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30 April 2004 - Friday

Oh look, Writer's Weekend wants a (fake) query letter and a four page synopsis to go with my drivel. I wonder how one writes a synopsis?

* * *


* * *

Finally done with the synopsis. And it's not even 22:00. Now I can call Marith and borrow her printer.


Well, I could have, if she hadn't been abducted by aliens. I guess I will have to get up tomorrow and go sell Kinko's a kidney (50 cents a page for laser printing?!).

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29 April 2004 - Thursday

Much like yesterday, only instead of going to Lee's and getting new anime, Marith came over and we watched old anime (Escaflowne).

I think it is time to stop fiddling with SMS and just mail the bloody thing off. I probably don't want to be right up against the deadline anyway.

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28 April 2004 - Wednesday

Agonized over SMS a lot more. Oh, and got comics and anime. More Witch Hunter Robin, yay!

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27 April 2004 - Tuesday

Things I need to do today:

  1. Make SMS slightly less embarrassingly bad
  2. Go to Millbrae
  3. Go to Whisman Station Anime

<singing voice="Meatloaf">
Now don't be sad
'Cause two out of three ain't bad

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26 April 2004 - Monday

Things I must do today:

  1. Laundry
  2. Roast the chicken I bought last week
  3. Grocery shopping
  4. Rewrite chapter 1 of SMS
  5. Complain about how hard writing is

Yay me!

Of course, chapter 1 of SMS needs to be rewritten again, but that's okay.

* * *

Oh no! This person isn't supporting our troops in the War on Fat!

SMS by Tamago (Wed Apr 28 00:03:58 2004)

Rewrite! Rewrite! Okay!

We should have lunch sometime and talk about writing and rewriting and rerewriting.

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25 April 2004 - Sunday

Today, Home Front: "Things That Move and Shouldn't". Jeremy is busy with family or something, but will probably return. Christy has gone from "can't game; must finish first novel by deadline" to "can't game; must finish second novel by deadline" so it's not clear she'll ever play Home Front again, but it didn't seem like she was getting that much out of it, and I can't object to people displaying the willpower to write instead of uselessly frittering away the days.

So, we had no one to do occult stuff and no one really qualified to wrassle zombies, but we somehow managed to save the day despite extra zombies and completely unanticipated plot twists. Yay us!

Now I need to make an adventure, since Jeremy is not likely to suddenly have enough free time between now and next session to make one, even though he's technically in the rotation kinda.

However, having now had it demonstrated that I'm a crappy player as well as a crappy GM, I am tempted to circulate a petition to the effect that Earl should do all the GMing and myself none of the playing. :(

* * *

There was some talk of watching more Slayers tonight, but it fell through, so instead Marith came over here and we watched a disc of Escaflowne.

Then I played more ToME, but kept accidentally stepping into the lava pools created by casting Fireflash, because they show up as dark red dots among the dark brown dots of the floor, and don't show up at all if there's an object in the same space, and because I have no hitpoints for being a magic-user, less 20% for being a sorcerer, that killed me a lot. Sigh.

* * *

I haven't done any work on SMS all weekend, except for adding a few bits to the slang lexicon, which I will probably just have to delete anyway. Tomorrow, I must suck less.

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24 April 2004 - Saturday

I didn't get up today. Instead, I stayed in bed until about 18:00 reading It (Stephen King), because I had never read any King and someone somewhere recommended it as one of his better ones or something. (I dunno; I only recorded the title and author in my external brain, not the reasoning.)

It wasn't great, but it was pretty good, and very difficult to stop reading (which is a virtue of its own, although I'm pretty easy in that regard). It was adequately explained why the protagonists had to approach the monster the way they did and why they couldn't get help, which I'm told is not always true in King books, and hey, outcast geek kids grow up to be successful and save the day!

Eventually, however, I had to get up and take a shower (bleah! sweaty! too hot! what happened to the nice cool clouds we had last week?) so I could go over to Ayse & Ken's to watch more Slayers Try. The thot plickens! Also,

Filia 'n' Xellos
Sittin' on a rock



* * *

Stayed up even later finishing It. But no ToME. Well, not much.

