Previously, in Trip's Life...

31 January 2007 - Wednesday

Cinema: The Group Formerly Known As The Group That Watched Twelve Kingdoms assembled to watch Wing Chun. Well, most of the group: Ayse and Ken and their germs were still hiding at home, and Earl had to go to Mandarin class -- okay, some of the group! Anyway, Wing Chun is still cute, and we determined that despite all the marrying off, it is not a movie of Deep Feminist Shame. (The first time I saw it, maybe a decade ago, the idea would have never crossed my mind, so apparently I am learning. Also reading and evolving.)

Cats: So much Marmalade-affection!

Writing: Check. Even worse than before.

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30 January 2007 - Tuesday

WWWeirdness: Sacred Airports.

Anime: We were somewhat alarmed when the special double-length episode of Bleach looked like it might be allr ecap, but actually it was brief recaps with amusing commentary and then resolution of the Soul Society arc. It looks like the next arc (generally considered filler, alas) runs up through episode 109. Wikipedia lists episodes through 114, but five episodes isn't much of an arc, so presumably it will continue past that.

We've finally gotten to Melody of Oblivion that I haven't seen before. Doom! Ghost in the Shell: doom! Gankutsuou: DOOOOOM!

MUDding: Bryant finally remembered that TooMUSH was one of the things running on innocence when it ate its own disk. The search for a new machine and new admin have tentatively succeeded, although recovering a copy of the db may not be possible.

Art: Kordel 2oo6

Cats: So orange and cuddly!

Writing: Check.

Too by Image (Tue Jan 30 14:32:33 2007)

Will there ever be a Too again? Do you know?

Re: Too by Trip (Tue Jan 30 14:45:22 2007)

Just because I have a wizbit doesn't mean I know anything!

This suggests that the server exploded.

Re: Too by Trip (Tue Jan 30 16:07:19 2007)

More information here.

Anyone reading this want to host a very small and mostly harmless MUD?

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29 January 2007 - Monday

Cats: Marmalade ferociously tried to capture his own tail! Round and round he went! I don't think I've ever seen an adult cat do that before! (He was eventually successful, probably because he has So Much Tail.)

Writing: Check. Still crappy.

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28 January 2007 - Sunday


Gaming: We did actually finish up Don't Rest Your Head, although not in a very climactic way. Apparently my one GMing ability is improvised description. NPCs, narrative arc, climactic battles, not so much. Oh well.

Next fortnight: Agon, the competitive RPG of Greek heroes given quests by the gods!

Television: Marith came over to watch an episode of Dead Like Me. Only five episodes to go, so the slope must be steepening!

Cats: Marmalade is a very fresh boy cat!

Writing: Check.

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27 January 2007 - Saturday

Amazon Quartet of Justice XIIa: "Civil War! Tigris Splits in Two!"

Unable to do anything with Queen Ditte in her current state, the Amazons turn their attention to some aspects of their great plan to save the world that have been neglected for a few days.

Their first stop is Rati, where Fresa charms her dwarven scholar into beginning the research process on yuan-ti tentacle grafts, and Natalya and Marika split off to search for the murderer of Natalya's urchin. Some of the blondes rescued from the Plane of Snakes are also dropped off at this point.

Next is Louistown, the capital of Orleans, where the remaining blondes are returned to their homes, and the local syndics are enlisted in the Great Plan.

In Nööl, even Gabrielle's astounding diplomatic talents aren't enough to overcome the bribery being applied to the neutral councillors. Shinbo doesn't want to be seen with Amaryllis, but he does recommend that she contact the mysterious person known only as... Joe.

Amaryllis puts out the word that she's looking for Joe, and he obligingly appears in her quarters after she has retired. The people he represents want to be on the winning side, but aren't sure which side that will be. They propose a duel to the death between the Amazons and a team from the opposition, with the support of Joe's backers going to the side which best proves its ability. Amaryllis accepts on behalf of the Amazons, on the unstated premise that if things seem to be going poorly, they can forfeit the match and then overthrow Nööl's government.

Finally, back to the forest outside Tigris, where strange people were spotted previously. It turns out that the people in the forest are those citizens of Tigris who followed Princess Lisbet when she fled from her older siblings who wanted to execute her for treason. Tigris teeters on the brink of civil war!

To add fuel to the fire, agents of the Necrotheologians have been committing murder and arson in Tigris and signing their work with revolutionary slogans. They have also been lurking around the edges of Lisbet's forest encampments, picking off patrols to reduce morale even further.

