Previously, in Trip's Life...

31 October 2004 - Sunday

Welcome to the season of Daylight Spending!

* * *

If I were very clever, I would have gotten Ayse a pomegranate, but I'm not.

* * *

The afternoon and evening were spent in some combination of gaming; admiring Ayse's l33t pot-roasting skills; eating the very yummy pot roast, vegetables, and challah-brie-apricotpepperjam; doing homework; and admiring the extreme cuteness of the kitties.

We didn't make much progress in Ken's game for similar reasons to the slowness of the last AQoJ session: too many details. I blame d20.

* * *

ROD the TV is getting weirder and weirder. More people with strange powers! Distinct moral ambiguity! Backstory!

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30 October 2004 - Saturday

Oof, still bloated!

I actually got up kind of early to finish the Andromeda disc so I could run it out to the mailbox; gotta keep those discs cycling! I just made it, after which Herculean task I proceeded to spend the rest of the day playing zangband.

Eventually Marith came over and we watched a couple more episodes of Buffy, including Spike's first appearance. It was very strange to see him like that, in light of what his character became in later seasons. But he was, indeed, much smarter than any of the other vampires; it was not too implausible that he'd done in slayers before.

* * *

I have been reading the Hilary Tamar mysteries by Sarah Caudwell ( Thus Was Adonis Murdered, The Shortest Way to Hades, The Sirens Sang of Murder, and The Sibyl in Her Grave; there are only four because the author apparently dropped dead shortly after the fourth was published) and quite like them. Whoever recommended them on Making Light was correct to do so!

I'm not sure how to describe them, except to say that they are about egregiously over-educated English lawyers, and anyone who likes Wodehouse might like these books. Lots of erudite references, lots of humorous happenings described obliquely, travels to scenic parts of Europe.

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29 October 2004 - Friday

Ayse was sick early in the day, but I made her sit in the sunshine, and she became well, so we did not have to cancel our Plumed Horse plans. And a good thing, too, or we would have been deprived of prawns bordelaise; foie gras with pear poached in honey-port sauce; any number of small bread things; French onion soup; lobster bisque; Dungeness crab tower salad; dock procuitto salad; salmon with onion marmalade and corn cake; pork chops stuffed with spinach, pine nuts, and goat cheese; pepper steak with Banana Fingerling potatoes; osso bucco that practically melted on the plate; Grand Marnier soufflé; and molten chocolate cake.

I think we entertained the waiters by clinging passionately to the appetizer plates until the last smears of sauce had been sopped up and consumed. Possibly we would not have done so had we considered rationally how much food lay before us.

I didn't like the lobster bisque much; it was quite bitter. The French onion soup was quite good, though, even if the bowl it was served in appeared to be part of a turbine.

Foolishly, I ate all my corn cake before I could share it with Ayse, but she let me try some of her pepper steak anyway. It was peppery! The pork chops were also excellent; I think I may get that if I happen to go again. Dave's plate of osso bucco was ginormous, and yummy, and tenderer than a very tender substance!

Sadly, after Ayse and Marith agreed to wait for 20 minutes or so for chocolate death soufflé, they instead received Grand Marnier soufflé, which was not really what they wanted. It was perfectly good soufflé, though, and I helped finish the remains after my molten chocolate cake was inhaled. (Yes, yes, bad parasite. But but Plumed Horse!)

After the check failed to materialize for a while, Dave started suggesting that we just get up and leave. No one took him seriously until he put on his jacket and stood up expectantly, at which point we realized that when he had left the table earlier, he had not gone to powder his nose. The Dave is Insidious and Generous!

Round, round people! But happy!

* * *

Watched more Andromeda before passing out. I think having a time-travel episode only five episodes after being cast irrevocably into the future may count as undermining the premise. But the starship is still a babe!

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28 October 2004 - Thursday

In the evening, Marith came over and we started watching season 2 of Buffy. Principal Synder is such a git.

* * *

The fight after the one with Wiegraf is even scarier! I was crushed like the insect I am! I think some levelling up is indicated before I try again.

* * *

Andromeda is still fairly cheesy, but entertaining. I guess I'll keep watching it.

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27 October 2004 - Wednesday

I randomly encountered Greg Connor, my old boss from AltaVista, at the burrito joint on the way back from comics. He was with several of his cow orkers from SGI, so I got to splat myself with burrito innards in front of several people I could otherwise have tried to hit up for a job. Wheee.

