Previously, in Trip's Life...

30 September 2003 - Tuesday

No Millbrae last week, because I had to stay at work all evening, so Millbrae this week. This turned out to be a problem, because I left the anime that Ray was supposed to show this week at home, with no way to get it between Millbrae and anime. Fortunately, Ken and Dave combined forces to get the apartment manager to let them in so Dave could get the stuff. Dave and Ken rock.

* * *

Vandread is still very silly.

Mokoto gets all the best episodes in Love Hina.

The first two episodes of Gasaraki don't actually make a lot of sense, although they hold out promise for the future.

* * *

Stayed up too late writing mail to justify my continuing to be the Prophet of the Fierce One in TBG. I wonder if it will work.

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29 September 2003 - Monday

I showed Ray and Bruce the first episode of FLCL at lunch-anime today. They were very confused.

* * *

Gwack! I have become Prophet of the Fierce One in TBG! I didn't think that spell would actually work!

My odds of keeping the office are low, but I figure I should milk it for all it's worth (approximately nothing, I expect) while I've got it.

* * *

Now I have run out of RahXephon to watch too! I hope Lee's is good to me on Wednesday.

* * *

Stupid dark elven warlock. Stupid mana bolt.

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28 September 2003 - Sunday

After staying up until 2:30 playing zangband, I only barely lurched into consciousness in time to meet Adam and the Bertanis at Hobee's for pre-gaming brunch. I am a bad parasite, so I ate coffeecake, and it was good. Sniff.

Despite Chrisber's florning, his Home Front session was just fine. I laughed so much my face hurt. So there!

* * *

The Bertanis lured us to the new Japanese place near Lee's, which was pretty good and not too pricy, at least during their "grand opening" phase. I'm not sure about the mango-sweetpotato roll, though.

* * *

I only spent most of the evening zangbanding; there was a short break for one disc of RahXephon, which continues to be Evaesque.

* * *

Argh! I killed Mime the Really Annoying Nibelung, but before I could get the chest he dropped, a stupid STUPID water hound dissolved it! Argh!

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27 September 2003 - Saturday

As a break from The Adventures of Jehane & Alazaïs, Ken is running Earthdawn, and we had the first session this afternoon. It got off to kind of a slow start, because Dave had to finish designing a new class so he could finish his character (why, yes, there has been progress in game design, no matter how much Hasbro is trying to pretend there hasn't and can't be), but then we rolled dice of many shapes and beat up ghouls and found ancient magic treasure and had a strange guy give us a magic item, tell us the name of where it belonged, and croak.

After Ken fed us (well, Ayse and I; Dave eats only Dave-chow) spaghetti, we watched Dr Strangelove, which Ayse and Dave and I hadn't seen before. Marith had, and thought we were nuts for voluntarily watching it, but actually it was interesting and funny in a horrible historical sort of way, and now I know where many of the groups in Illuminati come from.

* * *

A sensible parasite would have gone to sleep before midnight.

Dr. Strangelove by Dave (Tue Sep 30 13:47:31 2003)

Actually, I had seen it before. I find it amusing.

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26 September 2003 - Friday

I am weak.

* * *

Sum 'Pincerna' nominatus, Famulari ... nunc paratus!

* * *

For no readily apparent reason, work showed Office Space during lunch. I don't think we were supposed to take away the message that Yahoo! will suck the very souls from our bodies unless we burn it down now, but...

* * *

Augh! I have run out of Noir DVDs, but it is not over yet! Doom! Doom on a stick, with a side of angst and no resolution!

Catgirl Generators by Lynx (Tue Sep 30 12:18:31 2003)

Yay for catgirls! Now you can have a Catgirl of the Day. Or perhaps be a Catgirl of the Day.

Re: Catgirl Generators by Trip (Tue Sep 30 12:51:18 2003)

I could! I have, after all, the power of cron. I'm not sure what I'd do with it, though.

Catgirls! by Ayse (Wed Oct 1 01:36:27 2003)

Yay catgirls!!!

