Previously, in Trip's Life...

31 March 2004 - Wednesday

Hm. Spent lots of money on comics and anime, but didn't get the things I was actually looking for. Well, not all of them, anyway. Possibly this indicates a problem.

* * *

Marith is the best sister ever! She gave me The Return of Pansy Smith and Violet Jones (by The Flash Girls) on CD! Before I only had it on tape!

I hear Trent is also implicated.

* * *

Hm. Kit doesn't think SMS is completely and utterly bad. This somewhat alarms me. Also, Sarah pointed me to a place that e-publishes smut of that sort. This alarms me even more.

What alarms me most, though, is that now there is actual incentive to rewrite Faerie Tale. Augh, rewriting! Augh! Augh!

On the other hand, I was inspired to delete the last chunk of SMS, because it didn't advance the plot at all, and start again from that point, and ended up writing a double quota.

* * *

Puni Puni Poemy is sort of like Excel Saga, but much raunchier and only two episodes. My brain hurts.

alarmed Trip! by kit! (Thu Apr 1 12:18:53 2004)

Alarmed, but with a cool CD! :)

Alarmed by Tamago (Thu Apr 1 12:39:48 2004)

All Apartment Homes Are Alarmed.

When living with Chrisber at Temple Square, this was a sign visible from his bathroom window. It was affixed to the next building over.

I always thought it should have a picture of a startled apartment home right next to it.

Re: Alarmed by Trip (Thu Apr 1 12:55:47 2004)

Hey, I'd be alarmed if someone installed a washer, drier, and one square meter of parquet flooring in me and started charging twice the rent for me!

Re: Alarmed by Tamago (Thu Apr 1 18:26:02 2004)

You'd be particularly alarmed if you didn't get any of that twice as much rent!

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30 March 2004 - Tuesday

I meant to get up this morning, but instead I finished reading Glass Dragons, Sean McMullen's latest (sequel to Voyage of the Shadowmoon) and got up this afternoon.

* * *

Marith is having a bad week, so I yielded up my Millbrae appointment this afternoon to her. Hopefully it will help.

* * *

Then, because I needed more stress in my life, I printed out an old story I had lying around and mailed it off to an editor. Soon, everyone in the entire publishing industry will mock me by name.

I am so doomed.

* * *

Soon, we will see RahXephon that I haven't seen before! In fact, there were mutinous murmurings when Ray cut us off after the scheduled two episodes. There might be actual riots next week!

* * *

No words today, but I think I have fulfilled my writerly obligation.

DOOOOOOOM! by kit (Wed Mar 31 13:45:05 2004)

You may be doomed, but I'm VERY proud of you! HUGS!

No Doom! by Silkie (Wed Mar 31 13:47:30 2004)

Yay Trip! Go Trip!

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29 March 2004 - Monday

Hm, that wasn't really much like sleeping at all. Bleah.

* * *

I must now phone Google to see what they thought of me.

* * *

Apparently I have been judged insufficiently l33t for the job I applied for. However, there is another job which may be more suited to my pathetic little skills, and someone will phone scream me about it on Friday afternoon.


* * *

In an attempt to debleargh, I hiked down to the drugstore to get a new bus pass. Then I had a bookstore accident and an ice cream accident.

* * *

Everyone has already linked to this motorcycle tour of Chernobyl, but I'll do so too.

Two great tastes that taste great together by Carl (Tue Mar 30 17:05:05 2004)

Then I had a bookstore accident and an ice cream accident.

Somehow this made me think of the old Reese's Peanut Butter Cup commercials.

"You got Books in my Ice Cream!"

"You got Ice Cream in my Books!"

Good luck on googlejobbing!

motorcycle tour of Chernobyl by Del from Philly (Fri Apr 2 15:52:34 2004)

You know, you really should've linked to the home page,, so hits would increment her counter . . .

re: motorcycle tour of Chernobyl by Del from Philly (Fri Apr 2 15:53:33 2004)

PS I did really enjoy the ride. Thanks for the link.

Re: motorcycle tour of Chernobyl by Trip (Fri Apr 2 20:07:19 2004)

You know, I really should've! Fortunately, I can edit old entries! :)

You're welcome.

Re: motorcycle tour of Chernobyl by Trip (Thu May 20 18:35:10 2004)

Sadly, it looks like this is bogus.

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28 March 2004 - Sunday

No Christy and no Earl at Home Front this week, but we managed to get distracted by all the red herrings anyway. Finally Nora got kidnapped, though, so next session we will probably finish things up and save the military-industrial complex again.

Blargh, too many gaming munchies.

* * *

I was all brainless and oogy when I finally got home, but after splorting around for a while, I managed to get my act together and write a quota and a half. Go me.

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27 March 2004 - Saturday

As usual, I failed to actually get up at a reasonable hour, although I did wake up before 8. Also as usual, I spent the intervening time reading. Today I read The War of Art (by Steven Pressfield), which Ambar had mentioned to me shortly before I got this handy Amazon gift certificate from the Gollubs (thanks, guys!)... You know how that story goes.

The War of Art is about how to overcome artistic block (and its more generalized form, failure to do anything with one's life), and certainly that's a laudable goal in writing a book. Alas, it didn't tell me anything I hadn't already known (and had reinforced by rec.arts.sf.composition, which I should start reading again): the whole book is an elaboration of "Butt in chair, hands on keyboard", and the equivalents for other arts and lifestyles. With digressions into religious claptrap. Not obviously dangerous religion -- he does note that fundamentalism, being rooted in the fear of change, is completely antithetical to what he's promoting -- but off-putting to at least this user of Occam's Razor.

So, on the one tentacle, simple and obvious message, and excess religion and Jungian metaphysics. On the other, I don't think it's a message that can be reinforced too much, and this book has got to be better for aspiring writers than one full of writing technique dos and don'ts.

* * *

Now I should work on SMS, work on Transmundane, think about Serendipity, recast Antihero from a set of deltas to Hero into its own system, and er something. Oh yah, Lovecraft Country, which as always languishes waiting for a coherent idea of what I want Sanity loss and physical harm to be like in order to be both Cthulhoid and humorous.

