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31 December 2006 - Sunday

Video games: Finally got around to parasitizing Ayse and Ken's PS2 to play more Okami. It was great fun until I got to the Infamous Konohana Shuffle. To those not familiar with this abomination: You have to complete a task half a dozen times in a row, starting over if you mess up at any point. This is somewhat obnoxious, because the task is considerably harder than anything before that point and in a new and different way, but it's still a legitimate test of skill. At worst, that would make me feel old and clumsy and slow and mutter darkly about kids these days with their reflex arcs unimpeded by thought and their lascivious relationships with analog controllers.

Somewhere in the process, though, someone -- perhaps an actual developer lobotomized by fifty 80-hour weeks in a row, perhaps a corporate executive with delusions of competence -- decided that it would be a good idea to embed all this in an inescapable cut scene that makes you watch the EXACT SAME 45 seconds of footage and click to acknowledge the nine EXACT SAME unshortenable dialog bubbles before each attempt at leaping through all the hoops (which can last under two seconds if you boof the first one). I want to find the person who thought this was a good idea (probably multiple people, since either the playtesters pointed this out or someone thought real playtesting wasn't necessary before release) and STAB THEM REPEATEDLY IN THE FACE WITH A CHAINSAW (with a 2-second respite after each 45-second bout of stabbing).

It also makes me not want to play Okami any more, but I expect I will calm down and stop whining eventually.

Partying: Harold, being all married and almost a parent, is not holding his traditional New Year's Eve party this year, so Ken and Ayse and I went to Earl and Cat's to eat fondue and play card games and drink fizzy things at 00:00 local time. Surprisingly, Eric showed up, and Lisa and her husband put in an appearance. However, it was still the lowest-key party ever. And such good fondue! But Marith didn't make it because she was feeling poorly.

Cats: Abandoned all alone again. I am such a bad cat-dad. But I did give Dani her first tummy-rub of 2007.

Writing: FAILURE. I suck. In fact, I suck in relative as well as absolute terms, because Ayse wrote 3000 words today.

chainsaws by kit (Wed Jan 3 14:27:18 2007)

and STAB THEM REPEATEDLY IN THE FACE WITH A CHAINSAW (with a 2-second respite after each 45-second bout of stabbing).


You rule. :)

Re: chainsaws by Trip (Wed Jan 3 15:17:37 2007)

If I actually ruled, I would be able to draw the goddamn circles! But at least I can make Kits howl, so I'm not doing too poorly!

words! by Ayse (Wed Jan 3 21:04:29 2007)

I did write 3000 words, but it would have been much MUCH better to write small numbers of words repeatedly instead of sitting down one day and writing lots of words. I think my brain is still reeling!

Re: words! by Trip (Thu Jan 4 09:43:01 2007)

I bet you could do it more often than once every two weeks, though.

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30 December 2006 - Saturday

Santa Cruz: Marith and I went with Ayse and Ken and Earl and Cat to Santa Cruz to eat at Zachary's (lots of good food) and Pearl Alley (lesser amounts of even better food, plus extra bonus wine for Ken because the hot blonde waitress felt bad about spronking his order). There was some shopping and some sitting around at the Perg, but that was really all secondary to the food.

The gaming industry is still failing me. Looks like more mail-order game shopping because local(ish) brick and mortar (which I think are illegal structural materials hereabouts) stores suck for selection.

Cats: Miau!

Writing: check.

pearl alley by kit (Tue Jan 2 01:18:58 2007)

ooh, pearl alley is good! yay for yummy food! and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Re: pearl alley by Trip (Tue Jan 2 10:58:49 2007)

Pearl Alley is quite good! People who drink wine apparently enjoyed it even more!

Yay! It's 2007! It's the Future now, right?

the future by kit (Wed Jan 3 14:28:02 2007)

It's definitely the future. I'm just not sure it's the right future.

Re: the future by Trip (Wed Jan 3 16:08:23 2007)

Ah, that must be it. Someone swiped our future!

