Previously, in Trip's Life...

31 August 2003 - Sunday

Today, Home Front! There was some confusion about scheduling, and I think in the future we will go back to the Sovereign Powers tradition of brunch at 11:30 and gaming at 13:00, but eventually everyone was there, and we gamed!

People said they had fun, although I think that was more due to the excellent characterization of Steel Penny and Granny Gunderson than to my GMing. Anyway, mobsters were wrenched, cops were outsmarted, and abandoned villain lairs were explored, so everyone was happy.

By the time Nora and Christine decided they were satisfied as to what had gone on, Christy was starving to death, so Chrisber and I took her to Armadillo Willy's and proteined her severely.

* * *

Ayse is all gone away, so Marith and I watched the first part of the Hana Yori Dango. It is very early 80s: the art style, the dancing, everything.

And boy, does the heroine need to take Multiples.

the cops by Tamago (Mon Sep 1 18:12:48 2003)

We didn't outsmart the cops. We just out-Grannied them.

Re: the cops by Trip (Tue Sep 2 13:37:57 2003)

I think Nora outsmarted them!

Re: the cops by Tamago (Tue Sep 2 14:39:40 2003)

Yeah. She said, "Granny sent me." ;-)

Re: the cops by Trip (Tue Sep 2 14:55:30 2003)

But Granny wasn't actually there! That was the smart bit; anyone could have gotten in if they had had Granny with them.

the cops by Chrisber (Wed Sep 3 20:44:05 2003)

I prefer to think of it as taking Granny's name in vain.

Re: the cops by Trip (Thu Sep 4 08:08:14 2003)

But it worked! So was it really in vain?

(Hm, that last sentence wants to come out in the same tone as the Utena shadow girls, "But was that really such a good idea?". Scary.)

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30 August 2003 - Saturday

Today is the day of helping Marith move! We got kind of a late start because I was lame about stopping reading and getting ready, but Dave and Harold and I filled the van and emptied it and filled it and emptied it. Then we were hungry, so we went to lunch at Oregano's (which is like CPK) before filling and emptying the van again.

Also, Harold and Dave helped me get the Enormous Bookcase of Doom up the stairs! It is not where I had hoped to put it, but at least it is where I can make use of it.

* * *

My cow orkers keep dragging me out to talk work at restaurants, but that's not really like going out to read and eat, and I haven't done that in a while, so I went to Chef Chu's.

Tonight's fortunes:

  • Your luck has been completely changed today.
  • Your winsome smile will be your sure protection.

I think this is trying to tell me that I will unexpectedly become a father. Yike.

* * *

More preparation for Home Front. Or, to be more accurate, wrangling with the printer to get it to produce notes I can take to Dave's. The problem turned out to be that I was inexplicably failing to drop the paper into the feedslot in the right way. Sheesh.

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29 August 2003 - Friday

Yay! Friday! And our boss4 says we should go home early!

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28 August 2003 - Thursday

Today's accomplishments: Uh. I did something at work, I think. I scheduled Home Front despite incomplete cooperation from my fellow players. Then I came up with part of an adventure and wrote up an important NPC.

Okay, not impressive but not as bad as I had feared.

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27 August 2003 - Wednesday

Lunch out again. I'm not sure why it annoys me that my cow orkers want to go out for lunch every single day, but it does. Probably just a sign that I am a horrible person and should die in a pit.

* * *

No Hounds of Balazar, because Al is not in town this week. Sadness!

* * *

Tonight I set up my TV so I could finishing watching the disk of Ai Yori Aoshi that was interrupted by the move.

Hm, if "Hana Yori Dango" is "Boys Over Flowers", then "Ai Yori Aoshi" is what over love?

ON-yomi versus KUN-yomi and multiple readings of Kanji. by kmiyaki (Thu Aug 28 23:44:50 2003)

The many readings of a single kanji character is at best confusing. On top of this, there are multiple mappings of the hiragana equivalent to various kanji characters.