Well, I will at least do my quota of SMS words. We'll see about the rest.

* * *

Darn, I didn't quite reach quadruple quota. But, that's where the row of asterisks naturally fell, I'm not sure what comes next, and it would be lame to go back and insert some sentences just to make the numbers come out.

* * *

Today's fortune: "You never hesitate to tackle the most difficult problems."

Uh. Okay, who got my fortune? We need to swap.

* * *

Oh no! I have run out of You're Under Arrest! What will I watch between now and Wednesday?

Slayers: Gorgeous, apparently.

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26 March 2004 - Friday

The pharmacy did have my calibration goop; they just didn't call me about it. Bah.

Nothing new at Gamescape, but the Exalted Player's Guide is out next week, so I have something to lie in wait for.

Yum, Quizno's Chicken Carbonara. (I should try to find the nutrition numbers for it to see just how bad of a parasite I am.)

Yum, no-sugar-added Cold Stone ice cream with peanutbutter, almonds, and black cherries! Well, anticipated yum, since it will sit in the freezer until I feel like eating some.

* * *

Gwack! The recruiter from Google called, asking me to call him back, but now it is after business hours! Well, I will leave him a message and call him again bright and early (cross tentacles) Monday morning.

* * *

Hey, cool. The unemployment people sent me free money.

* * *

Writing quota met.

* * *

Having finished A Little Snow Fairy, Sugar, I lent the last discs to Dave, and then watched a lot of You're Under Arrest. I fear I am doomed and will end up buying the rest of it.

Blood Sugar Thingies by Flit (Sat Mar 27 13:00:55 2004)

One of the things I did was test my blood sugar to see if I was having hypoglycemia before my crashes. As a result, I have a perfectly good but completely unused blood sugar tester. Would you be interested in having a backup tester?

I believe it tests fingertips, but the reason I got it is because it also tests ARMS. Arms have fewer nerve endings. Yay! It's also easy to use; it's a model commonly given to kids. If you want it, I can send it over to you gretchen!earl or gretchen!eldrik.

Re: Blood Sugar Thingies by Trip (Sat Mar 27 13:45:49 2004)

Sure! Do you know what brand it is?

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25 March 2004 - Thursday

As seems to be typical when I have something scheduled before noon, I was a complete slug in the morning. However, the last of Christy's wonderful banana bread fueled my brain during the phone scream, and I don't think I completely embarrassed myself. Whether or not Google ever contacts me again remains to be seen, of course.

* * *

To celebrate surviving the phone scream, I went to King of Krug Siam to eat duck-and-prawn curry. Yum!

* * *

Hm. The pharmacy hasn't called about my calibration goop yet.

* * *

Yay 800 words! (I decided to stop when I checked and the file was exactly 390000 characters. :)

* * *

The USPS delivered the 5th disc of A Little Snow Fairy, Sugar today, so I spent the evening watching discs 5 and 6. That was a lot of ALSF,S! Some of it was pretty sad, but it ended well.

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24 March 2004 - Wednesday

Apparently my glucosemeter is so archaic that the calibration goo for it has to be special-ordered. But it will only take a day to come in, so I should have it tomorrow.

* * *

Gwack! Google just called me to set up a phone scream! (Tomorrow, 11:00.) Gwack!

* * *

Slow comics week.

* * *


* * *

Woo! Ken made it to Hounds of Balazar! Just in time for his character to get turned into an elf! And we now know where the grave we need to desecrate is!

We're so doomed.

Scream! by mony (Wed Mar 24 15:22:57 2004)

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Google scream!

Er. Or something like that. :) Yay!

no, wait, i'm kit by scream! (Wed Mar 24 23:21:47 2004)

Good luck in the scream!

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23 March 2004 - Tuesday

The unemployment weasels called me today. It turns out that the space on the form asking whether I looked for work didn't actually include doing anything about it, so I did technically look for work that one week even though I didn't find anything worth resumesending, and the question "What kind of bum are you, that you didn't you look for work that week?" may be answered "Mu".

* * *

Bah! I finally tried to start measuring my glucose, but I don't have any of the calibration goop. I will have to go and see if the drugstore will sell me some.

* * *

Writingu writingu la la la! 750 words today and 700-odd Monday is almost like having written yesterday.

* * *

Nothing cool at Gamescape today. OGL Ancients (d20 Classical Greece/Egypt/Eastern Med) was almost cool, but was large and hardcover and d20.

* * *

Ah, yes. The Extremely Augh episode of RahXephon.

The replacement for Galaxy Fraulein Yuna is Blue Submarine Number 6, which apparently is an earlier work by the same studio responsible for Vandread. They sure had the CG back then, although they didn't have the Vast Array of Chicks quite worked out. It was interesting, though. And if it turns bad, there are only three more episodes to go anyway.

.hack is still not being quite as slow as I remembered it, but it's sure not fast-moving. Nice music, though.

* * *

Instead of extra bonus writing, I got sucked back into reading The Wellstone (Wil McCarthy). Fortunately, it ran out and let me go before midnight.

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22 March 2004 - Monday

Day of uselessness! Well, I did (sort of) finish an adventure for Paradise Mislaid, but that's about it.

* * *

As usual, there was about forty-five minutes or an hour of actual gaming in the three hours allocated, so we barely got through the setup, never mind to what I worked on today.

But, Christy made me parasite-friendly banana bread! Yummy!

* * *

No writing today. Bleah.

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21 March 2004 - Sunday

Hm. I seem to have become 34. Scary.

* * *

It being my birthday, I didn't feel obligated to do much of anything. I did watch more You're Under Arrest!, which is still cute.

Eventually I went over to Ayse & Ken's to feed upon pasta and garlic bread, and then we played some Adventures of Jehanne & Alazaïs for the first time in months and months and months! Not much actually happened, but now we are headed in the direction of the plot and there seems likely to be excitement and doom and alignment conflicts in two weeks.

* * *

I waffled about not writing, because it's my birthday, but then I decided that was lame and also philosophically insupportable, so I wrote 700 words.

happy happy day! by frozen-north Angie (Sun Mar 21 00:20:41 2004)

Happy wishes to you, Trip! Hope your day is grand!

