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31 July 2002 - Wednesday

Only two RSVPs, so no Wednesday Night Fun this week. At this rate, I may just cancel it altogether.

It makes me amazingly stressed to have to schedule people, especially ones who fail to read their email, or fail to answer their email, or try to make plans at the last minute. There is probably a good reason for this, but I'm not sure what it is. Introspection will probably reveal that I just hate people.

Soon, Mandatory Corporate Fun.

* * *

After dealing with scheduling, I no longer felt up to Mandatory Corporate Fun, so I skipped out. This will probably cause my cow orkers to hate me even more than they do already.

* * *

It wasn't until later that I realized that the unhappy internal feeling might not have just been the seething ball of hatred at having to schedule people, but also the result of missing my Glucophage and then eating approximately 335946235 servings of fruit.

* * *

Go to hell, my card reads. Go directly to hell. Do not pass Pearly Gates. Do not collect eternal bliss.

But, with this much anime, who can afford Heaven anyway?

aaaaa by gconnor (Mon Aug 5 00:52:17 2002)

I was sorry to have missed you at the bowling thing, but you didn't miss much, as you probably heard. I will now quit worrying about whether it was something I did or said. :) Anyway, having you at Chef Chu's more than made up for not seeing you roll a ball toward pins.

I have noticed a tendency of meat-beings to be erratic at responding to their electronic communication - probably a side effect of not having a direct connection to a network. Hopefully they will hurry up and invent the silicon-to-meat interface already.

Re: aaaaa by Trip (Mon Aug 5 08:20:32 2002)

No, no, nothing to do with you! I guess my pattern of being antisocial wasn't as well-developed as I thought.

But I agree about the silicon-to-meat interface. Bruce even volunteered to be the early adopter!

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30 July 2002 - Tuesday

Hah. I have found the shorts that I couldn't buy in a store on-line, and ordered them. Take that, silly physical world!

* * *

Since Chrisber, Christy, and Adam have all agreed to a time and have either sent me characters or plausibly promised characters, it looks like Tokyo Tower is really going to happen!

I thought I might have lost momentum because it's been so long, but I just spent two hours happily preparing customized doom for each of the PCs, so I guess not!

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29 July 2002 - Monday

Apparently the AQoJ writeup is perfect in all ways, since Silkie signed off on it, Dave refuses to read it, and Earl never reads anything except scientific journals and Neel Krishnaswami posts, so none of them can contradict me!

* * *

Wacky neurochemistry article of the day.

* * *

I tried to get new shorts today, but failed: mere hours ago, the shorts I wanted were sent to some outlet store in Gilroy of all places! Hmph.

I did get one pair of shorts, which someone had returned, so they were still in the store, and some new Tshirts, but I am still sullen.

* * *

Hah! Take that, you comics!

And, I still have a shelf and a third left for expansion!

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28 July 2002 - Sunday

Today we celebrated Rachel's 0x20th birthday; a fine age if I do say so myself! I ate some things that were bad for me and many things of dubious health value, and saw many people, and helped assemble a pavilion.

Marith was there, so I was able to determine that she skipped gaming because she didn't really forgive me for teasing her on Friday, she only thought she had, so now she admits to herself that she thinks I'm scum. Or er something like that.

After the cake-and-presents phase of the party, I got a ride home so I could do laundry and write up yesterday's AQoJ session and go grocery shopping, all of which I have now done.

* * *

I now have all comics from G to Z bagged and shelved, leaving only FEDCBA#! Perhaps I will be able to finish tomorrow evening! (That would be good, because then Tuesday I could attempt to find replacements for the shorts which just wore out all at once.)

I do not! by Marith (Mon Jul 29 20:11:35 2002)

Hmmmph! Trip is officially still wonderful and people should not let him forget it. so there.

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27 July 2002 - Saturday

I woke up at a reasonable time, but I failed to move, so I fell back asleep. Lame parasite.