In this case, "Ai yori aoshi" is "green/blue something-or-other" more than indigo.

Aoi = blue / green. Go figure that even in Japanese, the name of this color is ambiguous. Start driving when the signal turns "ao". The sky is very clear and "ao" today (aozora).

Ai != love, in this case. The kanji for this is the color indigo, with an "On"-yomi of "Ran", and a "Kun"-yomi of "Ai&quot.

"On"-yomi = Sound reading (Chinese), ON pronounced OHN, and not as in on or off. "Kun"-yomi = Conceptual/explanatory reading (Japanese). KUN pronounced as KOON, and not as in cunning.

So, we have: ambiguous mappings of hiragana to kanji, multiple readings of kanji characters themselves, and ambiguous colors.

It's no wonder that you are confused.


Re: ON-yomi versus KUN-yomi ... by Trip (Fri Aug 29 08:46:14 2003)

Well, I'm naturally confused, but less so now! Thanks for the explanation!

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26 August 2003 - Tuesday

Yep, I have HUGE PILES OF MAIL. But it's nice to be doing something that isn't moving and might involve other people.

* * *

Hm. Apparently not only do I have a blister from walking back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and back and forth, but I have bruises on my shoulders from using the shaft of a halogen lamp as a carrying pole. Ow.

* * *

Almost useless in Millbrae, because I have no brain.

* * *

Battle Athletes is still weird.

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25 August 2003 - Monday

Still weak and flabby, but there is still moving to be done, so I guess AV Overture Yahoo my cow orkers will have to survive without me.

I will have so much mail when I go back to work, sigh.

Anyway, move move move. With plenty of resting so I didn't die, and a gallon of cold water, but still I had the final load sitting on the cart and waiting to be dragged away by 20:30. Then I had to turn in my keys and point out the broken bits to my ex-landthing, but I was completely and utterly moved by about a quarter past 21!


moving by mony (Wed Aug 27 06:53:59 2003)


Re: moving by Trip (Wed Aug 27 08:24:54 2003)



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24 August 2003 - Sunday

After lounging around like the worthless lump I am, I went over to the old place to throw out the stuff I don't want (like, just about everything in the kitchen) and box up or otherwise pack the stuff I do want. Fortunately, there is relatively little of the latter, but the former included fun things like the (old, crappy, broken, ugly) dresser. It's amazing how wide such a small parking lot can become. Overall, I spent about five hours in the hot apartment with nothing to drink but two elderly diet Dr Peppers.

As I trundled the penultimate bookcase home, I felt bleah. When I got it up the stairs, I gulped down a liter of ice water, and promptly got oogy tummy without feeling less bleah. For the next four hours I alternated between hanging my head in the sink (which had the pleasant side effect of letting me run cold water over my head), being semi-comatose in front of the fan, and playing zangband badly. (Yes, I have my computer set up, although still no DSL.)

Finally, I felt well enough to do more moving, but transporting the final bookcase showed me how very very wrong I was. Oof. :(

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23 August 2003 - Saturday

In the morning, I lugged my comics down to Book Buyers. Well, okay, I had the miracle of the wheel to support them against gravity, but I still had to fight inertia, and five long boxes of comics is a lot of inertia. By the time I got to Castro, I was so tired and dehydrated that even diet Pepsi was drinkable. Oof.

After that, I moved five of the remaining seven bookcases (one at a time, following an exciting, yet futile, attempt to move two at once). Oof.

* * *

I called Book Buyers and they said they wanted all my comics, but I could get the boxes back if I showed up before closing. Since I still had two shelves of comics to get off the remaining two bookcases, this seemed like a good plan. Unfortunately, when I arrived, I discovered that the buying people (who are not the people who answer the phone) wanted to keep my boxes so that they could use them to transport the comics they contained. I could hardly argue with that, so I went home again, after buying a sandwich from the cute Asian girl in the sandwich joint that sold me diet Pepsi earlier, and moved some more stuff.

