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30 November 2003 - Sunday

Argh. Spent like three hours doinking around with my new printer, trying to find linux drivers for it. I found a couple of pages that swear up and down that the latest version of gimp-print will handle the Stylus C64, but I've installed the most recent versions on both the development and stable branches, and no dice.

I'm not sure if the people who write these web pages are on crack, or if I'm missing some important bit of installing gimp-print. Advice appreciated.

* * *

NaNoWriMo words today: 1528

NaNoWriMo words total: 50069 (100.1%)

Reason for stopping: I am now a

Panic factor: 0.000!

* * *

That was all very gratifying, but now I need to go shopping and write up AQoJ and prepare for TT tomorrow. Oof.

* * *

Hey, cool! The Thai restaurant next to Trader Joe's is open!

NaNoWriMo by mony (Mon Dec 1 05:47:00 2003)

Yay for Trip the winner!

Transmundane by Bryant (Mon Dec 1 10:49:14 2003)

More Transmundane now?

Re: Transmundane by Trip (Mon Dec 1 11:23:15 2003)

I thought you wanted more SMS!

That too by Bryant (Mon Dec 1 12:31:13 2003)

I want both.

Re: That too by Trip (Mon Dec 1 13:00:36 2003)


Nano by gconnor (Mon Dec 1 21:05:32 2003)

Good for you!

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29 November 2003 - Saturday

Sleep, sleep. Flick, flick.

I guess I better write.

* * *

NaNoWriMo words today: 3324

NaNoWriMo words total: 48541 (97.1%)

Reason for stopping: Lots of writing! Brain tired! Also, Marith luring me to consumer frenzy.

Panic factor: 0.875!

* * *

My consumer frenzy results:

  • Palm Tungsten T3 PDA
  • Epson Stylus C64 printer
  • Screen protectors for T3
  • USB cable for printer
  • USB-to-Bluetooth widget

Hm. So much for moderation.

* * *

Writing brain still tired. Intimidated by new consumer electronics. Maybe I'll watch a bit of anime.

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28 November 2003 - Friday

Hm. Marith and Harold seem to have found it necessary to go on a major shopping expedition at exactly the time we were trying to start AQoJ. That seems poorly timed.

So, somewhat late, but not actually dead...

Amazon Quintet of Justice VIIa: "Assault of Darkness! Hey! I Was Using That Soul!"

Our Heroines seem to have thoroughly cleaned out the caverns, so going back to catch up with the others at the pirate base is uneventful. The locked and warded building there contains both the portal back home and the valuables looted from the royal treasury of Tigris. However, in order to transport everything back, it gets stuffed into the pocket dimension the Quintet stole from the necrotheologians, with Sophia, Serenity, and Shekinah to guard it. Upon arrival back in Prince Richard's bedroom, however, Our (remaining) Heroines discover that the Solar Sisters have been paged by Pelor and are no longer anywhere to be found.

Tigris is suitably grateful. Some of the handy items lent from the treasury are signed over to the Quintet for good. A minor dispute breaks out over the disposition of the magic items used by the succubus-prince, but Amaryllis prevails.

Stephan, upon hearing of the good drow, demands to be taken to meet them so he can get their versions of the ancient prophecies of the dead god. Eventually, Fresa succumbs to his blandishments, and the Quintet escort him to the pirate base. It turns out that the drow version of the prophecy claims that the "blood of Avalon" will be instrumental in raising the dead god. There is some alarm.

Sadly, the really cute drow sorcerer has run off with the silver dragon. Some people have no sense of gratitude.

That episode is no sooner concluded than Hrogarth, who has been left in the university archives all this time, proclaims that he has found the hiding place of an Artifact of Great Power. Or at least narrowed it down to a short list. And he's not sure what the AoGP is. But the Amazons must go and fetch it immediately!

