Previously, in Trip's Life...

30 April 2003 - Wednesday

Okay, that was more like sleep.

* * *

...more marvelous is the truth than any artists of the past imagined it... What men are poets who can speak of Jupiter if he were a man, but if he is an immense spinning sphere of methane and ammonia must be silent?

Richard Feynman

* * *

Comics. Laundry. Failure to come up with a Tokyo Tower adventure. Parasite_OK icecream. Bed.

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29 April 2003 - Tuesday

Having dreams about running D&D very badly is not a lot like sleeping restfully, it seems. I got up, turned off the alarm, sat down, and didn't notice anything until I should have caught the bus twenty minutes ago. Blargh.

Then, before I even started on my bagels'n'drugs, I was drafted for training on something I've never had to work on and hopefully never will. Now it's almost 16:00 and I'm busy riveting the paper manacles of my new corporate overlords onto my own wrists. Blargh.

* * *

Hah. I did one piece of actual work.

* * *

The tomb of Gilgamesh?!

* * *

I guess I didn't do that work after all, or anyway I did it wrong. I will have to implement a real config file tomorrow.

* * *

A parasite with two brain cells to rub together would have gone home and gone to bed, so as to be conscious for tomorrow. I, on the other hand, threw some stuff into a bag and headed out for Whisman Station Anime.

* * *

Not dead yet.

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28 April 2003 - Monday

All meetings all the time! First, we had to be informed that we had been sold to new corporate overlords and be addressed by our new master from his station in the breeding pits of his tribe, then we had to be educated in what our new overlords require of us. I skipped out of the latter meeting to go to Millbrae, but I'll probably have a make-up meeting tomorrow.

Needless to say, no work was accomplished. But I got a bookbag as swag, which makes me happy. Maybe I can even score another one, so I can have one bag for D&D and one for other games!

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27 April 2003 - Sunday

I did nothing of any consequence until Ayse called to lure me to sushi. Then I ate sushi! I'm not sure I broke even on the all-I-could-eat special, since I only had four rolls, but one of them was Super California, so maybe it was okay. (Ayse, who is like HALF my mass, ate five rolls! Yeek!)

Then we lay around the Ayse&Kenlair gaming. I hogged all the screentime by being the sneaky one, but despite some good impromptu mook dialogue from Ken, the plot only inched forward.

Sushi! by Dor (Tue Apr 29 11:24:53 2003)

More than a decade ago, All-You-Can-Eat Sushi was a ritual occasion. The day of the ritual, one fasted until Sushi Time, so that the maximum quantity could be consumed. Oddly enough, the person who usually ate the most (about 40 pieces) was also the smallest, but we have doubts about whether s/he is actually human, given the fact that eating that much sushi still wasn't enough to prevent hir from bouncing afterwards.

Re: Sushi! by Trip (Wed Apr 30 08:28:06 2003)

Cool! Sushi-powered aliens!

I think the fasting part is where I fell down, since I actually ate lunch that day.

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26 April 2003 - Saturday

Amber High School! Finally, we conduct the daring commando raid to destroy the Vampire Juggernaut, which goes pretty well (which is to say, only unnamed characters die). Then Fiona, Demon Goddess of Amber, shows up to Tia's temple in Charter...

Dave and Ken between them provided sandwich makings so we didn't actually have to go anywhere or exert any effort to have dinner.

* * *

After sitting down all day, I had to move or DIE, so I walked down to Safeway to buy enhanced-parasitism icecream. When I got home, I watched the first two episodes of A Little Snow Fairy, Sugar because, er, I wasn't doing anything important with that masculinity anyway. The main character reminds me a lot of Robert.

Little Snow Fairy Sugar! by Tamago (Tue Apr 29 11:28:46 2003)

I've never seen the show, but Tani is a re-colored version of Sugar. Could you tell?

Re: Little Snow Fairy Sugar! by Trip (Wed Apr 30 08:27:24 2003)

You actually said when you first displayed your work, but I think it's pretty obvious. :)

I will lend you the first four episodes if you want. They are tremendously cute, or maybe even cuter than that.

Little Snow Fairy Sugar! by Tamago (Thu May 1 11:48:54 2003)

Cute! Cute! OK!