HAPPY TRIPDAY! by kit (Sun Mar 21 11:19:09 2004)


HAPPY BELATED TRIPDAY by Sarah (Mon Mar 22 12:09:31 2004)

Okay, so I'm late, but I hope it was a happy day anyway. :)

Re: happiness and tripday by Trip (Mon Mar 22 13:26:56 2004)

Thank you thank you thank you!

Tripday Panang! by Flit (Mon Mar 22 13:40:29 2004)

Happy happy happy Tripday! I am late too but just have a happy today too! :)

Belated Happy Tripday! by Silkie (Mon Mar 22 14:27:14 2004)

Happy Tripday, from a lame Silkie.

Silkies by Trip (Mon Mar 22 18:16:44 2004)

No lameness!

Belated Happy Tripday! by Lynx (Fri Apr 16 13:27:20 2004)

Obviously I need to read your journal more often, but anyway, Happy Tripday! Many more!

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20 March 2004 - Saturday

I could have written my 500 words in the morning before running off to Thai City for lunch, but I didn't. Oh well.

Chrisber and Christy weren't able to make it, and Earl was already scheduled for gaming today, but Marith, Ayse, Ken, Dave, Cat, and the Gollubs were there, and much happiness ensued. I got to show off my menu entry to everyone who hadn't seen it before, but somehow we failed to actually order the Trip Panang. Fortunately I have had it before!

Yum, duck!

Bloated from the feast, we crawled back to my place and I showed Read or Die to those who hadn't seen it, because that didn't require moving. Ayse and Marith both liked it a lot, so I am smug. Also, I wish they would put out the TV series over here already!

Dave, Ken, and I tried out Nanofictionary, another silly game from the makers of Fluxx. It was fun, but would have gone better with more players, I think. Then Ayse had to get a fix of proofreading in, so we went over to her place and Dave oppressed Ken and I mightily at Brine Shrimp of Cataan. Hmph!

Now I am home, and have written my 500 words and everything.

It has been a good day.

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19 March 2004 - Friday

Another day of not doing much, although I did one job-hunting thing. I also looked for disc 5 of A Little Snow Fairy, Sugar, ate some nosugaradded icecream at Cold Stone (it's not my fault it's right next to Tower!), and bought a table. And wrote 500 words of SMS.

Tonight's anime watching: first three episodes of You're Under Arrest!. I am not as entertained by it as by the manga, but I will watch more and perhaps I will like it more.

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18 March 2004 - Thursday


* * *

A clever parasite would do something useful with a Thursday. I mostly er didn't. I did write 500 more words of SMS, though.

* * *

Marith came over and read another two chapters of How to Become King (third task done!) and then we watched some Saiyuki. Doom, all the doom, and now extra bonus doom on top of that!

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17 March 2004 - Wednesday

The fan I inherited from Bruce when he left AV turns out to be pretty strong, yet small enough to sit on the corner of the kitchen counter near my computer and be at exactly face-height when I sit down. Ahhh!

* * *

It doesn't seem like I did much today, possibly because there weren't very many new comics. However, I did get my 500 words of SMS in, and while walking to grocery shop (after dark; it was WAY TOO HOT again during the day), I figured out what Our Heroine is going to do to the Bad Guy. Er, besides that. I'm still not sure how to get from here to there, but I am now confident that there is a there there.

* * *

Tonight's anime frenzy:

  • disc 2 of Kiddy Grade, which still doesn't have any actual plot, but does contain strong hints that there really is a plot, somewhere!
  • disc 3 of Witch Hunter Robin, which pretends to have only a little plot, in the form of exposition, but then FLINGS plot at you like a spring-loaded cat! Yeek!

Seven episodes probably being enough for one night, I stopped there.

* * *

Oh, yah, I should mention that I sent off my resume for three job weasels today. Hopefully they will not ignore me like the others have.

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16 March 2004 - Tuesday

Gwack! Either my alarm betrayed me, or it did not adequately compensate for my betraying myself, and so I did not get up until it was time to scurry around brainlessly like a brainless scurrier. Bah!

Zoom to the doctors', pick up my prescription, zoom to the drugstore to drop it off, eat a Quizno's sub while waiting for the pharmacy to dig up the stuff I need (but not a Chicken Carbonara, and no ice cream for dessert, so I should get bonus points), collect the prescription (ow, expensive), zoom home, pack up books and drinks and food, zoom to Gamescape to buy a book of Dying Earth RPG spells in D&D3e format, zoom to Millbrae to discuss the doom of being almost 34, zoom to Ray's for anime, zoom home, realize that I would be a bad person if I didn't write 500 words of SMS, write the 500 worst words ever committed to magnetic media, tud.

Today has been WAY TOO HOT for so much scurrying. Bah!

zoom! by kit (Wed Mar 17 15:38:18 2004)

Wow, you did lots of zooming and scurrying! zoom! zoom! scurry! Plus you wrote! beam Yay Trip!

Re: zoom! by Trip (Wed Mar 17 16:09:56 2004)

I did in fact manage to do everything I intended to, despite losing three or four hours to oversleeping! Yay me!

However, they really are the worst 500 words ever. Not even any smut content.

Re: Zoom! by Del from Philly (Fri Apr 2 12:37:54 2004)

I have read a lot of UseNet and other assorted junk, and I can guarantee you that the are not the 500 worst words ever committed to magnetic media. They could feasably be the 500 worst words YOU have ever committed to magnetic media, but you are still being too hard on yourself. That's what editors are for, anyway.

Perhaps those words may inspire you in the future, anyway.

Re: Zoom! by Trip (Fri Apr 2 13:28:59 2004)

Well, okay, you're probably right. But that doesn't make them good words. At all.

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15 March 2004 - Monday


* * *

It would be stretching things to say I got up early, but at least it wasn't as late as has become usual. Thus, I was able to get to the lab and have my precious bodily fluids extracted and checked before dying of hunger.

Yum, goat yogurt!

* * *

Uh oh! Get ready for the Lectroid invasion!

