Previously, in Trip's Life...

31 July 2003 - Thursday

Raining? It's the end of July and it's raining? What's up with that?

Not that I mind a bit less of the unfiltered solar radiation beating down on my carapace, mind you.

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30 July 2003 - Wednesday

Whee, 8:30 all-hands. My boss3 is a Windowshead, sigh.

* * *

Via Janne's LJ:


is a Giant Squid that can Generate Electricity and Phase in and out of Existence, carries a Flamethrower, and has Prehensile Eyes.

Strength: 7 Agility: 7 Intelligence: 8

To see if your Giant Battle Monster can
defeat space_parasite, enter your name and choose an attack:

fights space_parasite using

* * *

Despite Rashomon-style scheduling, we successfully gathered for a make-up session of The Adventures of Jehan & Alazaïs, in which we discovered that if we had only asked the old wizard earlier, we could have skipped over weeks of mystification. Hmph.

Raar! by Flit (Wed Jul 30 17:46:15 2003)


Re: Raar! by Trip (Thu Jul 31 08:18:09 2003)

Curses! There is only one way I can beat you!

Woo! by Flit (Thu Jul 31 12:47:30 2003)

You get TWO attacks! And are clever in how you use 'em!

Re: Raar! by Velcro (Thu Jul 31 22:29:20 2003)

Chrisber is on his honeymoon, so it is up to me to defend the family honor. How did they rate me so accurately?

Re: Raar! by Trip (Fri Aug 1 08:27:53 2003)

Hmph! You may be bloated and howling, but your vegetable intellect is no match for my cephalopodic genius!

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29 July 2003 - Tuesday

Bleah, extra mail from taking a long weekend. Extra extra mail from something wigging out on Saturday, too. Oh well.

* * *

Okay Millbrae. My homework is to strike up conversations with people. Meep.

* * *

We finished Chance Pop Session (apparently known in Japan as Chance Triangle Session, which actually seems like a better title). No one was surprised at the ending.

homework by marith (Wed Jul 30 16:47:45 2003)

I bet conversations in LJ and newsgroups count! Make some posts!

Re: homework by Trip (Thu Jul 31 08:20:59 2003)

I don't think they do, actually.

re: homework by kit (Thu Jul 31 10:02:57 2003)

I think Trip's probably right. :)

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28 July 2003 - Monday

Playing hooky from work because my doctor's appointment in Santa Clara fits poorly with VTA service to the benighted wasteland where I work.

* * *

No Tokyo Tower tonight, because Chrisber and Christy are still eloped. zangband instead.

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27 July 2003 - Sunday

Lazy, lazy parasite.

Well, okay, I filled four garbage bags with crap I'm throwing away so I don't have to move it, but that's just the beginning.


Wanna MOVE already!

* * *

Made a brief appearance at Rachel's birthday party, where much BAMM was discussed. I er ate a lot of fruit, having nothing to contribute.

* * *

Finished the disc of The Twelve Kingdoms. The plot thickens in a somewhat standard way, but it looks like they may be getting to the really weird bits soon. I will buy the next disc, I expect.

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26 July 2003 - Saturday

There's I-L sorted and bagged, but I can't shelve them until I shift around what's already on the shelves to put the empty bit where I need it. So, to bed.

At least it's not 1:00 yet...

* * *

Finished another Exalted supplement. I really should run. If er Ayse is ever not completely scheduled.

* * *

Yummy Thai lunch! Also, third Ukiah Oregon book. Still good.

* * *

Shlep, shlep, shlep. Okay, there's I-L shelved.

* * *

Argh! My good ADOM character was killed by greater claw bugs! Sulk.

* * *

Done! I had to cannibalize bags from comics that are going away to finish bagging the ones I'm keeping, but they are now all shelved!

This is a pretty low value of "done", alas, since I still have to deal with the goingaway pile, and I still have to MOVE! AUGH! but my livingroom floor is much more navigable, so I'm going to count it as an accomplishment.

Next: take the three things I actually care about off my bedroom table, and throw away the rest without mercy or remorse.

* * *

Now that I have my livingroom back, I can watch anime again! The disc on top of the pile was The Twelve Kingdoms, so I watched that. It is approximately the same genre as Fushigi Yuugi, but the main character isn't quite as self-destructively dim. She is kind of a watering-pot, though.

I'll at least watch the rest of the disc.

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25 July 2003 - Friday

Hey, cool. Evolutionary poetry.

* * *

Melt your eyes! (via Laura)

* * *

We watched the first 5/ 9 of Animatrix, despite insidious attempts to substitute Indian food for anime. It was okay; might have been better if the original movie hadn't had such a huge stupid bit right in the middle.

