Previously, in Trip's Life...

29 February 2004 - Sunday

Slow day: laundry, shopping, wheee.

* * *

But I have succumbed to lure of zangband, and now I rock: the Tshirt for killing the Greater Hellbeast, the boots of Feanor (+15 Speed and activate for haste self), and... (drumroll, please)... The JEWEL OF JUDGEMENT! (Okay, it's only 3-radius light, +3 Int, +3 Wis, +3 Speed, activate for clairvoyance and recall, but still!)

Jewel of Judgement by Dave (Wed Mar 3 10:54:42 2004)

Activating for claivoyance and recall is kind of odd (yes, you now know everything in the area, and poof, you're somewhere else ;).

zangband! by Ayse (Fri Mar 5 11:10:00 2004)

Activate for clarivoyance, then zap a recall rod to un-recall!

Re: zangband Jewel of Judgement! by Trip (Fri Mar 5 17:25:22 2004)

Actually, it turns out the recall part is optional. First it does the clairvoyance, then it asks if you want to activate the recall. So it all makes sense.

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28 February 2004 - Saturday

Amber High School! Well, kinda, since Ayse bailed and Ken didn't show up to be introduced. The vampire mess was cleaned up, and Tia got to demonstrate her knowledge of hierarchies and how make people acknowledge one's divinity.

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27 February 2004 - Friday

Today, I extracted a copy of Everway from the USPS. Eventually I will read it and see if there are any ideas worth cannibalizing. Raar.

* * *

I went to Gamescape to see if they had anything new, but the UPS creature hadn't come, so I sat around flipping through random gaming material until the new stuff showed up, then left.

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26 February 2004 - Thursday

Bleah! I failed to set my alarm, so I slept and slept and slept and by the time I dragged myself out of bed and through the shower and all it was 14:00 and I felt as though I had exploded the entire day through stupidness. :(

* * *

Yay! As If! is back!

* * *

Today's fortunes:

  • "The heart is wiser than the intellect." (Er, no, it's not. mony has a good anecdote about this.
  • "You are contemplative and analytical by nature." (Hm, are you sure? What would lead you to say that?)

* * *

Having given up on the day, I watched three episodes of Nuku Nuku Dash and two of The Twelve Kingdoms, and went to bed.

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25 February 2004 - Wednesday

Well, the stupid STUPID bus creatures made it take at least an hour longer than necessary, but I have successfully extracted my package from the USPS and gotten comics.

* * *

Emily ROCKS!

* * *

Again no Ayse or Ken for Hounds of Balazar. Meep.

But, we demonstrated the combat system on Bernie's character and met Blueface and are generally all cool!

ROCKS! by Dave (Thu Feb 26 22:13:20 2004)

That's a rather self-referential pointer, there.

ROCKS! by Trip (Thu Feb 26 23:10:32 2004)

Is not.

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24 February 2004 - Tuesday

Bah, my dishwasher won't get fixed tomorrow after all.

* * *

We have finally finished with Banner of the Stars. It is all good, even the bonus episode.

Next week, .hack. I predict that Dave will like it a lot, and I won't like it any better than before.

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23 February 2004 - Monday

One of the repair guys came by to look at my dishwasher. He says it's a bad pump, so he'll have to go get a new one and come back early Wednesday morning.

* * *

Hm. The water to the entire apartment complex has been shut off. This makes certain necessary fixtures much less useful than they should be.

* * *

Yay! Water again!

* * *

The first session of Wandering Heroes of Nexus was, as expected, all about character creation. We didn't finish (Chrisber had to write up two characters, and Adam had no brain), but at least now we know it is actually Wandering Rock Band of Nexus. Next session, they will actually play a gig and fight evil. Or maybe play evil and fight a gig, I'm not sure yet.

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22 February 2004 - Sunday

Finally we have succeeded in playing Home Front! Still no Earl, but we did get everyone else, even Christy (although she is sick still/again, as she seems to be every weekend and most weeks), and so soul-sucking Nazi mad scientists were trounced as they deserved!

Job hunt by gconnor (Sun Feb 22 23:45:45 2004)

Hmm, let's see, what would be a good day of the week to check back for weekly updates on the job search? Wednesdays maybe? Wednesday would still give you time to do something that week if you haven't on Monday or Tuesday.

I'm assuming you are searching for a job and just not writing about it, but if not, at least keep an eye on the job listings once a week. If something new shows up it's best to contact them soon after the listing is posted.

Oh, and Good Luck!!

Re: Job Hunt by Trip (Mon Feb 23 09:45:15 2004)

Well, I haven't been searching much, but I certainly should be. This week's project is getting COBRA all straightened out, though, so I can get more drugs.

Sure, Wednesday is good.


