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31 March 2003 - Monday

Blargh. Work.

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30 March 2003 - Sunday

No gaming tonight! Instead, I showed Chobits to Ayse and Ken (and also Marith, who'd already seen the first two) and Dave (who has seen it all already). Also, there were dried aprocots and bread with sun-dried-tomato pesto and yummy cheese! I left when the peanutbutter-caramel brownies and cream started coming out, though. Sniff!

It was very much too hot today, though. Bleah.

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29 March 2003 - Saturday

Marith and I went over to Harold's to see more of this season's Buffy, including the much-anticipated seventh episode, "Conversations with Dead People". Eeeeeee.

This time, we avoided being sucked into dinner with 29356324 people.

conversations by kit (Mon Mar 31 11:18:42 2003)

Oh, I thought that was a pretty decent ep. I like Cassie.

Re: conversations by Trip (Tue Apr 1 10:39:27 2003)

Sure, it was a fine episode! If it wasn't, I wouldn't have gone "Eeeeeee"!

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28 March 2003 - Friday

Bad things about today:

  • Stupid STUPID [NDA] creatures
  • Not leaving work until 19:00
  • Not being able to fix the actual problem

Good things about today:

  • Got my prescription for antisuckage drugs filled, even at 20:30 on Friday night
  • Completed collection of Exalted material
  • $95 bookstore accident
  • The rest of Christy's cake

So, I guess I have to count it as a net win, although it didn't seem like it for most of the afternoon.

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27 March 2003 - Thursday

Blargh. The unread books near my bed lured me in and held me prisoner until I was very very late, but fortunately Bruce saw me waiting dolefully at the bus stop and gave me a ride. I must remember to not kill his TT character.

* * *

Ha hah! Marith actually does like Chobits! I am all very smug now!

* * *

Stupid STUPID work creatures. I guess I didn't really want to get my prescriptions refilled after all.

* * *

My boss finally declared things "doing well enough" at 21:00. Fortunately, he also gave me a ride home, so I didn't have to hike down to ECR. Not that the exercise wouldn't have done me good, but that would have been like getting home quite late.

Woohoo! by Bruce (Thu Mar 27 15:32:25 2003)

Yay! Sato will live forever! I win!

Longevity by Trip (Thu Mar 27 18:17:56 2003)

Hey, the other PCs have perfectly functional weapons!

(But then, if they haven't done in Mariko, Sato is probably pretty safe. Except from Mariko.)

Mariko by Tamago (Thu Mar 27 19:03:24 2003)

Nobody is safe from Mariko. Even without the onion breath, she's a danger to herself and others.

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26 March 2003 - Wednesday

Hounds of Balazar has been cancelled because Al has to work until 987235 o'clock tonight. This is sad, because I like being a dog, but on the other hand I've been social pretty continuously since last Friday evening, so the opportunity to sit at home like the slimy lump I am is not unappreciated.

* * *

I watched the first five episodes of Ai Yori Aoshi (rewatched the first, really, since Ray showed it the other night). Around episode 4, the harem comedy kicks in and the whole show lurches off into cognitive dissonance. I'm not sure if it's the good or bad sort of CD. I'll probably pick up the next disc, though.

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25 March 2003 - Tuesday

Yay more Steel Angel Kurumi!

This made me think more about Revolutionary Mithril Angel Kurumi, but I still have no solid ideas. Character interaction will be hard.

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24 March 2003 - Monday

Bleah. Monday.

I had fun this weekend, but doing things Friday evening, Saturday afternoon, Saturday evening, Sunday afternoon, and Sunday evening until too late is not much like a restful weekend to prepare for the coming five days of work.

Bleah. Monday.

* * *

Tokyo Tower went well, I think. The players figured they had about one more fight left in them, so I gave them two more fights and they triumphed anyway! Plus, now they have encountered people, so maybe they can swap their huge pile of loot for useful stuff. Or at least clothes.

If they're lucky, their horses might even not have been eaten by invisible mushrooms!