* * *

I finally got around to giving notice today. Sniff. My current landthings are anime fans, even! But they cannot give me a three-bedroom apartment, never mind a cheap one.

On the plus side, since I have been in this apartment for 2903562934 years, I do not have to pay for either painting or cleaning, which is nice.

* * *

A big box full of books arrived from Kepler's. Sigh. More stuff to move. But at least now I have another box and a lot of bubblewrap!

* * *

G-H shelved.

* * *

Woot! Finally completed the carpenter quest in ADOM, and got some climbing gear!

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24 July 2003 - Thursday

Another day of nothing much. I did get A through F sorted, bagged, and shelved, so there is now a path across the living room.

I still suck at ADOM.

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23 July 2003 - Wednesday

Today's worklunch: Thai City. Yum!

* * *

Hm, looks like the Bertaninuptials are the only event that gets to happen this week. But it was a doozy!

* * *

Well, now I have bags for my good comics, and boxes in which to place my less-good comics to keep them out of the way/transport them to their doom. So I could be cleaning up my livingroom floor. But instead I'm playing ADOM. Badly.

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21 July 2003 - Monday

"Superstition can perhaps be defined as the application of literary rules of configuration to reality." (Scott McMillin. "The Figure of Silence in The Spanish Tragedy." ELH 39:1 (1972) p. 41, but stolen from Truepenny's LJ)

* * *

Gwack! I have been calling Christy "Christyber" but now it is TRUE! Gwack gwack GWACK!

Congratulationses to the happy elopers!

Pictures in Flit's LJ.


And hey, when did Carl get special marrying-people powers?

* * *

I delivered the money order for the rest of the upfront payment on my new parasitelair. There's no escape now.

To figure out what my new address will be, add 294 to my current street address and 215 to my current apartment number.

I expect to be moving the week from 18 August to 25 August. Sadly, that starts on a Monday, so the furniture might not go until the weekend. Oh well.

* * *

Argh! I have so much stuff I can't even GET to my stuff!

I think I should probably go through and ruthlessly discard everything I can reach that I don't use regularly, which hopefully will clear out enough space that I can shuffle around things like comics that need processing.

Oh, and get a semi to take my unwanted books and comics to a good home.


Migrating Parasites by Lynx (Tue Jul 22 10:48:28 2003)

Congrats on the upcoming move! I've always found moving quite, quite painful so I don't plan to do it for a very long time if I can possibly help it. I know it doesn't help you to hear that, but think of it like desensitization, if you know it's painful up front, you won't be surprised when it actually happens.


Re: Migrating Parasites by Trip (Tue Jul 22 11:01:35 2003)

That's my hope! Plus, I intend to weed the dross from possessions before moving, which will be unique and different. :)

Special Marrying People Powers by Dave (Tue Jul 22 12:49:31 2003)

Perhaps he's a minister of a group like the Universal Church of Life. I mean, /I/ can marry people. And forgive sins, too. ;)

Special Marrying People Powers by Carl (Fri Jul 25 00:01:58 2003)

I liked Trip's suggestion that I could marry people using the powers vested in me as captain of the Out of Context, my ship in To Boldly Go. And so that's the story I'm going with! [1]

I can't forgive sins, though. So if you've mishandled your issues of Sandman you'll have to seek help from Dave instead.

(And it was a lovely elopement, by the way, but Flit has already described it better than I.)

-- Carl

[1] Or possibly I filled out a form and swore an oath to be a Deputy Marriage Commissioner Without Compensation for a day.

Re: Special Marrying People Powers by Trip (Fri Jul 25 09:26:09 2003)

The form to be able to forgive sins was too much paperwork?

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20 July 2003 - Sunday

More ADOM today, because hey, why should having to move in a month require me to do anything? Or even wake up?

* * *

I went shopping too late, and thus was late for gaming. Meep.

* * *

Well, that was painful. Fortunately we had some NPCs to finish off the orcs after all the PCs went to negative hit points. Ow.

But we have pretty thoroughly cleaned out the orcs, worshipped Sune, and set forth to beard the Master Villain in her lair. Or at least in her swamp. And LEVEL UP!

I think next level will be the right time to get a level of cleric, not this level.

* * *

My livingroom is still ankle-deep in comics.

ankle-deep by kit (Mon Jul 21 09:40:07 2003)

Really? Everywhere?

Re: ankle-deep by Trip (Mon Jul 21 10:08:18 2003)

Just about!