Re: Little Snow Fairy Sugar! by Trip (Thu May 1 14:04:43 2003)

Okay, I'll try to remember to bring the DVD to TT. Which you should send me mail about, BTW.

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25 April 2003 - Friday

We finally got to finish Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. It was still pretty cheesy, and didn't have enough nice scenery, oh well.

* * *

More Ai Yori Aoshi at home. It continues to be a weird mixture of sincere romance and slapstick cheesecake, but the ferret is very cute.

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24 April 2003 - Thursday

Did I do anything today? Well, work stuff. Wheee. And laundry. And I finished Earth Maiden Arjuna. I'm not sure I was satisfied by the ending, but it was of a piece with the rest of the series, so I can't fault it in that regard.

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23 April 2003 - Wednesday

I just got my termination letter from AltaVista!

Okay, I also got an offer letter from Overture for the same position and salary, but that lessens the impact of announcing the termination letter.

* * *

Finally, Hounds of Balazar! After the long hiatus, we spent a lot of time getting back into the game, so we didn't make a lot of progress on the plot, but we got xp and we found a mummified troll and we weren't all eaten by griffins or smilodons, so I figure that's at least a qualified success.

* * *

Shredded by crystal drakes, AGAIN. Grr. I think I need to develop a stronger sense of cowardice and flee to buy shard resistance when I see the fateful quest message.

TErmination letter! by Silkie (Wed Apr 23 20:43:34 2003)

Waugh! Don't scare me like that!

Re: Waugh! Don't scare me like that! by Trip (Thu Apr 24 08:45:45 2003)

But you're so cute when you hyperventilate!

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22 April 2003 - Tuesday

Two new attempts at private spaceflight have been announced recently: one by the (ex)CEO of PayPal and more interestingly, one by Burt Rutan. The Rutan vehicles are extremely freaky-looking.

Many previous attempts have failed and died miserably, of course (alas, Roton!), but Rutan certainly has a track record of accomplishment. I guess we'll see!

Digressively, one of the popular arguments against/excuses for failure of private spaceflight is that spaceflight is Much Much Harder Than Air Travel. Of course, air travel is Much Much Harder than ground travel, so by analogy shouldn't we expect spaceflight to be cheaper and another order of magnitude safer yet?

* * *

Magical Project S got a sudden plot twist, but other than that, no new developments at Whisman Station Anime. Oh, except that we actually started watching anime at 19:00, instead of 19:30 or 19:45 or whenever the latest person felt like showing up (which was actually only 19:15 tonight, so it was a timely night all around).

Yet More Spaceflight by Jim (Mon Apr 28 11:55:08 2003)

There's also one by Jeff Bezos, Amazon Guy. I apparently know the VP of Engineering for that one (Blue Origin) - several ex-JPL Techers there.

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21 April 2003 - Monday

Hm. Looks like the article I linked to on Friday has gotten a lot of attention. There is some skepticism among the more scientifically-trained, but the claims seem possible, though awfully good. On the other hand, turkey guts (chock full of chemical energy, mmmmmm) are probably the best case, or near to it.

If it's for real, we'll hear more about it. If not, it will go the way of people who claim to make networks that break the Shannon limit, or write speech-recognizers that work perfectly in +40dB noise.

* * *

Big battle against the big undead in Tokyo Tower tonight, which is not much like more NPC interaction, but did seem to provide some sense of (potentially false) closure. Plus, ph4t l3wts and level UP!

Skeptical by Jim (Mon Apr 21 12:43:21 2003)

I read the article and visited the website. All of the website news releases are 2 years old. It would be nice if it was real, but two hours for that kind of an industrial process seems pretty fast to me. Also, decomposing into mostly nice, short-chain hydrocarbons suitable for heating oil, seems almost too convenient. Like you said, we'll either hear a lot more about it, or it's fake.

Very Skeptical by Carl (Thu Apr 24 02:54:19 2003)

It seems curious to me that a scientist capable of that kind of breakthrough doesn't show up anywhere else in Google (has he published any papers?), but I only spent a few minutes poking around for him and the CEO, not any serious effort. Some blogs of those who know more about chemical engineering than I seemed pretty dubious about it, and I've typically found such all-singing all-dancing hyper-promotional claims tend to be scams, but if it's the real thing, then good for them.

