. Earlier this week, they tried to take away our water. Now, they have taken away our network connectivity. There must be a mighty smiting!

Stupid backhoe.

* * *

Tonight's viewing of Battle Athletes Victory was considerably more cow-intensive than anticipated.

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5 June 2002 - Wednesday

Chrisber sent in a Tokyo Tower character! Yay! Now if I can just get one or two more people to do likewise, maybe I'll have a campaign...

* * *

Everyone thinks I should enter the WotC Fantasy Setting Contest. I am not convinced; it sounds like they want something that is unique, original, inventive... and just like every D&D setting published by TSR. But I may submit AotBS anyway, just to prove that I really am too cool for them.

* * *

Christy, the fiend, brought dates stuffed with mascarpone to Wednesday Night Fun!

Also, we played Roborally! Chrisber won, but we played out the rest of that turn, and it turned out that I was only one phase behind, Dave a couple of phases behind me, and Jim two or three phases behind that, which is a remarkably close finish for Roborally. We credit the flag force-field rule, and our refusal to implement any of the JHart "It is not enough to succeed; others must fail" rules. :)

Earl stopped by to borrow The Scar, so he and Cat got the Very Surprising News from Christy and Chrisber. Then Marith came by to receive the news (not that she knew that's why she came by). Much Fun was had by all attending, generally in proportion to their time of attendance.

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4 June 2002 - Tuesday

Why yes, I really am that big of a loser.

So there I sit, on the bus, reading Lion's Blood by Steven Barnes and trying to not ogle the summer-dressed blonde sitting across from me too egregiously, when she leans forward (insert sound of eyeballs popping out) to read the spine of my book. "Good author", she says.

So do I engage her in a witty and learned discussion of modern SF authors? No, I say "Er, yah" and go back to reading, so she goes back to listening to her walkman.

But I am even more of a loser than that, because a few moments later, as I cross the line between peeking unobtrousively and staring blatantly and thus appear to be trying to attract her attention, she pops the headphones off. "Did you say something?"

I'm sure you can think of at least eleven useful things to say there without even trying. But what do I say? "Er, no."

I will just sit here in this pit with the bugs and worms and no ponies for the next thirty-two years as well, apparently.

Summer blondes by Carl (Tue Jun 4 19:46:35 2002)

"Have you heard the soundtrack by Heather Alexander?"

But hey, at least you're attracting the attention of cute[1] summer blondes. That's got to count for something.

It would be a public service if the back cover blurbs included at least one thing to say when someone expresses interest in your book. Where's viral marketing when you need it, dammit??!

[1] While cute was not explicitly specified, it would seem going too far out on a limb to specify that she was smart, warm, funny and kind, and therefore I will engage in culture-specific stereotyping in the hopes that the audience will forgive me.

Footnote eating by Carl (Tue Jun 4 19:47:51 2002)

Hey, my footnote got eaten! sniff

Summer footnotes by Trip (Tue Jun 4 19:52:47 2002)

You left out a " in the <font> tag right before your footnote, thus causing all HTML further down the page to die horribly. I have fixed it for you. (I guess there should be an HTML validation step in the comment-posting process.)

I take the dust jackets off hardcovers when I haul them around in my backpack, so the cover blurb couldn't have helped in any case.

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3 June 2002 - Monday

Now I'm the on-call weasel again.

* * *

I am reading Usenet for the first time in seven or eight years.

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2 June 2002 - Sunday

Finally I have been attacked by clones! As advertised, the dialog was atrocious and the acting only aspired to mediocrity, but it still showed progress over epI. After half a dozen more movies, Lucas may actually be an average filmmaker!

I do have to award a bonus point for the Dark Side Ferret, and another for the live-action Roborally sequence. (Can you name that board?)

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1 June 2002 - Saturday

ONE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the Brain-Sucking Web Site! Woot!

Okay, I've had a website for longer than that, but it didn't actually say anything about what was going on in my life, never mind being all spiffy and dynamic and datestamped.

I guess I should change the layout now. :)

* * *

Quite unexpectedly, there was no hot water all afternoon! I didn't really feel like taking quite that cold of a shower, so I had no choice but to lay around the apartment reading all afternoon and evening. Eventually, I forced myself to use a bookmark and go check the hot water. It was back, so I took a shower and walked to Chef Chu's and ordered dinner before resuming reading.

Yay! A Year! by liralen (Thu Jun 6 12:17:13 2002)

Hoorah! An Anniversary!!

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