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21 February 2004 - Saturday

Marith and I went over to comfort Ayse again, although mostly what Marith did was play Neverwinter Nights and Final Fantasy 10, and mostly what I did was watch her. Also, there was pizza.

* * *

Watching Marith play FF10 made me want to watch the Final Fantasy anime, so I did.

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20 February 2004 - Friday


* * *

At Kit's prodding, I wrote another 800 words of SMS, but it is still the worst story ever, in the entire world. With no tuna.

* * *

Ken is in Arizona being one of those Vampire freaks, so Marith and I went over to entertain Ayse in her time of bereavement.

For some reason, we had believed Su Hong was dead, but it isn't, so we got take-out. Sadly, though, the Mandarin Oppressed Duck is no longer good.

Then we watched the season premiere of Angel, which caused Marith to froth with moral outrage at the failure of the main characters to deal with Obvious Evil in a sufficiently prompt and thorough fashion. That wasn't fun, so we watched some random thing Ayse's TiVo had found about the making of LotR instead of another episode of Angel, and then hyperimploded.

* * *

Why haven't I made an adventure for Heroes of Nexus yet?

frothing by marith (Sat Feb 21 12:33:42 2004)

Boy, that makes me sound like a not-very-fun person. I'll just sit over here and stop expressing any opinions before people put the "Big Stupid Paladin" hat on me.

Re: frothing by Trip (Sat Feb 21 12:50:30 2004)

Meep! It is okay for you to have opinions! But you seemed to be getting pretty worked up because Angel was jumping up and down on your buttons, and going "ARGH they're all STUPID" isn't any fun!

Yay me! by Jim (Fri Feb 27 13:36:48 2004)

Wow. I'm up to 6 bits. Eeeee.

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19 February 2004 - Thursday

By the simple expedient of getting up and not doing other stuff, I have succeeded in writing just under 1100 words this morning! Chapter 14 of The Transmundane is now complete!

* * *

That's about all I accomplished today, except for a bookstore accident. (Yes, I know I don't have a job, but these are books!)

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18 February 2004 - Wednesday


* * *

Oh, sure, today it's all sunny and dry!

* * *

Last night Dave and I were talking about how modern SF movies are about comparable to 1950's written SF; my theory is that it's just fewer total works, so the traditional themes haven't been done to death. Well, and that the net effective intelligence of Hollywood (using the committee formula) is about that of a pithed groundhog.

But anyway, this morning I read The Night Face by Poul Anderson, and it struck me how obviously it is from the time when computers had been invented, but hadn't had time to be thought about extensively: these people have or can fake antigrav, and robots that can be turned loose in the wild for years on end don't arouse comment, but the best way the crew of this second-contact ship has to find out what's going on somewhere is to have people hike there?!

Not that this should be taken as a slam on the book, which is pretty good (it being old Poul Anderson, after all); it's just very much a product of its time, and even the best can't overcome that very often.

* * *

Since people make faces at Antihero, and I have to freeze it so my players can make characters (hint, hint!), I have been thinking about simple systems as a fallback. This would mean waving my tentacles a lot on the powers, but oh well.

Now, I could use the Dead Inside system, which is very very simple and reasonably abstract, although I'd probably want to do something with powers (change Type to Angel/Succubus/Djinni for the PCs, use it as the roll for powers, have a list of powers and soul point costs for them). And I might yet. But I was also thinking about a simple, abstract system using playing cards (physical tokens good), as I mentioned in a comment a few entries ago, and I think it goes something like this:

A character has some number of attributes, indicating what they're good at. These are fairly broad: Mighty Kung Fu, for example, or Do Stuff With Computers. Attributes can represent skills (Drive Anything, Demonology, Immense Store of Trivia), innate abilities (Strong, Quick-Witting, Gorgeous Gams), or superpowers (Fly, Look Like Target's Dream Girl, Manifest Flaming Sword of Divine Justice). Skill- and ability-type attributes can be bought multiple times to indicate being really good at whatever; probably twice is high-end human ability, three times is low-end heroic ability. Superpowers cost a number of attributes corresponding to how super they are; one that duplicates normal equipment (Manifest Non-Flaming Sword of Angelic Peevishness, Run As Fast As A Motorcycle, See In The Dark) costs one attribute, and better powers cost more.

In combat, a character gets to draw one card for each attribute that could contribute to either laying down the smack or avoiding the other guy's smackdown. Then going from lowest character type to highest (ie, mooks first, then minions, then fully-named characters; if necessary, break ties with with the draw of a card), each character announces an action and plays face down either one card or any number of cards in the trump suit for that kind of action (clubs: body; diamonds: intellect; hearts: emotion/socialization; spades: tools (including money)). Every card has to be aimed at a particular opponent; multiple cards can be split up if desired. When everyone's played their cards, all the cards are revealed, and it's time to resolve the actions. From highest rank to lowest (that is, in at least approximately reverse order from before), each character applies her attack cards, which the target can then attempt to block with any cards not already committed to attacks.