Now I am tempted to be a catgirl of the day on Too...

Re: Catgirls! by Trip (Wed Oct 1 08:24:51 2003)

Having an Ayse on Too would be excellent, whether a catgirl-Ayse or some other sort of Ayse!

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25 September 2003 - Thursday

Video paper!

* * *

Release the hateful vampire chihuahuas that spew deadly parasites!

(What, you never wondered where parasites come from?)

* * *

I caught up on the anime I missed on Tuesday, but that was only three episodes, so then I watched a disc of Noir. Now my eyes are square.

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24 September 2003 - Wednesday

Hounds of Balazar tonight. We been dragonnewted.

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23 September 2003 - Tuesday

No Millbrae for me today. Also, no Whisman Station Anime. Instead, I get to stay at work pushing the new MultiMedia index until 20:30. Wheee.

Fortunately, I've seen three of the four things Ray is showing tonight, so this is probably one of the better weeks to miss WSA.

* * *

I made it almost to El Camino before one of the other guys who had been working on the push passed me on the road and offered me a lift home. Since he lives only a couple of blocks from the parasitelair, I didn't feel like I was imposing too much.

* * *

Finished the disc of Noir. Doom, doom, all the doom in the world.

Noir is pretty much the same genre as Weiß Kreuz, only without the psychic bits. But the protagonists are female and anti-cheesecake1, so it lacks the fan appeal, or something.

1: One of the production sketchs says something much like "Yes, in this scene, Mireille is only wearing a shirt and underwear. No, you don't get to see anything."

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22 September 2003 - Monday

Despite not sleeping much, I seem to be awake and cheerful and semi-competent this morning. Wacky.

I'll have to see if being in a cube all day changes that. :)

* * *

Fooey. Someone took the other half of the conference center, and since although there is a folding wall to divide it, there is no provision for the A/V system limiting itself to the front half, we had no anime.

I suspect Greg of having given away our reservation again, but he's in Sacramento so we can't beat him up.

* * *

Turns out the other half of the conference center was just plain stolen. Hmph.

* * *

Although in theory I know what to do to make Tokyo Tower work better, in practice my GMing still sucks the flaccid moose through a crazy straw.

* * *

Gaming broke up early because being a substitute teacher is really hard on Christy and she just about passed out, so I had time to watch another half disc of Noir.

Tokyo Tower by Tamago (Tue Sep 23 14:46:53 2003)

I defy even Carl to breathe life into a session where 2/3 of his players were groggy from shifting onto a morning schedule and falling asleep at the table. Your gming is just fine. My sleep schedule sucks the moose.

Re: Tokyo Tower by Trip (Wed Sep 24 10:08:36 2003)

True, your sleep schedule makes moose very happy, but that doesn't actually improve my GMing. It just lowers your standards. :)

Easy as Breathing by Carl (Sat Sep 27 05:04:08 2003)

Yay, I'm the gold standard of GMing! But it's true, I try to avoid having more than 1/4 of my players asleep at any one time. Adrenalin is key.

Errr, except for that one Origins where we gamed very, very late and the players took turns napping, but there was always at least one person awake at any given time, and even two sometimes, if you counted the GM.

The world record for longest game session (104 hours or so) -- set at Origins 2002 -- allowed nap breaks and switched off GMs, and that was before Provigil anyway. It did give me the desire to do Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil (4th to 14th level) in 105 hours, but I lay down until the feeling went away.

Re: Easy as Breathing by Trip (Mon Sep 29 10:07:07 2003)

What, like you have something better to do with any given 105 hours?

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21 September 2003 - Sunday

Oog. I got up about 9 or 10, flopped around in bed reading Heroquest, and then fell back asleep for four more hours. I think I must have needed it, though, since I wasn't groggy or headachey as I usually am when overslept. Plus, I got to skip some of the heat that way.

* * *

I tried to pretend that rolling up a lot of treasure was like preparing for Tokyo Tower, but it really isn't. Fooey.