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29 December 2006 - Friday

Gaming: Finished the Sorcerer adventure, at least for now. There are still plenty of loose ends, such as whether my character's new demon bride will eat him before he feeds her to the snake, but other groups have apparently taken ten sessions to resolve the whole adventure, so we decided to declare victory.

Vacation: I vaguely intended to play more Okami, but Ken was performing pre-fab carpentry in the living room, so instead I read a pretty good book of Cory Doctorow short stories and helped Ayse lug furniture around. It was like being social.

Cats: Still so oppressed!

Writing: check.

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28 December 2006 - Thursday

Gaming: Earl ran Sorcerer for Carl and Chrisber and me. As always with a new game, we flailed with the system, and we also had trouble making characters that were sufficiently unfulfilled that they would be willing to eat babies to get what they want. Apparently we are bad Nar gamers. Anyway, we stumbled around the relationship map, leaving a trail of bodies in our wake (not our fault), got attacked by goons on motorcycles, and generally stirred up trouble.

Somewhere in there we paused for yummy Thai dinner with Marith and the Shieldses and the Bertanis. It was yummy!

Due to flailing, we didn't finish, but we hope to finish tomorrow.

Cats: Cruelly abandoned for another day, but still orange!

Writing: FAILURE. Didn't get back from gaming until almost midnight. No brain.

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27 December 2006 - Wednesday

Vacation: Less vacant! Today we cooked (okay, my contribution was vegetable slicing) and cooked some more, and played King's Blood, which is sort of like Uno but in two dimensions instead of just one, and ate turkey with corn and mashed spuds and dressing and brussels sprouts and gravy, and played Carcassonne and Flux, and fell over kersplut!

Cats: I feel kind of bad for being away from them for the whole day, but they seem to be fine.

Writing: check.

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26 December 2006 - Tuesday

Vacation: Still pretty vacant! In the afternoon I went shopping with Ayse and Ken, so that tomorrow we may feast. Then we ate the pizzas of Ken and played Carcassonne with many expansions (which meant we had a jillion tiles).

Cats: So orange! More orange than any other cats!

Writing: Check.

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25 December 2006 - Monday

Today: An Integrational Newtonmas to all!

Vacation: So incredibly vacant!

Cats: Jinian and Aime are back in the care of their usual humans, none the worse for wear!

Writing: check! In fact, I wrote double, so I have finally made up for Friday.

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24 December 2006 - Sunday

Vacation: I have been so very vacant today!

Food: Tamago and Chrisber's dinner party! Cyrano and I were the only non-relatives there, but we were not sacrificed to bring the sun back, so that's okay. Goose! Chestnut stuffing! Carrots in orange-ginger sauce! Lentil-mushroom cassarole! Roasted root vegetables! More goose! With gooseberry preserves! Sugar mice! Mince tarts! Conversation! Good cheer! Relatively few death monkeys from space!

The only person I didn't already know was Tamago's sister-in-law, whose name I have forgotten because I forget everyone's name. If I didn't have my name on a card in my wallet, I'd forget that. Anyway, she was pretty cool.

Marith didn't RSVP in time, but Tamago made up a plate of leftovers for her, so festiveness for everyone!

Cats: I forgot to visit Jinian and Aime until fairly late, so they were very pleased by their gooshyfoods, but otherwise seemed well.

Writing: check.

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23 December 2006 - Saturday

Shopping: Yay, I have a vacuum cleaner! Eventually I will get around to actually using it.

Anime: Marith came over and watched some Invader Zim. Sadly she can't catch up on the Tuesday Night showing she missed because Neil has all the DVDs.

Cats: Jinian and Aime are still extra-cute, and not dead. Dani looks extra-cute when she curls up in a little orange ball on the blue couch with her head upside-down.

Writing: check.

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22 December 2006 - Friday

Today: A Carnivorous Cephalopodmas to all!

On the other tentacles, today is apparently Global Orgasm Day, so I hate you all. I'd hate you more if this wasn't associated with PEAR and therefore laughably meaningless.

Work: Flailed at some tickets. Received a small holiday bonus because I enabled other people to flail at products. Got thrown out of the office early.