This latter problem is exactly the sort that the Amazons feel they can solve, so they use divination magic to set up a counter-ambush. When enormous ravening wolverines attack, Our Heroines are ready! The beasts severely wound one of Lisbet's soldiers and maul Alyra, but are then imprisoned in a bubble of impenetrable force. Their masters exchange spells with Amaryllis and Fresa, but are soon driven off. Unfortunately, they return while Amaryllis and Gabrielle are finishing off the wolverines and nearly kill Fresa with tentacles of darkness! Only the famous dwarven luck lets her dispel the tentacles before being crushed to death!

The villains make their escape and have taken measures against being scryed upon, leaving the Quartet nominally victorious, but triumphant. Something must be done!

Back in Rati, Stephan's friend hasn't uncovered much about yuan-ti grafts, but a number of magic shops have been looted and burned to the ground, including the one Gabrielle had hired to upgrade her bow. Something definitely must be done!

(If you were wondering, Amaryllis's new spells are wall of force, disintegrate, and Bigby's grasping hand. The best theory for why boots of flying and broom of flying are priced the way they are is that the broom has a weight limit that might prevent a half-ogre in full plate without a bag of holding from using it. That may have been the actual reasoning of the designers, but it's still pretty bogus.)

Cats: They seem to have survived my 13-hour absence without either dying or destroying the apartment.

Writing: Check, if I get to count the words from yesterday, which I do, because I didn't get back until after 22:00.

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26 January 2007 - Friday

Cats: Orange, orange, so very orange!

Writing: FAILURE. Some words, but not 250. Couldn't focus at all.

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25 January 2007 - Thursday

Browser Game: This wacky thing (dunno what the actual name is). Remove struts without the star dipping below the red line, move on to the next stage when you think you've done all you can on the current one. My high score is 97, although I'm not sure I could repeat it.

Anime: Second disc of Genshiken. They're wackier in the manga.

Cats: Marmalade jumped up on my shoulder and made sure I was aware of his tail!

Writing: Check. Still horrible.

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24 January 2007 - Wednesday

Gaming: Ayse is all sick, so Ken had to take care of her, so no Dragon-Blooded for us tonight.

Anime: My Beautiful Girl Mari, which is actually Korean (I think). Enh. Not enough bizarre fantasy world, too much obnoxious 12-year-olds in a small town. The bizarre fantasy world is very pretty, though!

Cats: I remembered to turn down the heat in the living room before going to bed (instead of remembering when I was already in bed and not caring enough to get up, which is what I usually do), so I was covered in cats all night!

Writing: Check. Hm, those words need fixing. But there are more than 250 of them, so that's enough for tonight.

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23 January 2007 - Tuesday

Anime: Finally we watched the Full Metal Alchemist[1] movie, The Conqueror of Shamballa! It was pretty good, although some bits were not as explained as they might have been. (Plus, er, Noah's really hot.)

[1] I initially typed that as "Full Mewtal Alchemist". Now I am afraid that Marmalade is going to turn my laptop into gooshyfood.

I think the ending of the movie is mixed, but predominately happy because of what Al does. People who disagree with me are Just Plain Wrong.

Cats: Miau!

Writing: Check. Managed to put off having to think of new stuff for another 250 words.

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22 January 2007 - Monday


Work: Bah. Also, humbug!

Cats: So very very orange!

Writing: Check. Ack, I seem to be getting to the part where I have to think of more stuff. Maybe I'll switch to one of the other things I'm working on that hasn't quite reached that point yet.

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21 January 2007 - Sunday

Gaming: Finally we have played Ken's D&D game again! We even sort of remembered what we were doing, and then advanced the plot from there! Plus, Alazaïs enslaved a half-orc/half-succubus with her breasts! Next session, we try to cleanse the catacombs of wraiths, which should go fairly well if we prepare properly and remember to use all our plusses.

Cats: So much purrbucketing!

Writing: FAILURE. I came back from gaming, and there were all these CATS! It is very difficult to write with cats! But I did write a couple of sentences, and with the almost-double writing from Friday, I can feel not too bad. Kinda. Wum.

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20 January 2007 - Saturday

Cinema: Last weekend we failed, but this weekend we have triumphed! Earl and Cat and I saw Pan's Labyrinth this afternoon, and it was pretty good. Not perfect, and definitely not for the faint of heart, but pretty good.

Art: Following interesting pictures from Ursula Vernon's deviantart galleryand then from those galleries and so on has led me to some nice pictures. Nashya has lots of nice stuff, Dustmeat and kyoht have some, noah-kh is weird in a vaguely Royo-esque way, Keithwormwood is just plain weird. I like arphalia's work possibly out of proportion to its actual merits.

Reading: Off Armageddon Reef, by David Weber, who has apparently given up trying to make starships fight like 19th-century sailing ships and gone for actual sailing ships. Plus, the heroine has to disguise herself as a boy to go to sea!

Anime: Finished the first disc of DNAngel, which is definitely in the Maho Shonen genre. I don't know if this genre existed before, or if there are any other examples, but that is clearly what this is.