* * *

I tried to eat at Chef Chu's for dinner, but they had a line 296539126439152 people long, so I wickedly went across the street to Oregano's (I blame Harold) and had roasted garlic (soft! yummy! garlicky! with sundried tomatoes to put on top!) and bacon-gorgonzola pizza (also yummy!). Blort.

* * *

Walking is good for thinking. Plus, I feel all GMly for having figured out which way the PCs are almost certain to jump on a certain issue, so I can prepare accordingly.

This is the sort of thing normal people do in hardware, isn't it?

* * *

While I was watching yet more Noir, Marith returned from her weekend of being parented to bibble at me. Wow, her parents pretty much exemplify everything that's wrong with the East Coast/previous generations. I am so glad Marith is in California now.

Plus, bonus points to Marith for identifying Coppelia as a mechanical doll who comes to life from some opera or another.

* * *

Sleep? What is this sleep you speak of? It must be something indulged in by people who get up earlier than 14:00.

Free Treasure! by Carl (Sat Sep 27 05:07:18 2003)

Here's an online Treasure Generator. Or use the kittygirl generator, but that might draw odd looks from the players. Especially if you base her on Velcro.

Re: Free Treasure by Trip (Mon Sep 29 10:01:48 2003)

Alas, I do strange things with treasure rolls to reflect the nature of the setting, so an implementation of the book algorithm wouldn't help. Plus, I like rolling up treasure!

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20 September 2003 - Saturday

We knew Marith wouldn't be able to play AHS because she has to be in Tahoe with her parents, but then Ayse cancelled too, so we are gameless. Sniff!

We did play the new Cheapass game, Time Lines, which is confusing and sheep-intensive. I won, but only because Chrisber wasn't paying close enough attention to the potential shifts in the lines.

Dave and I took the gaming munchies and all the stuff I had meant to give Ayse at gaming over to Ayse&Ken's and admired the many bookcases full of neatly organized books, but then everyone went flump.

* * *

For no very good reason, I hiked down to Lee's and bought the next five disks of Noir. I had hoped to get the RahXephon that was supposed to be transferred down for me as well, but no dice. Sniff. Still, getting out of the apartment for an hour was good!

* * *

Watched more Noir, since, well, I have it. The opening song has eaten my brain.

I seem to mostly like anime opening songs better than closing songs. If I knew anything about analyzing music, I could probably say why this is so, but I am an un-noted philistine, so I can't. More energy, maybe? Although the one closing song I can think of that I like a lot (from the Vampire Princess Miyu TV series) is fairly slow, so maybe that's not it.

Marith by anime themes (Mon Sep 22 12:47:08 2003)

Easily confused troll!

It does seem like opening themes have more energy in general (though the Utena closing themes are both zippy and good). And you usually wouldn't want to put a slow song at the front.

Maybe more attention gets paid to the selection of opening songs because they end up symbolizing the show? Or maybe we philistines don't appreciate the subtler beauty of slow closing themes.

I still like the Chobits ending theme better than the opening, though. :)

Re: Marith by Trip (Mon Sep 22 13:10:29 2003)

Oh, yah, I like the Utena closing theme too.

Maybe there is anime that has slow starting songs and I just don't watch it?

Re: anime themes by Dave (Mon Sep 22 14:52:13 2003)

Like Love Hina?

Re: anime themes by Trip (Mon Sep 22 15:45:12 2003)

Dave, you are silly.

re: anime themes by tamago (Mon Sep 22 17:27:25 2003)

yan. tamago. tamago.

Re: anime themes by Trip (Mon Sep 22 17:52:20 2003)

Ooh, yah! I don't even remember what the opening theme to Dragon Half is like, but the closing one is very er tamago-intensive. :)

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19 September 2003 - Friday

Some stupid microbe that preys on the stupidity of Windows users is going around, and although of course I'm immune, it's still clogging my mailbox bigtime. Or rather, it was, until I got off my chitinous ass and finally set up spam filtering.

Sadly, the Windows worm looks too much like a real Microsoft patch to be caught by the current filters on idiom, but I don't mind making a special-case procmail rule, since it's not like I'll ever need to receive real Windows patches, and now all the other spam also silently vanishes away.