Anime: Apparently Naruto is only available dubbed. This makes me very sad, and also filled with hatred, since it would have been almost no additional work to add a subtitle track to the DVD. Stupid STUPID marketing creatures!

Furniture: After much grunting and swearing, I got the new futon frame wedged between two bookcases in the front library and the old futons on it to form a couch, and the new futon onto my old frame to form a much softer bed. This involved taking everything off the bookcases so they could be moved and then putting everything back on, and also petting Marmalade when he wanted to help, but was eventually successful. Yay!

Cats: Jinian and Aime were properly appreciative of their gooshyfood.

Writing: FAILURE. When I went over to feed the kitties, I was forced to reread The Atrocity Archive, and didn't get home until quite late.

Naruto Uncut by Carl (Sat Dec 23 16:59:29 2006)

Naruto comes in two flavors. The one of which we do not speak that comes in individual DVDs, and the two (so far) Uncut Box Sets that have subtitles and all the scenes unfit for Gaijin TV. Actually, a third flavor if you count the Uncut Box Set Special Editions that come with a wristband and headband and an attachable Fox-tail (collect all nine for ultimate ninja power!).

I'm kidding about the Fox-tail, but not the rest.

Re: Naruto Uncut by Trip (Sat Dec 23 17:08:22 2006)

Ah, I see. It looks like Greencine has only the individual DVDs for rent. Bah! I shall have to send them a strongly-worded letter!

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21 December 2006 - Thursday

Work: A little more progress-type activity.

Anime: Kyo Kara Maoh. Enh. It's not bad, exactly, but not nearly enough happens in an episode. I probably don't need to use a Greencine slot on something to help me sleep.

Furniture: I have inherited a better futon from CZR, which I will attempt to do something clever with. Probably sleep on it, and use my existing futon with the new frame as a couch thing. This requires grotting out at least one room of my apartment, though. I guess that's what I'll spend my vacation doing. Exciting!

(Argh, too much crap in my apartment!)

Cats: Marmalade purrbucketed me! Aww!

Writing: check, ish. I was fiddling with existing text, not writing all-new, so I don't know if I actually made quota, but I was somewhere in that vicinity.

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20 December 2006 - Wednesday

Work: Hey, look, I closed some tickets! It's almost like progress!

Anime: We have finished The Twelve Kingdoms! Okay, there was kind of like almost a romance subplot, so I guess Neil is vindicated.

Next fortnight, we will watch a sampler of first episodes of series that Carl thinks might be good, and then either pick one or force him to make another sampler.

Cats: Orange!

Writing: check, ish.

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19 December 2006 - Tuesday

Work: Whine. Snivel.

Anime: Neil and Marith didn't actually catch up from missing last week, but apparently it mostly all made sense except maybe Melody of Oblivion. I think Ghost in the Shell is getting to the season arc. Bleach is in the all fight scenes all the time section of the arc, and Gankutsuo is still very.

Weather: cold! It's almost like winter! I even thought about wearing long pants once or twice!

Wildlife: raccoon! There it was, when we came out of Dave's apartment complex, snorfling about for food, completely unafraid despite the three humans watching it from a couple of meters away. I'm glad my cats are indoor cats.

Cats: Very glad for the heater!

Writing: See previous.

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18 December 2006 - Monday

Work: Okay, that bit is obviously a problem (and really stupid on my part), but fixing it doesn't make things work. Bah.

Video: Yike, there were more episodes on that Red Dwarf disc than I thought. Oh well, sleep is for the weak.

Shirts: My Ursula art shirts actually came in last week, but it wasn't until today I got around to giving them their first wash. I got one of these, one of these, one of these, and no fewer than three of these. I also got one of these, although I have no idea under what circumstances I would actually wear it.

Cats: Marmalade had fun zooming around under bottom sheet when I made the bed, but I eventually decided to remove him. He would be awfully lumpy to sleep on, and he'd probably zoom at 3am.

Writing: FAILURE. Apparently I am unable to use words to convey ideas to people, so I should just shut the fuck up.

stuff! by Ayse (Mon Dec 18 21:50:38 2006)

You convey ideas to me using your words all the time!