(Someone who has no relevent attributes draws two cards, but must discard the higher-valued one.)

A card can be played defensively one of three ways: against one card of the opposite color; against every card of the same color in a single attack; or against every card of the same suit in all incoming attacks. To successfully block a card it's played against, a defensive card must have the same or higher value; in the case of cards of the same color or suit, which can defend against multiple other cards, the defensive card is applied against each attacking card simultaneously, so it may block some and not others.

Every card that gets through reduces the number of cards the victim draws in the next bout by one; when this reaches zero, the character is out of the fight, and any attack cards he played disappear (so taking someone of lower character type out of the fight means he doesn't get to hit you at all). Additional hits past that point make the character increasingly wounded.

Survivors toss in all their cards, drew new ones (possibly fewer this time), and repeat.

Noncombat task resolution is like one or more rounds of one-on-one combat (with inanimate opponents getting a difficulty rating in place of attributes). Depending on the nature of the task, the character might succeed if she gets one card through or may need to defeat the opponent entirely. Similarly, damage inflicted on the character may only reduce card draws for successive rounds, or may be actual damage, lost possessions, or other lasting harm.

I'm not sure how to do wounds; possibly each point of woundedness just subtracts one from the number of cards you draw for anything, or perhaps each one negates one attribute (your choice, within reason).

Yah, okay, Antihero is better.

* * *

Well, I did some of my postjob paperwork. Tomorrow I will try to do something about getting a primary care physician under the Aetna weasel so I can make someone give me more drugs.

* * *

Oh yah. That's why I don't go to Armadillo Willy's anymore. It's not any good now. :(

Systems by Carl (Wed Feb 18 18:35:32 2004)

How about Everway? It's 3 point design system for powers is simple and elegant, and the card resolution could probably be swapped out for dice somehow. Still available cheaply on Ebay.

Or Sidekick, although it's more Hero than Light.

Or Feng Shui or Torg, although they don't have good power-design subsystems. Feng Shui is even Nexus-flavored.

Re: Systems by Trip (Wed Feb 18 21:23:51 2004)

My exposure to Everway is approximately none, although possibly I should score a copy off ebay just because it's wacky and different. And I don't have enough unplayed games already.

What is Sidekick?

Archetype-based systems are probably a lose; it would be less work to make a new system from scratch in most cases. And Torg is hideously out of print to boot.

Picky? Me?

Everway by Flit (Fri Feb 20 13:59:03 2004)

I'd be happy to loan or give you my copy of Everway, assuming that I have one and am not just hallucinating. It's actually a pretty clean system other than the messy Tarot resolution.

Re: Everway by Trip (Fri Feb 20 14:50:25 2004)

This is just a cunning ploy to lure me to Santa Cruz! I can tell!

Everway Everwhere by Carl (Sun Feb 22 00:19:17 2004)

I bought many extra copies of Everway against just such an occassion, so I'd be glad to loan you one, plus bonus Spherewalker cards if I can find them. Although being lured to Santa Cruz is also a very fine plan.

If you decide to substitute any of your other card games for the Everway deck I am entirely not responsible in any manner or form, especially Mythos or XXXenophile or both.

I'm just saying, is all.

Sidekick is Hero Light, intended to be less intimidating for new users than the 500-page oxstunner hardcover. Being Hero, it is still 128 pages long, despite my hope for something more like 32, or even 4. I can loan you a copy of that too, although it's only $10, and you'd just spend the money on books or food or something or gas to get to Santa Cruz.

Re: Everway Everwhere by Trip (Sun Feb 22 10:04:05 2004)

Actually, I went ahead and scored a copy off eBay, but thanks anyway!

What, you don't think Everway XXXenophile would work? I mean, it's got to be better than Theatrix Ironwood!

I finally saw Sidekick in Gamescape, and yah, it doesn't actually look much, if any, less complex. It just doesn't mention the complexity you're going to want when you make your second character, thus getting Hero Games the price of Sidekick plus the cost of FRED. Insidious!

(And, well, what's the point of a Hero System book that doesn't give you at least +1d6 HA?)

Armadillo Willy's is no good anymore? by Lynx (Mon Feb 23 08:20:48 2004)

What happened to them? I had pondered going back sometimes for one of their brisket beef sandwiches.

Re: Armadillo Willy's is no good anymore by Trip (Mon Feb 23 09:43:05 2004)

New management, I guess. But the menu is a lot smaller, the meat is much lower quality (or maybe they just boil it instead of barbecuing it), everything comes with mediocre fries instead of salad or cornbread. It's just not a good restaurant anymore.