Happy happy parasite!

* * *

I finished the DVD of SuperGALs, which continued to be wacky. I wasn't tired yet, though, so I watched the entire first DVD of Noir, which is in the crime/conspiracy genre. It's pretty good; I'll have to get more.

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18 September 2003 - Thursday

Observe how I avoid the MCF at Dave&Buster's, and the attendant headache.

* * *

Wow, it's already been a month since I started moving into my new parasitelair. I'm getting used to living there, but it still doesn't seem entirely like home.

* * *

Finished off the RahXephon DVD (now waiting for #3 to get transferred down from the other Lee's), but that was only one episode, so I fired up SuperGALs as an excuse to stay up later. Boy, that's a weird show. Not as weird as FLCL, but if it speaks to the Japanese Youth of Today, I'll stay a safe distance when I observe the Japan of Tomorrow.

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17 September 2003 - Wednesday

Physics fun! (91-times-ionized uranium?!)

* * *

Kit is officially the coolest Kit ever.

* * *

More RahXephon. The opening song is growing on me. I think the plot needs the revelation of more mysteries, but then I'm only on episode 7 of whoknowshowmany, so I guess it's okay that they're still adding mysteries.

coolness! by kit (Thu Sep 18 18:54:51 2003)


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16 September 2003 - Tuesday

No ants this morning. Weird.

* * *

Vandread is still poorly-explained but silly. The end of Hand Maid May was just about what you would expect.

Next week, Riding Bean!

* * *

You know that bit about how, if you've been sick, you're supposed to get lots of rest? Apparently I don't.

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15 September 2003 - Monday

Cold cloudy morning. Still coughy. Sore throat. Ants in the bathroom. End of world predicted.

* * *

Only one episode of Ranma ½ left. I need to think of something else to bring in, since apparently no one else has much (except Angie, but she doesn't like us). Maybe Shamanic Princess?

Hm, or we could get Angie or someone to bring in Stargate SG-1 DVDs.

* * *

Less coughy. No sore throat. Not sure about the ants.

* * *

The next mutation after short stubby legs and dyspepsia was muscles withering away, so that character didn't last long. Now I have one who got Strength hosed in a stat scramble and then got turned into a kobold, but has an artifact cloak that gives +4 to like four stats (including Str) and a weasel of Westernesse. Raar.

stuff to watch! by Angie (Wed Sep 17 08:39:13 2003)

I've thought about things to bring in, but mostly I've got long series that I'm not sure people would want to watch, and not much at all that you haven't seen before. I'll take a look at my shelves tonight (maybe this will prompt me to organize them in a list-like fashion online, finally) and see if I come up with anything. But I like the idea of Stargate! Not that I've got the DVDs myself, but Mike might be persuaded to loan them out again, if we're lucky.

Re: stuff to watch! by Trip (Wed Sep 17 10:07:01 2003)

well, suggest things!

(And with Ray's anime night too, I can end up rewatching things twice! :)

Anime by Carl (Mon Sep 22 00:31:58 2003)

Have people already seen Ushio & Tora, .hack//SIGN, and Aura Battler Dunbine? Animatrix (or does that not count?)? Kim Possible? Teen Titans (done in an anime style, although I couldn't offer it until my tape is filled.)? I could loan any of those to the cause. Firefly? :-)

Re: Anime by Trip (Mon Sep 22 08:58:08 2003)

We've seen Animatrix. I've seen Ushio & Tora, and will probably get it when it comes out on DVD in the near(ish?) future. .hack//SIGN seemed interesting, but after two or three DVDs I realized that nothing was going to happen, ever. :(

Haven't seen the others, so maybe! Fortunately you see Bruce almost every weekend, so the bang-path wouldn't be too torturous.

anime, redux by Angie (Mon Sep 22 09:48:00 2003)

Ushio & Tora is already out, though I'm reminded that I should get my VHS of it back from Cera at some point.

