Previously, in Trip's Life...

30 November 2006 - Thursday

Work: You must submit to my will, stupid STUPID program creature!

Cats: Marith brought them a present today: the Red Spot of Uncatchability! Marmalade was interested in it, but had to make clear that as a large and magnificent orange cat, he can get as many glowing dots as he likes so he can hardly be expected to get too excited over just this one. Dani, on the other hand, ZOOMED to the attack as soon as she saw the RSoU! Up the hall! Down the hall! Around in circles! Up the wall! (SO. CUTE.) We think Ambar may have exposed her to the RSoU before she went to live with Jim.

Marith is clearly the best cat-aunt ever!

Writing: Check.

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29 November 2006 - Wednesday

Work: Ack, why have you suddenly stopped working just as I almost got the install sequence figured out?!

Gaming: After losing a couple of sessions to the 2nd edition conversion and general sloth, we have finally played Dragon-Blooded again. I don't think my negotiating with the horrible demonologist creature was terribly successful, but we did get a pointer to a potentially lootable site, which Illustrious GM Ken represented as a series of challenges. (Look, it's SPANC! We even have a technical person with an energy weapon, a jungle savage, a martial artist, and someone willing to exploit the libido of NPCs.) My character ruthlessly used tools to negate the first challenge, and the second challenge was a test of the new combat system, so er yay us. Or something.

Books: Ayse successfully extracted two boxes of books from UPS! Now I and Marith both have our Powell's loot! MUAHAHAHA!

Cats: Furry!

Writing: Check.

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28 November 2006 - Tuesday

Work: Argh, why is this install not working?!

Anime: Despite the achronality (was that a word before?) of The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi, the last episode shown was a good last episode to show. The last two episodes of Otogi Zoshi, on the other hand, were non-plot filler that could easily have been omitted. I'm not sure why they even bothered to make them.

I only let Marith watch the antepenultimate episode of Princess Tutu, because I am MEAN. We'll finish it next week unless I am VERY MEAN.

Next week, Ghost in the Shell: Stand-Alone Complex: Very Long Name: Extra Colons: 2nd Gig and Gankutsuo!

Books: UPS spazzed on following my delivery instructions, so I phoned them up and poked them with a stick until they submitted to my will. Hopefully that means that tomorrow large boxes will miraculously appear on Ayse's doorstep.

Cats: Cold! I wish I dared leave either the space heater or the wall heater on while I'm away, but after reading Lea Hernandez's LJ (summary: house burned down, all humans escaped but 9 of 11 pets didn't) I am even more worried about unattended artifical heat sources than before. :(

Writing: check.

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27 November 2006 - Monday

Work: I think I made the thing do its thing! Raar!

Anime: Finished the disc of The Big O, but forgot to put it in the mail. Bah.

Food: Bangkok spoon.

Books: Alas, the box that Ayse excitedly claimed from UPS today was full of her books, not mine. Apparently UPS did not heed my delivery change request. Curse them!

Cats: check.

Writing: check.

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26 November 2006 - Sunday

Laundry: check.

Anime: Couple episodes of Big O, but too zombie-like to finish the disc.

Cats: Snuggly, because it is cold!

Writing: uh, VACATION?

writing by kit (Wed Nov 29 02:41:12 2006)

Writing: uh, VACATION?


Re: writing by Trip (Wed Nov 29 09:30:37 2006)

Marith said it was okay!

Obviously I need to kill Ursula and eat her brain.

re: writing by kit (Thu Nov 30 09:57:31 2006)

Me too. jeez. :)

Re: writing by Trip (Thu Nov 30 11:39:08 2006)

I think she brought enough to share!

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25 November 2006 - Saturday

Gaming: We actually played a game of the WoW boardgame to completion! As usual, the Horde (Sherilyn, JHart, Ken) was behind the Alliance (me, Dave, Al) at the beginning, but eventually almost caught up, and went for the end boss before we did. Since they won, we obviously could have won, if we had gone for it, but we were weak!

Food: Augh the snacks!

Vacation: Ayse, Ken, and I all reached our socialization limits at various points today, so we scarpered as soon as the traffic looked sane. Dave stayed to hang out more with JHart, which turned out to be good, because he was able to get the sweatshirt Ayse left behind.

Cats: Not dead! Not even sullen!

Writing: VACATION.