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23 April 2004 - Friday

I worked a little tiny bit on rewriting SMS, but the conclusion I came to is that I need to redo all the dialogue to be more slangful and less formal. There are good reasons to not just use modern slang (dates horribly, and I'm no good at it, not even the ancient slang of my own formative decade all those millenia ago), so now I stare at an empty "modern slang to invented alien slang" lexicon and contemplate slitting my wrists with an omnibus edition of the Hellflower books.

* * *

But, I did finish a book, so I am entitled to take The Atrocity Archives (Charles Stross) to Chef Chu's and feed upon the foods of ChinaSan Francisco!

Today's fortunes:

  • You are going to have some new clothes. I sure hope so; these shorts I bought two or three summers ago are definitely nearing the end of their life cycle!
  • You have a potential urge and the ability for accomplishment. Hopefully, it's the urge to buy new clothes!

* * *

Stayed up until 1 reading The Atrocity Archives, which was quite good but didn't induce the same sense of soul-crushing despair that "A Colder Kind of War" did. I didn't find the middle-management infighting to be as ill-fitting as Bryant did, possibly because I don't know anything about the British civil service, know that I don't know anything, and am thus willing to believe whatever Stross tells me. Also, of course, in the second part we see the consequences of middle-management infighting in the organization dedicated to implementing "...the best defensive posture to adopt in order to minimize casualties when the Great Old Ones return from beyond the stars to eat our brains." and it seems like a suitably human sort of horrendously evil fuckup.

No, wait, here's the soul-crushing despair: Stross wrote a story that I would suck out my own spinal column with marinara sauce to be able to write, and then redid it differently because that version of the story was inferior to his true vision.

Meep. :(

* * *

Also too much playing of ToME. Having no Strength sucks the PMW!

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22 April 2004 - Thursday

My old external brain has finally given up the ghost, so I have no choice but to use my new one! I got Al to beam me his address book, but much of it is out of date, so if you read this and think I would want to know, please mail me all your contact information (and that of other members of your household, where it differs). (The fields I have to fill are name, address, phone numbers, email addresses, URL, employer, birthday.)

Overall, it is probably for the best that I no longer have Shisensho, but if someone wants to beam it to me, I wouldn't decline. :)

* * *

Kit finally set up online registration for the Writer's Weekend, so I can no longer use not having a working printer (why why why won't GIMPprint install?) as an excuse for not signing up. The shape of my doom is established.

* * *

Just when you thought it was safe to fire up your web browser again1, It's... the RETURN OF ANTIHERO! <ominous chord>

1: Of course, if you're using IE, it's never safe.

As I was trying to fall asleep last night, my mind was uneasy with the knowledge that the brutal inelegance of the "pretend you have 6-sided dice that always roll 3" of the damage system can best be compared to a six-tonne slime mold dancing the tango with a wheelchair-bound hippo. But then, I had a Thought. And my Thought was, "Why not divide damage by 3, just like stats were divided by 3 (or 5 or whatever)?"

So now, instead of having a base 2d6 Strength that always rolls 6, or spending 5 points for 1d6 of Energy Blast that always rolls 3, you have a base of 2 Strength, or spend 5 points for 1 point of Energy Blast. This also means that every 3 points of hit margin gives you 1 extra point of damage, which is handy because Presence attacks already bump one notch per 3 margin so now we can just say that every 3 points is an Extra Success, no matter what the roll.

Bodily Damage Threshholds are now Con+5, Con+8, Con+11, and Psychic Damage Threshholds are Ego+5, Ego+8, and Ego+11 (instead of Foo+15/25/35). Probably Con should cost a little more than 2 now, since it contributes three times as much to Damage Threshholds. Also, buying up Threshholds should cost thrice as much, which would be 6 per, but 5 is a nicer number. Con should probably be 6 per. Def is also 5 per, still +1/2 for resistant.

If Strength is base 2, this suggests that other characteristics should also have a base value of 2. Since only the difference between the characteristic+skill and the target number matters, reducing all target numbers by 1 (happens automatically for DCV!) make difficulties the same but makes Joe Average's character sheet look nicer.

Good? Bad? Ugly? Comment! Comment!

* * *

I appear to have finished the first draft of SMS! I have committed TWO bad fantasy novels! Gwack!

Now I need to rewrite the first chapter(ish) to be somewhat less horrible so I can submit it to contests and criticisms, and weasels. But I will do that tomorrow.