Since that was not the original deal with Hrogarth, and his dwarven sensibilities prevent him from making a reasonable monetary offer, there is some resistance. However, Moradin reveals to Fresa that He wants her to go on this expedition, and that it is related to the issue of the dead god. Sadly, He is not forthcoming on other issues, such as the exact role to be played by the "blood of Avalon", or which of the locations on Hrogarth's list holds the AoGP. Still, now that the Quintet knows that they want to do this, they have Marika use her mercenary savvy to negotiate them a fairly good contract. If they have to use the item to save the world, their payment will not be as large, but this is deemed acceptable, and Our Heroines set out for the first place on the list.

On the morning of the fifth day of travel, well up in the foothills away from civilization, Amaryllis and Alyra awaken from horrible nightmares with some of their life force missing. Fortunately, Gabrielle knows an old song about someone this happened to, and in that case it was a night hag. With that as a working theory, Our Heroines lay a trap the next night: Fresa is prepared to go ethereal with anyone who's awake at the time and slay the hag in her immaterial state.

Just before dawn, Amaryllis begins tossing and whimpering in her sleep, so Fresa grabs her watch-mate Alyra, kicks Marika awake, and casts her spell. Unfortunately, there are two night hags, and each has a nightmare for a mount. Simultaneously, on the material plane, wolves attack!

Confusion ensues. The wolves are not much of a threat, but they annoy Marika and Gabrielle, and occupy several seconds of Amaryllis's valuable spell-casting time. Fresa and Alyra are hard-pressed and death seems near, but finally Amaryllis casts the spell that allows her to see and zap the hags and nightmares, and turns the tide. None of the foes escape.

Triumphant, if slightly low on magical power, the Amazons continue onward that morning, and finally reach a ruined complex of some kind. The area is crisscrossed with the tracks of wolves and giant rats, leading some to suspect the presence of vampires. Fortunately, it is still many hours until nightfall.

The only intact part of the complex seems to be built into the mountain, so cautious exploration is undertaken. After a great deal of wandering about peering at rubbish and indecipherable inscriptions, the five determine that the place is laid out as a series of concentric circles, with the spokes between adjacent rings offset so there's no direct passage to or from the center. Once they understand the architecture, though, the indirect path to the center is easy to follow.

Unfortunately, although the stresses of the rock surrounding the center are somewhat odd, there isn't anything exciting there: just an innermost ring corridor encircling a pillar about twenty feet wide. While Our Heroines are poking around, four horrible shadowy forms emerge from the wall and attack!

The first skirmish ends with two of the spectres put to final rest and the other two to flight, but three of the five adventurers severely drained by negative energy. The Amazons flee outside, only to find that it is almost dark! At least outside it's harder for things to sneak up on them.

Fresa repairs the damage to a couple of souls, but before she can petition Moradin for more magic, the spectres and their two new buddies attack! The protective circle Fresa cast hinders them, at least, so that although more souls are rent and battered, all four spectres are dispatched. Whew!

* * *

Harold wanted to get home, so we called it there and went zoom zoom back to Mountain View.

* * *

NaNoWriMo words today: 0

NaNoWriMo words total: 45217 (90.4%)

Reason for not starting: Roseville.

Panic factor: 1.435

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27 November 2003 - Thursday

Turkey Day! It's Turkey Day!

* * *

My, that was a lot of food.

Wickedly, I ate many starch things, and also a nonzero amount of sugar things, but it was yummy.

* * *

NaNoWriMo words today: 0

NaNoWriMo words total: 45217 (90.4%)

Reason for not starting: Roseville.

Panic factor: 0.957

So much for any slack I built up...

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26 November 2003 - Wednesday

Morning: much as usual. Sigh.

Made it to Lee's to get comics and my plush shoggoth (which I actually got last week but lent to the guys there so they could take pictures of it eating their brains) and back by 13:30 but then fribbled around uselessly for a couple of hours before finally putting the writing music on.

* * *

NaNoWriMo words today: 2889

NaNoWriMo words total: 45217 (90.4%)

Reason for stopping: Must pack for going to Roseville for turkey and gaming!

Panic factor: 0.717!

Only 4783 words to go, less than twice what I did today! Unless I somehow get trapped in Roseville all weekend, or have to have more parts of my skeleton chiselled away, or some such, I am pretty certain of achieving a stunning victory over the NaNoWriMonster!