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17 February 2004 - Tuesday

A mere 30% stronger isn't quite up to the standard one expects from killer cyborgs, but it's clearly a step in the right direction.

* * *

My, that's a lot of wind in the out-of-doors which I must venture into soon. It causes my balcony door to make alarming noises. At least it's just wind, not cold wet horrible wind.

* * *

Well, it wasn't cold wet horrible wind until I went out in it! Feh.

Now I am windblown and very soggy, and my inadequately-waterproofed backpack has let my reading material get wet too. :(

Millbrae mostly consisted of a huge digression into the world of dreams. Apparently my dreams don't suck. Plus, brains are interesting and wacky.

Tomorrow I should do all my health-insurance and other post-job paperwork. Doing it won't kill me; not doing it might.

* * *

Final episode of Banner of the Stars! (Er, except the special bonus episode.) No spoilers, but we all thought it was good.

* * *

Not so much rain on the way home, fortunately, although I never did completely dry out from Millbrae. The soggied reading material is now pressed between spare bookcase shelves, to hopefully become flat again.

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16 February 2004 - Monday


* * *

Okay, a diamond star is just plain COOL.

* * *

Look, another day spent playing zangband. Well, and watching anime, which is probably not much better, but at least is different.

meday! by hegemony (Mon Feb 16 11:13:10 2004)

Yay! Yay for me day! :)

Thank you! hug

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15 February 2004 - Sunday

Went over to Ken's to entertain him with Battle of the Bands and Dork Tower while Ayse is explaining about kicking people in the head. Battle of the Bands is much like the Portable Adventures games (no surprise; same company). Dork Tower dragged on and on because we were better at backstabbing each other than going for the gusto. Finally Dave made his shot at winning, even though he knew he was doomed to fail, because he wanted to end the game and go home to dinner. He failed. Ken made his shot at winning. He failed too. I made my shot at winning, didn't draw a jillion lairs or tombs, and won. But it wasn't very satisfying.

* * *

I seem to have spent most of the evening playing zangband. But all my stats are maxed, I have steel skin, and my speed is normally +20!

* * *

Marith came over and gave me an anime art book and watched Inu Yasha with me, thus saving me from spending the entire evening playing zangband. Isn't she a good sister?

Dork Tower by Dave (Tue Feb 17 13:55:25 2004)

So, is a total strength of 76 or so a record? ;)

Re: Dork Tower by Trip (Tue Feb 17 23:13:03 2004)

Probably, although I seem to recall Earl doing something similar with chaining lairs/tombs in the other game I've played.

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14 February 2004 - Saturday

Still lazy. I assembled the lamp for the back library, but one must still navigate the Maze of Death to reach it, because there are not nearly enough shelves to put all the remain books on. Anyway I am pretty sure of this; I guess I should check, but finding my tape measure and working out how much bookshelf I need to buy to fill the currently unused under-window space is doubtless going to happen sooner or later.

* * *

I've finished reading Dead Inside, an indie game I was turned on to by discussion in the 20' by 20' Room (best gaming site ever!), which is all about going to the spirit world to get a soul after realizing that you sold/mislaid/never had your old one. Now I will hide under this rock over here, because I am obviously not smart enough or cool enough to design games. Like this:


(Yah, yah, Nobilis, but no being existing in merely Einsteinian spacetime can possibly compete with Rebecca, so I don't take it as personally.)

* * *

And yep, Chris is looking very dubious at having to divide, even by 5 or 2, during combat, and he's a veteran Hero player, so presumably has divided medium-sized integers by 5 or 2 about as many times as he's drawn breath. Meep. :(

His suggested fix is something a lot like the multiple damage tracks from Alternity: regular attacks do Stun damage with any points that overflow your Stun track spilling into the Body track; killing attacks do Body damage directly; if you've taken any Body damage, you can't take recoveries; when you've filled your Body track, you're unconscious; when you've filled up your Body track twice, you're dead.

This is certainly functional, and I've considered similar systems in the past, but it is definitely even further from Hero than what I have written now.

Thus, I meep. And consider playtesting; I don't think Christy does arithmetic for fun, even though Chrisber does and Adam might.

* * *

Yay more Slayers! Xellos is still very cute but darn annoying.

* * *

Hm. Looks like there's another space parasite around these parts, and he reviews movies. Fortunately, although human brains may not be of high quality, there are plenty to go around.

parasites by kit (Sun Feb 15 15:05:32 2004)

At least our parasite doesn't talk about himself in the third person. :)

Re: parasites by Trip (Sun Feb 15 18:27:51 2004)

Probably just a translator artifact!