Compare and Contrast with Rutan's air-launched Single-stage-to-orbit, which sounds very plausible to me given his track record in other amazing aerospace achievements. Go him!

Re: Skepticism by Trip (Thu Apr 24 09:07:33 2003)

We'll see! At least they aren't obviously violating any basic laws of physics, but perhaps I just underestimate the subtlety of scamsters.

Rutan's thing isn't really SSTO because it a) is only suborbital and b) has two stages, but I'm sure the next version will be SSTAnywhere. It's just that the compound-eyed aliens who gave him the design don't want to damage Earth's memetosystem by introducing antigravity straight off.

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20 April 2003 - Sunday

Adam and I were the only ones to show up at Bueno Bueno and feast upon the Mexican fastfood, but that's not surprising, since Jeremy is enfamilied, Chrisber and Christy were enfamilied or something, and who know what happened to Earl? Not that he usually shows up anyway. Dave, of course, never shows up to food events.

With the efficiency that comes from small group size, we finished in time for me to walk home via Trader Joe's so I don't have to go shopping tonight. Of course, I was on-called just before I got home, so I wasn't actually on time, but I was able to solve the problem through sheer psychic force, which is always satisfying. (Still no progress on fixing national problems with the power of my mind; sorry, Greg!)

I went prepared for Sovereign Powers, but Earl never showed up, or even called, so instead Adam and I admired Dave's l33t Final Fantasy X sk1llz until Chrisber and Christy showed up, and then we played Fluxx, Aquarius, and Doctor Lucky Captain Park's Imaginary Polar Expedition before devolving into a search for the lost art of conversation.

* * *

Yummy sushi!

* * *

Saint Tail is a very cute show. And, er, nice gams!

missing Earls by marith (Mon Apr 21 20:39:56 2003)

Meep! I hope he is okay :/ This whole invisible Earl thing is getting worrisome.

Re: missing Earls by Trip (Tue Apr 22 08:33:37 2003)

He turns up occasionally! I think he's just spending a lot of time at home with Cat.

Re: missing Earls by chrisber (Tue Apr 22 12:48:14 2003)

Earl and Cat have been missing in Germany for the past week. I have personally witnessed their physical existence on Saturday, when they stopped by to thank Christy for cat-sitting.

Re: missing Earls by Trip (Tue Apr 22 13:50:14 2003)

Well, yes, but what I want to know is where he was on Sunday afternoon!

Re: missing Earls by Tamago (Wed Apr 23 11:38:34 2003)

Well, they did say something about needing to go shopping when they left on Saturday. I dunno, those mall crowds can be pretty vicious.

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19 April 2003 - Saturday

Did I do anything today? Need you even ask?

Well, okay, I got my shit together quickly enough to get to Thai City before they closed, so I was able to eat their strange special of the day: ground chicken breast in an unexpectedly spicy and unfortunately sweet sauce, over hard-boiled eggs that had been shelled and... lightly deep-fried, maybe? The outside was brown and sort of wrinkly, kind of like the surface of fried tofu. The bulk was just hard-boiled egg, though, which is something I possibly don't eat often enough.

I flailed uselessly with several tentacles at Tokyo Tower preparation, but didn't actually get anywhere. I think I am adequately prepared for Monday, but I should still work more on large-scale plot, since after I showed Christy the instruments, she admitted that maybe it would be okay to find out more about the world and what's going on.

Eventually Marith came over and we finished watching the last Rurouni Kenshin DVD she owns. We need to find someplace to rent the other 293569253 episodes now.

Rurouni Kenshin by Carl (Thu Apr 24 02:48:38 2003)

Isn't Cartoon Network showing Rurouni Kenshin now? Or have you already seen all those episodes? They're about to start over on episode 1 (of 36) of Inuyashi. Reign the Conqueror (visual design by the guy who did Aeon Flux, apparently) seemed pretty dull, at least to my tastes.

Kim Possible is still keen, although new episodes appear only slowly, alas.

This message brought to you by the Wonders of TiVo.

Re: Rurouni Kenshin by Trip (Thu Apr 24 08:49:30 2003)

TiVo? Isn't that something used by people with cable or at least broadcast TV?