But now, I pack!

* * *


* * *

I fear Puzzle Pirates.

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25 November 2003 - Tuesday

About the best I can say about my getting up this morning is that it was not quite as pathetic as yesterday.

* * *

NaNoWriMo words today: 2208

NaNoWriMo words total: 42328 (86.6%)

Reason for stopping: Want to pillage Gamescape before running off to Whisman Station Anime.

Panic factor: 0.921

* * *

Yay! We have finished Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne! Good has triumphed! Evil has been redeemed for valuable cash prizes!

Next week, maybe Banner of the Stars II.

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24 November 2003 - Monday

Man, that getting up early trick never works. Although this time I at least legitimately slept poorly, instead of being a complete lazy slob.

Yay for only being a partial lazy slob, I guess.

Anyway, it's vacation, so I'm entitled to be a lazy slob, right?

* * *

Wrote some in the afternoon, ran out of brain, went to Chef Chu's for dinner. Read The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, by Mark Haddon, which was very interesting, but not at all what I'm trying to emulate, so it didn't depress me.

Today's fortune: A wise man knows everything, a shrewd one, everybody.

* * *

NaNoWriMo words today: 2754

NaNoWriMo words total: 40120 (80.2%)

Reason for stopping: It's 22:10, I made my goal of 40 000 today, and I've written 1234 words since dinner, so it's obviously stopping time.

Panic factor: 0.988

Go me!

Yay, Trip!! by Liralen (Tue Nov 25 08:05:14 2003)

Yay! Goal reaching! Congratulations!

And I really know what you mean about a book depressing one, especially when it's something you're trying to do.

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23 November 2003 - Sunday

Today, Home Front! Sadly, Adam and Earl were missing, so our discussion of how to fix things came to naught, but it took time off the front, and Rachel got hungry so we had to knock off early, which means they didn't get through my carefully-planned adventure.

I am pretending that the yawning was not a reflection on my GMing skills, but I'm not sure I'm fooling anyone.

* * *

Rachel let me fondle her new external brain, a Tungsten T3. I think I am now more strongly motivated to replace my aging Visor. The T3 is spiffy.

* * *

NaNoWriMo words today: 1253

NaNoWriMo words total: 37366 (74.7%)

Reason for sucking: Got a late start, have no brain, want to go to bed at a sane time so I can get up and write diligently tomorrow morning.

Panic factor: 1.083

Fooey, lost ground. Parasite of poor quality. :(

* * *

Ha hah! We made Flit go squee!

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22 November 2003 - Saturday

I intended to get up early and write some in the morning, but it didn't happen that way. Perhaps I need to allow no slack for when I first set my alarm, so that after I sleep in some it will still not be er noon.

Anyway, after getting up I wandered over to Ayse&Ken's to play Earthdawn. We finally got to the bottom of the bizarre pointless conspiracy by the simple expedient of beating the snot out of everyone we thought was involved, and found out that they were worshippers of the god of bizarre pointless conspiracies, which explained everything.

Next session, we finally get on with our quest!

After gaming there was pizza and Slayers and then Ken threw everyone out because he was sick.

Now I should write.

* * *

NaNoWriMo words today: 1749

NaNoWriMo words total: 36113 (72.2%)

Reason for stopping: Tried to put the whole file through fmt, and exploded vi! I was able to recover the lost text in pieces from files in /var/tmp/vi.recover, so nothing is gone, but there was a great deal of panic and now it is after 23:30.

Panic factor: 1.026

Panicking by Dor (Sun Nov 23 21:30:27 2003)

My panic factor is a whopping 1.559. This is sad-making. On the other hand, I've managed about 2000 words a day for the past week, so I may yet make it. And then I will torture you with my bad prose.

Re: Panicking by Trip (Sun Nov 23 22:00:26 2003)

Hey, watch it with the threats! I can retaliate in kind, you know!

Re: Re: Panicking by Dor (Mon Nov 24 16:41:20 2003)

Who said I was threatening? That was a promise, my dear parasite...