* * *

Today being Take Care of Health Stuff Day, I launched an email at the COBRA weasels in hopes of getting insurance straightened out, and then went looking for rowing machines (exercise good for parasites, but heaving my bulk around in Earth's gravity well already strengthens my locomotor tentacles pretty well, so I don't want a treadmill or stationary bike or stairclimber). The used sporting goods store didn't have any, and the new sporting goods store only had one, for which they wanted nearly a month's rent.

Sad, I returned to my lair, but then hegemony pointed out that rowing machines (like everything else) are available online, so I poked around some. Indeed, a rowing machine can be had for a much more reasonable sum, if one does not need a high-end superduper rowing machine with special neurostimulatory apparatus or whatever their selling point is. (In fact, even for what looked like the same model, the prices online were about 20% less.) Further investigation is warranted.

* * *

Woot! 1000 words on SMS! I think that in order to avoid languishing and dying here in this pit, I must vow to write at least 500 words each day for the rest of this month, excepting any day on which I have a job interview.

Not exactly a deadline, but maybe close enough.

* * *

Yay! I have a new dishwasher! Eventually, I will be brave enough to test it.

* * *

Tenchi Muyo GXP Galaxy Police Transporter is awfully silly. I don't know if it is entertaining enough to justify buying the second disc. But now I know what 6d6 Unluck looks like!

cobra weasels by gconnor (Wed Mar 17 17:40:15 2004)

I recommend phoning rather than emailing... weasels are good at avoiding polled I/O and not so good at dodging interrupts.

Has anyone phoned up to give you a screaming from yahoo? I met with one of the ops folks today and mentioned that they should talk to you also.

later gregc

Re: cobra weasels by Trip (Wed Mar 17 19:48:35 2004)

Yah, I should have called them today (er, Wednesday), but flaked. I did, however, send off my resume to three different job weasels, so perhaps COBRA will soon be moot.

Re: cobra weasels by Silkie (Thu Mar 18 08:49:32 2004)

Cobra weasels should be handled anyway, to ensure continuous coverage. It will make the new insurance weasels happier at your new job, I think.

Re: cobra weasels by Trip (Thu Mar 18 15:06:32 2004)

Actually, the COBRA weasels have responded to my email, then responded to my email clarification, and finally directed me to the address they claim is the right address for such requests. So, I'm not straightened out yet, but they are at least acknowledging my existence.

Go me. Kinda.

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14 March 2004 - Sunday

Wow, cool! Earl actually showed up for Home Front! He did lapse into a low-energy state about halfway through, but I think that was because his job abuses him.

No real agreement on genre was reached, but at least the ninjas were defeated!

* * *

Sushi. Blort.

Christy is so much more like a writer than I am. Even if you discount the whole quality issue. :(

* * *

No more eating for me. Fasting blood test tomorrow.

* * *

What, only twelve episodes of Someday's Dreamers? But I wanted to see Yume crack the Earth open like a walnut!

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13 March 2004 - Saturday

Happy Happy Jinianday!

* * *

Hey, cool, I got to take my morning drug regimen again. Perhaps now I will be a happy and cheerful parasite! (Not a smart parasite, but I hear happiness is underrated.)

* * *

The lighter of my two plain blue Tshirts is almost exactly the same color as the lightest of my three sets of sheets. I guess it must be a color with a pantone number!

* * *

Blargh! I have finally finished (for the moment) the Antihero stuff I've been working on all week and posted it. It comes out to about 5600 words, which isn't a completely pathetic amount for the time spent, but I am sad that they are not fiction words. Hopefully, people will not force me to rewrite all 5600 words only in more detail, and I will be able to return to fiction writing soon.

But hey, words is words.

* * *

Of course, moments after posting the Antihero stuff, I remembered what I had failed to put in. Fortunately it was minor, and possibly even could have gone without saying.

* * *

To use Everway for Exalted, I'd have to repartition the elements to include Wood. I'm not sure what Wood should cover; strength/energy output, maybe, leaving Fire with only movement/agility type stuff?

* * *

Yay! Ayse and Ken are not dead! I know this, because we watched some Slayers Next with them!

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12 March 2004 - Friday

Hm, still slightly sick, but the day-to-day trend is still in the right direction.

* * *

Unsurprisingly, COBRA/Yahoo!/health insurance is all buggered. Fortunately, I still have enough money to pay for medical care now and worry about extracting it from the Man later.

It turns out that the Camino Medical Group, which I picked more or less because its offices are in my ZIP code, is a mutant tendril of the Palo Alto Medical Foundation, which I'm pretty sure people have said good things about. Everyone I talked to was reasonably compentent, so this probably isn't the backwater where they assign all the people that would otherwise make the head office look bad.

Dr Guo turned out to be young and cheerful, but properly stern with lame diabetics who don't get enough exercise or blood-sugar testing. (And cute, though it is probably wrong of me to say so (but not as wrong as saying that some of the students in the Impact class Ayse taught were pretty cute).) Anyway, relatively little was required to get her to write me out prescriptions for what I was taking before, so all should be well, or at least okay with an upgrade option, soon.

* * *

I feel somewhat disloyal to Thai City now, because I went to King of Krung Siam on my way home. The spring rolls were only okay (I keep trying to get the appetizer that involves salmon but failing and having to settle for someting else), but the beef with eggplant was yummy. I would have been fine with a considerably higher eggplant/beef ratio, but am probably deviant enough in my tastes that it's no surprise their default isn't an exact match.

Oh, and on the way to KoKS I stopped off and induced Kaiser to send my records to Dr Guo, so that's one less thing lurking on my to-do list.

* * *

Bah. The mainstream gaming industry continues to fail to cater to me. Perhaps I should be paying more attention to indie games, although to truly justify that I would probably have to successfully play one or more of Elfs, Trollbabe, Dead Inside, Sorcerer, or Donjon.

Or, I could work more on Antihero, which continues to grow and pulsate every time I stop to think. It has long since passed the amount of work beyond which it is guaranteed that no one else will care about it, and is rapidly approaching the point where people will pay good cash money to avoid having to know it even exists. (Sadly, the spam industry has ensured that there are plenty of third parties to accept that good cash money, so this doesn't help my finances any.)