Next session isn't for four weeks, though, because two weeks from now Adam will be in Hong Kong picking up a load of SARS virus to bring back to the US. I'll have to prepare something extremely terrible.

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23 March 2003 - Sunday

Upon waking, I remembered that I actually have food of the requisite varieties left over from last week, so I didn't have to go shopping! Instead, I lay around reading.

* * *

During the afternoon there was light gaming at Dave's, which ended up being Munchkin for some of us and some combination of studying/sleeping/deconstructing anime for others. Dave won Munchkin, but it was a fair game in that everyone had a chance to go for the win, so I can't complain too much.

Marith brought lots of food, including many parasite_ok things, and Ken made me a parasite_ok CHOCOLATE CREAM PIE! When I was a small parasite, I always had chocolate cream pie for my birthday, but then I grew up and became lazy, and now I am a parasite with a defective metabolism, so I figured I would never have it again! But I did, because Ken is Very Clever! Yay!

Also, I lent the Chobits manga to Marith so she can see if it really is better.

* * *

After a break for dinner, Dave and I scuttled over to Ayse & Ken's for The Adventures of Jehane & Alazaïs! The Glowing Radioactive Crater of Doom Gleaming Glade was suitably creepy, but in the end we prevailed over the vile undead and did not have our souls sucked out and stored in dead trees covered with unnaturally phosphorescent moss. Whew!

But we gamed until late, so I am sleepy.

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22 March 2003 - Saturday

We only had three people at AHS, so we went off on a side adventure which involved burning down a police station in the name of the Communist Internationale, or maybe the Underground Weather.

* * *

Millions and jillions of people showed up to yummy Thai dinner, including Christy and Chrisber, who brought me a parasite_ok chocolate-strawberry-marscarpone cake and gift certificates for more parasite_ok treats and a gift certificate for many comics, and Jeremy and Rachel and Miriam, who gave me a big stuffed penguin! Also some other people, who didn't come across with the loot.

We failed to have a cake knife or candles, but the Best Waiter saved us! We gave him a slice of the very very good cake.

The penguin's name is His Imperial Majesty, Maximiliano XXXI, Supreme Penguin of the Northern Shores. He will hang out with the mooses.

* * *

I tried showing Marith and Chrisber Chobits, but they didn't appreciate it as much as Christy and Dave. Hmph.

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21 March 2003 - Friday

Yeep. It's Tripday!

* * *

Ayse and Ken and Marith swooped me away to the city (SF, not NY) and we had dinner in a little hole-in-the-wall in Chinatown called House of Nanking. We did see people marching down Market Street, and there were about 25362193471 cops visible, but otherwise the doom of protests did not impede our yummy dinner. Ayse ordered the Nanking-style sesame chicken and three orders of "whatever", because it is the sort of place where you can do that! Our whatevers turned out to be Chinese greens with 934792 cloves of garlic, some sort of deep-fried fish, and mushu beef. Oh, and Marith ordered green onion pancakes, but the peanut sauce was too spicy for her and we had to rescue her.

Everything was very very good and I strongly recommend House of Nanking to anyone who is not a weird flavor-averse East Coast person.

After that, we went to City Lights, which is the sort of bookstore where "Class Warfare" is its own section. They did sell me a couple of Angela Carter books, though, which is nice because she is on my list of "authors that were mentioned favorably on rec.arts.sf.* so I should check them out". Then we went to Aardvark Books, which was not even that useful. I think I have been spoiled by Book Buyers and Powell's.

Tripday by Ken (Fri Mar 21 11:51:34 2003)

Happy Trip Day!

tripday! by kit (Fri Mar 21 14:07:38 2003)

Tripday, Tripday, happy happy Tripday!

Happy Tripday! by Silkie (Fri Mar 21 20:32:32 2003)

Happy Tripday to the very best of space parasites!

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19 March 2003 - Wednesday

Happy Katieday!