Re: Re: Re: Panicking by Trip (Tue Nov 25 16:07:38 2003)


alarm by gconnor (Mon Dec 1 21:12:00 2003)

My alarm is useless, if I put it where I can reach it without sitting up. I don't think this is a technological problem. It works a lot better on the desk beyond my feet than sitting on the shelf near my head. Hmm..

Re: alarm by Trip (Tue Dec 2 08:36:20 2003)

Sadly, if I don't have any scheduled reason to get up (eg, work), I am perfectly capable of getting out of bed, shutting off the alarm, looking around at the cold room, looking at my warm bed, setting the alarm ahead and hour, and going back to bed. Sometimes two or three times in a row.

On the other hand, I did finish NaNoWriMo, so I guess it didn't work out too badly! Except that now getting up for work happens way too early.

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21 November 2003 - Friday

Solar striptease!

* * *

So after having nothing to do all week, Engineering finally came up with something they wanted done. Of course, they didn't think of this until 15:30 on Friday afternoon.

It looked like it was going to be lengthy and annoying (since engineers all seem to work from mid-afternoon to midnight, or something), so I bailed. If Eng knows what they want by then, Greg can probably finish it up with little effort on Monday.

* * *

NaNoWriMo words today: 2294

NaNoWriMo words total: 34364 (68.7%)

Reason for stopping: Almost 22:30!

This brings my Panic Index (defined as (words_remaining / 1666.66) / days_remaining) down to 1.04, from 1.08 yesterday. So, still a little behind, but not much, and gaining ground. If I can manage to get even 3000 tomorrow and Sunday, I will be in excellent shape (Panic Index 0.83) for my vacation of writing and Thanksgiving of not-writing.

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20 November 2003 - Thursday

Today I got one ticket, and I could actually do this one! So I did.

* * *

Greg very kindly brought me cream of broccoli soup from Quizno's. My mouth appreciated it.

* * *

Worked on my Home Front adventure for Sunday some. I think I can probably finish it up tomorrow. Hopefully I will both do so and remember to print it out, since my home printer is a paperweight.

* * *

NaNoWriMo words today: 1929

NaNoWriMo words total: 32070 (64.1%)

Reason for sucking: Stupid laundry room was busy, and I didn't want to start until I had laundry going, because I'd just have to derail my train of thought to go move it around in 25 minutes anyway.

But at least I exceeded the nominal words-per-day required to finish this by the 30th (1806 words every day from today through the 30th would do it) so I am gaining ground rather than losing.

*thwap* by kit (Thu Nov 20 22:38:45 2003)

1800 words is not suckful!

Re: *thwap* by Trip (Fri Nov 21 08:34:47 2003)

But is 1900?

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19 November 2003 - Wednesday

Another slow day at work. I got a total of one new ticket, which is something that probably can't be done anyway.

Anticipating further slowness, I asked for next week off. Hopefully I won't get sick like the last time I tried to be that clever.

* * *

NaNoWriMo words today: 267

NaNoWriMo words total: 30141 (60.3%)

Reason for sucking: Only had a few minutes between getting home and going off to Dave's for Hounds of Balazar. Also, hurty mouth. :(

* * *

We still haven't made it to the Big Fight, but we have made it to the stage of casting magic on ourselves for the Big Fight!

Next time, for sure!

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18 November 2003 - Tuesday

Yummy Thai lunch today. Thai City's deepfried tofu is not as soft as one might like.

* * *

NaNoWriMo words today: 0

NaNoWriMo words total: 29874 (59.7%)

Reason for not starting: Millbrae, then Whisman Station Anime, then bed.

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17 November 2003 - Monday

No work today, oral surgery checkup instead. I seem to be healing as well as one could expect, though I am advised to put off other dental work until after Thanksgiving.

Also deposited paychecks, refilled prescription, worshipped Kit, etc.

* * *

NaNoWriMo words today: 2379

NaNoWriMo words total: 29874 (59.7%)

Reason for stopping: Daily quota and then some! Brain tired.

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16 November 2003 - Sunday

I didn't get up early today, but at least I went shopping and came home with parasite-favorable bread and jam (soft!) before noon. Now I will eat some of my bread and jam, and then I can start writing at like 12:30 or 13:00, instead of 15 or 16:00.