Re: ankle deep by Silkie (Mon Jul 21 11:32:23 2003)

If you move and get a bigger living room, you won't be ankle deep in comics any more! :)

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19 July 2003 - Saturday

Sproing! Bright and early (kinda) to put down a deposit on the apartment before anyone else can claim it! Muahahahahaha!

* * *

Indeed, three other people or groups wanted the place, but they are TOO SLOW!

* * *

Yummy Thai lunch!

Got a money order for the partial first month's rent and spoo to give to the manager lady on Monday.

* * *

One of the guys in Sacramento turned me on to a German rogue-like game called ADOM, so I'm now playing that. zangband is all frustrating anyway. It is peculiar, especially in the command set, but cool.

Also, I am trying to sort my accumulated comics. Too much STUFF! ARGH!

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18 July 2003 - Friday

Feh. Someone took our anime room.

Stupid Yahoo announcement.

* * *

Nifty! Laser cannon for all!

* * *

I skipped out of work a bit early to make sure I made it to the apartment-viewing appointment. Sure enough, it's an apartment, but about twice the size of my current one for like 20% more rent. Sadly, it does not come with the small cute Asian girls.

Now is the wibbling! More room is good! Moving is bad! Wibble!

* * *

Disc 2 of Geneshaft because uh er I have no excuse, really. Although it's certainly not as bad as some things I've paid good money for; just not that good.

* * *

Okay, getting stuck in a rut is bad.

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17 July 2003 - Thursday

The highlight of my day was taking the trash out.

* * *

No, the highlight of the day was when Chris Siebenmann got everyone hooked on As If!. Hee hee.

As If! by Silkie (Fri Jul 18 12:57:23 2003)

That wasn't funny! I was busy! I had plans!

Re: As If! by Trip (Fri Jul 18 13:28:53 2003)

If it wasn't funny, you wouldn't have been distracted from your plans!

As If by Marith (Fri Jul 18 13:30:33 2003)

Bad Chris! Bad! No robotgirls!

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16 July 2003 - Wednesday

I looked through LiveJournal first thing in the morning, and sniffled at this story (linked from foxmagic's LJ) even though it has a happy ending. Then I read more LJ a little later and found that jimweasel's cat Hayama died. :( Poor Hayama. Poor jimweasel. :(

* * *

Instead of doing work between the 10:00 meeting and the 13:00 meeting, we went to Olive Garden. Angie got a huge bag of extra food because they messed up her order and were very sorry.

* * *

Yep, the new and somewhat confused person at Lee's failed to get me two copies of the second Alien Nine graphic novel, instead getting me one copy of the first DVD. At least he got the Alien Nine part right... Anyway, I had Shaun straighten things out, so hopefully it will all be okay next week.

In a fit of competence, I subscribed to all the things I've been just been keeping notes about. There were really a lot of them, meep.

* * *

Hounds of Balazar! We got our white bison back to camp, fended off all offers to buy it (even the one that would have bought mail shirts for us all, or kitted out our entire tribe with metal knives), and participated in the great yearly rites, bringing honor to the Great Sable Clan. Dobromil didn't have enough spare Pow to sacrifice for a point of rune magic, but then he got some anyway through natural studliness. Also a vision of being a female griffin somewhere in the Elder Wilds, nursing a human infant near a magic flame.

comics! by kit (Thu Jul 17 09:44:31 2003)

Ted has enough comics in his pull box that all the new guys at the comic shop (they just had a massive change-over of employees) keep commenting on how many comics Ted collects. :) So you're not alone! :)

Re: comics! by Trip (Thu Jul 17 09:52:27 2003)

At the moment I just have a pull um whatchamacallit. Hanging file? But with all these additions, all of which are about as thick as ten comics, and have a bad tendency to all come out the same week, I may get a box all of my very own!

Re: re: comics! by kit (Thu Jul 17 20:21:19 2003)

Well, ok, Ted hasn't got a box of his very own, either, just a file thing or whatever, but still, they comment on how many comics he gets! :)

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15 July 2003 - Tuesday

I did remember to bring Read or Die, but it's been decided that we'll push anime to Friday. Oh well. I'll leave it in the Drawer of Anime.

* * *

Slow day.

* * *

Taking the train to Millbrae on Tuesday is really much the same as doing it on Monday, except that the really cute chick who was sometimes in the waiting room on Monday probably isn't ever there on Tuesday.

* * *

Time and space are arranged such that walking to Ray's from the train station when I disembark gets me there much sooner than walking from home at 18:10; even walking slowly, I got there 5 or 10 minutes ahead of Dave. No doom.

Ray decided to show us Hand Maid May because he thinks Mahoromatic is too gratuitous with the breasts and the nudity and all.

Obviously his memory of one or both shows was deeply flawed.