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22 August 2003 - Friday

Not dead yet!

* * *

My LiveJournal Sitcom
All My space_parasite (UPN, 10:30): space_parasite (Sam Shepard) trades television sets with aelfsciene (Richard Dreyfuss). That night, marith (Mickey Rourke) invents a new kind of banana and gets foxmagic (Lucille Ball) to sell it. The week after, truepenny (Sammy Davis Jr.) hits on tavella (John Turturro)'s co-worker. Meanwhile, gconnor (Christopher Walken) buys a wheelbarrow from papersky (Thora Birch). The next day, ursulav (Kate Winslet) and ezray (Gary Oldman) find a lost terrapin at a hotel. Craziness ensues.
What's Your LiveJournal Sitcom? (by rfreebern)

Cool, my boss is played by Christopher Walken! And Ursula by Kate Winslet, but perhaps I shouldn't think about that, it being Friday and all. Ooh, and Thora Birch for papersky! Definitely not thinking about it!

* * *

Argh! Stupid STUPID computer desk creature! Apparently it was of the "throw away when you move" sort, and only Ted's mighty thews kept it together when he bequeathed it to me. When a lamer like me tried to move it, it disintegrated before I even got it to the base of the stairs. :(

Very sullen parasite.

Casting by Carl (Sun Aug 24 10:15:53 2003)

Richard Dreyfuss is an odd choice for aelfsciene, but CGI has gotten pretty amazing these days. One might imagine why Rourke would get marith's role based on his inspired performance in that film about the diamond and the bare knuckle boxer. No wait, now that I think about it, shouldn't Rourke be aelfsciene, then. He totally kicked ass.

Congratulations on working for Christopher Walken; it must ease the harsh news of buyouts when he throws in a little soft shoe routine.

Casting by Tamago (Sun Aug 24 13:04:50 2003)

Tough talk, Carl, from someone played by Drew Barrymore!

Casting by marith (Mon Aug 25 12:21:33 2003)

I get played by Mickey Rourke? I dunno, man...

Anyone want this new kind of banana?

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21 August 2003 - Thursday

Still very tired, although not in all caps.

Since phone, power, and weasel services are being moved to the new place today, I guess I should plan what it will take to start living there. Um.

  • At least one futon; bonus points for second futon and for frame
  • Bedding
  • Clothes
  • Toiletries, towels, etc
  • Food; bonus points for microwave
  • Alarm clock
  • Phone charger

Hrm. I guess I can take that over in a fairly small number of loads. Clothes, bathroom stuff, alarm clock, phone charger, and maybe food can go over in one load, anyway.


* * *

I get bonus points for getting both futons and the frame, and I deserve them! It's amazing how many gates, sidewalks, etc are not wide enough to cart a futon frame through. Grr.

No bonus points for the microwave, but I got everything else on the list, and also a fan and two lamps. Thus equipped, I go to spend my first night in my new parasitelair.

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20 August 2003 - Wednesday

All moving all the time!

I took off work today, and so did Marith, and we and Ken and Ayse (who have no regular jobs) moved and moved and moved my crap from here to there. The huge leaden bookcase Carl gave me was particularly exciting, and in fact now lurks in my parking spot because we didn't have enough people to get it up the stairs. Maybe over the weekend we can get Dave or someone to help.

Now I am at home, very flumpish, but really need to take more stuff over tonight on the handcart. Maybe the TV and the A/V cabinet, so I can watch videos over there.

But not just now.

* * *

TV and cabinet are now at the new place, with the VCR and DVD player. But not the cables (which I cleverly labelled) or the pegs to support the VCR/DVD shelves inside the cabinet.

I hope the TV is okay. I padded it with sofa cushions, but it still got bumped around a lot.

* * *


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19 August 2003 - Tuesday


* * *

Yum, Thai food.

* * *

I know I am a bad person for liking this Harry Potter fanfic. This is new?