* * *

Yay! I have drugs! All the kinds and sizes of drugs I was taking before! Since I have not straightened out the COBRA weasels since the prescriptions were written, they are very expensive drugs, but health is probably worth it, and hopefully on Monday I can get things straightened out and perhaps even reimburseful.

* * *

There is a Cold Stone Creamery right next to the drug store where I bought my drugs, so I went in to check whether they had any no-sugar-added ice cream, as is my habit when passing an ice cream joint. I am almost always disappointed, since not quite enough Americans have ruined their health to make reduced-sugar/low-carb yummies a standard across the nation, but no! They have low-fat no-sugar-added sweet cream (which I think is actually vanilla's vanilla, rather than a flavor of its own) ice cream! I got some with peanutbutter, almonds, and banana mooshed in, and ate it while finishing volume 5 of Hana Yori Dango. It was extra-yummy, so I got a quart of the same s/banana/raspberry/ to conceal in my freezer. Yay ice cream!

* * *

Oh, yah. The promised new manga report:

Sgt Frog is just very silly. Maybe even sillier than that. It isn't as surreal as, say, Tennimon; just silly. Incompetent frog-like alien invaders! Manga-crazed mothers! Yet more incompetent alien invaders! I don't know that I can say it's good, but I am easily amused so I will probably keep getting it.

Eerie Queerie! (why do I suspect this is not the original title?) is, hm. The main character can, to his surprise, see ghosts, a power which comes with the extra added bonus that ghosts can possess him and use his body to run around trying to fix whatever unresolved problem is keeping them from passing on. Alas for our protagonist, the first two ghosts he gets mugged by are female, and are attached to male characters... Many of the situations are humorous, but not in the crude way I would expect from an American version, and many are at least honestly sentimental. Perhaps eventually the product of my pathetic level of sensitivity and the amount of time spent thinking about EQ will reach the point where I realize the true horror and have to abase myself for having ever paid money for something that so undermines everything that I as a good North Californian should be fighting for, but perhaps not.

Angel Sanctuary is, um, very. Or perhaps very um. Transexual reincarnated angels! Reformed demons! Hidden agendas! Heartless violence! Forbidden love! If nothing else, I have to keep reading it so I can steal ideas with which to torment Christy's character in Paradise Mislaid. (Presuming Antihero doesn't drive her screaming from my presence, which is not a sure thing, but also not actually related to AS.)

* * *

Between this page and the ever-growing Antihero doom, I seem to be writing several words a day. Too bad none of them are fiction, let alone good.

* * *

Eventually Marith came over and we watched another disc of Saiyuki in between her doing corrosive things to her table on the balcony.

Yay superior parasite! by marith (Fri Mar 12 19:44:00 2004)

Yay non-suckful medical establishments, too! And !sugar ice cream!

Angel Sanctuary is reputedly so um I'm not sure I could stand to read it, but it sure has pretty artbooks. Angie successfully sold me a whole bunch of postcards with artbook pictures, on the theory that I will color photocopy them and use them for evil.

And I got more table-dissolving slime, so we can do the anime-and-furniture thing again if you want.

Re: Angel Sanctuary by Trip (Sat Mar 13 16:21:05 2004)

It is only pretty um so far, but I am sure it will become astoundingly um in due course. Probably with extra bonus violence, too.

Ice cream! by liralen (Fri Mar 19 11:41:42 2004)

Hoorah! I love Cold Stone Creamery's ice creams, and am glad that they offer a superior selection for the health-concious.


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11 March 2004 - Thursday

Not sicker than yesterday, anyway. It seems likely the germs will annoy me until I set out for the doctor and then go back into hiding.

* * *

I finally went grocery shopping, which resulted in many items of food entering my kitchen, or at least my freezer. Of course, none of it seems very appetizing just now, but perhaps someday I will no longer be sick.

Also, worked more on the ever-growing heap of Antihero spooge. I think the number of lines saying "put words here" has declined since this morning, but of course the ones that require the most words are still there.

* * *

Sorted the new comics that don't need bagging (ie, graphic novels) into the existing orderly arrangment of too many pieces of paper.

* * *

In the evening, Marith came over to alternate definishing her old table with watching Saiyuki. Two DVDs later, the table is still not fully definished, but we understand the doom of Sanzo & Co much better.

* * *

I was going to write something about how most of the people I know no longer have much in common with single, non-property-owning, childless, no-life losers like me, but now I'm too tired. Maybe tomorrow, if I fail to make the new doctor give me happy drugs.

* * *

I'd bid on this if it was Sailor Jupiter instead of Sailor Mars. Oh well.

(See, I told you I was tired.)

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10 March 2004 - Wednesday

I think I feel slightly less sick than yesterday. But then, I have generally been feeling better in the mornings.

* * *

I am finally getting around to writing down all the Antihero stuff I thought of after Monday's session, but ran out of steam around midday. I know most of what I need to write; it's just a matter of making it coherent and grammatical.

So, I went and got comics! New Someday's Dreamers DVD, yay! Also, first issues of lots of manga series I know little or nothing about. If any of them turn out to rock, I will probably mention them.

* * *

Yum, mole burrito.

* * *

Bah. Ken said he would come to Hounds of Balazar this week, but he didn't. I'm not sure we've seen either Ken or Ayse at a session since before Christmas. :(

Many people were lethargic, even the ones who are theoretically in good health, so we mostly poked at the Fantasy Hero conversion, then got thrown out of Dykeen so we didn't aggravate the internal struggles the king was dealing with, grilled assorted priests and wise guys, and snuck into Elkoi in hopes of figuring out how to loot the tomb of its founder. After that, people started falling asleep, so we called it a night.

It's a night!

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9 March 2004 - Tuesday

Yes, still sick. Bah.

I did, at least, finish the AQoJ writeup and get it approved by the GM. Of course, I also alienated Marith by offering advice instead of only sympathy, so overall the morning has not been a win.