* * *

Amazon Quintet of Justice IV: "Having a Ball"

Previously: Our Heroines tracked the noble families who had escaped the purges in town to a ruined city in the wilderness and defeated the other members of the cult of the dead god they were attempting to rendezvous with.

Cleaning out the worshippers of dead evil gods just doesn't stack up to rescuing the little sister of the rulers of Tigris, but it's not chopped liver, so Our Heroines are invited as honored guests to the ball celebrating the great deed of Connor and his friends. Time to evaluate dressmakers and jewelers for best endorsement opportunities!

Unfortunately, before the preparations are even well-begun, Alyssa is summoned out of town to deal with a family emergency. Around the same time, Amaryllis notices that Solara hasn't been around much; investigation reveals that Dwayne has a note which he has failed to deliver, in which Solara claims that she has something to take care of, and she'll be back later1. Fresa doesn't skip town, but does have to undergo ritual purifaction deep underground, to rid herself of the taint of the ruined city.

1: Of course, she's an elf, so that could mean decades.

Amaryllis returns to her lavish lodgings one evening to find a bundle of enchanted crossbow bolts on her pillow, with a note awkwardly attempting to compare them to her beauty piercing the writer's heart. She guesses that the sender is a halfling by the name of Sam, who hovers on the outskirts of her social circle but isn't brave enough to approach her. She approachs him, and discerns that beneath the fits of stammering and clumsiness her cleavage induces he is competent enough; his self-described profession of "running errands for nobles" accords with this. He never does get up the courage to actually ask her out2, though, so eventually she gives up on him.

2: "Would you like to um no never mind I'm sure you have someone already I have to go bye!"

Finally, the evening of the ball arrives! Sophia, stunning in a white silk sheath, is accompanied by Liam (the cleric of Connor's group); Serenity, suprisingly in ruffles, is unaccompanied; Amaryllis, in shimmering violet, has disdained her usual suitors on the assumption she can do better at the ball. (Connor, unfortunately, is paired with the rescued princess Lisbet, putting him out of Amaryllis' clutches.) As a guard, Thad is on duty for the first part of the ball, but will get off in time for a few dances with Kara later.

For a while, everything goes well and a good time is had by all: wine is drunk, entertainers are entertaining, music charms the savage breast, and the art of conversation is rediscovered. Amaryllis gets a dance with the charming Prince Richard, and is properly swept off her feet.

Lisbet confides in the charismatic and reknowned paladin Sophia, telling her that she wasn't kidnapped; she ran away from home because she had terrible nightmares which the gypsy fortuneteller Natasha interpreted as a warning that she would bring great danger to her family and her city. Sophia comforts Lisbet, but suggests that next time she seek reputable spiritual advice.

As the ball goes on, the tumblers and animal-tamers and so forth who were providing the entertainment in the courtyard move into the ballroom, mingling excitingly with the guests. Suddenly, the animals go wild: bears and lions maul party-goers and the giraffes attempt to trample Serenity!

Prince Richard's and Princess Eleanor's bodyguards try to hustle them away from the assassins disguised as acrobats, the Amazon Duo spring to the defense, and some crazed dwarves ineffectually attack the bodyguards yelling "Get them! They're the ones!"

Sophia tries to break up the fight physically, and Amaryllis by using Glitterdust spells to blind the combatants, but neither compares to Connor's sorceress comrade Selina, who fills the huge ballroom with blinding sleet and slippery ice. The fight continues despite this, albeit in a more comedic than heroic style. The crazed dwarves and a couple of more competent people who seem to be with them, attack the guards who are trying to get the prince and princess of the battlefield, shouting something about imposters, Sophia and Amaryllis continue trying to break things up, Connor rescues Lisbet again, and Serenity fights a baby giraffe to the death.