* * *

Stayed up way too late playing ToME, which I finally got compiled by dint of only enabling curses support (rogue-likes should have ASCII displays and not graphics anyway). Curse you, Ayse!

your footnote by liralen (Fri Apr 23 08:27:44 2004)

I think your footnote made everything after it small, including your other entries...

Re: my footnote by Trip (Fri Apr 23 12:48:25 2004)

Oops! Is it all better now? (It looks right on my browser, but.)

Thanks for the contact info!

Better now! by liralen (Tue Apr 27 19:46:49 2004)

All better now. I'm glad you have it!!

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21 April 2004 - Wednesday

I tried reading the Silmarillion once, and couldn't even get started. But now people like me have the abridged version.

* * *

Yay, writing! Writing that even goes toward the end of the book, instead of off into Cloud-Weasel Land!

* * *

I made brownies! From mix, but I don't know how to make low-carb brownies from scratch. (I don't know if anyone does.) The pan was full when I went to gaming and empty when I brought it home, so I guess they were edible.

* * *

Beetles! Fire fallen from the sky! Gold! Wacky! But it got us a gnome, which helpfully made a hole so Dusanna can get killed by the traps in Elkoi's tomb, so it's all good.

Abridged version by Silkie (Thu Apr 22 21:14:28 2004)

Alas! I couldn't even make it through the abridged version! I am just hopeless. :)

Re: Abridged version by Trip (Fri Apr 23 12:52:36 2004)

Oh well. You can make up for it by rereading the Very Secret Diaries a few dozen times. Or SMS once!

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20 April 2004 - Tuesday

Bah. This is still all wrong and stupid.

Words deleted today: 4000-odd.

* * *

Tonight, the first two episodes of Hellsing. To no one's surprise, CZR likes it. I'm not sure it's really traditional for vampirism to increase bust size, though.

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19 April 2004 - Monday

Morning reading: More of 1610. Fortunately I had to stop reading in time to double-check my TBG turn, so I was alive by 11:45.

* * *

Quote of the day:

It is possible to draw two conclusions when someone observes a trait that they can't account for by natural selection. One is that "Darwin" is wrong. The other is that the observer isn't bright enough to figure out the trait's selective advantage.


* * *

No Paradise Mislaid tonight, since Chrisber is sick and Adam is being scientific. Instead, writing (kinda) and the last DVD of Super Gals.

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18 April 2004 - Sunday

Today's morning reading: Sunset and Sawdust by Joe R Lansdale. Not as good as Summerland, but still pretty good if you like Depression-era crime fiction.

Functional by 13:30!

* * *

I didn't write very efficiently, but wc says the file is now 504 words longer than when I started, so I'll declare victory.

* * *

Tonight, Ayse and Ken were social, so we finally got to finish Slayers Next! My, but that was a happy ending.

Then, since we were on a roll, we watched the first three episodes of Slayers Try, which is quite silly. Also, Dave kindly assembled brownies, which I ate too much of.

* * *

Finally put down 1610: A Sundial in a Grave by Mary Gentle so I can get some sleep tonight. Gah. (Annoying Precognition Tricks and kinky sex; what's not to like?)

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17 April 2004 - Saturday

Today's excuse for not getting anything at all done by 15 o'clock: Had to read Summerland by Michael Chabon! It rocks!

Being so very baseball-oriented, it is very American, but some aspects nevertheless remind me a little of Diana Wynne Jones's work. Yes, it really is that good (what? I agree with Bryant?!), and if I liked baseball, or even knew anything about it beyond what I learned from watching Princess Nine many moons ago, I would like Summerland even more!

So anyway, between that and plumbing issues, I didn't become conscious and useful until 15 o'clock. At least I only have to take food out of the fridge and reheat it for "breakfast".

* * *

Only a tiny little bit of writing. Much more writing angst.

* * *

Ayse and Ken are hiding under their rock, which means no Slayers tonight, so instead Marith came over and we watched all the remaining Inuyasha Now we have to wait for another DVD to come out! Augh!

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16 April 2004 - Friday

Useful things accomplished today:



Well, I picked up my prescription from the pharmacy.


And avoided buying anything at Gamescape.