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24 November 2006 - Friday

Amazon Sextet of Justice XIb: "Temple of the Snake God! It's a Giant Snake Made Out of Snakes!"

Our Heroines (plus Samel the Elf, son of Jacque) hurry onward through the labyrinth, led by Fresa's spell. As they ascend a series of switch-backs, they round a corner and come face to face with a six-armed naked snake-demon and her two yuan-ti rentboys! Mariliths are renowned for their martial skill, but this one appears to be somewhat substandard, which may explain why she's in a dismal pit full of giant rats instead of leading the armies of Hell. An unseen opponent mentally dominates Gabrielle and forces her to fill Samel full of arrows, but that is only a minor distraction in the brief skirmish that dispatches the demon back to her home plane, accompanied by the yuan-ti.

Not much further along, the Amazons hear chanting, and the spell leads them right to the source: a large temple in which an assortment of serpent-creatures, including one with six snakes in place of a head, are about to sacrifice one or more of the five blonde women chained to altars! The advantage of surprise having already been lost, Our Heroines rush in!

The enormous snake coiled just inside the door is a nasty surprise for Alyra and Marika, as the clouds of nauseating vapor produced by the spell-casting naga are for Amaryllis and Natalya when they teleport in. The humanoid yuan-ti and assorted smaller serpents are just horrible icing on the hideous cake, and the reptilian vampire the repulsive cherry.

Things look bad for a while, with the front-line combatants outnumbered and surrounded, Amaryllis and Natalya incapacitated by the stinking clouds, Fresa terrified of snakes, and Samel both terrified and badly wounded. Then Gabrielle, cloaked in illusions, helps do in the biggest snake, taking the pressure off Alyra and Marika, and Amaryllis and Natalya recover enough to start dealing out some pain. The snake made out of snakes goes down readily enough, and soon all that's left is for Amaryllis to lock the vampire in a stone box until Gabrielle can use the Golden Harp of Pelor to fill the room with sunlight.

The Amazons are triumphant!

None of the sacrifices are revealed as yuan-ti infiltrators when the illusions on them are dispelled, so the Sextet bundle them and everything else not nailed down into the pocket dimension and skedaddle before the whole place collapses.

Our Heroines arrive back on the Prime Material plane in a forest a few hundred miles from Tigris, where they are accosted by people who are probably not part of their mission and immediately teleport away.

Safely in their friends' house in Pelagos, the Amazons try to sort out the situation. It is easy to tell which of the rescuees is Queen Ditte, but she seems to have acquired a set of snakey tentacles and some psychological damage. The papers retrieved from the temple mention "grafts", but not how to reverse them. It looks like another side quest will be necessary!

(So much XP! All the PCs except Fresa levelled up, which was not actually due to her being played by Dave; she's a couple thousand short because Marith missed some sessions earlier. This does reduce the level spread a little, from 12/12/13/14/14/14 to 13/13/14/14/15/15, and if the lower-level people keep getting roughly 50% more XP, the spread will decrease further.)

(Picking spells is hard! Amaryllis gets a new 5th level spell, a new 6th level spell, and a new 7th level spell, and I'm entirely unsure what to pick for any of them. For 5th level, prying eyes (calls up caster_level + 1d4 magic eyeballs that fly around and come back to download what they see) is appealing, but it has the minor flaw that the eyes are visible (though with Hide +16) and the major flaw that they have only normal vision and are thus useless in dungeon settings. At 7th level, forcecage is darn handy, but also costs 1500gp per casting. 6th level is fairly uninteresting all around.)

(Each character also got 11 000gp, which brings Amaryllis's cash on hand to 64 000gp (which seems like a lot, but apparently a character created at 15th level should have 200 000gp to equip with). Unfortunately I think this may be mostly useless, since there doesn't seem to be much downtime involved in saving the world. But I'm not sure what she would buy with it anyway. I think she still wants some sort of personal flight even if the feather boat is better for use as a helicopter gunship, so maybe enchant her stiletto heels of haste to also include the power of a broom of flying? (And why is a pair of boots of flying, useful for only 2 hours/day, 12 000gp while a broom of flying, which is useful for 24 hours a day and doesn't take a slot, is only 15 000gp?))

Food: Leftovers!

Vacation: JHart showed up to entertain the munchkins with Roborally and make fun of our D&D game, which are both perfectly acceptable behaviors. Also he and Sherilyn learned the WoW boardgame.