Still, I'm glad he's doing well.

* * *

Another day here in the land of no work. Coffeehouse with Marith this time, but no Ayse or Ambar.

* * *

Gamescape finally got their shipment in, but it doesn't contain anything I have much interest in buying. Bah.

* * *

Hey, cool, it's a lunar eclipse!

* * *

Gwack! Wiegrof is scary! So are his monk chicks! 72 damage! And teleportation! But I triumphed, even though I had to kill the symapthetic Death Knight chick. Still need to rescue Teta, though.

* * *

Futurama is still very silly.

Random delayed comment by gconnor (Tue Nov 23 15:40:01 2004)

Wow look, my name appears in print. I wish you would script up an RSS version of your page as I keep forgetting to wander over to it.

In other news, I did take the time to confirm that there are no real jobs to be had at SGI right now, though I will certainly keep looking.

Be well.

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26 October 2004 - Tuesday

Instead of getting out of bed, I finished reading the new Carey, Banewreaker. (Tiny, inaccurate summary: LotR from the viewpoint of Sauron and the Nazgul.) It was pretty good, but I really want to see the second half of the duology so I can find out where she's going with all this.

I should also plug Jim Butcher's latest, Furies of Calderon. It's good! If you weren't at Writer's Weekend to hear his explanation of the setting, the worldbuilding might seem kind of haphazard, but there really is method behind it. Plus, Pokemon!

* * *

Coffeehouse again today. Maybe I need to wear more black. But Ambar is here!

* * *

Ambar has given me a potential job hook-up! Woot! All praise the Ambar, who rocks!

Now I just have to wait and see if they ever get back to me. Gwack.

* * *

Not only did Neil show up for Tuesday Night Anime, but so did Earl! I think Earl was confused, but since all three of the shows we're watching are already in progress, I guess that's not too surprising. He also thought my apartment was cold, but everyone thinks that.

* * *

Another two fairly easy fights in Final Fantasy Tactics, and some cut scenes with plot. However, now I am going to watch Futurama.

brrr by Earl (Fri Oct 29 16:07:54 2004)

Yes it was cold. Of the three, Invader Zim was the one I liked best. I want an "OBEY" wand now. -Earl

Re: brrr by Trip (Fri Oct 29 23:29:14 2004)

Well, complain more vigorously next time, and I'll break out the space heater! Or, of course, you could bring Cat.

I'm sure you could find one of those wands on E-Bay, although I'm not sure if their antiquity makes them expensive or cheap.

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25 October 2004 - Monday

Went to Taos and begged for work again. Still no dice. Bah!

* * *

Yummy Thai dinner!

* * *

After feeding most of my brain to Strange Adventures in Infinite Space, I watched the rest of Key the Metal Idol. Gack. It is so not what the title sounds like nor what it starts out as.

I intended to play more Final Fantasy Tactics, but instead I read some of Jacqueline Carey's new book, played some Bejeweled, and went to sleep.

Jacqueline Carey by mony (Wed Oct 27 05:27:42 2004)

How is the new book? It's hardcover, so I probably won't be buying it, and my library is skittish about ordering hardcover unless they are certain more than one person will borrow it apparently. Bah.

Carey by kit (Wed Oct 27 09:41:12 2004)

You could get it on Interlibrary Loan, maybe, mony!

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24 October 2004 - Sunday

Today we zoomed to SF to watch the first batch of fully Ayse-trained head-kickers graduate! Ayse did an excellent job speaking to the people assembled to see the graduation, and her students were fearsome! One in particular had a very mighty axe kick. Hurray Ayse, who is a fully-fledged IMPACT Instructor!

After we got home, I played some more Final Fantasy Tactics. I completed the Dorter Slum fight without losing anyone, and bought some spiffy new gear in Dorter, but then I got crushed like a bug by a random wilderness encounter and lost two people. That seemed to be enough FFT, so I watched more Key the Metal Idol, which just gets weirder and weirder. Gah.

Stayed up too late again.

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23 October 2004 - Saturday


* * *

In a (fruitless) attempt to accomodate Marith's sleep schedule, we left for Roseville at 7:00 and arrived with almost no doom. However, Marith started falling asleep again about the time gaming started, so there were some nap breaks in...