* * *

Today I have learned that Soula is also Extraordinarily Cool! Yay imminently famous game designer Soula!

* * *

NaNoWriMo words today: 2167

NaNoWriMo words total: 27495 (54.99%)

Reason for stopping: Well past minimum daily quota of 1666, at a good stopping place (ie, in the middle of action, so I won't have to flail about where to go next time), and should eat something before gaming.

* * *

Earthdawn Earthdawn yay! We got more involved in the conspiracy or conspiracies or god-awful mess, and found at least three people who are in it up to their necks. We tried to beat the snot out of two who hit Ayse's character over the head and locked her in a closet, but they used mind magic to talk their way out.

We ended early because Ayse was Very Sleepy and MA-chan was emitting Extra Sleep Rays at her, but we got a pretty early start so we weren't shorted on gaming.

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15 November 2003 - Saturday

You know how I said I was going to get up early and write? Everyone who thinks I actually did so, raise a tentacle.... Good, good, I'm glad to see you all have a realistic appraisal of my nature.

* * *

Today's quote:

Hierarchy was invented to regulate human relations with imaginary beings, and it still performs that function quite admirably. In the shadow of that pyramid, conspiracy theories are little grassy knolls.

Ken MacLeod

(from The Early Days of a Better Nation, discussing why you should never attribute to malice what can be explained by institutional incompetence

* * *

After writing half my quota, my brain was kind of empty, so I went down to Chef Chu's and refilled it with sizzling rice soup.

Today's fortune: "You will enjoy good health, you will be surrounded by luxury." Sort of promising re wisdom tooth holes and layoffs, until you consider that I'm already far above the world average, and possibly even the national average, in both respects.

* * *

NaNoWriMo words today: 3065

NaNoWriMo words total: 25328 (50.7%)

Reason for stopping: Made my 3000! And, therefore, my 25 000! I am now on schedule! Go me!

woot! by kit (Sun Nov 16 00:19:03 2003)

GO TRIP! You are SO COOL!!!!!

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14 November 2003 - Friday

More NOC coverage today, but at least I did all the tickets beforehand. Unfortunately, the monitors were much more unruly today than yesterday, so I got half as much writing done. Fooey.

* * *

I would just like to take this moment to announce that Kit is, in indisputable fact, the very coolest Kit in the entire world.

Someday, Amazon will show you why.

* * *

I have turned down socialization for writing. I guess this means I should actually write.

* * *

NaNoWriMo words today: 3010

NaNoWriMo words total: 22263 (44.5%)

Reason for stopping: Made my 3000! Also, nearly 22:30, and I have to get up and write another 3000 words tomorrow. More, if possible, since Tuesday and Wednesday next week both look unpromising.

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13 November 2003 - Thursday

According to my calculations, if I can write 3000 words today, tomorrow, and Saturday, I will have 25 000 NaNoWriMo words on the 15th, which is exactly on schedule.

If I can do it for nine more days after that, I'll be done in time to fall over for Thanksgiving, but I don't think I'll commit myself that far ahead at this time.

* * *

The ranks of the NOClings have been devastated by vacation or illness or both, so we sysadmins, despite our inflated notions of self-worth, are manning the NOC today. Since approximately nothing else is happening, this is not such a big deal. Extra writing time!

* * *

Angie is here to relieve me, but if I send her away for another hour, maybe I can get a full thousand words, so I only have to write 2000 tonight!

* * *


* * *

NaNoWriMo words today: 3182

NaNoWriMo words total: 19253 (38.5%)

Reason for stopping: Made my 3000! Writing brain tired.

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12 November 2003 - Wednesday

I thought about going to work this morning, really I did, but I slept poorly and then my mouth explained how much I would suffer if I tried to eat anything harder to chew than yogurt. Like, anything I might find at work.

If there were anything happening at work these days, I might have gone in anyway, but it's all just JT and his machine setup requests.

* * *

NaNoWriMo words today: 2077

NaNoWriMo words total: 16071 (32.1%)

Reason for stopping: Sheer laziness. Or lack of inspiration. Probably the same thing.