A spell-caster hidden among the screaming crowds of civilians flings about some sleep spells and calls up an imp, which attacks one of the dwarves' comrades (a wood-elf woman, who fights very effectively in a two-handed style) until Selina casts a Scare spell on the table where he's hiding, forcing him to at least to pretend to flee to avoid being differentiated from the crowd. Another of the dwarves' associates knifes a downed bodyguard, who changes shape when he dies. Matt (Connor's big brother) takes on the bears, while Selina hypnotizes one of the lions and a pack of guardsmen with spears and crossbows handles the other. Serenity, unused to formal shoes, is immoblized by the slippery ice within the sleet storm.

Finally, the palace guards show up! There is a great deal of accusation and confusion, which is finally settled by arresting everyone. The hidden spellcaster from earlier tries to make a flying escape at rooftop level, but Amaryllis blinds her with Glitterdust so she has to climb to avoid crashing, and envelopes her in a bubble of violet fire as soon as she reaches a safe altitude.

The bodyguards are determined to be both evil and enchanted with transmutation magic, so the dwarves' story of polymorphed infiltrators attempting to kidnap the prince and princess and replace them with polymorphed duplicates is given slightly more credence. The fake bodyguards, the circus people, and the sorceress captured by Amaryllis are hauled off to be put to the question.

As it turns out, there were two plots against the rulers, by separate factions of the cult of the dead god, both inspired by a prophecy that the royal family of Tigris will play a part in stopping the dead god's rise. One faction decided to just kill them straight out to prevent their interference, while the other, more ambitious, plotters wanted to replace them so as to be able to shape events to their liking. In any case, it is clear that Tigris has not been completely fumigated, and there will be more work for Our Heroines.

In the ensuing days, Amaryllis encounters Alyra, the wood-elf who was helping the dwarves foil the replacement plot, and they become somewhat friendly. When Stephen, the dwarven scholar Fresa has been seeing, comes looking for Solara to burgle the quarters of the chief crazy dwarf ("Darrin is a crackpot, but I think he may be on to something."), Amaryllis and Alyra take the commission. With the aid of some runes faked up by Stephen, they get Darrin haring off to the ruined city, leaving his rooms unguarded, and deliver his notes to Stephen for copying.

Also in the days after the debacle of the ball, Prince Richard and Princess Eleanor invite the various heroes to semi-private dinners where the entire flower of the realm is not gathered ripe for the plucking. Amaryllis, in her inimitable style, turns her meeting with Richard into something more than dinner.

Amaryllis goes to investigate the gypsy fortuneteller Natasha, but finds no reason to believe the old woman is more than a charlatan.

Sophia has more discussions wth Lisbet, advising her to face up to her problems (if they're even real) rather than run away.

A few days after the burglary, Stephen comes to Amaryllis and Alyra somewhat worried: some of Darrin's papers that he copied had smudges which he now sees are rubbed off a map that had been folded in with the notes. Alyra and Amaryllis borrow the notes again, and Stephen traces the map fragments and works on assembling them. Meanwhile, Amaryllis mentiones to Sophia that the crazed dwarf from the ball, who is a scholar of ancient gods, has gone off to investigate the ruins3. Since it appears that he might actually know something, and the cultists wanted Stephen for his knowledge, it might be wise to go after Darrin and protect him from his own folly.

Amaryllis asks her lover Prince Richard to assign guards to keep Stephen from falling into the hands of the cultists, and the Amazon Quartet (counting Serenity and Alyra) prepare to set forth.

3: But not the details of why; did we mention Amaryllis is not Lawful Good?

* * *

The fight scene took quite a while to run because there were about 2395621935 NPCs, many of them fighting each other, but overall it was a fairly short session, and we were home before 23:00. Tud.

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26 July 2002 - Friday

It's Sysadmin Appreciation Day! So appreciate me, damnit!

* * *

The clever plan for getting to Roseville was thrown into disarray by Marith inexplicably cancelling between the time I left work and the time I got home to pack, but the remaining three of us regrouped and went without her.

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25 July 2002 - Thursday


Or at least known in a set who otherwise would have been blissfully unaware of my existance!