Amazon Quartet of Justice VIIIc: "The Pirate Warren!"

Since a whole week must elapse before the dead naga can be questioned further, the Amazons decide to spend the time hunting for live nagas or their human flunkies. Since Pelagos was unified by Queen Ditte, there are no more pirates (just ask anyone!), but if there were, they would be in a region of small rocky islands called the Warren. Our Heroines hire a friend of Captain Evo's named Mucky Pete and his sloop, and set forth!

The most promising islands in the Warren are a small group known to be riddled with sea caves, so it is there that the Amazons first look for monsters. The inhabitants of the small fishing village they first land at claim there are no such thing as sea monsters, but judicious application of sweets and healing spells reveals that not only are there "sea serpents" around, but the village headman has been paid off by someone. In the meantime, Alyra (who isn't so good at talking to people) has scouted the island and found a concealed observation post, although its occupants are not paying attention to much beyond the bounds of their cot.

The Quartet ostentatiously sail onward after buying some fresh food and water from the villagers, but return under cover of darkness to raid the observation post. The couple there are easily subdued and quickly persuaded to spill what few beans they have.

It turns out that the watchman was hired by parties unknown to keep an eye on what ships and people pass by, and report by putting colored cards up where they can be seen through an enchanted crystal orb. He was brought in from another island, and only has contact with his employers on the irregular occasions that someone stops by to deliver more supplies and his pay. Because the job is so boring, he brought his girlfriend to the watchpost to keep him company while he saves up enough that they can get married. The Amazons suggest he find a more honest line of work and turn the couple loose.

Mortal investigation having failed them, the Amazons consult Moradin directly. A binary search localizes the naga's lair to one side of a particular island, and reveals that the Quartet will have to go underwater to fight them, but should be able to defeat them fairly easily.

In an attempt to sneak up on the pirate base, Our Heroines engage in an unpleasant cross-country trek which does not avoid the guards waiting to push rocks down on anyone getting too close. However, the guards are easily captured and questioned. They claim to be privateers rather than pirates, and say that their leader Monk even makes them keep their hands off the village girls. Heartened by the prospect of being able to talk sensibly to the pirates, the Amazons forge onward, putting the other guards to flight without having to hurt them.

The pirate lair is a huge hidden harbor carved out of the rock, camouflaged by a curtain painted to resemble the cliff face from the outside. In the harbor are several dozen pirate vessels, many of them busy casting off and rowing for the sea. The Amazons yell that they just want to talk to Monk, and that if no one starts anything, no one will get hurt. However, a squad of pirates take up bows and start annoying the Quartet, and a tall bald man who fits the description of Monk bursts out of a passageway and smites the Amazons with holy fire.

Although the pillars of flame seriously injure a couple of the Amazons, Monk is quickly dispatched, along with those archers who don't take the hint. From aloft, Amaryllis sees serpentine shapes beneath the water: the nagas are trying to escape! She gives everyone the power of flight and Fresa gives them all gills, and they prepare to give chase!

* * *

Harold and his Chris wanted to leave so they could get back at a reasonable hour, so we stopped there. Marith took another nap while Dave and I entertained Sherilyn by letting her almost win at Guillotine and then crush us like bugs at Munchkin. At the appointed hour we woke Marith up, fed her pizza, and zoomed back to Mountain View.

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22 October 2004 - Friday

Bah, still nothing good at Gamescape. However, I did win the Dorter Slums fight before going over to watch Azumanga Daioh and Yes Minister with Ayse and Ken and people.

Marith gave Ayse wind-up sushi and sushi candles! Most surreal birthday presents ever, according to Ayse! Hee hee!

silly Trip by marith (Mon Oct 25 02:41:15 2004)

WE gave Ayse windup sushi and candles! No fudging pronouns to escape responsibility!

yay yay ginormous yay! by Ayse (Wed Oct 27 14:00:51 2004)

Sushi birthday presents were given! Rejoicing occured!

You guys are the best friends.

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21 October 2004 - Thursday

Today I did meet Ayse at the coffeehouse, and fun was had. Also we went to the library, and talked to the guy who Ayse is recruiting to be a male instructor for IMPACT. Yay!

* * *

Hah! My tentacles have intimidated Marith into sending email about AQoJ planning!