HMM is pretty cute anyway, but that's an... er... unusual place to put a USB port.

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14 July 2003 - Monday

I forgot completely to bring Read or Die to work today, but our anime slot has been pre-empted by an all-hands for the executive officers to explain why they didn't tell us we were being sold to Yahoo. Which er already owns a search engine, so what do they need with Overture's web search division?

* * *

In more cheerful news, various Mars probes and Cassini are zooming along to explore places with no CEOs!

* * *

The Yahoo deal will take 3-6 months to complete, so I probably have a job for at least the next few weeks. Wheee.

Also, I have a Yahoo baseball cap.

* * *

Pretty much the first thing I did when I got to Chrisber & Christyber's was knock a glass of water over on their rug. The second thing was to knock over the refilled glass. After that, I was restricted to a sippy cup, which had to be refilled by someone certified in handling water. Sheesh.

For I while I have been dissatisfied with Tokyo Tower. In an unprecedent move, I addressed the problems by the simple expedient of talking them over with my players. I know this makes me a wimp, but it seems to have worked; I have promised a lump of exposition in the near future so they know which way to go, and they have stopped waffling around and embraced their decisiveness as heroes.

Tonight's motto is, "The Needs of the Many Outweigh the Needs of the Armadillo".

Talking to players by Silkie (Tue Jul 15 09:28:06 2003)

It doesn't make you a wimp! It just means that you're a marketing weasel doing customer input research! That's what I try to do. :)

Re: Talking to players by Trip (Tue Jul 15 10:17:55 2003)

Great! I'm a weasel! Now I can fit through spaces no larger than my walnut-sized brain!

Re: Weaseling Through by Tamago (Tue Jul 15 13:23:35 2003)

It's easier to fit through spaces if you're slicked down with water! Now I see how last night's "accidental" spills were all part of your master plan!

Re: Weasels by Silkie (Wed Jul 16 08:29:46 2003)

I meant weasel in a good way! I'm a marketing weasel myself!

Re: Weaseling Through by Trip (Wed Jul 16 08:44:41 2003)

Damn, she's on to me!

Re: Weasels by Trip (Wed Jul 16 08:45:18 2003)

Being able to fit through small spaces is good!

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13 July 2003 - Sunday

You know how I keep saying I want to get up and do my shopping on Sunday morning so I have the rest of the day and evening free? Well, I finally did it! There was some lameness due to the large quantity of reading matter in my parasitelair, but I made it to Trader Joe's and back with a few spare minutes to sulk about the heat before setting off for Chrisber&Christyber's. Yum, waffles with parasite syrup! Yum, strawberries! Yum, Indian eggs! Yay, conversation!

Also, parasite cookies! Which I did not forget when we went over to Jeremy's for the final session of Sovereign Powers. Hah.

* * *

Earl had planned on a big climactic battle, but the villains scared us so we used our patented "Bust in at 2am because sleeping people are DCV 0" technique on the one that turned out to be scariest, and we didn't bother to play out the other two.

Actual writeup to follow.

* * *

After unfocused discussion, we (surprise, surprise) settled on one of Earl's ideas for the next campaign: "The Home Front". It's 1942, and the men are going off to war, so it's up to the superheroines to protect America from Nazi spies, Commie symps, insidious occultists, and the movie industry. Well, perhaps "superheroines" is a bit much: the desired powerlevel is somewhere between pulp action heroes and low-level superheroes.

After someone runs a couple of games to establish the mood, GMing will be on a strict rotation, so we needed only decide who the first victim would be. Geez. What did I ever do to you guys?

Well, as first GM, I get to determine what powers are like, so I can indulge my little Hellboy-filled brain. That's something.

There is of course a strong movement in favor of Champions, but we've been playing Champions for at least fifteen years, so I think it's time we tried something different. Specifically, Tri-Stat dX, the same system used in Silver Age Sentinels, which in turn is a descendent of BESM. The TriStat dX system-only book is $10 in hardcopy or can be downloaded for free from the Guardians of Order site, so I don't feel this places an undue financial burden on my fellow gamers.

Not that I normally scruple about such things, but Jeremy is about to have another spawn, so I figure I should cut him some slack.

* * *

Yum, sushi!

Satsuma has some new rolls, which are shrimp tempura on the inside and various other yummy things on the outside, but are also $12.50. I'm not sure the unagi-covered one was really twelve bucks of sushi goodness, but it was certainly good.

* * *

Even more preparation for TT (glargh) was interrupted by Ayse wanting to sushi in celebration of having survived ten days of BAMM instructor training! This is only the first phase, so she is only a BAMM instru at the moment, but that still deserves sushi! Or, in my case, watching people eat sushi and stealing Marith's edamame.