* * *

We have run out of Sorcerer Hunter OAVs to watch, so the slot has been filled with Boogiepop Phantom. Despite the goofy name, BP is actually nonlinear modern horror, stylistically similar to Serial Experiments Lain. The first two episodes made us want to watch more.

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24 July 2002 - Wednesday

Now I have bags in which to place the rest of my comics before placing them upon shelves. But tonight I have read my new comics, tomorrow night is Whisman Station Anime, Friday night is driving to Roseville, Saturday is driving home from Roseville, and Sunday is some combination of sleep, grocery shopping, and Rachelday, so I'm not sure when I will get to actually put the comics in bags on shelves. Monday and Tuesday, I guess, so that the livingroom can be empty enough for Wednesday Night Fun.

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23 July 2002 - Tuesday

My mom called as I was attempting to leave for work. She sounded a little agitated, but said I should call her in the evening, so I guess whatever it is, it's not urgent....

* * *

I have trimmed my fingernails very slightly too short, so that a formerly-protected bit of flesh is now exposed to the abuse of typing. :(

* * *

Spasm of productivity continued this morning, whee. I slew most of my tickets, and the remaining ones are either blocking on input from someone else or the Incomprehensible SNMPD Misbehavior Ticket.

SNMP sucks.

* * *

Called my mom, got voicemail. Meep. I guess now I'll worry some more.

* * *

Mom called! I am an uncle again! (The younger of my sisters finally externalized Ainsly (sp?) Erin after 32 hours of labor. Yuck.) We talked about thises and thatses. I should call more often.

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22 July 2002 - Monday

In the morning I had no brain, but eventually I regrew it and did useful work in the afternoon. Yay me. Kinda.

Then I went home and florned about not doing anything on any of my own projects, but Chrisber and Christy saved me by dragging me to Reign of Fire. Yay them!

Reign of Fire works if you assume it's really a Lovecraft story: pre-human monstrosities awaken from their subterranean slumber and ravage the world, unhindered by what humans think of as "laws of nature" and driving the survivors mad. If you try to take the in-character explanations at face value, you will go mad. (Someday I would like to go to Hollywood, line up every single producer/director/screenwriter/etc, and explain conservation of energy to them. At gunpoint.)

This isn't to say it wasn't entertaining, mind you; only that it does not qualify as good science fiction.

* * *

But going to the AMC Mercado is Just Plain Wrong, and no one should do it, Ever. Not only do they show fifteen minutes of commercials (not trailers; commercials, like on TV) before their movies, but in their parking lot are alien pineapple devices which receive signals from flickering fluorescent lights in your office. Flee, flee while you still can!

* * *

The trailer for M. Night Shayalman's new flick, Signs, is extremely disturbing. Not the bit with alien monsters eating small children; we've all seen that before. But does the American public really still think there's anything to crop circles? Gaaaaaah.

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20 July 2002 - Saturday

Last weekend was the weekend of all gaming all the time, so this weekend is the weekend of nothing happening. Sloth is good.

Working backwards through the alphabet, I have all comics Z though J bagged, sorted, and shelved. Then I ran out of bags partway through H, so the rest will have to wait. I feel all productive anyway, though.

I will reward myself by watching disc 2 of Great Teacher Onizuka. That I couldn't get to the DVD player before I shelved those comics is merely a coincidence, I assure you.

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19 July 2002 - Friday

Today's anime was Totoro, which got a much better reception than the Utena movie. Sniff. But it was nice to see it again after a large number of years!

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18 July 2002 - Thursday

For no particular reason, we went to see the datacenter (in the colo facility in Sunnyvale) today. Wow, AV has a lot of computers. Big computers.

* * *

Angie eats bright blue jello, even though she doesn't like jello. This explains many things.

Blue food by Carl (Fri Jul 19 00:13:49 2002)

Is it the case that Angie will eat anything if it is bright blue? Can we obtain a smurf to test this theory?