* * *

Bah. Another couple random encounters have gotten me decent (for my level) equipment for everyone in my party, but I still suck at the Dorter Slum fight. Maybe I should turn Algus back into a knight and Carmen into an archer, and have everyone run up the highest peak after Delita and Algus... Although apparently I should have some more random encounters so I can get everyone Move+1 first. Bah.

* * *

Marith and I finished the first season of Buffy tonight. I *still* think they should have used that technique to make jillions of Slayers.

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20 October 2004 - Wednesday

Yay new comics! Boo no new games! (Well, except for The Totally Renamed Spy Game, but that's only slightly new).

Also, yummy Thai lunch, and later brownies!

* * *

I tried playing the Dorter slum battle a couple more times, but still got my butt kicked, even though I had a random battle in Sweegey woods to power up a bit. Maybe I need to do that more.

I have a couple of people with Time Magic now! Maybe Haste and Slow will help me suck less.

* * *

Gaming was somewhat silly, but we did manage to not get eaten by a wyvern (with help) and to get our shaman exploded by a riddling griffin skeleton in a spirit-guarded cave. After that we knew what the answer was, so eventually we even let the healer go in to hear what the skeleton was saying about our fire not being bright enough. No idea what we do next.

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19 October 2004 - Tuesday

I vaguely intended to go into the office again this morning, but instead I slept, 'cause I suck.

* * *

No Marith or Ayse at the coffeehouse! Sniff! But at least it only rained while I was indoors.

* * *

While performing the ritual start-of-session blather at Norm, I realized I haven't actually done anything at all for at least the past couple of weeks. That's bad, but sort of explains why I haven't done any writing of significance.

I'm not sure if it's that Norm isn't very good at playing the role of a mean person, or if mean people aren't really that scary. But it's always good to be reminded that people will think you're a brilliant conversationalist if you just talk about them.

* * *

Bah! No one except Dave showed up for Tuesday Night Anime, so we ended up cancelling and I went shopping instead.

I suppose I should give it another couple of weeks before concluding conclusively that I'm just not as cool as Ray, but it is very disheartening.

However, Dave did reveal that James Nicoll had read my pages, which is why James started reading Venus Envy, which is why Dave started reading it. So it is, in fact, all my fault.

* * *

Marith will be so pleased: I played some Final Fantasy Tactics all on my own! When I got to the fight in the slums of Dorter, though, I got squished so crunchily that I gave up for the night and went to bed. Before 2, even! Splut!

woot! by marith (Thu Oct 21 01:00:01 2004)

You are at least as cool as Ray and probably more so. After all, I am 2345346 times more likely to go to TNA at your place than at Whisman Station, especially when there isn't a class in Campbell right beforehand.

Yay FFT! And, er, I got crushed in that battle the first time I tried it. (and the second, and the third...) I think Dave did too. Definitely worthwhile fighting a couple extra random battles in the woods to build up strength first.

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18 October 2004 - Monday

I did manage to go in to Taos today, and got sort of a possible lead on a PHP job. I should probably get a PHP book to support my claims of being able to hack existing PHP code.

Sadly, the wonderful HR person who got my health insurance straightened out wasn't in, so I couldn't adire her.

* * *

No one except Dave showed up for games night, so we talked about Star Control II and Exalted for a couple of hours and then he wandered off.

The third episode of Andromeda was interesting. I guess I'll move the other discs up in the queue a bit.

Andromeda by Earl (Wed Oct 20 11:18:12 2004)

Look for the episode that features the (now deceased) Nietzchean second in command in the timeline where he, and not Dylan, made it into the future. That is, first watch enough to hit the major plot points (skipping boring episodes if necessary), then watch that one. Nicely done. -Earl

Andormeda by kit (Thu Oct 21 09:33:01 2004)

Huh. I haven't seen that episode. I'll have to try to find it. Cool. :)

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17 October 2004 - Sunday

Today I didn't leave the house except to run some stuff out to the mailbox at midnight. This is because I suck majorly.

However, I did read The Grand Tour, the sequel to Sorcery and Cecilia, and it was pretty swell. I didn't like it quite as much as the first one, but perhaps that's because of the long wait, which nothing could live up to.

Also I read the Fallen Angel graphic novel, which wasn't bad, and some Battle Vixens, which remains bad but is starting to have a plot with doom that is both huge and mandatory.