Cats: No news is good news, right?

Writing: VACATION.

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23 November 2006 - Thursday


* * *

Gaming: Super Munchkin, with the new expansion I got from Orycon. It was still Super Munchkin.

Cinema: For some reason, the movie Silverado came up, so those of us not involved in food preparation watched it. It was pretty good!

Food: So. Much. Food. As is traditional, we had turkey, cranberry goop, stuffing, more stuffing, more cranberry goop, yams, mashed potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole, rolls, and rice. And second helpings. And then assorted dessert things, of which I partook only sparingly.

I think I'm getting old. I could barely eat two platefuls!

Cats: Marith assures me that Dani and Marmalade have not eaten her!

Writing: VACATION.

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22 November 2006 - Wednesday

Work: As I was going in to the meeting to report my lack of results, I realized another way I could do this, which might suck less. Spent the rest of the day working on implementing it.

Anime: This would have been a Twelve Kingdoms night, but Cat was enrelatived and many of the rest of us had to pack and then zoom to Roseville.

Vacation: Marith's body informed her that she isn't up to another major expedition so soon after returning from Orycon, but Ayse and Ken kindly put off their zooming until after the traffic started so that Dave and I could go up too. With the magic of the Internet, we divined when the traffic would be less awful, and it was earlier than we expected, so there was really not too much doom after all.

Cats: I am abandoning them again! I am the worst cat-dad ever!

Writing: I did not write any words today. However, I discussed Ayse's NaNoWriQua with her at some length, so that was like aiding and abetting someone else's writing, and I will claim that I have not been entirely writeless.

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21 November 2006 - Tuesday

Work: Work is still there. The stupid thing is still not doing its thing.

Anime: This disc of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is not defective!

Cats: So cuddly!

Writing: check.

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20 November 2006 - Monday

Work: Still on vacation today, 'cause I'm a lazy slob.

Anime: Huh, Kyo Kara Maoh turns out to be shonen ai (though not yaoi). I didn't get that from the trailers at all.

Cats: They don't appear to be holding my absence against me!

Writing: check.

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19 November 2006 - Sunday

Orycon: No panels today looked too interesting to miss, so we skipped them all.

Books: We spent all afternoon in Powell's. Need I say more?

Fortunately Powell's will ship our ph4t l3wts home so we don't have to try to haul it to the airport!

Home: Marith was given Special Attention by TSA again, but we were at the airport early this time, and our plane was about half an hour late anyway, so there was no doom.

Mountain View, our apartment complex, our apartments, and our cats were all right where we left them.

Cats: Perfectly fine!

Writing: VACATION.

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18 November 2006 - Saturday

Food: Nothing amazing today.

Orycon: I went to five panels today, not counting the one where neither of the presenters showed up. The one on improving humans got bogged down early in the ethics of pre-implantation fertilization and panelists who liked talking, so never got anywhere even vaguely new.

The presenter for the engineered habitats panel also liked talking, and was kind of dramatic, but the information about terra preta was way cool. I don't know that it's more than vague philosophical support for the notion that humans will be up for building suitable environments off Earth, but it was cool. Lunar lava tubes also cool, although not new to me.

Building a planet from the microbiology up had Ayse's friend Howard, but it was all about abiogenesis, which I already know something about. If I hadn't, though, it would have been extra-cool!

The liars' panel confused Marith, because she didn't know all the panelists were mislabelled. (Admittedly, I only knew because I had delivered Kit's message to Jay Lake, so I knew what he looked like.) It was silly.

The flint-knapping demo was pretty cool. I am not any more qualified to survive without metal than I was before, but I have at least seen flint knapped.

I missed the first part of the masquerade, but none of the later costumes were astoundingly great, so I went back to my room and read and wrote.

Heather Alexander's concert was nice, but also not astounding. I think she may do better in smaller venues, or maybe I'm just no longer entertained by the faerie-tale stuff. "The March of Cambreadth" is pretty impressive with a few hundred people shouting along, though.

There was a dance after that, but I bailed on it because everyone at the con is better-looking and smarter and cooler than me. Also, it was 23:00.

Books: Finished Catalyst (Nina Kiriki Hoffman), which was good, but had surprisingly much torture and hot BDSM sex for a YA book.

Cats: I'm sure Dave is taking very good care of them!

Writing: check.