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11 November 2003 - Tuesday

No work today: oral surgery instead.

I frittered away the entire morning and early afternoon doing nothing of any value whatsoever, not even NaNoWring. Then Christy showed up to cart me off to the wilds to Los Altos, where I was drugged heavily and sacrificed to their bizarre local gods.

Now I am home, eating yogurt, while Christy does battle with the horror that is the prescription drug system in hopes of getting me powerful painkillers. Not that I need them just yet, since I still have no lower jaw.

Christy is the best egg ever.

* * *

Beef broth, although warm and savory, is not really that satisfying of a meal. Fortunately, I have this excellent parasite_ok butterscotch icecream Christy made me!

* * *

NaNoWriMo words today: 1275

NaNoWriMo words total: 13994 (27.9%)

Reason for stopping: Can't concentrate. Painkillers not as incapacitating as feared, however.

missing teeth by Ken (Tue Nov 11 21:41:28 2003)

I had been under the impression that hot things were not good to put in your mouth shortly after having teeth out, for fear of starting bleeding again. Am I horribly misinformed? Cera thinks I might be.

Re: missing teeth by Trip (Wed Nov 12 12:20:38 2003)

Well, right after, I just had some yogurt, as recommended on the handy page of instructions. It says to eat mooshy things like pasta, eggs, or cooked veggies after that, though, and all of those are cooked. And it suggests tea or broth if the pain meds upset your stomach, so.

Now, there has been some bleeding, and I don't know whether it would have been less or not had I not had the broth, but it doesn't seem to be serious and the doctor obviously didn't expect that it would be.

Not dead yet!

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10 November 2003 - Monday

As of the time I left work, there were no slips in the queue and all the ones assigned to me were blocking on input from the requestors. Hah.

* * *

Argh. I know this NaNo can go somewhere, but where?

* * *

Quality? Who needs quality?

NaNoWriMo words today: 2069

NaNoWriMo words total: 12719 (25.4%)

Reason for stopping: Need to go to bed so I can get up tomorrow and have my mouth dismembered.

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9 November 2003 - Sunday

Sproing! Shop! Squack! Soggy! Scuttle!

I made it to brunch on time, because I am clever like that, and resisted the lure of the coffeecake, because I am sensible like that. Then we went to Jeremy's and ate Too Much Cheese and played Home Front, which took a long time and was not conclusive, possibly because we did not leap into action with sufficient disregard for sanity. Still, it was fun.

Jing Jing is very spicy.

* * *

NaNoWriMo words today: 0

NaNoWriMo words total: 10650 (21.3%)

Reason for not starting: By the time I finished gaming and post-gaming dinner and running an errand of mercy to poor sick Dave, it was nearly 21:00, and there was Kit, so I wailed and florned with dismay and she comforted me and pointed out that there are actually places my NaNo could go. It's just that none of them are where I had thought it was going, so I hadn't considered them.

This will apparently be a much smaller-scale story than anticipated. Not that that's a bad thing. I can still write the story I originally meant to tell later.

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8 November 2003 - Saturday

Finally forced myself to PUT THE BOOK DOWN at half-past one. Glargh.

* * *

Probably as a result of the above, I slept in and in until I had barely enough time to finish reading before going over to Ayse & Ken's for gaming. Lazy parasite!

Sadly, there was no gaming, because Ayse & Ken were feeling poorly, so I dwibbled around the apartment, watched the rest of disc 6 of RahXephon, went shopping, agonized about having my skeleton ripped apart on Tuesday, and generally didn't accomplish much.

Sometime early eveningish, Ayse & Ken felt better so they lured people over to search for the lost art of conversation and eat some of the six-pound lasagna they had captured and watch a bit of Slayers. This was all time spent not writing, but it was very pleasant time, and included an extremely adorable kitten, so I can't begrudge it.

Also, Ayse agreed with me that The Lost Steersman is a very excellent book indeed, so it is not just a parasitic abberation that I think so!

* * *

The extremely adorable kitten must have recharged my writing neurons!