When I stopped reading, I invited Dave and Ken over, and we played The Big Idea. Best Idea: Natural Vacuum ("The vacuum Nature doesn't abhor!"), followed by Limited-Edition Nothing ("It's like Natural Vacuum... ...but limited to 1000 signed and numbered copies!"). Ken had to flee to make dinner for the teachingAyse, so Dave and I tried out the new Call of Cthulhu CCG. It is okay, but seems unbalanced in favor of the monster deck, which has terror icons. And, although it has "story cards" they don't actually have any story to them; they're just things to fight over, which do something vaguely random when you get them. Mythos is better.

I finished the first disc of Key the Metal Idol. Yike. I think I will make GreenCine bring me the other two.

That left some evening, so I watched the first couple episodes of Andromeda. It was okay, in a cheesy TV-SF kind of way. I'll at least finish the disc, and might watch more. (If nothing else, the AI is such a babe! (And yes, there's my life in a nutshell. I'm such a loser.))

Mythos by mony (Tue Oct 19 15:17:49 2004)

Eeebraheeeeeem Ahmeeeeeeeen!

Andromeda by Carl (Tue Oct 26 19:00:13 2004)

My favorite quote from Andromeda:

"I'm a warship! I don't like running from a fight." -- Andromeda Ascending

Also pleasing: "It's not impossible, it's just really unfair." -- Trance Gemini

"Trance is a puzzle, wrapped in an enigma... baked into a sugar cookie. With pink frosting." -- DanQ on Andromeda

Sadly, a season or two along one of the good writers left and the network switched things to be more focused on action and Dylan, so I stopped watching around then. But there were some bits before then that hinted at something much neater lurking under the surface floss. Or possibly I was just making up stuff based on what I was seeing, and liked to pretend that was intended all along. I've been known to do that.

Oh, but I tell a lie, above. That's not my favorite line. My very favorite line, meaningless out of context, is from Trance:

"There. That's better."

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16 October 2004 - Saturday

I went and finally got my new prescription (but forgot to check my ichor pressure). Then I watched videos.

Marith and I are now ¾ done with the first season of Buffy. It's surprising how many of the memorable episodes are first-season.

Then I watched some Key the Metal Idol, which sounds like it should be a cross between Saber Marionette J and Chance Pop Session, but is actually weird and creepy and dark.

Abnatural Anime Combinations by Dave (Mon Oct 25 14:51:08 2004)

That would be so weird.

Re: Abnatural Anime Combinations by Trip (Mon Oct 25 15:04:24 2004)

What? "Plucky robot teenager attempts to grow a soul by becoming an idol singer" is a perfectly obvious anime plot! I'm sure it's been done before, and probably more than once.

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15 October 2004 - Friday

I meant to go into the Taos office and beg for work today, but was sucked in by the written words lurking near my bed, and barely got up in time for the TBG turn. I suck.

However, the person I was fighting in TBG sucks worse, so I got almost all his tactical maneuvering components while suffering fairly little damage. Neener!

Now I am the coffeeshop (again!) with Ayse and Marith, playing Strange Adventures in Infinite Space, surfing the web, and admiring how well the girl at the next table leans forward. And she's a Mac user, too.

Sigh. Just a parasite. :(

* * *

Bah, only one new thing (random stupid third-party D&D supplement with cheesy cover) at Gamescape this whole past week. Fortunately my dead trees copy of Donjon arrived today, so I need not despair completely.

* * *

Hah! Broog the Alien Film Critic agrees with me about Polly Perkins!

* * *

Yay! We have finally gotten to the part of Sailor Moon where Sailor Jupiter shows up! She's the coolest!

* * *

After anime, I lay brainless on Ayse's couch discussing things like outdoor vs indoor swimming pools and the cuteness of cats for a long time, but eventually came home to pretend to do something creative.

not just a parasite by marith (Fri Oct 15 19:06:39 2004)

You are allowed to ogle cute girls with pigtails and Powerbooks and cleavage! Ayse says so, and she should know.

aliens & film critics by kit (Sat Oct 16 10:30:56 2004)

Well, you aliens gotta stick together!

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14 October 2004 - Thursday

Apparently that was my getting-up-early day this month. Bah.

I went to a nearby bookstore to see if they would cough up Furies of Calderon (they couldn't, but said they'd have it on Monday), and then to the coffeeshop in hopes of finding Ambar to eat my brain (no luck there either, bah).