* * *

No actual moving tonight, because it's Ken's birthday! We fed him cake made with real chocolate and real Germans (okay, maybe not) and played Die Siedler with him, and he seemed happy even though he didn't win. (Ayse and I, playing as a team, won. Yay us!)

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18 August 2003 - Monday


Finished Read Or Die at workanime. I wonder if I can steal anything for Home Front...


Well, first there is the nonphysical part of moving, like getting PG&E and the USPS to redirect the services they provide appropriately.

Then there is lugging boxes downstairs, loading them onto the handcart, dragging them over to the new place, lugging them back up to the second floor, lathering, rinsing, repeating. Oof

I made four trips, which works out to seventeen regular-sized boxes and half a dozen or so small ones. This leaves eighteen boxes in my living room, so I did move about half, which is less than I hoped but about what I reasonably expected.

Unfortunately, the smaller pile of boxes lets me see how much is not packed. Sigh. I think tomorrow night there will need to be more packing before there is any moving of stuff.

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17 August 2003 - Sunday

Shopped. Not too much, since I still have plenty of backlog of soda to move.


Packed eight more boxes, including the rest of the oversized and gaming books.


Finished up the current chapter in the lives of our characters in Ken's D&D game. I should never ever play a character who attempts to interact with PCs or NPCs in any manner, ever again.


NPC Interaction by Dave (Mon Aug 18 12:07:51 2003)

It was late. I should have called it after the fight.

No Dying! by Marith (Mon Aug 18 12:14:14 2003)

Rule One! No dying allowed!

Remember to ask for help if you need it :) Did you call the phone and electric weasels yet?

And there's nothing wrong with NPC interaction! Even if everyone is tired and loopy (notthatthateverhappensinanAHSsessionoranything).

Re: NPC Interaction by Trip (Mon Aug 18 12:54:13 2003)

It's not clear that I would have done any better at any other time. Diplomacy, fah.

Re: NPC Interaction by Dave (Mon Aug 18 17:17:33 2003)

Well, once your and Cera's characters starting talking with the Mayor, jail was pretty much guaranteed. ;)

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16 August 2003 - Saturday

I meant to get up early and take my unwanted books to Book Buyers, but instead I got up late and took my unwanted etc. Apparently the first plan would have been a lot better, because they are really busy today: books in at 13:30, projected to be out at 21:40. They do buy comics (by the inch, approximately), but I don't think I'll make a second trip; by the time I could get there, they'd probably be booked through closing. Next week for sure!

Because I don't have enough books, I got the latest by Jim Butcher, Death Masks.

* * *

Yay Marith! Marith brought me 20 book boxes! I packed five of them while she read Chobits!


* * *

After doing a whole lot of nothing, I went back to Book Buyers to pick up what they didn't want, which was about two bags worth. So, 60% buy rate, which isn't bad.

Then I went over to Ayse & Ken's and watched some MST3k, which was even worse than I had expected. There was much silliness, though.

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15 August 2003 - Friday

Blorf. Chef Chu's for lunch today. Greg invited about a jillion people, but only Ops and our favorite tool went.

Today's fortunes:

  • You have a deep interest in all that is artistic
  • You are talented in many ways

Friday much?

* * *

Packed ten boxes, mostly of books. That's all the hardbacks and a good start on the paperbacks.


* * *

Watched some Ai Yori Aoshi.

books! by kit (Sat Aug 16 20:59:45 2003)


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14 August 2003 - Thursday

I'm ready for the week to be over. But it isn't.

* * *

In a welcome change from things that are nothing at all like packing, I have assembled all the boxes I got from Ayse & Ken, and filled them with books and stuff. Unfortunately, there were only about nine or ten, and it's going to take like thirty or forty more to pack just the books, never mind clothes/dishes/toiletries/weasels. Still, it's like progress!

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13 August 2003 - Wednesday

I have officially eaten Too Much lunch buffet at Amber India. Blorp.

* * *

Hounds of Balazar! No Ayse and Ken, because Jinian got out and they had to look for her, but we NPCed their characters and it went okay. Ogre hag things that break rocks with their bare hands are scary.