Also, would this be the American Television Network that re-edited Card Captor Sakura so it wouldn't have a female main character, and eliminated Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune's relationship from Sailor Moon?

anime by marith (Thu Apr 24 14:49:29 2003)

Sadly, I wouldn't trust any anime shown on American TV either, and besides, the dub is icky. They gave the poor main character a Deadpan Hero Voice(tm) that completely fails to convey his actual personality.

Reign the Conqueror looks pretty silly.

Ads for Kim Possible are appearing in the back of tokyopop manga volumes now, and well, you can tell which series among the several advertised is the American one without even reading the text. But if the plot is good, then hey. Will have to look for it.

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18 April 2003 - Friday

Cool. Seems like it might even be nonbogus.

* * *

Many of my cow orkers went to see some stupid Adam Sandler movie this afternoon, since work paid for it. I didn't want to see the movie, so I stayed at work, which let stupid STUPID engineer creatures ask me to make gross hacks to stuff at 16:00. Grrr.

Although Angie's even worse off, having to do millions of stupid backup tasks for our new corporate masters. And even if she had gone, they would probably have dragged her out of the movie.

* * *

Watched the first DVD of Rune Soldier, because Ray said it was amusing. It was, but not so amazingly so that I feel a great need to buy more of it. And what is that fighter (not) wearing? Is it even possible to do heroic fantasy without being parodic any more?

Also, isn't it wacky how you can change the meanging of a sentence just by changing where you put the emphasis? Even after Adam solves the speech recognition problem, natural-language processing will continue to be a bitch and a half.

'stupid Adam Sandler movie' by Bruce (Mon Apr 21 08:59:11 2003)

The stupid Adam Sandler movie was actually pretty good. Definitely worth seeing for free. Hell, definitely worth getting paid to watch it. :)

Re: 'stupid Adam Sandler movie' by Trip (Mon Apr 21 09:27:24 2003)

The trailers for Adam Sandler movies make me think, "A quick death is too good for the species that produced this. A lingering space virus is the only hope." I'm afraid I'm just not their target audience. (Well, okay, I have money to spend on movie tickets, so they were aiming at me, but they missed. By a lot.)

I would have gone to see Bulletproof Monk again, but our corporate masters are not that cool.

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16 April 2003 - Wednesday

It's like that Steven Wright joke: 'Did you sleep well?' "No, I made a few mistakes." I'm not sure what my mistakes were, but the unsatisfactory results make it clear that there were some.

* * *

Cow orker Bruce, boss Greg, and I went to see Bulletproof Monk after work. Other cow orker Angie bailed on us because she was scared off by the bad reviews and then someone bribed her with Indian food. The people who wrote the bad reviews were idjits, though. Bulletproof Monk wasn't one of Chow Yun Fat's best, but it was a perfectly good Feng Shui adventure HK-style action movie. Plus, it had a flock of cranes circling overhead!

Angie also didn't see the preview with undead pirates, because she believed the reviews and the Indian food. Neener!

bah! by Angie (Thu Apr 17 10:11:26 2003)

Well, I'm going to see it on Saturday afternoon, so there! Mmm, undead pirates. Can't wait for that one!

Bulletproof Monk! by liralen (Fri Apr 18 08:58:01 2003)

Cool! It's good to know that it's worth seeing!! I saw a quick blurb on it and went Ooooo!! Chow Yung Fat!!

Re: Bulletproof Monk! by Trip (Fri Apr 18 09:45:24 2003)

It is! And the more I talked about it with Kit, the more I felt it was worth having seen, so you should talk to Kit too!

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15 April 2003 - Tuesday

This is, as Bryant says, the best line about the French ever:

It's not true that the French are ungrateful for what the Americans did in WW2. In fact they're so inspired by the American example that they plan to wait two years until they personally are attacked, then join the coalition and pretend the war against Saddam was all their idea.

* * *

The new anime is 3 x 3 Eyes, which I have seen before. Oh well. It's only the first two episodes I've seen over and over. :)

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14 April 2003 - Monday

Hm, not as doomed as I expected. Still kind of sleepy, though.

* * *

Millbrae. Millbrae. OK.