Eventually my battery ran low, so I went back home and watched the rest of Onegai Teacher. I guess it has to be shonen[1] because it has a) a male protagonist who is heterosexual, b) hot babes in low-cut outfits, and c) spaceships. On the other hand, he doesn't have a harem, no nipples are shown on-screen, nothing explodes, and no one even gets punched out. So it's not very shonen. I think.

[1]: Ignoring the "what magazine was it first published in?" criteria, which is definitive, but not very interesting.

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13 October 2004 - Wednesday

Hey, look, I got up before noon! Well before noon, even! Of course, I then sat around for an hour reading Exalted supplements before getting up and becoming useful, but still.

* * *

Yay! Third disc of Invader Zim! Muahahahahaha!

* * *

I've now seen through episode 8 of Gad Guard, but I'm not sure what Carl is regarding as the Big Revelation. (No spoilers in comments, please! I may want to show this at TNA.)

* * *

Now I'm watching Onegai Teacher, because I bought it back when I didn't understand the glory that is GreenCine. Yes, I know I have no taste.

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12 October 2004 - Tuesday

I invited about eight people to Tuesday Night Anime, but only Dave and Neil showed up. I guess I know who really likes me!

For lack of any better ideas, we continued Angelic Layer (we're at about the midpoint) and Invader Zim, and started Last Exile. I don't think LE received more than the usual level of mockery, so I guess I'll buy it and keep showing it.

i like you! by kit (Thu Oct 14 09:26:07 2004)

but i live 324530987 jillion miles away, and BESIDES, you didn't even INVITE me! snif!

Re: i like you! by Trip (Thu Oct 14 13:38:55 2004)

I didn't invite you because I didn't want to distract you from writing! And because I didn't invite you, you didn't blow me off by not showing up!

I like you! by Ayse (Thu Oct 14 14:15:15 2004)

I am just flatter than the flattest cat for the next few weeks!

Re: i like you! by Trip (Thu Oct 14 15:24:05 2004)

That's awfully flat!

i like you! by mony (Thu Oct 14 15:50:16 2004)

I like you but live 324530967 jillion miles away! Kit and I are almost the same distance away. I'm about 30 miles closer, but her miles take longer to drive or something weird like that.

I would have gone!

I like you! by marith (Thu Oct 14 19:58:58 2004)

Or maybe not. Maybe being all tired after class had nothing to do with my not showing up. Nope, the rest of your friends were all at a CAT (Conspiring Against Trip) meeting. We ate salt-baked prawns and tiramisu and other foods you're not allowed to eat and plotted horrible plots.

Dave and Neil are your only true friends. Trust them, and never suspect that they are moles.

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11 October 2004 - Monday

Wow, what a useless day.

In the evening, Marith came over and we watched another two episodes of Buffy, but then she went off to be studious or something.

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10 October 2004 - Sunday


Ayse had to teach today, so only Marith and Ken and I went to the coffeeshop, but strange drinks were consumed and Marith set a good precedent for the coming year by studying for her upcoming exam.

When they threw us out of the coffeehouse, we went back to my place and played Star Munchkin (muahahahahahaha!) and then I played Final Fantasy Tactics while Marith and Dave backseat drove. This was useful when it came to trying to figure out which low-res (NTSC, bleah) sprites were the villains, but less useful when they gave me contradictory instructions about how to level up. I only snapped once!

Marith seemed to think it was a good birthday, anyway.

birthday! by marith (Mon Oct 11 05:21:29 2004)

It was a good birthday! And you were very resilient!

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9 October 2004 - Saturday

The only thing worth mentioning I did today was watch the first disc of Last Exile, which is pretty cool. I think Chrisber should watch it, too. (Aerial musket lines! How can you go wrong?)

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8 October 2004 - Friday

Hey, look, more Strange Adventures in Infinite Space!

Also, panang ped, which is a lot like Trip Panang with Duck.

You know, neither of those things, appealing as they are, is much like trying to make Taos give me work.

* * *

Sunday is Marithday, but on Sunday Ayse will be busy teaching, so we had sort of a party thing tonight. For a sufficiently small value of "party": some Inu Yasha, some Azumanga Daioh, and a few hugs. Later there may be some more involved sort of celebration.

* * *

Staying up until 4:00 playing SAiIS is not really an improvement over staying up until 3:00, is it?