Math for Fun by Tamago (Mon Feb 16 17:18:44 2004)

I do not, indeed, do math for fun. I was frightened as a child by a rogue multiplication table and the scars never fade. However, since I know Hero barely at all, I'm sure the change from one kind of math to a different but equal kind of math for Anti-hero will bother me not at all. Chris on the other hand does not like change. We're all just doomed. ;-)

Re: Math for Fun by Trip (Mon Feb 16 17:48:04 2004)

Yah. Maybe we should just go with some freeform thing where the GM waves his hands a lot. :(

Re: Math for Fun by Dave (Tue Feb 17 13:58:08 2004)

Yeah, well, we've tried that, and it can be suprisingly unsatisfying.

Re: Math for Fun by Trip (Tue Feb 17 23:15:27 2004)

What, you don't like Amber? :)

But yah, some framework is good. I've been contemplating a simple, abstract system using playing cards (physical tokens good), but I don't think I've got it to the point of being simple or systematic yet.

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13 February 2004 - Friday

Hm. The dishwasher now works, but it leaks. This makes me sad, but at least I can get my dishes out of it so I have something to eat off of while I wait for it to be repaired.

* * *

I appear to have become a product of Thai cuisine. (But a tasty one!) I suspect Marith and Ayse of being responsible for Trip Panang.

* * *

Hah! They have admitted it! I shall wreak my horrible revenge!

* * *

Since other people (including ones likely to game with me) have approved of the most recent Antihero ideas, so I've edited them into the system weasel.

* * *

Lazy parasite.

Trip panang! by Flit (Sat Feb 14 14:32:10 2004)

Do they use a wok to make that, by any chance? ;)

Re: Trip panang! by Trip (Sat Feb 14 19:55:14 2004)


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12 February 2004 - Thursday

Yay! I have finished putting comics on shelves and breaking down comic boxes! I have a LIBRARY!

Well, mostly. There is still one box of unsorted and possibly unread comics I should do something with, but that's a lot better than twenty boxes filling up the room. Maybe I'll move my computer in there; there's space right under the window.

* * *

Hm. I figured with all the dishes I dirtied making meatloaf, I should efficiently use the dishwasher, but it blew up the sink.

Eventually the repair guy will come and fix it, but until then I have no dishes. Fortunately, Marith is bringing pizza.

* * *

Yay! The dishwasher is fixed! Now it is running again, but it's probably still good that we have pizza, since I am hungry now!

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11 February 2004 - Wednesday

The only useful thing I did today was make meatloaf, but I am very pleased with it! At this rate, I will be able to boil water in no time!

* * *

No Hounds of Balazar tonight; our illustrious GM is stuck at work forever and ever. I'm beginning to think we should do like Carl does with his D&D game: schedule every week and just accept that half the sessions will be cancelled for one reason or another.

meatloaf! by kit (Thu Feb 12 08:56:55 2004)

Woo Trip! Go you! beam

Re: meatloaf! by Trip (Thu Feb 12 10:50:30 2004)

I ate the meatloaf and I didn't die!

re: meatloaf! by kit (Thu Feb 12 20:39:19 2004)

Not dying is good!

Gaming Scheduling by Dave (Tue Feb 17 14:09:47 2004)

There is certainly merit to that sort of approach.

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10 February 2004 - Tuesday

I poked around the VTA website (which lacks what I'd think would be the most fundamental function of all: feed it two locations and get out a travel plan) for long enough that by the time I gave up and used the phone, I couldn't catch the bus that would definitely get me there on time. However, the next bus would get me there just about exactly on time if all went well, and in fact the bus stop was right in front of the building I wanted, so all was well.

The orientatification was sort of dull, but there were bits like formulating the 30-second blurb about yourself to lay on people you meet randomly that required my awakeness.

I have no idea if I will bother to go to any of the classes, but I probably should. Knowing how to negotiate for more money can't hurt.

* * *

Blargh, took forever to get back home. Stupid busses that don't run to MV. No time for dinner before running to anime, never mind anything else.

* * *

Wow, Galaxy Fraulein Yuna is even worse than I remembered. It turns out it's one of those videogame-spinoffs, though, which explains why nothing is explained.

Travel Plans by Dave (Wed Feb 11 21:39:36 2004)


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9 February 2004 - Monday

Hah! It's not even 11:00 and I'm already showered and dressed and... attached to my computer. Well, let's work on the easy things first.

* * *

While trying to fall asleep (being all alive by 11 means going to bed earlier than I have been during my slackage), I thought about the damage thing some more, and concretized what I got from my discussion with Jeremy (which may not be what he gave me, but these minor discrepancies are to be expected when you communicate via pressure waves rather than direct exchange of neural matter).