Re: Blue food by Trip (Fri Jul 19 09:25:13 2002)

Aren't smurfs illegal in California?

(I can think of other tests more appropriate to Friday, but er you first.)

blue blue blue by Angie (Fri Jul 19 11:46:02 2002)

I'm pretty much morally obligated to at least try something if it's bright blue. Even if I don't particularly like blue raspberry, which is usually the flavor of blue stuff. ^_^;;

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17 July 2002 - Wednesday

Four hours, four meetings. :(

Plus, it is very difficult to get people to plan anything usefully. Even if I BEAT THEM WITH STICKS. :(

* * *

Sniff! Last issue of Battle Girlz! Okay, it wasn't a good comic, but how often does one see a character who is more um than Tané?

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16 July 2002 - Tuesday

This must become part of the Unicode Standard.

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15 July 2002 - Monday

There's nothing quite like being oncalled at 04:21 and 06:37 to make one appreciate going offcall at 07:00.

* * *

Zombie-like state notwithstanding, this has been pretty good for a Monday. Got a new (okay, lightly used) weapon for my TBG ship, didn't die at work, finally got my prescription refilled, etc.

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14 July 2002 - Sunday

This is the weekend of all gaming all the time (mostly), so today we have Team Justice (yay!) vs the Mechanical Trilobites of Doom (boo!). Advantage: trilobites. :(

After gaming I was kidnapped to Jing Jing (oh the horror! oh the agony!) so I didn't set out grocery shopping until after 20:00, but it all worked out in the end.

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13 July 2002 - Saturday

Today, Amber High School! Many quotes from Born To Be Kings slipped in, but did not actually get in the way of retrieving the sophomores' pants, nor of sneaking into the Pattern room. And nothing was getting between Tia and the train.

* * *

Yum, sushi.

BTBK by Iago (Wed Aug 14 16:08:35 2002)

Buh. Well, my game's random audience grows bit by bit, I see. It's the most bizarre thing in the world.

Re: BtbK by Trip (Thu Aug 15 11:05:38 2002)

Apparently my web page's random audience is also growing bit by bit, so I think it's a tie for most bizarre. :)

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12 July 2002 - Friday

I showed my cow orkers the Utena movie; it's what they picked, even though I warned them it was surreal. Possibly I should have mentioned the lesbian lust and naked chicks, but oh well.

* * *

I have determined that Graydon is really the luc'ei with a better translator. (I assure you, if you know both rec.arts.sf.* and TBG, this is really funny.)

graydon! luc'ei! by Ayse (Fri Jul 12 15:23:21 2002)

It is! I giggle hysterically every time I think about it.

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11 July 2002 - Thursday

I didn't think getting on-called at 3:00 had spronked my sleep cycle, because I woke up quickly and solved the problem and went back to bed, but then I slept through 14 minutes of my alarm going beepbeepbeep, which is about 28 times longer than ever before. :(

* * *

But I made it all the way through work (mostly) and to Whisman Station Anime, where among other things we saw the Sorcerer Hunter OAVs. I think tonight is officially Very Early Friday.

alarms by Janis (Thu Jul 11 14:08:26 2002)

Speaking as one who has slept through the beeping of her alarm for over an hour, I think you did ok for getting woken up at 3 am. :)

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10 July 2002 - Wednesday

So you remember that thing I was going on about, where I was trying to reduce my comics load? Ahahahahahahahaha. Today is new comics day. I am doomed.

Extra-doomed, because I didn't remember to either get bags or unsub to everything I am currently subscribed to which is on the List of Death. Sigh.

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9 July 2002 - Tuesday

Has anyone seen my motivation? I seem to have misplaced it...

* * *

Second pass dislodged about 1/3 as many comics as the first pass, so I'm probably into diminishing returns unless I become much more ruthless, but that's another 3/4 shelf or so freed up. All the Inadequately Entertaining comics have been moved to the inconvenient bookcase, opening up three more shelves. Next, I must filter the odd-sized graphic novels and whatnot, and then bag all the unbagged Entertaining comics and sort them onto the shelves.