Also, Ken told me about his Exalted character, probably because he thinks that will make me run. Maybe he's right, although I'm pretty sure he's doomed to be disappointed in his hope that I'll use the mediocre WW system.

* * *

Parasite cookies are yummy, if slightly gooey. Yay Christy!

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12 July 2003 - Saturday

Saturday. What did I do Saturday? Oh, yah, I went over to Harold's with Marith to watch the end of Buffy! No spoilers here, but that was quite an ending! And there was even a survivor, so there can be a sequel series! (Whether there should be depends on whether Joss writes it, I think.)

Rumor has it that James Marsters will be appearing on Angel next season.

We also saw a later (maybe the last?) episode of Angel, which made Marith hiss and spit. We had discussion of what the Angel crew should do from that point on, but no agreement. I guess we'll find out next season.

* * *

More TT preparation. Glargh.

At least my file of one-line descriptions of spells is filling out nicely.

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11 July 2003 - Friday

Indeed, lurking in my very own parasitenest is best.

* * *

Alien Nine volume 2 is, if anything, even weirder than volume 1. My brain hurts, thanks to Dave, who lent me his copy, because fucking Sacramento crap didn't let me get to Lee's until they were long since sold out. Grr..

* * *

Dave also handed off the anime I missed on Tuesday, so I caught up tonight. No surprises, really.

* * *

Spent the remainder of the evening preparing high-level adversaries that will never be used for TT, which takes a really long time. Spells, blargh.

Rolling up loot is fun and easy, though. (Just like Amaryllis, which means she should get more loot, right?)

Loot! by Silkie (Mon Jul 14 09:19:12 2003)

Um, sure, she should get more loot. :)

Re: Loot! by Trip (Mon Jul 14 10:41:18 2003)

Oh well. At least she isn't being loot!

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10 July 2003 - Thursday

Hm. Did you know that if you leave deodorant in a car in Sacramento all day, it melts all over your toiletries and you have to clean them off before you can use them?

Well, it does.

* * *

Hm. The guy who had the liter of beer is in the office at the time appointed for our first meeting, but the ones who only had pints are way late.

* * *

The carefully organized schedule of meetings devolved into a formless mass of sitting around the conference room, with extra Remedy training, but at least there was a break for ice cream.

* * *

Yay! Escaping Sacramento!

* * *

Yay! Home!

* * *

Yay! New comics!


But! "New comics" includes the Alien Nine anime! Judging by the complete lack of episode or volume numbers on the outside, there are probably only those four episodes, but still! Alien Nine rocks!

What I watched tonight, however, was the rest of Read Or Die, which lived up to the promise of the first episode! Yay!

I especially recommend this show to Chrisber, because it has both history and steam, but it's good in general. Maybe I'll take it to work on Monday, in case Bruce forgets Animatrix.

Anime Numbering by Dave (Fri Jul 11 14:32:25 2003)

Actually, this came up just this Tuesday, when Cesar got confused over what order to what the Himiko-den dvds in, as they lack obvious numbering. We guessed it was so people would be more likely to pick up series they didn't have the beginning for (as they would be less likely to realize this).

Re: Anime Numbering by Trip (Fri Jul 11 14:38:06 2003)

True, but you can usually find something to indicate ordering, even if it's usually in dark grey three-point type on a black background. I didn't see anything at all on Alien Nine.

Stupid STUPID Sacramento trip.

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9 July 2003 - Wednesday

Bleah. Only 7:30 and already too hot. I wonder what California's summertime power usage would be if we admitted that the Central Valley is an uninhabitable wasteland?

* * *

Kittens! They don't seem to have names, but they are very cute anyway. One is tabby and the other is like MA-chan's ears only all over, and they are both girls. I am resisting the urge to steal them for Ayse.

Oh, and the people are nice too, although I have trouble telling the various tall beige Scandinavian guys apart. I'm not even sure there are enough of them to justify my confusion.

The guy who laughs all the time alarms me slightly, but seems to be a fine guy otherwise.

* * *

Meetingu meetingu la la la.

First meeting started at 9:30, last one ended at 16:30. Blargh. If this is what being a manager is like, I'll stay a peon, thankyouverymuch.

* * *

Overture Sacramento neé FAST has a very secure data center. Biometrics and everything. Also, lots of dators.

* * *

Somehow, when they instituted the "only one drink for the on-call guy" rule, I don't think they meant one liter. Yikes.

(Dinner at some microbrewery thing, which of course is utterly unimpressive to me. Californian cuisine, pretty much; I had something invented by someone who had once eaten Thai food.)