So, you take some damage. (I think I'm sticking with the 3 damage per 1d6 attack & +1 damage per extra success system, although it doesn't actually matter for this.) You subtract your appropriate Def from the incoming damage, and add whatever is left to your appropriate damage pool. When the damage pool reaches your Body or Soul threshhold (there are no longer separate Stun and Spirit threshholds), you're out. (Body/Soul need to be increased to what Stun/Spirit were before: Con/Ego + 15.)

However, some fraction of this damage is long-term. The options for an attack power are 0% long-term ("stun-only" damage), 20% long-term ("normal" damage), 50% long-term ("Hey, should this be normal or killing, do you think?"), and 100% long-term ("killing" damage). You add this fraction of the damage you took to the long-term portion of the appropriate damage pool. Taking a recovery (in or out of combat) can't reduce the damage in that pool below the amount that's long-term.

If you take half or more your Body/Soul in damage in one attack, you lose your next action with some fitting special effect. If you take half or more your Body/Soul in long-term damage in one attack, or if you have your Body/Soul or more in long-term damage, you are "wounded", and take a -2 penalty to everything you do. If the damage is regular bodily damage, and you don't have dramatic protection (because you're not in a heroic game, or you are in a heroic game but you aren't a named character), a wound may cause your eventual death. (Look, look! Even a fairly wimpy (2d6) handgun (100% lethal) can fatally wound a normal!)

The default for normal attack powers is 1/5 long-term (this probably needs a shorter or at least more euphonious term) damage; the default for special attacks is 0 long-term damage. Either kind can be bumped one notch up the scale (none -> 1/5 -> ½ -> all) for a +¼ advantage.

The effect where Def blocks Body while letting Stun through is no more, so normals no longer need 2 Def to keep barfights with 2d6 Str from being fatal, and default Def can be dropped to 0.

Since there are now more than two lethality ratings for damage, there need to be more than two types of Def: any bit of Def now protects against attacks of up to some given lethality rating. The default (and all that normal humans can buy) is vs 1/5 or less; this can be increased for +¼ per step, so "fully resistant" (effective against all long-term or anything less) is +½. It can be reduced to be only effective against no-long-term-damage (augh! must get a better term!) attacks for -½.

Mental/Power/Flash Defense may default to "fully resistant". I'm not sure yet. (I'm especially not sure about Flash Def, since I'm not sure how Flash should be implemented in Antihero.)

I am considering letting Def of a given level resist attacks of one level higher at half value, two levels higher at one-fifth value, and three levels higher (all-long-term attack against only-vs-no-long-term Def) at one-tenth. This is somewhat more complicated, but it's not like you weren't just going to write the 4 numbers on your character sheet. It also means that someone with 3 normal Def gets 1 point vs guns, but I don't think that's horrible.

Anyone want to opine?

* * *

Ambar's meatloaf recipe (for my own reference):

Starling says "2lbs ground meat. (all hamburger is traditional; half hamburger and half turkey works well if you want to be healthier). 2 eggs. salt & pepper. dried minced onion from the spice section. a 9x5" loaf pan. optional: one green herb that smells good. I really like sage, but we are being simple here. feel free to omit. :)"

Starling says "Put meat in a big bowl. Break eggs and beat in a smaller bowl; pour over meat. Add 1.5 teaspoons of salt and .5 teaspoon of pepper. Add a tablespoon of the onion. Add herbs if desired. (If fresh, chop first; if dried, crumble. Stick to about 1 teaspoon of dried if you don't know what you're doing.)"

Starling says "oil or butter pan if it's not a non-stick. Wash hands and combine all the above by squashing together vigorously, like unto play-dough. squash into pan. Bake for 45 minutes."

Starling says "350F."

Starling says "Remove. Slice. Apply ketchup to taste."

Starling says "This is totally for varying. I was trying to produce an LCD of meatloaf. :)"

* * *

The get-a-job consultants Overture hired for all of us who got the boot finally called while I was in, so I agreed to go tomorrow and get orientatified.

* * *

Wow! Energy! Or something! I have hauled all the comic boxes into the front library, put all the shelves in the bookcases, finished unboxing the gaming and oversized books, and sorted & shelved half the comics! Oh, and put in a floor lamp so I can work on this even when the sun is down.

Go me!

meatloaf! by mony (Tue Feb 10 05:25:54 2004)

Easy things to add: they have diced onions and peppers in the freezer section of the supermarket that are idea for tossing into things like meatloaf. Canned mushrooms (or pre-sliced fresh mushrooms) would also be an excellent addition. Buy a can of crushed tomatoes with tomato paste in the juice and pour that over the top for a quick and easy sauce.