* * *

Ayse is back! She called from the airport and said "SUSHI!" so there was sushi, many tales of the sordid soap opera of Oklahoma, a few tales of the decent people trapped in Oklahoma, ice cream, and many hugs. Many many hugs. It is nice to have an Ayse again!

I got a keycard from the only non-smoking, free-internet, loaner-ethernet-cable-providing hotel in Oklahoma as a souvenir of Ayse & Ken's trip. No, I don't understand either.

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18 March 2003 - Tuesday


* * *

I completed a project at work today that makes me very happy, even though objectively it wasn't that difficult. But it is something everyone has been looking forward to, and it is actually as useful as we hoped, so yay me.

* * *

Sadly, the Steel Angel Kurumi OAVs are not available, so instead we watched the first episode of Ai Yori Aoshi, which is like shonen romance, or something. The opening credits suggest it is of the harem subgenre, but so far we've only seen one girl. I own the first DVD, so I guess I will have to watch it now.

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17 March 2003 - Monday

No more on-call for me! Not that it was terribly bad this past week, but still.

* * *

I had a $140 bookstore accident on the way home from Millbrae. The money wasn't as painful as the weight, though, since I ended up with two grocery bags and the huge bag of books in addition to my backpack. Oof.

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16 March 2003 - Sunday

Sovereign Powers today, with a new plotline about crazed paranormal vigilantes killing scum who got acquitted despite being obviously guilty. Our Heroes can't object to busting into people's homes in the middle of the night, but they can object to killing people (well, some of them can, anyway).

However, since we have cleaned up all the major villains that had been presented to us, a motion was put forth to end the campaign after this plotline, instead of waiting for it to die a miserable lingering death. The motion passed, but the question of what to replace it with has not been answered.

* * *

Ayse came over to borrow the printer, because one can no longer fly back to Oklahoma to attend the funeral of a high-school friend without paper documents. Meep.

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15 March 2003 - Saturday

Marith and I went over to Harold's to work on catching up on this final season of Buffy. We've only seen three episodes, but I already like it 29756293 times better than most of last season!

And Willow is still a babe.

* * *

We went to dinner instead of continuing to watch Buffy, which may have been a mistake because there turned out to be 16 people in our party. However, the small primates were relatively inoffensive, and we got much much better service than on previous Black Angus expeditions, so I guess it was a net positive.

I probably shouldn't have eaten coconut shrimp with black cherry marmalade, but at least I enjoyed my sin!

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14 March 2003 - Friday

On my way in to work this morning, I encountered a rainbow. Remembering many arguments over whether indigo is a real color of the spectrum, I tried to figure out how many stripes I saw, but the answer seems to be "four": orange (shading toward red at the outside edge), yellow, green (shading to blue at the border with violet), and violet. I don't know if this means a) I'm a freak, b) everyone else is a freak, c) the filter of the clouds or some other quality of the light threw everything off, or d) something else.

* * *

I finished the latest Nina Kiriki Hoffman book, A Fistful of Sky, today. I liked it a lot, and not only for the mention of Pretty Sammy! I like all of her books, but the past three or so (A Red Heart of Memories, Past the Size of Dreaming, etc) have not matched my taste as much as her first two, The Thread That Binds the Bones or The Silent Strength of Stones, and this new one is more like those than like the recent ones, and I'll put this sentence out of its misery now.

* * *

Christy was trapped in Men's Wearhouse helping Ray buy a suit for a wedding tomorrow (an experience which sounded eerily like my suit-buying expedition with Marith just before Brad & Flit's wedding), but we did finally succeed in watching Chobits! Unsurprisingly, the continuity doesn't match, but all the same elements are there; just rearranged and in some cases expanded. Christy opined that the anime is different but equally good, I like the manga somewhat better (the anime seems to spend too much screen time on things that aren't what I want from my Chobits experience, but is still amusing!), and Dave has no basis for comparison until I get the manga back from Ayse and lend it to him.