* * *

Last night Jim and the Bertanis mentioned they had tried out King of Krung Siam, and strongly recommended the yellow curry, so when I finished AQoJ upwriting and determined that nothing in the apartment was anything I was hungry for, I made the bus carry me down to Castro and I ate yellow curry. It was, in fact, good. The appetizer (whole shrimp folded up in eggroll-casing material) wasn't as good, but was still perfectly satisfactory.

Gamescape provided no new exciting games at all, but then I haven't finished reading the past er half dozen game things I bought there, so I shouldn't feel disappointed.

* * *

On the way to anime (a long ways, but no longer requiring any significant amount of thought), Dave mentioned that he had been reading through Exalted, and I suddenly realized that Everway could be a pretty good system to use with the Exalted setting. It lacks the ten thousand attributes and the twisty little mazes of Unique Cool Powers all different, but on the other hand, that might result in combat with real players (as opposed to the mythical ones that learn every system in detail, take complete notes on all the things their characters can do, and just plain enjoy dealing with mechanics) taking less than six hours per round.

* * *

Yep, Galaxy Fraulein Yuna is still just as cheesy as the first time I watched it. I wish I had known Ray was going to show it; I would have kept the DVD. Yes, I have become the snob who can no longer stand videotape.

People still like RahXephon, although as Stacy pointed out, it could yet hyperimplode in the last couple of episodes, like that Other Surreal Mecha Show.

Mushroomolivefetapepperoni pizza can't possibly be good for me, but I enjoyed it and it didn't make me feel more sick (maybe even less), so I will try to not regret it.

hyperimploding by Dave (Thu Mar 11 13:03:51 2004)

It seems unlikely, though, despite any number of similarities between the two shows. Which is unfortunate from my standpoint, as I thought the ending to that Other Surreal Mecha Show was about as good as it gets.

Re: hyperimploding by Trip (Sat Mar 13 16:25:27 2004)

You seem to be in the minority, since even CZR professed to be dissatisfied with it (although maybe he was just reflexively agreeing with the nearest attractive female). I personally thought it was okay, but suffered from the problem many Singularity stories have, which is that it's hard to have any denouement when you no longer have any human characters. RahXephon could be setting itself up for the same fall, but I don't think it is.

We'll see!

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8 March 2004 - Monday

Still sick. Bah.

I managed to do some things that needed doing but were relatively simple: filling out and sending off the unemployment paperwork, doing laundry, making a doctor appointment (12:30 Friday). However, the things that required higher brain functions mostly didn't get done: writing up Saturday's AQoJ session, going shopping (generating the shopping list was the sticking point), and most crucially, making an adventure for Heroes of Nexus tonight. Oops.

* * *

I had a bit of a lie-down in the late afternoon, in hopes of enlarging my brain for gaming, but it didn't work, so on Chrisber's advice I added some Cheapass games to my gaming bag.

* * *

I was able to walk to gaming just fine, of course, because that requires no brain. Fortunately (?!) Christy was tired, Adam was brain-dead from traffic, and Jim (who isn't in the game) was talkative, so I was able to just keep my head down for most of the three hours allotted to gaming. Finally Jim left, though, and I was forced to improvise a gig in a bar full of sapient orangutans, including a nerd orangutan dragged there by a bunch of jocks who had no idea he would encounter a succubus, and a wired orangutan mercenary who reacted quickly when the succubus tried to get attention by mirroring the ancestral fears of orangutans. Once the PCs stopped rolling horribly, disaster was averted, CDs were sold, groupies were signed, and all was well.

Oh, and they decided on a band name, so the campaign is no longer "Heroes of Nexus" but "Paradise Mislaid".

* * *

Why am I still awake? zangband will still be here tomorrow.

* * *

Why am I still awake? zangband will still be here later today.

* * *

Why am I still tud zzzzzzzzzzzzz

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7 March 2004 - Sunday

Still sick. I don't know what germ or other adversity is causing me to be constantly headachy, frequently nauseous, and randomly light-headed, but it can stop ANY TIME NOW.

* * *

I stumbled dimly around the twisty little maze of web pages, all different, that allegedly leads to a list of doctors in my area who can be insuranced, but didn't reach the center before Ken came to say it was time to drive to San Francisco.

* * *

I think this particular sickness combines extra-poorly with travel by car, which is why it picked this particular weekend to afflict me.

* * *

That seemed like a very short graduation, but I guess they did only have twelve students. Anyway, Ayse gave an excellent speech, and coached with vigor and grace (although coaching several fights in a row was maybe a bit of an imposition on her vigor). She even got to coach Marith when she got dragged out of the audience and mugged (as sometimes happens to alumni (alumnae?) who attend graduations)!

I can see why she feels she doesn't mesh well with the other instructor, although I lack the brain to put it into words. They just have different waves.

Anyway, Go extra-clever Impact Bay Area instructo Ayse!

* * *

There had been talk of celebratory sushi, but by 20:30 or so there was still no sign of Ayse so I gave up and made food. Just as I was cutting the first bite, though, the phone rang! So I quickly applied aluminum foil, stuffed my dinner in the fridge, and scuttled off with Ayse and Ken to Satsuma! (Marith and Dave had already retreated to their lairs for the night, so they got no sushi.)

Satsuma has changed! They now have glossy full-color menus! And benches instead of the all-the-way-around seating things they had in the booths before! And exciting new rolls! Expensive new rolls, but since the all-you-can-eat special ends at 21:00, we had nothing to lose by adventurously ordering one and splitting it three ways. It was yummy!

All round and bloated with sushi, I rolled home splut.

mmmm. satsuma. by mony (Wed Mar 10 05:26:38 2004)

I miss Satsuma and their all you can eat roll special. Sniff!

Re: mmmm. satsuma. by Trip (Wed Mar 10 23:02:18 2004)

You should come visit! We could Satsuma you to celebrate your vast intellect and your many triumphs over the American tertiary educational system!

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6 March 2004 - Saturday

I really need to get some sort of travel alarm thingy, because no one will ever actually say, "Um, we'd like to game sometime today, so maybe you should get up?".

Despite this, we did eventually play...