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17 November 2006 - Friday

Orycon: The con actually started today. I made it to three panels, and also poked around the dealers' room for a while.

The panel on critiquing stories did not add anything to my knowledge. Oh well.

"Flirting 101" by Sonia Lyris (who Ayse once smooched at a room party) was entertaining, although it did not make me less doomed. She did funny voices. Also, the good line: "Flirting is all about plausible deniability." Surprisingly, there were females there, some of them even young and attractive. I moved my stuff off a chair so a late-entering young attactive female could sit down, but then reverted to my usual feebness.

I was a little late to the city planning panel, but got to hear about how waste disposal is the foundation of civilization. Also, even very large cities can shrivel up and die in just a few decades if the resource they were built to exploit dries up.

Kittygirls: One, but in a very skimpy version of a schoolgirl outfit. However, now that I look on the web, I see that the age of consent in Oregon is 18, so she probably wasn't legal.

Food: Sushi Takahashi was open for lunch! Success! (Except Marith couldn't eat anything there, for unclear reasons.) The sushi was not great, but it was okay, and it was about a third the price of only slightly better sushi in the Bay Area.

After considerable disagreement and spastic lack of organization, the four of us dragged Carl to Wildwood, a restaurant that serves fancy (ie, mostly French) food using local ingredients. It was expensive, but so good! Chantarelle mushroom bread salad! Cardoons with grapefruit! Rare duck breast! Mushroom pasta! Apple brandy ice cream! Pumpkin roulade! Swooning!

Books: Bought too many books in the dealers' room! Then, after dinner, bought too many books at Powell's! (Thus demonstrating the danger of having a list.)

Cats: I'm sure they're okay! I hope.

Writing: VACATION.

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16 November 2006 - Thursday

Orycon: Augh!

All the traffic lights were out on Ayse & Ken's way home, so we(AKMT) almost missed our plane. However, we did not actually miss the plane, even though Marith's expired driver's license qualified her for Extra TSA Action, and arrived successfully in Portland.

We did not successfully eat sushi, because the Affordable Sushi Joint was closed. However, we did eat at Roxy's, which is apparently a Portland Institution. No drag queens were sighted, but the waiter was very nice and brought us large quantities of fried yummies.

Hopefully the hideous noises I produce while sleeping did not damage Marith's repose too much.

Cats: I hope they are okay!

Writing: VACATION.

Orycon by marith (Tue Nov 21 00:20:16 2006)

Not any more than my hideous noises disturbed your sleep, almost certainly!

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15 November 2006 - Wednesday

Work: I finally got the stupid stupid thing to finish installing about ten minutes before going-home time. Perhaps my cow orkers will abuse it while I'm gone and I'll know what to fix when I get back.

Orycon: Augh!

Cats: I hope they will be okay!

Writing: double! (This sort of makes up for the writing I won't be doing while in Portland, maybe.)

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14 November 2006 - Tuesday

Work: Bah, stupid thing.

Anime: The disc of Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya that I burned is bad. We had to watch double Princess Tutu instead, the horror! This means that almost everything we're watching will end at the same time, but oh well.

Also, we had a Neil!

Cats: As soon as I turned on the space heater, the cats flumped in front of it and Marmalade groomed and groomed Dani. Kawaii!

Writing: check.

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13 November 2006 - Monday

Calendar: Aiee, it's Monday the 13th! We're so doomed!

Work: You are the correct file! Why do you not do the correct thing?!

Weather: check. Hey, where'd that come from?

Parcel Post: Ayse has kindly fetched my copy of Spirit of the Century from the office! Because I pre-ordered the hardcover, I got a Century Club membership card and some handy reference bookmarks. I am #34!

Cats: I noticed that the cats had knocked over the grocery bag I use to accumulate paper for recycling (it's Efficient!) so I went to straighten it up and found it INHABITED! Poor oppressed Dani!

Writing: check.

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12 November 2006 - Sunday

Board Games: Apparently not even my bad luck can overcome the intrinsic bias of the World of Weasels board game toward the Alliance. At least part of the problem is that many of the Alliance grey quests can be soloed, while few of the Horde grey quests can.

Food: We ate of the fruit of the slow cooker, and it was tasty!

Gaming: For the first time in months and months we have played The Adventures of Jehane & Alazaïs! We even accomplished things, although mostly that consisted of my character breaking into people's houses and keeping random spuds from being done in. I can't imagine why the city guard doesn't believe that the mute berserker footman at the "haunted" house is actually a flesh golem!