I hope Jinian's okay.

* * *

Observe how playing RuneQuest d20 is nothing at all like packing.

Jinian by Dave (Fri Aug 15 10:45:08 2003)

I stopped by Ayse&Ken place coming back from racquetball, and Ayse said Jinian was fine, having showed up around midnight. With, apparently, a hair tie offering.

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12 August 2003 - Tuesday

I actually spent most of today's Millbrae session talking about the doom that is Christy feeling like everyone hates her. Norm concurs that I can't actually fix my friends. :(

* * *

Observe how watching anime is nothing at all like packing.

Eating worms by Tamago (Thu Aug 14 13:15:10 2003)

It's not that I feel that everyone hates me, it's more a feeling that a certain social subset is trying to ditch me. And if they are, indeed, meaning to ditch me, I am trying to suggest rational alternatives to changing their minds at the last minute.

It's not all that bad, really. I have plenty of friends who I know like me and I'm sure enjoy my company. I suspect I'll just find myself spending more time with them. ;-)

Re: Eating worms by Trip (Thu Aug 14 14:47:44 2003)

(Who would eat worms? They have hardly any neurons to speak of!)

I'm not sure getting any part of this social set to make decisions other than at the last minute, at least on a regular basis, is going to fly. :(

But there will still be Tokyo Tower!

Worms by Tamago (Thu Aug 14 14:53:08 2003)

Yay, TT! Do we have to battle worms next? We tried to eat the armadillo. I'm sure we'll want to eat dead worms, too, knowing us.

Re: Worms by Trip (Thu Aug 14 15:11:41 2003)

I can probably work in some worms! But I still owe you exposition, so they'd have to be pretty chatty worms.

Re: Worms by Dave (Fri Aug 15 10:46:34 2003)

Is this like nethack?

Re: Worms by Trip (Fri Aug 15 12:56:33 2003)

No, but maybe it should be!

Worms! by Carl (Mon Aug 18 08:16:51 2003)

Purple Worms are good Eeps!

If you doubt me, send one against the PCs and see if they go "EEEP!"

Re: Worms! by Trip (Mon Aug 18 10:09:05 2003)

I'm not sure they're up to handling a purple worm yet. Maybe I'll start them off with a mauve worm.

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11 August 2003 - Monday

The problem with gaming all weekend is that when Monday comes around, it doesn't feel like I had any time off. Oh well.

* * *

Finished prepping for Tokyo Tower, went over to game, and the PCs spent all session chewing on some edible-looking scenery. Oh well, I can use the prep next time.

Now, onward to preparing for Home Front this coming weekend!


* * *

Observe how running D&D is nothing at all like packing.

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10 August 2003 - Sunday

Ha hah! I have both successfully shopped and given the three bags of clothes that were cluttering up my livingroom to Goodwill.

* * *

More Tokyo Tower prep. Blargh.

* * *

Carl showed up, so Earl had the bare minimum necessary to playtest his con adventure.

Swing Time: A Fine Romance

Melancholy Princess Seeks Handsome Prince. Bored to Death at Court, In Need of Rescue. Poverty No Obstacle, Must Dance Well. P.S. My Stepmother May Object - She's a Real Witch.

I should not spoil, but it was pretty fun. I think Earl will need to add a little more structure for a con run, because if we flailed for three hours in the middle, random gamers will probably not do better.

* * *

Now I am at home, doing even more TT prep. Okay, it's not really as much as it sounds like, since I've only been getting little bits of time here and there so far. I think I am done with all the parts that require access to the books, though; I can do the rest tomorrow during lunch, or between work and gaming.

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9 August 2003 - Saturday

I got up sort of early and went to Office Despot for packing tape and labels, so if I ever have time again, I will be able to continue packing.

* * *

First session of Amber High School using the new FATE character sheets and rules. We made a total of about four rolls. But those four rolls worked pretty well! I think.