And yes, Marmalade would probably zoom at 3am, possibly to go listen to his messages and then have really loud phone conversations consisting of 'Mrow? Mrrrrow! Mrow?'

Jinian is still sleeping on my head every single night.

Re: stuff! by Trip (Mon Dec 18 21:58:33 2006)

I don't think I actually convey ideas to you; you just have the same ideas because we are both from the Hawaiian Pizza planet.

Marmalade would definitely do that. After all, he is so Busy and Important!

Apparently Jinian is also Busy and Important, and needs to take her Brainpower Naps regularly!

wearing the celedon t by kit (Tue Dec 19 05:27:33 2006)

Obviously you would wear it to an Ursula Fan Convention, which there will no doubt evntually be. :)

Re: wearing the celadon t by Trip (Tue Dec 19 09:44:12 2006)

Ooh, good thought! Quick, someone suggest it to her!

Space Parasite T-shirts by Chrisber (Fri Dec 22 00:20:28 2006)

Excellent! Everyone should have a Space Parasite t-shirt!

Re: Space Parasite T-shirts by Trip (Fri Dec 22 09:58:59 2006)

No, people other than me should have Space Parasite hats. :)

Re: Space Parasite T-shirts by kit (Sat Dec 23 14:04:16 2006)

Making your victims easy to pick out from amongst your beloved followers! :)

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17 December 2006 - Sunday

Gaming: The Great Machine having died of neglect, we tried out Don't Rest Your Head. Of course I am still a terrible GM, so I didn't push Chrisber to get a more hooky hook, abuse the PCs enough, or announce how many pain dice I was rolling in order to bring out those sweet, sweet madness dice. (In fact, not a single madness die was rolled in the entire session, and only one use was made of an exhaustion power.) Still, a suitable number of women named Susan were kidnapped into the Mad City, memories were sold, and clockwork police escaped from, and those seem to be some of the important elements of DTYH. Oh, and the grad student's car was jacked by sewer rats.

Sadly, Dave is going on vacation, so we won't be able to continue until sometime in January. Perhaps I will suck less by then, though, and be able to wrap this up in a couple more sessions. (I will then feel like I shortchanged people by not providing a huge many-years-long campaign, but oh well.)

Video: Red Dwarf. Very silly. I can imagine a cat acting just like that. Best mutiny ever.

Cats: Marmalade's favorite toy of the week is the yellow bristly-ball, which he engages in ferocious battles with. Unfortunately, when he is triumphant, he drowns the ball in the water cup, which makes Dani unwilling to drink from it.

Writing: check. Not quite double, though.

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16 December 2006 - Saturday

Cinema: I lured Earl into seeing Casino Royale. It was odd in several ways, and not as good as it could have been, but not bad.


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Cats: So orange and cuddly!

Writing: check.

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15 December 2006 - Friday

Work: Whine. Snivel. Snivel. Whine.

Liralen: check!

We had dinner with Liralen at Thai City, so there was not only Liralen, but also peanut sauce! How can you go wrong with that combination? Er, other than by getting peanut sauce on her yarn. (Which fortunately did not happen.)

Cats: Orange!

Writing: check.

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14 December 2006 - Thursday

Work: Bah! Stupid thing! Why do you hide your problems from me?


Anime: Ultramaniacs. Enh.

Cats: check!

Writing: check, somehow. Writing is hard, let's die in a pit. (Or eat Ursula Vernon's brain. Grrr.)

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13 December 2006 - Wednesday

Work: I think I've established that most of the bugs open against the new system are related to information being discarded. I even know approximately where the information is being discarded. Unfortunately, that section of code looks just the same as the corresponding section of the old system, which works.

Pounding my head against the python interpreter was interrupted by some sort of lunch event, I think to celebrate the coming shutdown. The food was okay, but the restaurant was loud and overheated (shock, surprise). I think both my head and the interpreter appreciated the break, though.

Gaming: We actually played Dragonblooded! Obstacles were overcome, strange NPCs were confused, strange PCs were confused, First Age widgetry was dismantled! Yay us!

St Lucia's Day Ginger Cookies: check! I was only the hand-scraper and backup dough-sphericizer, but I'll take plenty of credit anyway.