* * *

Finally, I have a vague idea of where to go with the end of SMS. I don't know if it will actually be good or anything, but it will be better than nothing. I think.

* * *

Just as I got my dinner out of the oven, Ayse called with the plaintive cry of "Suuuushiiii?" so I had to pop my previously-intended dinner into the fridge and scuttle off to the land of raw fish!

Yummy, yummy sushi!

There was some thought of watching more Slayers Next, since we have only four episodes left, but instead we bibbled for a while and then fell over. Tomorrow, for sure!

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15 April 2004 - Thursday

I still have no idea how to finish SMS. I got through the climax; why is the denouement being such a pain? Hmph.

* * *

At least I did my taxes, or more accurately got them TurboTaxed in exchange for future sushi. Oh, and I submitted a refill request for a prescription. 2 things down, 29356201616 to go. :(

* * *

Marith came over and we watched more Inuyasha. Doom! More doom! Doom for everyone!

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14 April 2004 - Wednesday

Bah! Stupid STUPID Google creatures don't want to hire me! (And no, I didn't misinterpret this time. It was completely unambiguous.) There was talk about my resume being passed on to another group, but.


* * *

Yum, comics.

* * *

No writing. Tiny brain. Doomed. :(

* * *

There was going to be Slayers tonight, but Ayse & Ken have hidden under their rock, so instead I play zangband like the huge loser I am.

Hey, cool, I found the One Ring! +5 to all stats, including speed, an assortment of resistances... and it aggravates monsters, drains experience, is permanently cursed, and carries an ancient and foul curse. Maybe I'll just keep it on my mantel.

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13 April 2004 - Tuesday

Small amounts of writing (well, quota, but with a penalty for suckage (not the good kind)).

* * *

Google hasn't called and it's time to leave for Millbrae. Hmph.

* * *

Mostly I bibbled to Norm about writing, but there was also discussion of doom. (Remember homework, stupid parasite! Print! Print! OK!)

* * *

Apparently both RahXephon and Blue Submarine #6 ended just as Dave predicted. This is because he is cleverer than I am. Still, I liked the RahXephon ending, and the Blue Submarine #6 ending was okay.

Next week we start Hellsing, about which I know nothing except what I see in fan art.

* * *

Google called while I was out, but left no actual information. I must call tomorrow.

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12 April 2004 - Monday

There was more reading this morning, but on another tentacle, I wrote double yesterday, and almost quintuple on Friday, so I think I might still be cool.

* * *

Uh oh! We space aliens better be careful: humans have developed the technology to read secret IR messages!

* * *

Blah, writeless. I fiddled about with putting dates and chapter breaks and stuff in, but that's not really like writing. I think I just need one secondary climax and then I can bring the story to a triumphant conclusion, but at the moment my protagonist is not in a situation where she gets to make many choices, and without choices, there's not much excitement.

* * *

Today has not been entirely without accomplishment, however: using Ambar's brain, as well as several bits of neural matter that were lying around unwatched (and therefore obviously not important to anyone), I successfully roasted a chicken! It turned out a little dryish, because I wasn't quite certain it was done and kept cooking it, but overall it is very yummy!

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11 April 2004 - Sunday

There are seven people in Home Front. When you subtract the two who never go to brunch, the two who were specifically busy around noon today, the one who wasn't going to have anything to do with us, and the one suffering under temporary religious restrictions, that leaves... me. Oh well.

We finished Dave's adventure, saving LA from being held hostage by 16-inch guns emplaced up in the hills, and then continued on to Earl's adventure: bank-robbing zombies! We only played the teaser before exploding for various dinners, but in two weeks it'll be all zombies all the time!

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10 April 2004 - Saturday

Amber High School! Now, with added wackiness: Ken's character Jonah may actually be stranger than Chloe!

Also, mony's character made a brief guest appearance, and we visited Howling-Apache-Land, which has cannon and trains.

* * *

Yum, grilled sandwiches with sauerkraut! Not healthy, but really yummy!

Slayers Next continues to progress toward an undoubtedly explosive climax. Yikes! Xellos is scary!

* * *

And, I even wrote 500 words! Go me!