* * *

I was going to read tonight, but instead I seem to have gone to bed at like 21:30. Splut.

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8 July 2003 - Tuesday

I now have a work laptop, so I will be able to do things when I get to Sacramento tomorrow. Whee.

* * *

I have ordered Too Many Books online. But at least it wasn't from Amazon. (Go Kepler's!)

* * *

No Whisman Station Anime for me tonight; I have to do laundry and pack for the doom that is Sacramento. But I have seen the Cowboy Bebop movie recently, and Ruin Explorers less recently, and Dave can probably get me the current Chance Pop Session disc to catch up, so it is all okay. Mostly.

* * *

Finished the disc of Geneshaft. I find it vaguely alarming that Hogan is apparently regarded as a great SF writer in Japan, but I guess he wasn't bad before the braineater got him.

Then I watched the first episode of Read or Die, which was actually pretty cool. How often do you see an action hero who takes "When I have a little money, I buy books, and if there is anything left over I buy food and clothes" as a life goal? Plus (just for Kit) the maguffin in the first episode is a copy of Immortal Beloved! In German, no less!

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7 July 2003 - Monday

No Millbrae tonight (because it's moving to Tuesdays and shifting a week), and no Hounds of Balazar on Wednesday (because it's the off week), so I will have evenings this week! Perhaps I will work on TT! Perhaps I will work on Exalted! Perhaps I will watch some of my huge pile of dubious anime! Perhaps I will write!

...Except I'm going to Sacramento on Wednesday and staying over until Thursday. And tonight is dinner with Liralen, which is very fine, but is not actually like flopping at home. And of course Tuesday is Whisman Station Anime.


* * *

But in TBG, I am now working on the last of the adventures that I really need in this system, so next turn I can start doing things that are not adventures! Like squeeze the natives for about four turns of of GDP! And cure their plague! And fix some of my stupid broken modules!

* * *

Work anime is now on Mondays, so we watched more Ranma ½. It is still silly.

* * *

Stupid STUPID window manager creature went into a coma just as I was trying to leave work. Grr. It will just have to sit until tomorrow. Maybe by then it will have learned its lesson.

* * *

Yay Liralen! Yay Jet! Yay John!

Yay Thai food! :)

Chrisber and Christy and Marith were all there too, and we admired Jet and adored Liralen, or maybe the other way 'round, and there was much happiness! With hugs!

However, we didn't escape the restaurant until nearly 21 o'clock, which means no laundry tonight. Fooey.

* * *

However, watching two episodes of Geneshaft take less time than doing laundry, so I could still do that.

Hrm. Looks like pretty generic SF action, with a 9:1 female:male ratio and software packages named from Italian soccer terminology.

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6 July 2003 - Sunday

Having been quite late to bed the past two nights, I didn't feel too bad about being slug-like. I finished reading the second of Wen Spencer's Ukiah Oregon books, which were pretty good. The author doesn't know much about guns, but I think she ate Earl's brain, so it's all good.

* * *

Played some zangband, but although I got boots of +10 speed from my chaos patron at like 2d level, I never got anything with free action, and so when I backed away carefully from the orcish army, one of the 14 gazers that were the quest monster paralyzed me and I was ripped to shreds. Fooey.

* * *

Yummy Chinese dinner.

* * *

I watched the first disc of Please Teacher (aka Onegai Teacher) because er well just because. Lots of cheesecake, but at least a vague nod toward the concept that the protagonist has an internal life.

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5 July 2003 - Saturday

Poor Marith was all insomniac, so she only got about three hours of sleep! :( With coffee, though, she was up for driving to Roseville and wasn't even late!

Uncharacteristically, we talked and talked on the way up. About real-world things, even! In fact, we talked so much that we ended up in Auburn and had to drive back to Roseville very embarrassedly.

Chrisber, Christy, Harold, Earl, Cat, and Dave were all there but only Earl, Dave, and Harold joined us in playing...

* * *

Amazon Quartet of Justice VIb: "Unmasked! I Slept With WHAT?!"

While enjoying a quiet and perfectly legal breakfast in their inn, the Quartet are accosted by a large squad of the City Guard, who have a warrant to search Amaryllis's and Alyra's rooms. Since the warrant is based on the unsupported word of an anonymous informant that the two were seen with objects supposedly in the royal treasury, its validity is not greatly respected, but when Sophia sends for Princess Lisbet to vouch for Amaryllis and Alyra, all three of the royals show up and are less than helpful. The royal possessions recovered from the bodies of various assailants over the previous couple of days are of course found in Alyra's room, so Sophia talks Amaryllis and Alyra into going along peacefully to the VIP cells while the other heroines (along with a nosy and scantily-clad bard named Gabrielle who has invited herself along) investigate the corruption in the Guard and civil service.