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7 October 2004 - Thursday

More Sicilian smoothies with Ayse and Marith and a surprise Ambar! Well, not too surprising, since I had heard rumors that sometimes she is at the coffeehouse on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but I hadn't seen any actual proof of this.

I should have written more, but instead I wrote a little bit and then played my new Cheapass computer game, Strange Adventures in Infinite Space. (I also tried Dr Blob's Organism and Big Box of Blox, because they came on the same CD, but did very poorly at the former because it requires quick responses and was disappointed in the latter because it was just Columns.)

* * *

Marith came over and we watched the first four episodes of Buffy. It is interesting to see how they didn't have handles on people's characters back then (especially Angel). Also, my recollection that SMG had breasts (or at least bra pads) in the earlier seasons seems to have been correct.

After Marith left, I watched Dokkoida?!, which is comedic. I don't know that I'll bother to have Greencine bring me any more, though.

And then, I stayed up until 3:00 playing SAiIS. Gah.

SMG by kit (Sat Oct 9 11:09:38 2004)

SMG wasn't as skinny in the early seasons. I mean, she may very well have (probably did) have padded bras, but she also wasn't as rake thin. Partly baby fat and probably partly expectation on the network's behalf. Not that she was ever what one would mistake for huge...

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6 October 2004 - Wednesday

"Hm," I thought to myself. "I have spent most of the morning sitting in bed reading, but now I should quickly fill out my Previews order form and take a shower so I can catch the next bus."

An hour and a half later, I stopped working on the order form so I could make that bus, figuring I could finish it at the store. Sheesh.

I did finish it, though, and adding the things that come out between now and December to my sub list, and then lugged away a ginormous pile of comics, as well as Azumanga Daioh disc 5!

* * *

Ack! I have to buy the new Tri-Stat cyberpunk game because Rebecca wrote for it! Gamescape also sold me a new Exalted weasel (another in the series of country/region writeups) and the modern Cardboard Heroes set.


* * *

When I got to Long's to measure my ichor pressure, it was pretty high, but I figured that was due to a) just having walked from the bus stop, and b) having gotten my sleeve caught in the cuff. So I sat and breathed deeply for a couple of minutes and tried again. Sure enough, my pressure had gone down by 15/5, but my pulse had gone up by 15! What's up with that?

* * *

This is a Hounds of Balazar night, so I shall make brownies and then revel in the traditional bowl-licking rights of the brownie-maker. Muahahaha.

* * *

The Lunars are clearly up to no good in our forest, but they outnumber us and they're covered in metal and they have a powerful witch, so we're not sure what to do about it. Our shaman can discorporate and eat people's heads, spirit-like, but that doesn't seem to help a lot.

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5 October 2004 - Tuesday

Sadly, no one else showed up to the coffeeshop, so I had to drink Sicilian smoothies and read all by myself! Sniff!

Oh well, maybe next week.

* * *

Norm put on his "not talking" face as soon as I came in, so I remembered to start blathering on. Blather was spouted.

We discussed my complete lack of internal motivation, but digressed into my dismal past, so I still have no motivation.

* * *

Last night of Whisman Station Anime ever! :( However, Neil and Stacy were up for some other anime gathering on Tuesdays, so Dave and I will have to make some sort of Cunning Plan. I think it might involve eating Earl's brain.

I hope Ray does okay in Seattle.

Instead of more Invader Zim than our merely three-dimensional brains could handle, we watched the RahXephon movie. It was not as good as the series: too much subtext was elevated to text, important connecting bits were omitted, and several good characters were relegated to minor roles or cut entirely. Oh, and the character designs fluctuated annoyingly. We concurred that it is not even a good introduction to RahXephon, never mind a substitute for the series.

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4 October 2004 - Monday

SpaceShip One did it!

* * *

Adam and Dave (and later Marith) came over and we played silly games in place of Paradise Mislaid. Strange Synergy didn't go so well: Adam got hosed by the draw, and by the luck of placement I was the one he had handy to beat on, so he pretty much gave the game to Dave. Lair of the Rat King was more even, with everyone getting a chance to be in an okay position, but again it came down to Adam getting to decide which of two other players he would give the win to. Ah well.

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3 October 2004 - Sunday

The Homework Monster has eaten Angie, so no Thai lunch today either. Maybe next weekend...