One comment Christy made was to the effect of "It's amazing how a sex comedy can be so cute" My first reaction was "They're CLAMP; they can do that!" but more seriously, I think it's because all the characters we have met so far have been of good will and good heart: no villains and not even any real bozos. Or, put another way, the conflicts are Man vs Nature or Man vs Himself, not so much Man vs Man.

But now I will stop before I get high-school English class flashbacks.

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13 March 2003 - Thursday

Well, the release wasn't as smooth as we might have hoped, but compared to many others, it was just fine. And now we have more Ideas!

* * *

I let Daniel Oak take a picture of me for his poster, even knowing of his Photoshop skill, so I figure my obligation to the company beer bash is fulfilled.

* * *

My, but there's a lot of weather out there.

* * *

Woot! Artificial brains!

Okay, really only part of a brain, and one of the simplest parts at that, but still!


* * *

Ah hah! I have a clever plan for watching Chobits in the maximally enjoyable way, which is to show it to Christy and Dave and maybe other people tomorrow! And then later I get to show it to Ayse, since she has to do homework stuff tomorrow!

* * *

Since Chobits is scheduled for tomorrow, tonight I dug down in the Big Huge Stack of Unwatched Anime DVDs and pulled out Trouble Chocolate. Sadly, after I watched it, I put it in the "Dispose Of" pile. It is not actively bad, but it wants to be in the same genre as FLCL without being quite as cool. Ah well.

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12 March 2003 - Wednesday

Bleah. Development can't get things in by the deadline for when they want them released, so Bruce and I had to work late to compensate. However, we now think the release will go smoothly, as we have encountered and overcome many problems tonight.

* * *

Muahahahahahaha! I have Chobits anime! I will wait for another night to watch it, though, when I can appreciate it more fully.

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10 March 2003 - Monday

Doctor's appointment in Santa Clara at 12:00, and I need to stop by the local Kaiser and get phlebotomized, so working from home for me today.

* * *

Doom. I will never have a conveniently-scheduled appointment, because the doctor is only in from 9:00 to 13:00. :(

* * *

Now I prepare for Tokyo Tower! Thus! And so!

* * *

Now I run Tokyo Tower! Thus! And so! With an extra helping of undead! And not much treasure, but perhaps soon they will find some.

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9 March 2003 - Sunday

Shoppingu, shoppingu, la la la.

* * *

This time I remembered to go to Ayse & Ken's for gaming! I was rewarded with, well, gaming. LEVEL UP! (Not that we've actually solved any problems yet, alas.)

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8 March 2003 - Saturday

No Amber High School today; scheduling doom.

* * *

As I was starting to think about going out for dinner, Chrisber and Christy called and asked if I was interested in dinner! So we had yummy Indian food and then came back to my place and had Fun.

The new Cheapass games Lightspeed and Steam Tunnels are pretty fun and not all brainhurting like Nexus or The Cleverer Than You Pipe Game. We played them in the wrong order, though. Aquarius, from the makers of Fluxx, is also fun, but I failed to win and handed the victory to Christy by being LAME. Ah well.

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7 March 2003 - Friday

Yay Friday! Although now I have to do my status report so it is obvious just how little I have accomplished this week. :(

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5 March 2003 - Wednesday

Mary Gentle rocks. (Link swiped from Neil Gaiman's blog, so you know it's good.)

I, on the other hand, will be over here in a deep deep pit.

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4 March 2003 - Tuesday

Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday! Monnnnnster Scrrripts!

Which is to say, I spent all afternoon collaborating with Bruce on a system of scripts that makes a certain internal process very nearly a single command, instead of the mind-warping maze of twisty little changes, all subtly different, that it was yesterday. Go us!

* * *

Steel Angel Kurumi has ended! This makes me sad, because I liked it, possibly more than it deserves. Next week, we have er well something else, I guess. Or maybe just more of what we have now (Magical Project S, Princess Nine, and Ayashi no Ceres).