Various inquiries by Sophia, Serenity, Fresa, and Gabrielle reveal:

  • The survivors from the exploding bar have been desurvived
  • The warrant was rushed through while Captain Marcus was off-duty, about 4 am
  • Tigris may have search warrants, but it doesn't have any of that face-your-accuser nonsense
  • Lisbet was sparring with Serenity when Amaryllis and Alyra were with her at the exploding bar
  • The bodies of the non-survivors of the bar explosion were personally identified by Captain Marcus and cremated on his orders, sometime in the early morning
  • Prince Richard thinks Gabrielle is cute
  • Captain Marcus was asleep in the early morning and hasn't been to the morgue in days


Liam comes to visit Amaryllis and Alyra in prison, all sympathetic and offering help. Before leaving, he pats Alyra on the shoulder and sucks her life force out. He tries to drain Amaryllis also, but since he hasn't been touchy-feely with her before, and has peculiar strong transmutation magic all over him, she backs off.

Shortly thereafter, Captain Marcus is dragged in for having stolen stuff from the Crown. Our Heroines know he didn't do it, of course, but at least Amaryllis and Alyra are sprung to continue hunting down shapeshifters, life-sucking monsters, and boyfriend-stealing floozies.

Gabrielle has a gig at the palace, so Amaryllis goes along to keep an eye on her. They mingle. Prince Richard keeps acting strangely. Amaryllis tries to scan the crowd for magic, but someone dispells her detection spell before she gets very far.

The other four set out in search of Liam, but discover that he was last seen heading for the palace. They take a moment to kit up and then join the party.

When heavily-armed heroines appear, the guards flanking the royal family start edging toward the exit, so Amaryllis glitterdusts the lot of them. The yuan-ti lurking in the shadows dispells magic on the area, removing the transformation spell on the four dragon-winged giants. Richard and Eleanor flee, and the fight is on!

Amaryllis freezes the giants (although one of them does get to pound her) while Sophia and Alyra engage them in hand-to-hand combat and take them down pretty handily, but possibly the most important contribution is made by Fresa, who uses her power to see things as they truly are to expose Richard and Eleanor as DEMONS!

Serenity tries to stop "Eleanor" but gets enchanted to think that Lisbet is the real demon, while "Richard" flings unholy energies to wound several of the heroines and slay Alyra. Amaryllis tries to encase the demons in a prison of ice, but they nimbly escape, leaving only Serenity trapped. They are hampered by the crowd of citizens also trying to escape though, giving Amaryllis and Fresa the chance to pound them with fireballs and godballs until "Eleanor" teleports away and "Richard" goes up in smoke.

In the meantime, the yuan-ti, having failed to give Sophia ophidiophobia, tries to slip out the back, but once the demons are dealt with, Amaryllis chases him down and he surrenders. Gabrielle, having not been able to contribute much to the fight because she unwisely left her bow behind when entering the royal presence, now shows her worth by hypnotizing the yuan-ti to tell all about the Great Yuan-Ti Conspiracy, the plot to raise the dark god, his boss Jorge, the shrine in the basement, the pocket dimension where the real prince and princess are imprisoned, etc, etc.

The key to the pocket dimension is found among the false Richard's ashes, and the yuan-ti stoolie knows where the gate is, so Our Heroines start preparing to rescue the kidnapped rulers. Lisbet wants to help, but is persuaded to stay at home and run the city, which she is at least temporarily ruler of. A wizard is hired to scry the pocket dimension, but finds only that Richard and Eleanor are on a small island in a body of water larger than can be seen in the dark. They are assured that rescue is coming, and warn about something big and nasty in the water.

* * *

Next session: the Amazons load up with good stuff from the royal armory and raid the pocket dimension!

* * *

Marith took a nap while everyone else scattered to the wind, but when she woke up she felt well enough to zoom back home, so we did. Zoom!

Got home about 0:30, bleah.

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4 July 2003 - Friday

After wibbling, I decided to go along with Marith to pick up Ayse from her first day of gonzo BAMM training and go up to Indian Rock in North Berkeley, from which one can see all the fireworks in the Bay Area, or something like that.

Indian Rock itself is a largish rockpile, maybe six meters high and twenty or thirty wide, on top of a hill in North Berkeley, which is a very scenic place with large nice houses (as opposed to large soulless houses; sorry, Al) and trees and so forth. There's a park associated with Indian Rock, also full of rocks and trees and other things which Marith found extremely photographable. North Berkeley looks like a nice place to live, if you have several million dollars.