Chrisber brought me a handcart! I will use it for evil! Or at least moving.

* * *

Post-game, I went to dinner with Chrisber and Christyber, while everyone else (Marith, Dave, Ayse, Ken) stayed at Dave's and ate sandwiches. Since this is contrary to the written rule that there shall be a post-game post-mortem dinner, and triggered a relapse of the Christy-Ayse feud, there was mass unhappiness. I will now hide under my rock.

Then I went back to Dave's and we watched some more Slayers, which is very silly.

* * *

Blargh. Up too late, but did at least a little TT prep.

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8 August 2003 - Friday

It's sort of like a free-standing hologram! Image quality better than R2-D2's, too.

* * *

I had a two-hour shift in the NOC to make up for the reserve person that we would have had if we hadn't spent so long trying to cut costs. Since today was utterly dead, this translated to two hours reading Singularity Sky.

Kit, are you sure I can't kill myself?

* * *

Well, I got my drugs, but it meant walking home with three hardcover gaming books in my backpack. Oof.

Yes, that's right, I am now fully D&D3.5-compliant. And I mailed a character to Brad. I am doomed. I blame society.

No, wait, what am I saying? I blame GRETCHEN!

* * *

I've packed the half-dozen boxes I had sitting around, but further packing will have to wait until I assemble the boxes I got from Ayse & Ken. Still, it's a start!

* * *

ARGH! My verygood zangband character died because I fumbled the command to teleport out of danger! ARGH! I am SO LAME! :(

no dying! by kit (Sun Aug 10 12:01:06 2003)

Yes, I'm sure you can't kill yourself! No dying! That's the Prime Directive!

Re:no dying by Trip (Mon Aug 11 09:17:43 2003)

Well, fooey!

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7 August 2003 - Thursday

It's art! I particularly like the spools-of-thread one, under Other Mosaics. Thanks, Tahnan!

* * *

I finished the BESM d20 Anime Roleplayer's Guide this morning while waking up (and let me tell you, it's hard to wake up when all you have to read is an index!). It seems workable, but I suspect I would be lynched if I tried to convert Tokyo Tower. Although, hm, I think most character classes come ahead, because they get everything they normally get plus some number of bonus character points to even them out...

* * *

Slow day at work. In fact, the whole week has been slow so far.

* * *

I failed to get more drugs, but the attempt put me in a convenient location to a) find out when Book Buyers buys books (Fri & Sat, 10:00-17:00), and b) pick up Singularity Sky, Charles Stross's first published novel (the one that begins, "The day war was declared, a rain of telephones fell clattering to the cobblestones from the skies above Novy Petrograd."). I will have to kill myself after reading it, of course, but it will probably be worth it.

* * *

I filled a box! I also emptied out another box which inexplicably had old clothes in it, so I can give the clothes to Goodwill and fill the box with books.

Not that I did put any books in the box, but I could!

Mostly I spent the evening doing laundry, playing zangband (still doing okay, although I am getting to the point where I really need shard resistance), and geeking about the D&D3.5 game with Flit.

lynching by Tamago (Thu Aug 7 17:25:23 2003)

Uhm... why would we lynch you? We've talked about possibly converting Tokyo Tower to another system. If BESM d20 really floats your boat, I'm willing to give it a whirl. Chrisber will cry no tears to abandon D&D, either. But it's your call. You're the gm. Crack that whip! ;-)

Re: lynching by Trip (Fri Aug 8 08:18:53 2003)

But when I suggested it, there was great outcry against having to learn a new system. And, actually, BESM d20 is sort of a mutant version of D&D with some point-based stuff on the side, so it would be extra confusing and not as great an advance over D&D as one might hope. Plus, the High-School Student character class it has is not like the one I gave you guys. It would have been much better had I had it before we started. Oh well!

Although, once everyone knows Tri-stat dX, we can triangulate...

Fate by Carl (Tue Aug 12 01:28:06 2003)

How about converting Tokyo Tower to FATE, which everyone already learned for Amber High School? Then you can have a crossover!