NaNoWriMo words today: 2450

NaNoWriMo words total: 10650 (21.3%)

Reason for stopping: After midnight!

recharged! by kit (Sun Nov 9 13:24:31 2003)

Woo! GO Trip!

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7 November 2003 - Friday


* * *

I had the Annoying Insomnias all last night, for reasons that were unclear until I actually woke up and thought about it. Gee, what do you think coughing, failure of thermal control, and headache add up to? Obviously some loathsome representative of your vile Terran microfauna is staging an unprovoked assault on my immune system. You Will All Pay For This.

* * *

Sunstorm and rainbow on the way to work! It really tried to be a double rainbow, but it didn't make it.

* * *

Still feeling blechhy, but not so much that I can't pretend to work.

* * *

I officially have an appointment to have parts of my skeleton removed. Tuesday, 14:10. Meep.

* * *

NaNoWriMo words today: 2070

NaNoWriMo words total: 8200 (16.4%)

Reason for stopping: Lazy. Also, dissatisfied with where I am after 1/6 of the total word count. Is anything going to happen in this NaNo?

* * *

Watched half a disc of RahXephon. Doom, all the doom in the world.

* * *

Oops. Mugged by The Lost Steersman on the way to sleep.

things happening by kit (Sat Nov 8 00:47:40 2003)

Shit, I still feel that way about the novel I'm working on myself, and I'm like 35K into it. :P

Re: things happening by Trip (Sat Nov 8 13:25:54 2003)

Oh, well, if I'm like Kit, then I must be doing pretty well! :) :) :) :)

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6 November 2003 - Thursday

No work today! Dentist, instead.

* * *

Hm, that was farther from El Camino than it looked on the map. Only five minutes late, though.

Woo, digital x-radiography! The last time I was at a dentist, they had to generate x-rays by banging rocks together, and get the picture by checking for bulk degradation in bronze ingots! Now it's just a TIFF file. (There was a lot of precisely positioning my head and making me hold still, but that's probably just because the xrayotron was hooked up to a Windows box.)

Sadly, the dentist took one look at my mysterious alarming ridge and said, "Let me get you the numbers of some oral surgeons who are in-plan for you."

* * *

Now I have returned home, to make a surgery appointment and eat lunch and stuff, and everyone is regaling me with their oral surgery tales. Kit has mighty neurons.

* * *

I am to see the oral surgeon at 16:00 today! Not to be surged, but to have the surgery planned.

This is all happening much faster than I expected!

* * *

Either I will be surged on Monday, or sometime the week after that. I will find out tomorrow.

* * *

Marith gave me a pretty art book! The title and all explanatory text is in Japanese, which neither of us reads, but the pictures are pretty!

Marith is the best sister ever!

* * *

NaNoWriMo words today: 3026 (!)

NaNoWriMo words total: 6130 (12.26%)

Reason for stopping: CD is empty! And it's 22:30.

Should be at 20%. Oh well. But if I keep writing like this, I will soon be caught up!

surging! by kit (Thu Nov 6 16:52:57 2003)

Better to be prompt about it than not, since your darned mouth is trying to do injury to your tongue!

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5 November 2003 - Wednesday

Angie dragged us all to Zao Noodle, in downtown Palo Alto, for lunch, and I can say their eggplant-beef-curry special is extra yummy. Also, the tofu fries are good.

Not much like writing, alas.

* * *

Idiom's OS upgrade caused the termtype xterm-color to begin doing actual color (or at least greyscale) stuff, which in turn made mutt into a murky mass of black and two shades of grey. Fortunately, Chrisber figured out how to set it back to something reasonable while I was at lunch. Go Chrisber!

* * *

Narrative Analysis of Role-Playing Games (from Rock Scissors Blog).

* * *

All my trouble tickets are blocked on input, so I remembered to phone the dentist. I have an appointment for 9:30 tomorrow.

Scary. Even if my current fretting is baseless, I am definitely in the Punitive Dentistry category.