Cats: When we game at Ayse & Ken's, Jinian and Aime get all the love while Dani and Marmalade are all alone. This doesn't seem fair, but on the other hand, they're glad to see me when I get home.

Writing: failure. Not complete failure, but after gaming all afternoon and evening, I had too little brain to do more than stumble through a couple of lines of dialog, so I didn't make my quota. (And yes, I know people who can actually be writers like Kit and Ursula produce more than 250 words just by sneezing. This is because I suck. A lot.)

writing by kit (Mon Nov 13 15:53:09 2006)

*pokes you* No disparaging the Trip!

Re: writing by Trip (Mon Nov 13 18:55:39 2006)

But I am a terrible writer!

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11 November 2006 - Saturday

Cinema: Earl lured Marith and I to see The Prestige and it rocked! Rival Victorian magicians! Skullduggery! Nikola Tesla played by David Bowie! Surprising revelations! Go see it now!

Oh, and Scarlett Johansson in a Beautiful Assistant outfit, if you like that sort of thing.

Cats: Miau!

Writing: check.

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10 November 2006 - Friday

Work: Almost got the stupid thing to do its thing!

Anime: I watched the last episode of Dragon Pink, because it was easier than putting in a new DVD. Apparently standards got a lot less strict between episodes 2 and 3... Also, I am probably not innately an evil person, since the consensual bits were moderately hot but the tentacle monster bits not so much.

Also watched the first bit of Samurai Gun, which is like masked avengers in 19th-century Japan, when semi-automatic firearms and steam locomotives are high tech. It was okay, but not amazing.

Cats: Dani is such a lapkitty! This makes it hard to write, but so cute!

Writing: check. (Wrote 250 words on a random thing, decided they were the wrong words, commented them out, wrote 250 more.)

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9 November 2006 - Thursday

Work: Progressingu progressingu la la la.

Politics: Well, it now looks pretty conclusive that the Party of Lesser Evil has displaced the Pro-Torture Party, so yay. Now we get to spend two months hoping our new representatives maintain their motivation to differentiate themselves from the PTP and actually do try to fix things. (And then we get to hope that some of the PTP Congressthings will sense weakness in their dark masters and help override Bush's inevitable veto of any attempt to restore civil liberties, reduce economic concentration, or stop killing people in Iraq.) Still, at the very least the PTP will have a hard time making things worse after January.

Anime: A catgirl is not enough to save Dragon Pink from being cheesy and lame. Ah well.

Cats: No cat in the entire history of bag investigation has ever been so oppressed as Marmalade!

Writing: check! (~300 words, but posted chapter 15 of Transmundane)

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8 November 2006 - Wednesday

Work: Grr. Argh.

Anime: Twelve Kingdoms is still serious, but not doomed. In fact, it is looking undoomed, but presumably there will be more doom since there are seven episodes remaining.

I wonder what we will watch next. I'm sure Carl will tell us.

Cats: I am so mean to my cats! I go away all day and then come home for a couple of minutes and then go away again! And when I am not away, I am busy putting my forepaws on the warm thing and not letting Dani use it as a pillow!

Writing: check! (~400 words)

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7 November 2006 - Tuesday


* * *

Work: Well, the mangling of the strings in the two sections of the script is now the same, so I'm going to declare victory.

Democracy: Check!

Anime: We had a Neil! Only for half the evening, but at least he got pizza.

Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is still weird, but does not appear to have increased the doom level. On the other hand, Bleach has definitely increased the doom level. Otogi Zoshi continues with the tepid doom level of the Tokyo arc. Princess Tutu is showing glimmers of reducing the doom level, but there are still six episodes to go, so that's probably just the little upturn at the lip of the PLUMMETING ABYSS OF DESPAIR.

I should figure out what to show after Otogi Zoshi and Princess Tutu end in a few weeks. This may involve exploding UPS so that a better company will fill their market niche and actually deliver the anime I order.

Cats: Everyone likes cats! Cats go, "miau"!

Writing: check. Not as good as yesterday, but I did make the new quota of 250 words (one "page", which in theory should equal a book per year).

cats by Ayse (Thu Nov 9 13:02:48 2006)

OMG the cats are orange textually too! That's so cool!