Amazon Quartet of Justice VIIc: "On the Path of the Sun! Triumph!"

On the hills above Giant Crab Beach, Our Heroines spot a familiar-looking creature. However, it is not actually their friend Leo the androsphinx, but another test which has assumed Leo's form because it is familiar to them. The solar sphinx asks them the traditional riddle of the sphinxes, and seems to think it obscure, which somewhat confuses them until they realize that being a test on the path of the sun is probably not much helping in keeping up with the latest advances in riddling. The traditional answer proves to be the one he's looking for, but he begs the Quartet to not let it get out. He accompanies them to the edge of the domain he has been assigned, and as they walk, he tells them a story of a great kingdom that was assailed by a man who sought a dark apotheosis. Abandoned by its allies, the kingdom was unable to prevail, so its king sent his heir and a guardian away, to await a better time. Then, the king took his kingdom out of the world, so that it could not be defeated (but neither can it triumph).

Following the path onward through the proverbial rolling hills, the Amazons next encounter a herd of wild horses, led by a unicorn. There is some concern about this test, Sophia and Serenity having been Permanently and Precipitously Paged by Pelor, but fortunately Gabrielle can fill in. (The other three have to settle for ordinary horses (if anything in this realm can be called ordinary).)

The steeds bear the Amazons to a ruined city, where a statue of a blindfolded woman stands, balance and sword at her feet. The unicorn bows at the feet of the statue, who pets it. When questioned, she says that her name is Themis, and that she was not always blind. The nature of the test is obvious, but so is the solution, since Fresa can shape stone with magic.

Themis, free of her blindfold, takes up her balance and sword again. She warns the Amazons that the next trial must be fought and defeated, not bypassed, but that there will be help on the other side.

The path then leads into a swamp, where a scorpion attacks the Quartet. The poisoned stinger and the claws that catch are not an inconsiderable problem, but the scorpion is enough smaller than the Giant Crab that it is soon dispatched, with only Alyra significantly poisoned.

The scorpion hasn't even stopped twitching when someone comes running up the road, brandishing a staff with snakes wrapped around it (which oddly does not make Alyra twitch, although she does take cover in case he's another enemy). He doesn't immediately state his intentions, and is undeterred by Gabrielle shooting the ground at his feet, but isn't obviously hostile, so the Amazons wait to see what spell he's casting on Alyra before taking drastic action. Fortunately, it's Neutralize Poison (followed by Cure Serious Wounds).

While patching up everyone else who engaged the scorpion in close combat, the healer introduces himself as Aesculapius, aka Ophiuchus. He laments that he has been mostly forgotten by humanity, so the Quartet promise to speak highly of him when they return to the mortal world.

Leaving Ophiuchus and the marsh behind, the Amazons enter a hillier region, which has plenty of rocks for ambushers to hide behind. Sure enough, Alyra's keen elven eyes spot someone lurking behind a rock on yonder hill. He responds to a hail with arrows, so Alyra rushes forward to engage him, leaving the others to be entangled by the vegetation the archer's magic arrow brings to life (not that it hampers either Gabrielle or Amaryllis much). The archer turns out to be a centaur, but that doesn't help, and he is soon dispatched. Gabrielle replenishes her quiver from the centaur's, but alas none of his other arrows are particularly magical.

The hills descend into a flatter forest, from which entrancing music emerges. Not entrancing enough, apparently, as none of Our Heroines are particularly impressed by the disreputable-looking satyr who approaches to try out his pick-up lines. Gabrielle goes so far as to critique his playing, and then demonstrates how it's really done with an impromptu piece about how a satyr would be much better off looking for loose women back down the road thataway. The satyr takes off and Our Heroines continue on (hopefully toward the end of the path, as sunset is drawing nigh).

As the sky turns red with sunset, the Amazons spy a familiar-looking figure silhouetted atop a hill: the gatekeeper they met at the beginning of the path. Before battle is joined, he offers to yield if they can answer who he is an avatar of, what form his avatar has taken, and what his quest is. His apparal and the distinctive runes on his crown make it clear that he is represented as the king of Avalon, but although the Amazons figure out the zodiacal nature of the path of the sun, they can't settle on a single answer for who the avatar represents or what his quest is. He turns invisible, and the fight is on!

The avatar is a sorcerer significantly more powerful than any one of the Amazons, but a well-cast spell from Fresa removes most of his magical enhancements and protections early on, and he never entirely recovers from that. Once defeated and bound, he gives his parole amiably enough, and informs Our Heroines that they have indeed succeeded in following the Path of the Sun.

The first of the five great artifacts mentioned by Hrogarth and now described as being essential to resolve the fate of Avalon, is a golden harp. Through experimentation, Gabrielle discovers that one of the harp's powers is to surround its player with sunlight which covers a larger and larger area the longer it is played. Unfortunately, the avatar of Aquarius reveals, that power can only be used once every seven days, so it will now not be of use against the undead that are doubtless lying in wait for anyone who survives the Path of the Sun.

As a musician and follower of Pelor, Gabrielle is obviously best-suited to the harp, but the other Amazons get the magical accoutrements that Aquarius had used in their fight. This is not as pleasing to Alyra as it could be, since all the items sparkle brilliantly in the light and glow faintly in the dark, but she does get all the items replaced by these new ones, which she can sell or trade for more useful stuff when the Quartet returns to civilization.

Our Heroines spend the night in Aquarius's realm, to be refreshed physically and magically for the imminent fight against the undead.

* * *

Haggling over the new loot and levelling up took enough time that we decided to put off the undead fight until next session (tentatively scheduled for 17 April). After a nourishing, or at least tasty, meal of take-out Chinese, we hit the road.

There was a slight detour, about which I should not now write, but but we hardly got lost at all. Really.

I was still feeling unwell, leading me to believe that I am actually the target of invading microrobes, and made the mistake of complaining about it, which through the miracle of Harold's pocket internet connection was parlayed into mass panic. I was not dead by the time we reached home, however, and will probably continue to metabolize for days, if not weeks, to come.

* * *

Wow, people made Heroes of Nexus characters! I guess I won't suddenly change systems to Everway after all!