* * *

Tonight's anime: Tenchi Forever, the third Tenchi Muyo movie. Sadly it was not all that good, or at least not all that interesting. Yes, atmosphere-building is important, but I think it could have been done just as well in less time, thus allowing the plot to be something other than dead simple.

Oh well.

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13 April 2003 - Sunday

More nothing. Grocery shopping.

* * *

Adventures of Jehan & Alazais! We have implemented our solution to the salt mire and destroyed the Artifact of Tremendous Evil and its demon! Level UP!

* * *

Didn't get to sleep for ever and ever. Will be doomed tomorrow.

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12 April 2003 - Saturday

Blargh. Slept in and slept in and slept in and did nothing even vaguely like writing. Or even like eating lunch.

* * *

Mid-afternoon, Marith and guests called to ask if I knew how to get to the Redwood City BAMM location. I didn't, but my exo-memory did, so I was able to save them. Go me.

* * *

Early evening, Marith and guests (Tom, her old er-um from college,and his wife JoyEllen (I think; I might not have caught the name)) showed up to use my TV to watch the Top Ten Silliest Songs from Veggie Tales and play with zomes. JoyEllen made a strange yet cool critter; the rest of us made whatsits.

Marith brought me a stuffed plush sore-throat virus and a matching cold virus to be Flerb's friends! Yay!

Through sheer force of forcefulness, I arranged food at Chef Chu's with Ayse and Ken for when they got back from Ayse finishing up assisting, and made it come to pass, despite the excessive quantity of rain outside. Yum, Mandarin beef sticks! Yum, sizzling rice soup! Yum, tea-smoked duck! Yum, black pepper beef! Yum, Hong Kong-style crispy pan-fried noodles!

It turns out that JoyEllen is a composer, of actual music, and her day is trying to persuade a high-powered NY law firm to give up their traditions of information hoarding and all-against-all. That seems pretty cool.

I wimped out of going for coffee and additional conversation, so that I can do laundry so I don't have to be naked tomorrow. 'cause really, no one wants that.

* * *

Watched the first DVD of .hack//SIGN. It is kind of slow, but could turn out to be interesting. Or it could turn out to be horribly cheesy; it's still in the discovering-mysteries phase, not the revealing-mysteries phase. Bonus points for having all scenes set in the MUD (okay, except that one five-second bit at the end of episode 1, but that was worth it).

I like the opening song and animation more than is probably warranted.

* * *

New zangband character doing acceptably. Bruises from falling off wagon healing nicely.

Still not king. Stupid serpent.

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11 April 2003 - Friday

After many many weeks of things breaking at lunchtime on Friday, or Greg giving away our reservation for the room with spiffy A/V equipment, or not having a quorum, we have finally watched anime again! As a break (er...) from the nigh-endless Ranma ½, Bruce brought Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, which was not as bad as I had been lead to believe, despite being in English. (Apparently it was done in English originally; wacky!) Stupid locked A/V closet and not wanting to skive off the entire afternoon meant we only watched the first half, but at least now we have incentive to not skip next week.

Possibly this makes me a philistine, but I think the people-who-decide-what-things-look-like (set designers, except it's animated so there aren't any sets) who did this would do well at an animated version of Gene Wolfe's Book of the New Sun. The setting of VHD:B isn't actually right for BotNS, being based on too many other things, but it has the right feel.

To me, anyway.

* * *

More anime goodness (in a completely different genre): I finished watching the second disc of Mahoromatic tonight, as an alternative to doing anything useful. It is still wacky, with strange serious bits here and there. Who says comedy and tragedy are different genres?

* * *

Wagh! My best ever zangband character, level 30, was killed at 2350 feet by crystal drakes and it was all my fault for not teleporting away sooner! Wagh!

Maybe I don't want to play zangband anymore.

fallen zcomrades by Marith (Mon Apr 14 12:20:51 2003)

Wah! I sympathize; my best priest ever, who had finally gotten all the cool extra spellbooks, just died too. Nose to nose with a gorgimera is not the best place to discover you don't have paralysis resistance.

And you should play the hack theme for me so we can decide if it is good enough for Animeechoes II! I am liking the Chobits closing theme, but that may just be me and not innate coolness.

Re: fallen zcomrades by Trip (Tue Apr 15 08:46:12 2003)

Wow. I've never gotten even the third spell book, never mind the whole set of four. I did have speed +16, though. Sniff.