* * *

Hounds of Balazar! No Ayse or Laura, which is sad, but we gamed thoroughly anyway. If we track down the ogres and their elf-bear-broo things and get the Lankar Mhy (sp?) initiate back, his master will perform divination to find out why everyone thinks we're going to destroy Balazaring civilization, which seems pretty worthwhile. Plus, we may get to rescue the young prince!

But not until next fortnight.

* * *

NaNoWriMo words today: 0

NaNoWriMo words total: 3104 (6.21%)

Reason for stopping: Stupid STUPID bus creatures made me read for forty-five minutes instead of getting home in time to write. Fooey.

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4 November 2003 - Tuesday

Most of the usual lunchers weren't around, so I spent lunch hour reflecting ideas for Greg's NaNoWriMo book, which features many endoskeletal creatures. More I will not say, 'cause that way you have to read it.

* * *

Hm. I seem to have been busy all day. Not so busy that I thrashed, but doing at least faintly useful stuff. Go me.

Of course, being busy meant I forgot to call the dentist. Fooey.

* * *

NaNoWriMo words today: 567

NaNoWriMo words total: 3104 (6.21%)

Reason for stopping: time to leave for anime

Hm. As of the 4th, I should be 4/30 done, or 13.33%. I think I may be insufficiently bloody-minded about sacrificing the rest of my life on the altar of NaNoWriMo.

* * *

Yay Steel Angel Kurumi 2!

nnwm! by kit (Wed Nov 5 11:50:37 2003)

But you're writing, and that's what counts! Go Trip! Go Trip!

Re: nnwm! by Trip (Wed Nov 5 13:12:25 2003)


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3 November 2003 - Monday

Look, Monday.

* * *

Possibly Greg has the right idea: skip lunch socializing and write like a writing fiend for that period. But instead I showed Ray and Bruce the first El-Hazard OAV.

* * *

Tokyo Tower featured no combat whatsoever! Just looting and worrying and negotiating and organizing. Everyone said it was swell, but maybe that's just because I gave them XP.

* * *

NaNoWriMo words today: 0

NaNoWriMo words total: 2537 (5.07%)

Reason for not starting: 1 day - (personal maintenance + travel + work + gaming + sleep) = 0 writing time

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2 November 2003 - Sunday

Hm. It's November. I said I would attempt NaNoWriMo. I guess I better get started.

* * *

NaNoWriMo words today: 2537

NaNoWriMo words total: 2537 (5.07%)

Reason for stopping: Gaming!

* * *

Our Earthdawn characters have a Vast Financial Conspiracy to unravel, which is so not in their skill set! Also, Ayse's character is putting the moves on the charming orc businessman.

And I must not forget the excellent pot roast Ayse & Ken fed me! Yum!

nnwm! by awed kit (Sun Nov 2 19:10:46 2003)

Holy cow. Go TRIP!

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1 November 2003 - Saturday

Today's sin: sloth! (Can you even use an exclamation mark for sloth? Maybe it should be "Today's sin: *yawn* .... sloth ....").

Also, reading! I stayed up until after midnight finishing The Curse of Chalion, which is not quite as cool on a reread because I know the plot twists, but is still a darn fine book. Then, when I finally bothered to stop dozing, I finished the last most recent three volumes of the Five Star Stories I borrowed from Dave, and then read A Killing of Worlds (Scott Westerfeld, sequel to The Risen Empire) over dinner at Armadillo Willy's.

The barbecue pork turned out to not be what I wanted, but the hideous starchy doom of cheese bread and fries hit the spot (of course). The book... I dunno if I am satisfied by the ending. I'm not even sure it was an ending; there could easily be more to the story, although there doesn't have to be. Anyway, it's not as psychosexually creepy as previous Westerfeld, which I think is a step in the right direction.

* * *

When I got home, there was voice mail from Ken (of Cera & Ken Incorporated) asking if I wanted to watch Slayers, so instead of sitting at home watching RahXephon by myself, I went over there and watched anime socially and got a BEE! A ginormous plush bee from IKEA! I am very pleased by her!

* * *

Words: 0.

Reason for not starting: an inescapable consequence of spending the day detached from my computer.

inescapable consequences! by kit (Sun Nov 2 19:08:08 2003)


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