-- Carl

"We seem to have found a shadow filled with carniverous mushrooms."

Re: Fate by Trip (Tue Aug 12 08:33:21 2003)

Er, except for the 2/3 of the Tokyo Tower players who aren't in AHS.

Almost any universe is improved by the addition of carnivorous mushrooms, though!

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6 August 2003 - Wednesday

In our building is a set of double glass doors with symmetric handles. They used to swing both ways, but since we upgraded the security to allow another company to exist in the building without stealing our indices, they now only swing one way. Yesterday afternoon, about a year after the upgrade, they were given signs saying "PUSH" and "PULL".

When I got in this morning, they sported a copy of the "Midvale School for the Gifted" cartoon.

* * *

Whee, penultimate volume of Chobits! But I must reread before reading it, because that's the sort of freak I am.

* * *

zangband character is doing fine, but I have accomplished no packing. Blargh.

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5 August 2003 - Tuesday

Half the department is out today (Greg on vacation, and Angie in Sacramento (which is sort of the anti-vacation)). I hope nothing happens.

* * *

Stupid STUPID corporate network creature.

Bruce is not on the half of the network that works, so he's gone home. It's all just me now.

* * *

Hmph. I am being lured to play D&D3.5e (don't know how open recruitment is, so I shouldn't say more), so I must violate my refusal to give Even More Money to TSR WotC Zuul. Hmph, I say.

* * *

Well. That was an unexpected plot twist in the Battle Athletes OAVs.

The replacement for Chance Pop Session is Love Hina. Obviously I should not be watching anime on my own.

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4 August 2003 - Monday

Augh! I have to move in TWO WEEKS!

* * *

I got some boxes from Ayse & Ken, although probably not nearly as many as I will end up needing. However, I removed two bags of clothes (for Goodwill) and one bag of trash from my bedroom, so I need that many fewer boxes!


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3 August 2003 - Sunday

Argh, left my wallet in Marith's car. She says she will bring it to me.

* * *

Argh, Marith fell asleep after saying she'd bring me my wallet. No shopping before gaming, I guess. No big deal; I have enough to last me until tomorrow.

* * *

Marith finally brought me my wallet, turned around, and drove home just in time to get called by Ayse saying that Ken is having a dispute with the exotic microfauna of Roseville so there will be anime instead of gaming. Meep.

But she came back to MV and there was Alien Nine (concentrated weirdness!) and Slayers, and I wickedly ate a lot of Ayse's non-parasite-approved home-made cinnamon-almond-chocolate-chip ice-cream (now with 317% of the US RDA of hyphens!) because it was REALLY GOOD.

O--.---O <-- prehensile eyes!

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2 August 2003 - Saturday

The beedleboop of my external brain did not awaken me, but the commotion of breakfast did, and I was not even the last person ready to play...

Amazon Quartet of Justice VIc: "Assault on the Dimensional Pocket! Are You Sure You're Not Evil?"

After loading up on equipment from the royal armory, Our Heroines, plus the bard Gabrielle and Marika the mercenary (now with the town guard), go into the pocket dimension where the Prince and Princess are being held.

Of course the villains keep a guard on the portal cave, but the five salamanders and huge eight-legged snake-creature are soon dispatched. There is only one exit, so the debate over which way to go is brief.

After travelling through the tunnel for an hour or two and surviving a few boobytraps, the Amazons are assaulted by snakes which drop from hidden crevices in the ceiling and transform into human or semi-humanoid form. Although badly outnumbered, Our Heroines prevail, at the expense of most of their magic and healing for the day. After determining that the gate they came through is one-way, they hole up in the pocket dimension they got from the villains who kidnapped Stephan; even though they don't fully trust it, it seems more secure than the alternative.