Admittedly, I make my meatloaf with little bits of torn up bread, and form it free-form in a 9x11 pan, so the sauce thing might not work quite as well if you're making it in a loaf pan or something significantly smaller where you're shaping the loaf all the way to the edges. (mushroom juice from the canned mushrooms makes a good addition for moisture if you find your meatloaf comes out too dry.) Order white rice from a chinese or thai place to serve it with for a quick and easy side dish. :)

Meatloaf is really pretty easy to throw together, though it may take some experimentation to get moisture levels just to taste.

rice by kit (Tue Feb 10 09:35:24 2004)

Or buy a box of Uncle Ben's "rice in a bag" stuff and follow the directions, which gives you perfect rice every time, as long as you can read, and is cheaper than ordering out. :)

Antihero Damage by Lynx (Tue Feb 10 10:18:39 2004)

Hero is too complicated. Antihero's point is to reduce the complexity. To that end, creating multiple types of damage and defenses that protect against them works against you.

If you're going with the comic book feel, then reduce everything to hitpoints and have the hero be knocked unconscious at 0 hitpoints. To keep lethality as an option, have it be a +1/2 or +1 advantage that allows the attack to reduce the hero's hit points below 0. When the hero reaches -BODY hitpoints, he's dead.

I do like having the hero be stunned/wounded at various points, that should be doable with just hitpoints.

Re: Antihero Damage by Trip (Tue Feb 10 12:06:40 2004)

Well. I want to simplify and streamline Hero, but that doesn't mean I want to replace it with TWERPS. :)

Note also, Hero is a superset of Champions, so Antihero should be useful for Fantasy Hero, Danger International, etc campaigns, as well as superheroics. I think some sort of long-term vs short-term damage is important there.

Anyway, you can just pay +½ for all your Def and ignore the complexity. :)

I suppose I could ditch the half-long-term level, so there are only three sorts of damage (and none-long-term is not very complicated)...

Re: Antihero Damage by Lynx (Wed Feb 11 10:39:42 2004)

It wouldn't be a very compelling system to pick up and use instead of Hero if it weren't notably simpler in execution, though! You want Hero's power point-balancing in character creation, but not the complexity in play.

Re: Antihero Damage by Trip (Wed Feb 11 12:03:45 2004)

True! I think that in practice, though, this bit of the system is slightly simpler, or at least no more complex. Body and Stun have been combined into one number, which is good, and you don't have to keep two damage numbers in your head while subtracting Def, which is also good. You do generally have to divide, eventually, but usually it will be a small number and you only have to divide by 5 or 2, which I think most people can do without trouble.

Having up to four sorts of Def is more complicated than having only two, but if Def defaults to 0, then you only have to deal with as many kinds as you want to; if you make all your Def fully resistant, then you only have one number to subtract from incoming damage.

It would be nice to reduce the number of types of Def, though. Probably it could be reduced to two (works vs 0- or 1/5-killing only, works vs all) without hampering things, but it would be nice to have the extra options for people who want them.

I think I understand Lynx's position here, though I cling feebly to my own ideas instead of agreeing with him. Does anyone else have helpful (or snide :) comments?

meatloaf by gregbo (Tue Feb 24 14:27:38 2004)

I vaguely recall putting some ketchup on the meatloaf right before putting it in the oven and letting it bake in. I also vaguely recall my mother used to mix bread crumbs in with the other ingredients.

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8 February 2004 - Sunday

Looks like quorum for Home Front is five. Since there were only four of us, we played Grave Robbers from Outer Space (Jeremy won, since he had the "win the game" card) and the LotR variant of Risk (Chrisber won). LotR Risk was interesting, although I have to wonder if all the extra stuff is new for this or just relabeled from current versions of Risk.

* * *

I bounced the question of Antihero damage off Jeremy (darn, too much Def!) and he suggested what turns out to be kind of like what I ended up doing for SPD. That is, get rid of the two separate kinds of damage (Stun and Body) before comparing damage to Def. Only after damage that gets through defenses has been calculated does some of it get marked as long-term. This is simple, and gets Stun and Body on the same scale, but it's not very Heroesque. I must meditate.

* * *

Dinner at the Thai place next to Trader Joe's. Still yummy!

* * *

Hm. I seem to have ordered random small-press gaming things over the web. Oh well.

* * *

Marith brought me waxed paper and kleenex when she came over to watch Inu Yasha! Yay!

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7 February 2004 - Saturday

Today's fortune: "A wise man knows everything; a shrewd one, everybody."

Bah. I've seen that one.

* * *

I have no adventure for Home Front. I have vague situational ideas, so I'll let the PCs chew on the scenery. Maybe I can distract them with the long-awaited genre argument. And some experience points.

* * *

Now Marith is caught up to where I was in Inu Yasha.