Wait six months.


* * *

I tried to reread Transmundane preparatory to working on it again, but failed. Rereading stuff I wrote is hard, possibly because I know the horror that is attempting to rewrite it. :(

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8 July 2002 - Monday

I still can't ssh to idiom (and support doesn't know why; works for them, allegedly), but at least I can telnet in to make these updates! And er read Usenet until my brain falls out from four days of backlog.

* * *

"No news (is good news)" says nn, but oh well.

* * *

Admire how I completely fail to deal with the 10256492635924365 comics piled on my livingroom floor. I know what the next steps are, I'm just too lazy to do them right now.

* * *

I spent the trip back from Roseville on Saturday thinking about writing, and was then crushed by the unavailability of idiom. But now idiom is back (kinda; I guess I need to upgrade to ssh2, if such a thing is even available for a pre-G3 Mac), so I can think about writing again. Tonight, I reread what there is of HHH!. Some of it is actually not completely unfunny, and some bits I can even imagine animated. Some bits are also Just Plain Wrong, though. I should fix them.

But I should also deal with my semi-infinite comics.


ssh! by liralen (Mon Jul 8 10:44:18 2002)

Wow! You did much better than I did, as I can't seem to SSH to flick to save my brain. Hrmph.

ssh to by Trip (Mon Jul 8 11:56:06 2002)

Make big gigantic cute Liralen-eyes at Flit!

sshly stuff by Bryant (Mon Jul 8 22:47:41 2002)

Or possibly make 'em at Carl.

Re: sshly stuff by Trip (Tue Jul 9 08:42:20 2002)

Good point. The living dead don't need to do ssh configuration!

ssh to idiom by mony (Tue Jul 9 12:46:32 2002)

Trip, are you using ttssh? After the "unscheduled downtime" due to "security issues", ttssh would no longer work to connect to idiom. My guess is that they've shut off ssh-1 access entirely. I had to install PuTTY in order to be able to connect to idiom via ssh. Heck, at the time I couldn't even telnet to idiom via ttssh.

Re: ssh to idiom by Trip (Tue Jul 9 14:33:05 2002)

ttssh? What is that, some Windows thing? :)

Yah, no ssh1 access is what it's looking like.

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7 July 2002 - Sunday

Idiom continues to suck the PMW, even after I got ssh set up on my home box, and verified its functionality by connecting to work and Thwarted in my desire to update my webpage, I sorted comics. Lots of comics. Two big piles of read-but-not-shelved comics needed sorting individually and collectively, but first I went through my shelved comics and pulled out the ones I was pretty sure I would never reread or recommend that anyone borrow. This amounted to about a sixth of the total, which was good in that it wasn't so much that my taste was seriously in question (shut up, you!) but enough to free up quite a bit of shelf space.

Then I sorted the unshelved comics (filtering out the ones that seemed to have no future entertainment potential) and admired how much the result exceeded the discard pile by. I think I need to be more ruthless. Much more ruthless.

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6 July 2002 - Saturday

I forced myself to not sleep in forever and ever, so I could be all showered and alive and not responsible for delaying AQoJ, but Earl called to say that Cat's car had exploded, so he and Dave wouldn't be joining us. Sniff!

The day's plans having been completely ruined, we slumped into a pit of despair. Al did take the kids out to the zoo (after Robert climbed all over me and played Shisensho on my external brain, and Katie cut my tentacle off with a silly straw and then sewed it back on) which made Sherilyn happy: "Look! My house! It has NO KIDS in it!"

Finally we alpha-tested Marith's game, and found many bugs but had many suggestions for fixing them, and were suitably entertained. Marith did some research on the net for printing, bulk dice purchases, etc, and then we zoomed home.

* * *

Yay! Back in my own parasitelair! Boo! Idiom hyperimploded and wouldn't let me connect to it no matter what I do! So I watched the second disc of Real Bout High School and crawled into my parasitenest.