The event turned out to be more party-like than I had expected, but they were mostly okay strangers, being Ken's geek friends from Berkeley. They are not necessarily our kind of geeks, but that's still better than mundanes. I didn't do so well at the small talk (Marith did a lot better), but several people admired my Cheapass Games shirt. Mostly Marith and Ayse talked to Ken's sister Jamie and I sat around being decorative. Or er something.

Eventually it became dark and we climbed up to the spot on Indian Rock we had cleverly reserved earlier. The Berkeley fireworks were best, of course, being closest, but we could also see displays from San Francisco, Oakland, Marin (despite its being over the hills), and at least two cities farther south, as well as various independent explosions. It was worth all the driving and strangers.

We had to leave before 22:00, for fear of the BPD, and there was confusion about where we had parked, so I didn't get home until 23:30, bleah. And I can't sleep in tomorrow!

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3 July 2003 - Thursday

Oh, yah, the shape of my doom is known: I will be going up to Sacramento with Greg on Wednesday, and coming back on Thursday. At least we have hotel rooms.

* * *

More Ranma. The original artists seem to have been killed and replaced by zombie duplicates.

* * *

It's only Thursday, yet it is the weekend. Cool.

* * *

Episode 26 is indeed the end of Fruits Basket, but the rumors of darkness and augh were fairly overstated, IMHO. Maybe I'm just jaded.

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2 July 2003 - Wednesday

Wow, Angie's wearing a skirt and a top that isn't a Tshirt! I'd say she looks good, but she'd beat me up, so I'll just say she's in danger of being mistaken for a girl.

* * *

Jing Jing for lunch. I keep having the vague feeling that someone will say "You spent how long at lunch? Okay, you're here until 2956219 o'clock", but if I'm going with my boss and he doesn't complain, I guess it must be okay.

Sheesh. I already don't get any sex, why should I be saddled with the work ethic as well?

* * *

Yay Hounds of Balazar! Yay 100 weeks of experience! Yay white bison! Yay skill checks!

What's the top that Angie is wearing these days? by kmiyaki (Wed Jul 2 19:16:24 2003)

Post pictures please. I'll pay for your hospital bill when she beats you up three times over with one of her cosplay swords. Hehe!


Re: What's the top that Angie is wearing these days? by Trip (Thu Jul 3 09:02:38 2003)

She usually wears a tent-like Tshirt, but today she had a black tank-top with lavender trim, because she was going to demonstrate belly dancing stuff after work (thus also the skirt).

Alas, no one thought to get pictures. Darn that Bruce for not having his digital camera handy at all times.

hey! by Angie (Thu Jul 3 14:02:24 2003)

laugh I wouldn't either beat you up, unless you went all lechy, and normal compliments aren't. ^_~ I'm not saying I wouldn't brush it off with "Yeah, yeah, whatever," but I'll get better eventually.

Back to the tent today, though at least it's stylish, from the SF Taiko Dojo.

Hi, Ken!

Re: hey! by Trip (Thu Jul 3 14:35:53 2003)

I think if I'm comparing your top favorably to something tent-like, I'm already doomed.

But, but, it's FRIDAY! (observed)

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1 July 2003 - Tuesday

Again, that annoying life thing ate my dreams, but there was something about a city at the far end of the world, and a multiway competition for control of it that varied between the divine view (look at the little people down there, just like ants) and the wargamer view (look at the pretty colors on the map), only it wasn't the end of the world after all, since there had to be something beyond it...

There was also another, possibly related, segment set in someplace with corridors or roads or something, partly indoors and partly outdoors, leading off in the cardinal directions, where apparently hardly anyone went down the roads, because when we did, we found rooms with strange animals previously unknown to us, such as penguins. Or maybe seals.

* * *

Now I'm at work, pulsating dolefully in dread of my upcoming shift in the NOC. Blargh.

* * *

Windows still sucks the PMW, but at least it gives me an ssh connection to idiom, so I need not go insane with boredom. On the downside, I'm not getting so much reading done.

* * *

Free! Free at last!

(Why yes, I am overdramatizing the pain of having to spend three hours staring at a different computer than usual. I have to take my drama where I can get it.)

* * *

Woot! Gamescape has sold me a copy of The Game of Powers, the LARP supplement for Nobilis! Not that I play LARPs or anything, but maybe it will put an addition nickel in R Sean Borgstrom's pocket, and she could use it.

* * *

Strangely enough, Ruin Explorers is just the same as the first time I saw it. I blame the incorruptibility of digital media! (But, kittygirl! Even if she is blonde.)

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