Me! by Special Guest Star (Mon Apr 12 14:51:01 2004)

Woo hoo! I made a guest appearance! -- mony

Re: Special Guest Star by Trip (Mon Apr 12 14:58:27 2004)

Yep! Tia is now willing to believe that Argent Sparrow actually likes Dairene and wasn't just using her as an excuse!

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9 April 2004 - Friday

Engaged in some reading this morning (hey, I have all this manga I bought on Wednesday!), but was alive and conscious and stuff well before noon.

At which time I caught up on Fans!

Fortunately that only took an hour or so, and then I was able to write. Write and write and write! 2 1/2 quotas by the time I took a break to leave the apartment!

* * *

Gamescape had nothing worth pillaging, so I came home and wrote some more. A little short of 5 quotas today. And Kit likes it!

Go me!

go you! by kit (Sun Apr 11 12:43:31 2004)

Go you! You rock! :)

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8 April 2004 - Thursday

Not as wakeful as yesterday, but not too bad. Go me!

* * *

Almost a week having passed without word, I sent email to the Google recruiter guy, and immediately got a phone call informing me that my case was to be brought before the hiring board this afternoon. Alas, the recruiter guy (er, who does have a real name: Tim Talley) is flying out of town about an hour after the hiring board starts meeting, so he may or may not get a chance to call me afterward. If not, Tuesday for sure!

* * *

Hm. I thought I knew what to put in the denouement, but apparently I don't. Hm.

* * *

Ah! That idea from Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi goes with Exalted! Now I understand!

However, with Paradise Mislaid either dead or in such a low-metabolism state that one weekend of preparation will suffice for weeks of play, I think my next gaming weasel is Library Superheroes for Ayse, Ken, and Marith. For which I also need ideas, but that isn't quite hm no it could work. More thought is needed!

* * *

It's now after 14:30, and no call from Google, so I guess I must wait until Tuesday. Sniff!

* * *

I meant to write today, but instead I got caught up reading Fans! (GraphicSmash subscription to see archives; current issue is an atypical guest artist), because Ursula (creator of Digger (also GraphicSmash), Subconscious Chupacabra, Gothbat, and other trans-sanity) will be guest-artisting there in the moderate future. "How long can it take to catch up on a webcomic?" I said to myself, as I started reading around 17 or 18 o'clock.

At midnight, I had to give up and go to bed, because I still wasn't anywhere near done. Boy, these guys comick a lot!

Library Superheroes by Marith (Thu Apr 8 18:46:32 2004)

I want sound-controlling powers! "When she says Sssssh, everybody does."

Library Superheroes by Carl (Fri Apr 9 23:45:12 2004)

Like Agent Paper in Read or Die?

And wasn't there a Wild Cards superhero with the ability to make origami animals? Or was that Earl or someone?

Reference Librarian, who knows the answer to all questions, or at least where to find the answers.

And maybe something about late fees...

Library Superheroes by marith (Sat Apr 10 01:11:13 2004)

Agent Paper is the inspiration for the campaign idea, indeed.

Ooh, Thesauria the Reference Librarian isn't a bad idea. As with the librarian critter in Wyrms or the sybils in Snow Queen, she knows nothing in particular until someone asks a question, at which point the referencing power kicks in. Disad: it doesn't work if she asks the question herself.

That'd be even better than sound power!

Re: Library Superheroes by Trip (Sun Apr 11 22:21:15 2004)

Oh, sure, Carl, encourage people to play characters like that in other people's campaigns!

GMing issues aside, I think sound powers are more in the genre of RoD than omniscience is.

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7 April 2004 - Wednesday

Shock! Surprise! I got up at a reasonable hour today! I even did some writing before scuttling off to pillage Lee's (Too Many Graphic Novels) and Gamescape (yet another Munchkin expansion, and a Lunch Money expansion).

* * *

Illustrious GM Al is still sick, so no Hounds of Balazar for us this week. Sniff!

My evening having suddenly freed up, I wrote some more. Now I am done up through the end of the climactic scene! Some denouement, and SMS will finally be complete ready for more rewriting!

* * *

Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi is only 13 episodes, so I have finished it. It actually does make sense, in the end, which is not something I would have predicted after the second episode.

There are definitely other uses for this idea. Hm.

Also, finished the second disc of Kino's Journey, to which I say, "Buh?! Kino is a what?!" but maybe that's just me.