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3 March 2003 - Monday

I angsted about TooMUSH Novel Writing Month in Millbrae today. I'm not sure any actual decision-making happened, but I now seem to be able to decide to not do TooNoWriMo because it's already the third and I have plenty of other writing I'm not caught up on, not to mention a pile of unwatched anime that will kill me if there's an earthquake.

So there.

* * *

Finally done the AQoJ writeup. Now I just need to do the two Sovereign Powers sessions from er a month ago.

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2 March 2003 - Sunday

Astoundingly lame parasite. :(

I played zangband all afternoon and into the evening, and then decided I should probably do shopping stuff, so I went to Armadillo Willy's to get some dinner before pillaging the supermarket on my way home. Just as my food arrived, though, I got desperate messages on my cell phone wondering why I wasn't at gaming, which had started half an hour ago.

Stupid STUPID parasite creature. :(

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1 March 2003 - Saturday

Yay! Marith became well! We zoom!

* * *

Yay! Al and Sherilyn use the dungeon pieces I gave them!

* * *

Amazon Quintet of Justice Vd: "The Altar of the Dead God! Ophidiophobia!"

As they pause to catch their breath, the Amazons are spied upon by a pair of snake-men. Alyra gets one, but the other escapes to warn his creepy buddies. The distant sound of chanting increases in tempo.

Following the snake-man through the labyrinth, Our Heroines walk into an ambush by another pair of archers, but quickly take one prisoner and put the other to flight. The escapee opens the portcullis confining most of the temple's undead reserves as he flees, but a mummy and a few ghasts are no match for the righteous might of the Amazons, and soon they reach the heart of the temple, which is guarded by two immense zombies, two mummies, two snake-men, and a human-headed snake, while an armed snake conducts a ritual over the sphinx lying with his head on the altar.

Gabe teleports to the far end of the room with Fresa, to assault the priestess-snake directly, but everyone else is bottled up at the entrance by the undead. As soon as the priestess moves away from the altar, Amaryllis encases the altar and sphinx in a dome of ice, but that doesn't contain the sphinx's mighty roars, which paralyzes several combatants on both sides.

Sophia is almost killed by one of the mummies while she stands paralyzed, but the Cutest Evil Monk appears and drags her to safety. At separate times, Serenity and Alyra are pinned beneath the falling zombies, but so is one of the mummies. Possibly the most dangerous opponent, however, is the naga, who supports the other villains with enhancement spells, and splits herself into multiple images to confuse people trying to get rid of her. The snake-men add to the excitement by giving various people a phobia of anything snake-like.

When the sphinx breaks out of the ice dome and charges across a field of magical caltrops to defend the priestess, Amaryllis realizes that he must be enchanted, and tries to break the spell, but only succeeds in removing all his enhancements. When Gabe realizes what's going on, though, he successfully breaks the sphinx free, and the carnage really begins. In the excitement, the Cutest Evil Monk reaches the altar and escapes with something, but Sophia can't justify killing him, as he just saved her life.

Hard-pressed, the surviving villains retreat into a glowing magical portal which opens up behind the altar, but the sphinx leaps in after them, so after a few moments the Amazons do too. In the small room beyond, they find a few human cultists fighting the sphinx with some success, and the naga doing what she can to back them up. Alyra, Serenity, and Gabe have some problems because the room is too small to be stuck in with snakes, but eventually the sphinx is rescued and, after a great deal of effort, the naga is put down and Darrin and Stephen are rescued!

The altar having been satisfactorily desecrated (as well as the heartstone removed), Our Heroines return to town with their new portable extradimensional campsite and a ring that lets a sorceress cast many more spells every day (the secret of the naga's apparently unlimited mirror image spells). The sphinx, Leo, travels with them part-way, but flies off before they reach Tigris.

Since the Cutest Evil Monk did save Sophia, Amaryllis keeps the date he invited her to. No carnage ensues, to the disappointment of some.

Gabe also sticks around until he can go out to dinner with Sophia. Apparently he meets her high moral standards!

* * *

Despite having driven up in the morning, we drive back in the evening instead of staying overnight, because Marith has many things to do tomorrow.

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