* * *

I'm trying to do movement in Antihero, but failing. The problem is that I want to charge a lump up front, rather than a straight per-inch cost, because you get pretty much all the benefits of Flight or Gliding or Teleportation over Running with the first inch. However, we know from the Disads section that being able to have any Running at all is worth 20 points, so Flight should have a base cost of like 40. This seems a bit steep.

Now, I could say that the marginal benefit of Flight over Running is only 20 points, which is only half as bad, but then it gets messy if you sell off your Running. Plus, what if you want different amounts of Running and Flight?

So what I (think I) want to do is implicitly multipower all movement powers (hey, they're multi slots anyway, right, since you can half-move Run and half-move Fly in one phase?), but without requiring contortions around the free 20-odd points you get for your base Running.

If any of you game design geniuses out there have a better solution than making the cost for Running (and stats of 3 and 2 DC of Strength and etc) explicit instead of implicit, pipe up!

* * *

Once I had a replacement ink cartridge, I was able to finish printing out cockroach souffle, the (first?) supplement for kill puppies for satan. It is just as fucked-up.

However, while looking for a real name for the author to put in my reading list, I came across the write-up of Moose in the City and now I despair. Perhaps I will give up gaming entirely and die in a pit several times. With cockroaches.

* * *

Today I er watched anime. Specifically, I watched

  • Cosplay Complex: very silly, about 90% fanservice, and not always in the best of taste. I was amused by it, but I do not recommend it.
  • Kai Doh Maru: this made no sense. It had sort of a beginning, but not much of an end, and virtually no plot in between. It wanted to be Heian-period samurai drama, but really was just weird. The muted color scheme with bits of brightness was not repulsive, but probably didn't need to be used for the whole thing. Also not recommended.
  • Plastic Little: 50% fanservice, and a plot flimsier than a Feng Shui pickup game. This isn't recommended either.

But it's not like I had to pay for them or anything, so I don't mind too much.

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2 October 2004 - Saturday

Lunch with Angie fell through, so I went to see Ghost in the Shell II with Earl. Enh. The drawn foregrounds against the overly-baroque CGI backgrounds didn't really work, and the ratio of vague metaphysics to plot was even higher than in actual Masamune Shirow work. Plus, the surprise at the end... wasn't.

Oh well.

* * *

Yay Plush Cthulhu!

* * *

i printed out kill puppies for satan. it made me snerk. i don't know if i would be comfortable playing it, but it would certainly be roleplaying if i could. not that it matters, since there is no spare gaming around here to be experimental with.

satan! give me back my shift key!

* * *

Rot-of-the-stars! Cool!

* * *

Today's fortune: "You will always have good luck in your personal affairs." (But, er, it's the lack of affairs to begin with that I complain about!)

* * *

Watching more Yes Minister was fun, but it didn't help me come up with a Dragon-blooded character.

* * *

Finished the RayEarth OAVs, which continued to be sort of the same, yet quite different. Equally doomed, though.

Plush Cthulu! by marith (Sun Oct 3 04:45:16 2004)

Tales of the Plush Cthulu was great, but you can outdo it! I demand to see the Adventures of Lucky Fourteen and Flerb!

If you write it, I'll take the pictures. :)

And you have to take more medicine so you can live to be a centenarian parasite and help me rule the nursing home with an iron tentacle.

re: Plush Cthulu! by Trip (Sun Oct 3 16:47:18 2004)

Wouldn't this be like the photo album that's still not done? Although I guess if it doesn't have to be made material, it's a lot less work.

I will have to think of an adventure for Lucky Fourteen and Flerb to have! It might need to involve Little My or Aylee.

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1 October 2004 - Friday

Bah, the doctor says I am a bad parasite and should take more medicine.

* * *

This Science News says that sleep apnea (which I might have) appears to cause diabetes. Clearly once I get my health insurance straightened out, I should have my sleeping respiration checked.

* * *

Bah. The blind at the coffeehouse is busted, so there are Too Many Photons in here.

Ayse had a bookstore accident at Book Buyers which actually affected my store credit noticeably! I am very impressed!

* * *

Yay Sailor Moon! But boo no Sailor Jupiter yet!

* * *

For lack of anything better to do (that also required no brain) I watched some of the RayEarth OAVs. Wow, bizarrely different! Plus, Tokyo gets destroyed.

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