And I cataloged my DVDs this weekend! And VHS too, though there's not very many of them. They're not pretty, but maybe I'll HTMLize them eventually. It's a start, at least!

Re: anime, redux by Trip (Mon Sep 22 10:37:24 2003)

Hmph! Betrayed by Lee's!

Supporting my local meatspace retailers would be a lot easier if they actually sold me what I wanted. And didn't go out of business randomly.

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14 September 2003 - Sunday

My character is utterly lame, but I went to play Home Front anyway. It was Adam's turn to run, and he did just fine even though he apologized a lot. Steel Penny leapt to a conclusion that turned out to be the right one, which prevented a lot of flailing around, so we wrapped up by the time Chrisber and Christy had to run off to do family stuff. (This is because we are better than the people Adam games with in Berkeley.) Nazi spys were exposed, hostages were rescued, and the Pacific Fleet was saved.

* * *

While trundling around in the wilderness looking for more towns to shop at, I encountered Grendel and his gang of ogres, and avenged my earlier character. Unfortunately, before I made it back to safety, I was ignominiously breathed to death by a stupid off-screen basilisk. Grr.

I started a new character, but I got short stubby legs and severely upset stomach as my first two mutations, so I don't think this is going to work out. Hmph.

* * *

Cough. Cough. Sore throat. Bleah. :( I hope Ayse and Ken haven't brought me exotic Midwest germs as a souvenir from their adventure.

* * *

Watched the first DVD of RahXephon. Someone once described it as an attempt to do Neon Genesis Evangelion only without driving the audience mad, and so far it seems to resemble that a bit. I will probably get the second and successive DVDs.

Best Trip Ever! by marith (Mon Sep 15 12:20:18 2003)

Poor dyspeptic chaoswarrior! Aw!

You are not lame, not even a little bit! Everyone oversleeps sometimes, and we still had delicious brunch and bookstore accidents, so there was no doom.

Yay HF! Boy, you _all_ seem to be insecure, which is silly because you are all fine gamers.

Re: best Trip Ever! by Trip (Mon Sep 15 13:55:51 2003)

Just a parasite!

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13 September 2003 - Saturday

Lamest parasite ever :(

We were supposed to meet at 10:00 to go up to Berkeley for Provencal brunch and used books, but I failed to properly use my alarm clock and didn't wake up until people called me at 10:20 to see if I was dead. Then I had to shower because I was so gross, so we were late by hours and hours. :(

Lamest parasite ever :(

The Provencal brunch at La Note was very yummy (goat cheese! roasted red peppers! tuna sandwich with hardboiled egg, anchovies, roasted tomatoes and yum!) and I had some bookstore accidents, including the latest Diana Wynne Jones (The Merlin Conspiracy). Marith became sick because any amount of added stress will cause her to explode messily, but she went back with Dave so Ayse and Ken and I could finish having bookstore accidents.

* * *

Because I am still a pathetic excuse for a gamer, I did not make an Earthdawn character while Dave and Ayse were doing so.

* * *

Marith was not too sick for sushi, so I took the people who helped me move my huge pile of useless crap out to Ariake and fed them many sushi bits. Also, I snitched way to much of everyone's Cold Stone icecream.

* * *

Muahahahaha! Boots of speed +10! Ninja-to of sharpness, with 202% deadliness! Muahahahaha!

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12 September 2003 - Friday

Ken ran off to be one of those Vampire LARPers everyone makes fun of, which made Ayse bored and lonely so she came over to alphabetize my books. A-L of the paperbacks are done, but we had to stop there because the library was Much Too Hot.

Having someone come and alphabetize my books is not much like sitting at home thinking about what a pathetic excuse for a gamer I am.

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11 September 2003 - Thursday

Ayse and Ken and Marith and Dave came over and we watched two episodes of Slayers and two of Chobits. Then I threw them all out.

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10 September 2003 - Wednesday

Three meetings in four hours. And pizza. Sigh.

* * *

Hot again. Fooey.