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6 April 2004 - Tuesday


* * *

Bah! Slept well into the afternoon again. Lame LAME parasite creature.

* * *

There was discussion of pinning Ray down and taking away the remote control so we could finish RahXephon, but he clever scheduled it last so we were all too sleepy.

Next week, the <insert unknown adjective here> conclusion! Also, the end of Blue Submarine #6.

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5 April 2004 - Monday

Wasn't quite as lethargic as over the weekend, although still not terribly productive. Some writing, some pulsating, a bit of brain-juice sucking.

* * *

My lack of preparation for Paradise Mislaid was not revealed because we er never got around to gaming. The working hypothesis is that it's because Jim never came over to say the magic words, "But now I should leave so you guys can game", but really it's probably because no one actually cares deeply about the game, and is just as happy to sit around TBG/writing/geek geeking. Maybe this is where the Big Bag of Fun comes in.

My words of magic by Jim (Wed Apr 7 15:54:23 2004)

Wow! I didn't know that I had such a very important role in in Monday night gaming. And here I thought that I was merely distracting...

Jim's words of magic by Trip (Wed Apr 7 16:07:37 2004)

We didn't realize it either!

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4 April 2004 - Sunday

I said that I wasn't going to stay in bed reading until 14:00 today, and indeed I did not!

But only because DST made it 15:00. :(

Nevertheless, I worked a little bit on SMS before going over to Ayse and Ken's for bouillabaisse (yummy) and D&D (fun! but with confusing goblins!).

Now I am not particularly tired, but the clock says I should go to bed soon. Stupid STUPID daylight savings time.

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3 April 2004 - Saturday

I ended up not getting up until 14:00, because there is this pile of books right next to my bed...

The rest of the day was thematically similar. Watching anime with Ayse and Ken fell through, I didn't write, I didn't do much of anything. Well, I did walk down to King of Krung Siam, which walk gave me time to realize that I have to go back and edit SMS to set up the scene I want, and then ate yummy Thai food, but that was about the extent of my doingness.

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2 April 2004 - Friday

Okay, this is just plain cool. It's not flying cars, but I'm pretty sure it's the future.

* * *

I think I failed to understand what the Google recruiter guy attempted to communicate to me, because today's phone screamer seemed to think that I was still being screamed for the same job. Huh. Confused parasite!

Anyway, I think this scream went okay. Not great, but not horrible. The screamer prompted me a lot, but did so almost regardless of whether I was coming up with the answer or not, so I don't know if that counts against me.

Fifteen minutes or so in, the fire alarm went off on the other end, and the guy had to hang up while he was fire-drilled for half an hour, but I don't see how they can reasonably hold that against me. It's not like the place actually burned down or anything.

* * *

I hereby officially declare that the Hellboy movie rocks from orbit! Because it is a movie, and must eat the brains of people who have not been exposed to the glory of the original source material, certain concessions had to be made (normal human viewpoint character, romance subplot, everything wrapped up in two hours, etc), but the spirit of the original was not grievously insulted, because Mignola is Just That Cool.

Nazis! Undead mystics! Tentacled horrors from beyond space and time! Undead sorcerers! Hellboy being a smartass! It's all there!

Watch! Learn! Mutate! Then, go and buy all the comics, now available in convenient trade paperbacks!


* * *

Argh. I have written the requisite 500 words, but instead of presenting my heroine with two alternatives of which one is possibly triumphant and the other disastrous, with no easy way to tell which is which, I have presented her with a situation in which the correct move is the same regardless of whose story she believes. I have, therefore, left those words hidden in <!-- --> (sorry, Sherilyn!) because I will probably have to rip them all out and try again. And again.


* * *

Yay! Ayse isn't dead!

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1 April 2004 - Thursday


* * *

My accomplishments today: Um. Er. Well, I made Sherilyn stay up until 04:00 reading, but that's really more yesterday's accomplishment. Today I only added 600 more words.

I showed Marith more Inuyasha; does that count? Oh. Darn.

Myself, since it's my day. by Chrisber (Thu Apr 1 12:44:11 2004)

I am old. Next year I will be really old, though, so I have something to look forward to.
Oh, and no, wait, i'm kit by scream! (Wed Mar 24 23:21:47 2004) is the funnyest comment I've read in a long time!

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