Chris Siebenmann also likes the Chobits closing theme, so it's not just you. Dunno if it's innate coolness or not. :)

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9 April 2003 - Wednesday

Stupid STUPID bus creature failed to show up on time, so I had to stand outside in the pollen for an extra half-hour. I hope the trees appreciate my generosity in providing a nasal love hotel for them.

* * *

It's a good thing I remembered to take the gift certificate Chrisber & Christy gave me for Parasiteday along to Lee's, because this is the week of 32956392432 graphic novels!

* * *

Eventually I stopped playing zangband long enough to watch the Love Hina spring special. It was amusing, but the art was definitely inferior. Ah well.

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8 April 2003 - Tuesday

Getting up an hour early wouldn't be so bad if I were able to go to bed an hour early. Blargh.

I had kind of a cool dream, though, although most of the intensity was in the feelings of loss and separation as the heroes parted in the barren marble halls of the dark lord's palace, many of them knowingly going to doomed final stands and the rest with not much better odds. There was a cool sword, though, which cut through stone (or legions of monsters) like butter and could vary the size of the blade from nothing at all to absurdly long, or even make it open out like a fan (like Pixy Misa's sword). Despite the obvious symbolism, though, Pyrasquiel was female, or at least appeared in human form as a young woman with short black hair in a sleek 1920s kind of style.

* * *

We have reached the end of Princess Nine! I'm not sure it was an ideal ending, but it was definitely an ending, which puts it above quite a few works of fiction.

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7 April 2003 - Monday

Bleah. First Monday of saved daylight really sucks.

* * *

Tokyo Tower went okay, although there should probably have been more NPC interaction and less less ravening of the undead. I had multiple NPCs written up who never got screen time!

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6 April 2003 - Sunday

Hm. Nope, the energy I lost wasn't behind the couch. I wonder where it went?

* * *

Ayse was not flat after BAMM, so we had more AoJ&A. It turns out that Our Heroines have the Maguffin of Ginormous Evil in their possession, and now everyone knows because they had to get a lead-lined box made to transport it in, and the market for lead-lined boxes in a quasi-medieval town of a few hundred is not that large. Oh well.

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5 April 2003 - Saturday

All the energy I was hoping to display today got sort of lost. Maybe it's behind the couch. Anyway, we made it to Harold's to see two more episodes of this season's Buffy, and then the third-season episode where the Big Bad for this season first appears as monster-of-the-week. Maybe it wasn't lying about being big and scary!

* * *

I meant to work on my stack of unwatched anime, but instead I ate barbecue and played zangband until my brain fell out. Then I put all the clocks forward an hour and fell over on top of my brain. Splat.

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4 April 2003 - Friday

I also resemble this.

* * *

Grr. Stupid STUPID work creatures. I spent the first half of the day shovelling new code out to all 4573902 machines. Finally we turned it on, and about 538512 of them immediately broke, so I spent the second half of the day shovelling the old code out to those 4573902 machines. Grr.

* * *

When I got home, there was voicemail from Ayse suggesting Mythos Fun, so I gathered up the Ginormous Bag of Fun and went over and indeed, there was Mythos Fun! I was betrayed by whoever designed the deck I played, which did not have the four subtypes of monsters required for an adventure, so hmph. There was brie and good bread and hard sausage, and Ken tried to make parasite_ok brownies but was foiled by the bizarre properties of Splenda (all the butter boiled out! wacky!), and then Ayse crushed us all like the insects we are, so that was all good.

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3 April 2003 - Thursday

I resemble this remark! (From Ambar's LJ)

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2 April 2003 - Wednesday

What's bigger than a giant squid? Why, a COLOSSAL squid, of course!

Maybe you could use this laser rifle-8 to fend one off...

* * *

Oh, and don't forget the Cats from Saturn!

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1 April 2003 - Tuesday


(No, really!)

* * *

Alas, I have no joke here.

* * *

Sniff! We are out of Steel Angel Kurumi again!

Sadly, the OAVs (which are OAVs only in the sense of never having been shown on TV) have not given me any better ideas for Revolutionary Mithril Angel Kurumi.

Okay, maybe that's actually for the best.

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