Cephalopodmas Presents: Ken: check.

Cats: When I taunt her with the Red Dot of Uncatchability, Dani lies down flat on the floor and bats at it until I move it around behind her, at which point she turns around and scoots about half a kittylength to bat at it again. If I move the RDoU away at the right speed, I can get her to scoot halfway down the hall without ever actually getting up and walking. So silly, but so cute!

Writing: check.

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12 December 2006 - Tuesday

Work: Argh! Argh! Argh!

Anime: Marith and Neil both bailed on us with flimsy excuses, so Dave and I had to watch anime by ourselves. This week: More fighting in Bleach! More doom in Gankutsuo! The Major experiences the downside of her perfect artificial body in Ghost in the Shell! And, in the first two episodes of Melody of Oblivion, surreality! And monsters.

Cats: Miau!

Writing: check.

Kamichu! by Carl (Fri Dec 15 01:26:12 2006)

I note that the 4th volume of Kamichu has come out and it is now complete. It's the charming story of a middle school girl who wakes up one morning to find she's a goddess. Not much fighting or doom, unless you count her hopes for romance.

The 1st volume of Paradise Kiss has come out, which does Tuesday Night Anime no good yet, I know, but is still a cause for celebration.

And is having a 12 Days of Christmas special until Christmas Eve, which I won't link to because that might seem kind of spammy, but has some excellent prices.

Re: Kamichu! by Trip (Fri Dec 15 09:23:35 2006)

Excellent! I shall have to seize the ones I don't have and make people watch them!

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11 December 2006 - Monday

Work: No problems actually solved, but stuff put in place to enable the solving of problems tomorrow (cross tentacles).

Chinese Delivery Eaten with Ayse and Marith: check!

Blogging: Went back and improved my review of Carnival.

Cats: Augh, it's the Malarmalade Clock!

Writing: check!

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10 December 2006 - Sunday

Reading: I read Earl's NaNoWriMo, Carneades' Plank. I think I understood much of it.

Cats: Still quite orange!

Writing: check.

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9 December 2006 - Saturday

Party: Failed to go, due to laziness. Possibly the Zables will forgive me someday. (More likely, they'll forget I ever existed once the larvae destroy their cognitive abilities. :)

Weekend: I did some shopping, in fact quite a bit of shopping, but it still feels as though I've done nothing but lie around the apartment all day. Bah!

Reading: The Mislaid Magician (Wrede & Stevermer), the sequel to the sequel to Sorcery and Cecelia. I liked it better than the middle one, but not as much as the first one, possibly because the stakes didn't seem as high.

Cats: Remarkably quick to cover my new black comforter with light orange fur!

Writing: check.

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8 December 2006 - Friday

Work: Stupid string! Why do you not appear in any of my files?

Anime: Hare + Guu, which is very silly but also faintly alarming.

Cats: check!

Writing: check.

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7 December 2006 - Thursday

Work: Bugfixingu, bugfixingu, la la la! Also I had to meeting to explain to people the shape of their my doom. Augh, meetings.

Laundry: check.

Cats: Orangeriffic!

Writing: check.

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6 December 2006 - Wednesday

Work: It's like working and stuff. Now users can send me bug reports!

Reading: dorothywwom@LJ posted some links, and hyperlinks are meant to be followed, so I ended up reading Harry Potter fanfic. In one, Mrs Dursley ships Harry off to be raised by her cousin Morticia; he immediately gets engaged to her daughter Wednesday, who is just the same age, and grows up as -- well, okay, as a psychopath, but a well-adjusted one without PTSD. In the other, Luna Lovegood, age seven and not quite as crazed as she will become later in life, decides that if her mom has a husband she should have one too, so she hotwires a broom and kidnaps Harry from Little Whinging. Her parents look at Harry's bruises and malnutrition and decide to not send him back, so he grows up without PTSD. I can understand the impulse to write Harry as less abused.

Sadly, neither piece is finished. Oh, and there was some other fanfic, but enh. At least those two had some grammar and spelling.