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5 July 2002 - Friday

This was the bonus Roseville day (nothing in particular scheduled), so there was much laziness. In the afternoon, we attempted to take Sherilyn to see a movie. There was much dispute over which movie: Marith wanted her to see Lilo & Stitch so she could comment on the Hawaiianness (or lack thereof), while Harold regarded Spider-man as the more essential cinema experience. The advantage swung back and forth as showings of each movie sold out, but finally Marith prevailed and Harold slunk away to his million-dollar house in Palo Alto.

It turned out that Lilo & Stitch was pretty authentically Hawaiian! The only thing Sherilyn found amiss was the contents of one styrofoam take-out container; apparently there is a stereotypical meal that would be found in such a thing. She also liked the movie as a story, so Marith got to be all smug!

After that, Sherily, JHart, Chrisber, and I played History of the World, and I came back from having the Romans in epoch III to win with 251 points! We thought Chrisber was sure to win, but I had an 87-point turn in epoch VII, which brought me to one point more than he could make! Wheee!

Then there was more laziness. After grilled chicken dinner, Chrisber & Christy and JHart & Sasha returned to points west, and the rest of us flollomped around. Marith and I admired ring nebulae and globular clusters and double stars through Al's Big Honkin' Scope, only somewhat impeded by suburban light pollution. Marith tried to get people to alpha-test her new game, but it was after 22 o'clock, so I went to bed and she showed Sherilyn Sailor Moon.

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4 July 2002 - Thursday

I slept in quite a lot, but that's okay, because I didn't have anything to do except pack for Roseville, which I did! Then Marith and I zoomed away to the trans-Sacramento suburbs! Zoom! Zoom!

Well, okay, what we really did was zoom away to scenic downtown Oakland, take a detour under a channel to even more scenic downtown Alameda, and then zoom to trans-Sacramento. But when we got there Christy and Chrisber said they had failed to take the Mission connection from 880 to 680 also, so we didn't feel so bad. And we were in plenty of time to eat grilled foods and drive to the mall to see the fireworks!

The fireworks were very fine indeed! Corkscrew trails of sparks, and comet tails and sparks that changed color and smiley-faces and fractal charges that divided and subdivided to form huge dandelion spheres and a grand finale! Then there was a lot of traffic, but that did not detract from the great coolness of the pyrotechnics.

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3 July 2002 - Wednesday

Well, that was much better than yesterday, anyway. Quiet day at work, successful comics raid, yay me.

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2 July 2002 - Tuesday

Are you sure the checklist didn't say

7. Fuck up half the release, bringing the entire site down for half an hour.

? 'cause I sure didn't skip that step.

* * *

I went with Bryant and Marith to see Lilo & Stitch, which was pretty good. It avoided or toned down many of the traditional Disney flaws, and gets lots of bonus points for the adult female lead not being a Barbie doll. No spoilers, but "Recommended".

Now I am lying around like a slimy lump. Marith and Bryant have gone off to have coffee and witty conversation or something.

* * *

I finally finished Kiln People by David Brin, which I have been reading in bits and pieces on the bus, and am quite pleased with it. I was ready to write him off as a useful author after the hideous bloat of the latest three Uplift books, but he has redeemed himself! Science fiction is the literature of ideas, and Kiln People has them! It is not, like too many books recently, a war story or romance or whatnot with a futuristic setting, but real What-If speculative fiction!

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1 July 2002 - Monday

Sovereign Powers writeup finished! (Fight scenes are easy.)

* * *

Now I have a picture of myself holding the bird Barbara brought in! Thanks to my excellent cow orker Luis Paez!

* * *

Tara flies away tomorrow, so we had Chef Chu's with her tonight, and become round and bloated and photographed. Also I did all the errands I really needed to.

photo by Ambar (Mon Jul 29 19:09:18 2002)

Excellent bird! Excellent Trip! Yay!

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