Refreshed, the Amazons continue their journey through the bowels of something that isn't the Earth. A few more traps are dealt with, including a pit containing a huge black ameboid monster, and finally the tunnel debouches into a huge cavern. Amaryllis sends an elemental to scout and it reports a large body of water a few hundred yards ahead, where some people with a boat are wrangling some captives. Alyra sneaks forward and discovers that half a dozen dark-skinned, pale-haired elves have taken about a dozen humans prisoner. Despite being invisible, she is apparently spotted and has to retreat, pursued by a stirge.

Over the objections of some, Sophia rides forward to parlay, accompanied by Gabrielle and Marika. This alarms the dark elves, who conjure glitterdust at the parlay party and start hustling the prisoners aboard. The rest of the party, lurking in the darkness for just this eventuality, springs to the attack, but not before Marika is felled by a poisoned crossbow bolt.

Sophia jumps Shekina from the shore to the boat to confront the drow leader, but as soon as he sees her shield he starts yelling to stop fighting. Sophia confirms that the drow are not evil (!) but the prisoners are. The drow leader claims to be a paladin of St Cuthbert, on a pirate-hunting expedition that got sidetracked into the pocket dimension. The prisoners are the remains of the pirates who sank the paladin's ship, forcing the drow to board the pirate ship.

No one entirely trusts the drow, even after they give Marika the antidote, but at least drow men are easy on the eyes.

* * *

Star-party planning interrupted the gaming, sadly, and also pointlessly, because when Al went ahead to set up, he reported the weather was no good. Earl, Dave, and Harold scarpered even before that, but the rest of us sat around entertaining Sherilyn or reading or something, until finally we went home and Marith and Ayse talked and sang and talked and talked some more.

We got home well after 1:00. Glargh.

Star party? by gconnor (Mon Aug 11 21:19:51 2003)

When you say Star party what exactly does that mean? M and I have been looking for others who like stargazing so we might have an excuse to haul out the scope, but neither of us is quite brave enough to just show up at a viewing spot where we don't know anyone.

Anyway if it is that kind of star party and not a meet-and-greet for Hollywood types, we might be interested... let us know if we are/might be welcome. Did I mention we have a Celestron Nexstar 11" +gps with almost no miles on it?

Re: Star Party by Image (Tue Aug 12 09:32:56 2003)

That would be the Sacramento Valley Astronomical Society star party... we have star parties every new moon weekend in good weather, up in the Sierras near Tahoe at an ubersecret location, codenamed HGO, known only to those who are taught the SVAS Handshake and who own the Decoder Finderscope.

It's a bit of a drive for our bay friends (e.g. Trip), so we're trying to arrange where they come up for something else -- like gaming -- and stay at least one night at our convenient-to-the-sierras-if-you-like-driving Roseville house.

You have me beat in accoutrements but not equipment; I own a 23-year-old C-11 Orange Tube with nothing but clock drive, which is just as I like it. (As far as I know, stargazers and porn actors are the only people who can without embarrassment ask and answer the question "So how many inches is that?" while setting up to ply their trade.)

If you'd like to join us for a trip up to the Sierras, you're welcome to -- though I need to know in advance if I'm going to bring up a large troupe, so I can clear it with the SVAS.

Also, I can put you in contact with the SVAS if you like to drive -- or I can ask around the SVAS to find the bay-area equivalent. Amateur stargazers are much like birders; they're eccentric but extremely friendly, anxious to show off their equipment, and thoroughly harmless (I bring my 7- and 5- year old children with me to SVAS star parties without a second thought).

Star Party by gconnor (Tue Aug 12 10:22:31 2003)

Sounds like a good deal... I shall speak to the social director of the family and let you know. It sounds like a bit of a drive, so we might elect to find something closer, but having friends or contacts already in the organization is a plus. Thanks for the info!

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1 August 2003 - Friday

This time we carpooled with Ayse and Ken, so Marith and Ayse talked and sang and talked all the way up to Roseville, and Ken and I gamegeeked.

Earl, Dave, and Harold were all there ahead of us, so there was a somewhat extended socializing phase, but eventually we went to bed.

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