* * *

Hounds of Balazar! Half our group got possessed by the ghosts of ancient wind cultists, but that turned out to be good when trolls jumped us in the middle of the night. Two trolls slain like the dog-eating monsters they are, one stumbled off into the night Befuddled, hopefully to be stepped on by a dinosaur.

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9 September 2003 - Tuesday

Millbrae today was all about wanting to change the world for the better.

* * *

Hey! It's raining! I guess that means summer is officially over.

So why is it still so warm? Bleah.

* * *

Having finished Battle Athletes last week, we started watching Vandread, which is even goofier and makes even less sense.

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8 September 2003 - Monday

Blargh, Monday. Yucky, yucky Monday.

* * *

Tokyo Tower went okay. NPCs were unmasked, hearts were broken, ancient machinery was operated.

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7 September 2003 - Sunday

I sort of draggled out of bed late, and then got oncalled as I stumbled around dazedly, which resulted in my sitting in front of the computer all afternoon (spending my leprechaun profits) instead of going to see Pirates of the Caribbean. Eventually Marith finished her moving stuff, though, and we caught an evening show.

As previously described, the movie was ALL ABOUT Johnny Depp chewing on the scenery, but also about zombies and Orlando Bloom and the evils of corsets. It's not clear the plot holds together, but allowances must be made for zombie pirates.

My, that was a lot of swishing.

Zombie Plots by Dave (Tue Sep 9 13:44:30 2003)

Well, it's only natural that aplot involving zombie pirates is going to have trouble holding together.

Re: Zombie Plots by Trip (Tue Sep 9 14:26:52 2003)

Well, there is one good scene about that...

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6 September 2003 - Saturday

We were going to move the rest of Marith's stuff today, but she didn't feel up to it, so then we weren't going to. Dave, however, hunted up a truck and volunteered to drive it and all, so we did move stuff after all.

Then I watched the latest disc of A Little Snow Fairy, Sugar and stayed up until 2:00 farming cheerful leprechauns. (Apparently the key is Mold Powers.)

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4 September 2003 - Thursday

I can now view my numerous coding errors in proper perspective.

* * *

Cuban for lunch today, at La Boguedita del Medio (sp?) on California Ave. It was pretty good. Yum, plaintains.

* * *

Once again, I spent my entire evening playing zangband. Then I was killed horribly by Grendel. Stupid STUPID unique ogre creature.

Coding Errors by Dave (Fri Sep 5 11:40:16 2003)

Of course, the real question is why he didn't use ($x * $y).

I'll note that the local perl programmers (and script kiddies, we have both) produce, um, interesting code. Perl shortcuts - fear them.

Re: Coding Errors by Trip (Fri Sep 5 11:55:53 2003)

Of course, the real question is why he didn't use ($x * $y).

Because that wouldn't have been as funny?

I got spam the other day that was addressed to '$FIRSTNAME $LASTNAME' with a subject of '$RANDOMIZE'.

Re: Coding Errors by Dave (Fri Sep 5 13:40:07 2003)

Wait, you mean it's not a real story?

Re: Coding Errors by Trip (Fri Sep 5 14:42:35 2003)

The bit about the author at the very bottom seems to suggest not.

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2 September 2003 - Tuesday

Speaking of Finding Nemo ...

* * *

Supervillainous plots live!

* * *

We finished the Battle Athletes OAVs tonight. It was interesting to see what things were the same between the OAVs and TV series, as well as what was different.

Next week: Vandread! (Whatever that is, but at least it's not Juubei-chan.)

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1 September 2003 - Monday

I had the helping-friends-move day and the gaming day, so now I round my weekend out with a lazy day! Well, okay, I did laundry.

* * *

Marith and I have seen Finding Nemo! It is pretty good, although Australian dentistry alarms me.

* * *

Marith has to move and move and move tonight, so I watched (the rest of) Alien Nine on my own. It only goes up through the Yellow Knife episode, but is pretty true to the manga as far as it goes. There are some scenes with the school principle (who doesn't show up much if at all in the manga) to make certain aspects more obvious, but they don't really change any of the story.

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