Travel Alarm Clocks by Silkie (Mon Mar 8 12:11:45 2004)

Um, but we did game today! Well, that day. And we want people to be well rested when they run into Balrogs. (And anybody who can sleep while the rugrats are rampaging through the house definitely needed that sleep.) :)

nobody ever says "get up" by marith (Mon Mar 8 14:14:11 2004)

I dunno why, people say it to me all the time!

Re: nobody ever says "get up" by Trip (Tue Mar 9 14:02:06 2004)

Because you're usually the last person to arise! But when I'm the last person still asleep, I'd like to hear about it so I can stop holding up gaming!

Alyra twitching by Dave (Thu Mar 11 13:07:19 2004)

You forgot the part where she tried to keep the giant scorpion between her and the staff? Admittedly, she gave in once it became pretty clear he wasn't hostile.

Re: twitching by Trip (Thu Mar 11 23:35:25 2004)

I thought that was just taking cover?

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5 March 2004 - Friday

If I were smart, I would be able to use Gene Wolfe's Rules for Writers to solve my problems with SMS. Er, except the fundamental problem that it's really bad, but at the moment I am more concerned with finishing it.

* * *

On the principle that walking is good for thinking, I tried walking to Gamescape and back for the usual Friday pillage, but walking during the day when the sun is out and there is lots of traffic is not the same as walking in good conditions. I did get some thinking done, including one bit that is probably actually useful as well as a random setting bit I can probably commit description on, but I'm not sure it was enough for the dehydration and SUV fumes I endured. Ah well.

And Gamescape didn't even have anything good, but since I have no job, that may actually be for the best.

* * *

Argh, I am supposed to already be at dinner and I'm not even packed and I can't find my DMG and DOOOOM!

I seem to be fretting myself into an upset stomach. :(

* * *

Ayse and Ken appetized us with brie and roasted garlic and mushrooms, and then fed us tangerine pork and broccoli with cheese and zucchini with dill. Almost none of it was healthy, but it was all very yummy. Alas, it also took a long time, so as soon as the food was gone we had to scuttle off to Palo Alto to meet up with Harold.

* * *

Maybe I'm actually sick, since I still don't seem to be feeling that well. So, of course, I'm taking good care of myself by not going to sleep until after 02:00.

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4 March 2004 - Thursday

"Did you sleep well?"

"No, I made a few mistakes."

Blearghy parasite. But, at least I have sent off my resume through the strange Yahoo! web form (if they have a web form, why can't they take a URL?), so I have done a job search thing today.

* * *

While being too stupid to write, this morning, I finished reading Everway, which is almost as cool as people say it is. Sadly, I did not read it until after people started to make characters for Heroes of Nexus, because I'm pretty sure this would have been 230572150 times easier. Well, if I could have gotten the players to submit to my judgement about whether powers were frequent/major/versatile, which I suppose is in doubt. (I don't actually have the Air or Fire scores to be a GM, sigh.)

Hm. Shisan is Fire, Yarumin is Air, Miyun is Earth and Water (she gets two because she's the protagonist). Millim is, hm. Air and Water, I guess. Lanchu is definitely Fire, and at least okay in the other three.

Bad BAD parasite!

* * *

Woot! Level 50! All power is mine!

Er, except the power to deal with these hordes of great wyrms of power. Which is too bad, because behind them are a bunch of high-level uniques who have beaten each other down to one hit point apiece.

* * *

Because the alternative to getting out of the apartment for a while seemed to be dying in a pit, I hiked down to Castro St to try out the new Thai Restaurant, King of Krung Siam. It's pretty good! It's a bit more expensive than Thai City, but their equivalent of ped yarng is called Volcano Duck and is served aflame, and that's worth an extra buck!

* * *

Walking isn't like writing, but it is like thinking about writing. I still don't know where to go with SMS, but the area of doubt and uncertainty is more clearly defined, which should count for something. A little. Maybe.

Job things by gconnor (Thu Mar 4 16:27:04 2004)

Yay for job things. Good luck, etc.

Re: Job things by Trip (Fri Mar 5 17:24:08 2004)

Thanks for the job lead. :)

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3 March 2004 - Wednesday

New comics! Wheee!

* * *

In a pathetic attempt to not suck completely, I sent off my resume to one of the job openings Ambar passed on to me.

* * *

After complaining about writing a lot, I went off and wrote 1000 words of SMS.

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2 March 2004 - Tuesday

Today's Millbrae was all about the search for commonality. In one example, I got to search using twenty questions... But I succeeded!

Despite my packing both a jacket and a plastic bag (for the books in my backpack), the sunny weather did not turn horrible and rainy and cold and windy and nasty. Not even slightly!

Hm. We must be moving further from the winter solstice. It was waiting for the train back to MV, and noticed I was having trouble playing Shishenso because the sun wasn't down yet.

* * *

Well, the first episode of .hack is as I remembered it. I wonder if I'm correct about no new information being introduced in the next ten episodes?

* * *

While I was at anime, the light flickered a few times, but I assumed it was the lamp, because the TV didn't have any problems. (I think other people did too, because all Ray did was turn off the lights.) However, when I got home, I discovered that I had been power outaged. Hmph.

I would have taken the opportunity to move my computer desk and computer to the library, but I couldn't find a convenient phone jack, and then remembered I needed to check my TBG mail anyway. Oh well.

Power Outage by Dave (Wed Mar 3 15:03:29 2004)

Nah, I noticed the lights in the kitchen going, too, and figured it was a bit more general. I was still annoyed at having to reinstall my (diskless) mac, though.

Tomorrow by gconnor (Wed Mar 3 23:24:45 2004)

Remember, tomorrow is "Tell us what you have done in the job.hunt this week" day...

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1 March 2004 - Monday

1300 words on SMS, but I fear I have committed Description.

* * *

Emily wants to go to Chef Chu's, but she can't, because she is in the wilds of Alaska, so I said I'd go for her. I had creamcheesecrab puffs and kung pao shrimp on her behalf.

Today's fortune: "Answer just what your heart prompts you." (Er, see previous about subordinating your brain.)

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