Anime: The Twelve Kingdoms! We finished one plot arc and are now halfway through the final (short) arc. We will finish off the series next time we gather (which might not be until after the holiday season) and immediately commence figuring out what to do next.

Cats: Orange!

Writing: Check.

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5 December 2006 - Tuesday

Work: Argh argh ar-- hey, is it working? Cool!

Anime: We have finished Princess Tutu! It was a good ending. Then we started Gankutsuo and Ghost in the Shell: Stand-Alone Complex: Second Gig (or whatever the hell the actual title is). Gankutsuo is exceedingly pretty, but oh so very doomed. GitS appears to be more of what the first season had. (Are we sure the Major is a girl?)

Next week, we start another new series! Probably Melody of Oblivion, unless I am extra-competent at downloading Mushi-shi.

Reading: Carnival (Elizabeth Bear). It was pretty good.

Cats: Dani is becoming matted again. It doesn't hurt her or anything, but I am still sad that her fur is not as beautiful as it could be.

Writing: check, I think. I didn't take a word count before starting, and I was doing a lot of editing of pre-existing words, but it looks about right.

cats by cat (Thu Dec 7 09:58:40 2006)

But... fur mats can hurt the fuzzes! If they get too tight, they pull on the skin, and can be painful or worse. =( I think that pet stores may have de-matting comb things; i've not used one, but it's good to nip these things in the bud. Hm, come to think of it, sometimes Smokey got mats; at that time, i used a comb to isolate the mat from his skin, then carefully cut the mat out. With all his fur, a casual inspection would not notice the hole.

Re: cats by Trip (Thu Dec 7 22:17:21 2006)

I do remove the mats when they get big enough that I notice them. My special technique is to pull them apart sideways (apply force parallel to the skin), which seems to separate the loose fibers that are causing the mat from the fur that's still attached, leaving me with a handful of fluff and a cat with nicer fur. If I do it right, it doesn't seem to bother her at all.

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4 December 2006 - Monday

Work: I appear to have spent today going "bdebdebdebde" instead of abusing python code.

Anime: Doki Doki School Hours, which I got because it looked cute and was only $4. It was okay, but not up to the standard of Azumanga Daioh. (But then, what is?)

Cats: Marmalade came and slept on my arm while I was in bed, which was somewhat inconvenient but very adorable.

Writing: check.

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3 December 2006 - Sunday

Party: The Gollub Gingerbread Extravaganza was not nearly as extravagant as in some years past, or at least the place was less crowded and I recognized more of the people. But there was sugar (which I partook sparingly of) and conversation and afterwards sushi, so it all turned out okay in the end.

Reading: I read a bunch of Naruto before getting up. The later volumes haven't quite lived up to the first one, maybe just because beginnings are always cooler, but still: ninja magicians! IMHO, that's what Exalted combat should be like, but [standard rant about White Wolf hypocrisy and rules-heavy menu-driven systems goes here]. DitV itself is probably too narrativist (can you say that when you're using an actual story as source material?), but something similar where there's only one mechanic and what you put into it is mostly determined by description would probably be good. (Game design is hard, let's eat sushi.)

At the Gollubs', I read The Diary of a Wombat (Jackie French), which I can say is in the top two wombat slice-of-life stories I have ever read.

Cats: When Dani attempted to slip past Marmalade as he lounged before the heater, he threw an arm around her shoulders and washed her ferociously!

Writing: Check.

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2 December 2006 - Saturday

Cinema: Earl lured me to see Deja Vu, which did not suck. American movies have to have happy endings, but at least it was reached in a way that was not as insultingly stupid or hopelessly woowoo as most visual SF built around the same trope.

Cats: So orange and adorable! I let them play with the Red Spot of Uncatchability some more, and Dani is still extra-cute when she tries to climb the closet door.

Writing: Check.

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1 December 2006 - Friday

Work: Argh. Argh argh argh.

Cats: Still excited by the Red Spot of Uncatchability!

Life: Last comic on this page.

Writing: check.

I probably don't have enough scorn heaped upon me at the moment, so here's what I've been putting my 250 words/day into (mostly): The Secret Knowledge.

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