Re: cats by Trip (Thu Nov 9 15:28:35 2006)

There is so much orange! You cannot escape!

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6 November 2006 - Monday

Vindication: See, cars are evil!

Piracy: It's Kit in the Hat!! (Or maybe Kit having her way with the hat, I'm not sure.)

Cats: Marmalade didn't help me with making the bed so much, but he did nest in the fresh laundry.

Writing: check! I actually managed to write more words on The Transmundane than I can count on my tentacles! It's almost like I don't completely suck!

Kit in the hat by marith (Mon Nov 6 23:56:05 2006)

I bet Jinian would romance that hat, if she ever got the opportunity.

Re: Kit in the hat by Trip (Tue Nov 7 10:32:33 2006)

I bet she would! I hear it is a hat that really gets around!

in the hat! by kit! (Thu Nov 9 14:59:38 2006)

Ee! I am enhatted! :)

Re: in the hat! by Trip (Thu Nov 9 15:31:49 2006)

And there is photographic evidence! You will never be able to deny your sordid past with The Hat!

Maybe voters in Ireland are less uptight about that sort of thing, though.

Re: in the hat by marith (Thu Nov 9 22:18:09 2006)

Oh, she can probably claim she was Photoshopped. "I was with a sedate fedora! Ask anybody!"

Re: in the hat! by kit! (Sat Nov 11 03:27:44 2006)

Unfortunately, I'm almost positive anybody who was actually there would tumble over themselves in their haste to assure people that I was indeed in That Hat. :)

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5 November 2006 - Sunday

Gaming: Huge failure. We knew Jeremy had to cart his kids around, so we only counted him as half a player, but we rounded the wrong way when deciding whether we had quorum. There was much sitting and staring blankly into space, because my adventure was not sufficiently good to provide entertainment in the absence of one person. (In fact, the whole campaign is kind of lame, but that's hardly unexpected.)

There was discussion of what to do when Chrisber inevitably explodes from fatherhood, and who we could get to game, but little resolution. Bah, grownups.

Dinner: Yummy! Ayse made goulash (or "goulash", since it involves elbow macaroni and V8, but it is the food of the homeland of our people), and later there was apple pie (with not very much added sugar, mostly just apples and cinnamon).

Additional gaming: Dungeonville is very random, and silly, but apparently nervewracking for Ayses. Monkeys! is just silly, but definitely has many monkeys.

Cats: Dani's new method of preventing me from typing is to stand on my lap so she can snuzzle my hands whenever they try to do something. Completely unhelpful, but SO CUTE.

Writing: Threw out what I little I wrote yesterday and tried to replace it with more doom.

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4 November 2006 - Saturday

Anime: finished Now and Then, Here and There, which certainly had some doom, but did not have a terribly depressing ending.

Cats: Happy that I finally bought them more food and litter! Perhaps I am not the absolute worst cat-dad after all!

Writing: Still painful. My brain does not want to concentrate on writing. "Why do you do this to me?" it whines. "Why do you not let me lose at Spaceward Ho! in peace?"

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3 November 2006 - Friday

Work: Argh.

Cats: Still entirely orange, and also furry!

Writing: Finally attempted to write something that someone else might someday see. Writing is hard. Let's die in a pit.

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2 November 2006 - Thursday

I hate thee with a great and furious hatred, python Unicode handling!

* * *

Cats: Orange!

Writing: check.

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1 November 2006 - Wednesday

Oog. Perhaps staying up late to read was a mistake after all. But Dani was so very cute!

* * *

Stupid STUPID character encoding creatures.

* * *

Meep. One of the threads on Making Light has drifted into memories of cats past, which only reminds me that Dani is already 8. So far as I know, she is in good health, but it still seems like she has hardly any years left. :(

* * *

We didn't quite manage to play Dragon-Blooded, but we mostly got our characters converted to 2nd edition, and admired the complexity of the combat system for a bit.

* * *

Cats: Miau miau miau!

Writing: check.

cats by cat (Mon Nov 6 12:29:20 2006)

Nonono, 8 should be still quite young! I figure that indoor kities should easily live to 15, so, uh... is Dani going through a midlife crisis?

Re: cats by Trip (Mon Nov 6 12:55:13 2006)

I know she probably has 5-10 years left, but that doesn't seem like very long!

Don't mind me, I just worry a lot about my cats, and am a poor judge of lengths of time because I am a lifeless feeb.

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