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6 February 2004 - Friday

I finally found the slip for the missing package (it was in my wallet, right where I looked and didn't find it before (Kit says I can blame the Kitlings)), so got off my undercarapace and called the post orifice about it. However, if they had ever found it, they would have returned it to sender by now. I have sent mail to Amazon support in the hope they know something.

* * *

Also, I have ordered the books I was actually looking for when I had my bookstore accident.

* * *

I now have supplies to work on the model Marith got me um a jillion years ago! This worries me, because I am sure I will do it imperfectly and make a thing of horror and bleah instead of a nice statuette of Belldandy.

* * *

Yay more Slayers Next! Also, lots and lots of talking. Talking is good.

kitlings! by kitlings (Fri Feb 6 17:13:53 2004)

o.o! we r V. INNOCENT! o.o!

Re: kitlings! by Trip (Fri Feb 6 18:45:42 2004)

I'm sure you are the most innocent Kitlings who have ever lived!

Re: kitlings! by kitlings (Sat Feb 7 11:37:38 2004)

We are! We are!

(We would admit that might not be saying much, but that would require more brain power than we individually possess.)

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5 February 2004 - Thursday

Today, there was much lameness, but also a trip to the post office to collect my big box of books from the UK. Then, on the way back, I had a $90 bookstore accident. Oops.

The post office couldn't find my other package, though. Grr. I think they ate it.

* * *

Didn't write. Lame parasite.

* * *

Hm. Adam is bailing on both Home Front (which he's supposed to be RUNNING) on Sunday and Heroes of Nexus on Monday.

* * *

Tonight I finally watched All-Purpose Cultural Catgirl Nuku Nuku, which I have had sitting around for a while. It is pretty entertaining, if not deep or complex or anything. (Hey, it's shonen anime from 1992; what do you want?).

* * *

And Marith is too sick to go to Roseville. Meep. No gaming for me!

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4 February 2004 - Wednesday

Hm. Maybe it wasn't the right morning to sleep in. Still, I got out the door in almost-presentable clothes in time to catch the train to get to South San Francisco an hour before the scheduled interview time.

Sadly, I was then betrayed cruelly by the taxicab industry, and arrived half an hour later. Grr.

The person I was supposed to meet first had already taken off (he was up at 0300 to deal with an outage), and one of the others was busy, but I met with the guy I had phone screamed with and one other, and they didn't seem to think I was completely incompetent. The word "senior" was even used, and not in an obviously mocking way! However, I did lose points for having been too lame to actually go to their website before the interview.

* * *

Now I have been travelling all day, or so it seems, but I have new comics, so perhaps I will flee from the computer.

* * *

Tonight's random new anime: Kiddy Grade, which has nothing to do with school, but rather is in the same genre as Dirty Pair. I guess the name is from the fact that the two protagonists are supposed to be quite young, but although one plausibly does look eleven or twelve, the other, well. I guess she's precocious.

Extra bonus cleavage aside, the plots are not horrible, and there are hints that something interesting may be revealed, so I will probably pick up the next disc, because my standards are not that high. Or er something.

Good luck with the potential job! by Lynx (Thu Feb 5 23:54:41 2004)

Congratulations on now being titled Senior Parasite, hopefully things will go well! Parasites don't thrive well without larger organizations onto which to fasten. };)

Re: Good luck with the potential job! by Trip (Fri Feb 6 11:32:29 2004)

wumwumwum thanks wumwumwum

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3 February 2004 - Tuesday

After spazzing around and around, I finally went off to Millbrae, and was duly milled (5 minutes late, because of stupid STUPID Caltrain creatures).

* * *

Since we finished Love Hina Again last week, we had a slot open this week for Voices of a Distant Star. It is easy to see why it won many awards. It was even good!

The interview with the creator was only so-so, but it is heartening that single artists can create anime. Stick it to the Man!

* * *

Hm. Apparently I left my checkbook in Millbrae. Oops. Fortunately I don't write many checks.

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2 February 2004 - Monday

Well, the phone scream was late, but eventually it all got figured out, and all was well. I don't think I sounded too brainless.

* * *

Indeed, they want me to go in and meet people in person on Wednesday!

* * *

Played more zangband.

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1 February 2004 - Sunday

Marith came over and read some of How to Become King, and then we watched some Inu Yasha.

* * *

Ken & Ayse fed us on yummy hamburgers. Now I am a round parasite!

VICTORY! Victory is ours! We have successfully defeated the Horror and opened the caer!

Admittedly, we only managed this because the Horror's ally turned on it, and in any event I contributed nothing because my average roll on 2d6 was about 4, but we reaped the rewards nonetheless.

Next time we get together, it's back to D&D.

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