Then, since I was still conscious, I watched some King of Bandits Jing. I really want to like Jing more than I actually do, because it is so surreal and full of imagery, but sadly my tastes cannot be changed by an act of will.

Cats: Marmalade appears to bear no grudge against me for the vet visit.

Writing: Check.

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19 January 2007 - Friday

Work: This global search and replace should not really be that hard. Plus, I could have done it manually in the time it's taken me to not manage to automate it. Bah.

Web Games: The laser game. I got up through 16/25 without much trouble in a massive orgy of reflection, took a while for 17, and am now stuck on 18.

I also tried Ringmania, which is like Tetris or Bejeweled but in polar coordinates[1], but it didn't really grab me.

[1] I would like to trademark the phrase, "Tetris in the round" now.

Cats: Ayse, Jinian, Marmalade, and I all went to the vet! The cats sang the Internationale or some other revolutionary anthem the whole way there, but once we got them into the examining room, Marmalade calmed down. I think he was really just expressing solidarity with Jinian, not protesting the outrageousness of his treatment. Jinian was outraged enough for the both of them, though, and growled and swore and squirmed while having her blood drawn and her teeth inspected and her chest irradiated (Dr Johnson couldn't inspect her lungs via stethoscope because there was so much growling!). However, except for her teeth and her temper, she is a pretty high-quality cat.

Marmalade, of course, is a splendid cat.

Writing: Check. Almost double, in fact, but I came to a good line to stop on, so I did.

Augh! Ayse reads Breathtaking! People are reading my words! Augh!

(But I still don't believe Marith about getting a writing LJ. LJ would crash from the sheer awfulness and then everyone would be sad.)

words by cat (Mon Jan 22 10:45:39 2007)

You couldn't possibly break LJ. LJ has thousands of angsty teenagers with poor spelling and grammar; your words are worlds better than that. (cough Is that damning with faint praise? Or horror that, knowing how incredibly honest i am, i've actually read enough of both to make a comparison? giggle)

Re: words by Trip (Mon Jan 22 15:12:32 2007)


But okay, I have to admit that I at least acknowledge the importance of grammar and spelling, even if my execution sometimes falters.

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18 January 2007 - Thursday

Anime: I don't know if it's that I choose bad anime or that Dani and her Sleep Rays come to sit on me, but I don't seem to be able to watch more than about an hour of anime on my own without risking unconsciousness. (This time it was DNAngel, which is not particularly good, but didn't seem that bad.)

Cats: Dani and her Amazing Sleep Rays!

Writing: check. Still horrible.

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17 January 2007 - Wednesday

Inadequacy: I will never have an idea even a tenth as cool as these[*]. I should probably just cut off my tentacles now so I'm not tempted to write any more.

[*] That link leads to a friends-locked entry, so if you aren't a friend of autopope @ LJ, you won't be able to read it. Many of the people who read this page are, though.

The Future: Massdriver artillery! Laser point-defense systems!

Anime: Earl's class time changed, resulting in mass confusion, so we did not meet for Twelve and a Half Kingdoms tonight. Sniff!

Cats: Most affectionate Marmalade ever! I wonder if he heard me talking about the vet and is trying to butter me up so I'll have mercy on him.

Writing: check, ish. Mostly reworking old words, so I'm not sure what the count was, but I did write. Even though I have never had an original idea in my entire life.

Locked Journals by Dave (Wed Jan 17 13:58:18 2007)

I think it's generally considered a faux pas to make a public link to something that isn't itself publically accessible.

Re: Locked Journals by Trip (Wed Jan 17 14:41:21 2007)

Hm, maybe. Many of the people who read this are authorized to read the garget of that link, so I think it's valid to point them to it... Do you have a better suggestion for how to do so, or a convicing argument that I shouldn't?

Re: Locked Journals by Dave (Thu Jan 18 08:37:15 2007)

Well, it's possible your web page is indexed by search engines, and people who stumble upon that link unbeknownst might become frustrated, thus causing a rise in global tension levels. In general, though, I think a note to the effect that it's restricted (as you added ;) is just fine, as that helps prevent the expectation / result mismatch.

Re: Locked Journals by Trip (Thu Jan 18 11:59:41 2007)

Once I consumed some neural matter, I just asked, and that's pretty much what autopope said, so apparently it is all good.

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16 January 2007 - Tuesday

Reading: Finished In the Company of Crows and Ravens (John M Marzluff, Tony Angell). Even accounting for the pro-corvid bias (would you spend years researching and writing about something you didn't like?), crows and ravens are pretty cool. Prime for uplift, if only we could figure out where to attach the tentacles.

Anime: Neil had to bail due to family emergency, so we put off the Full Metal Alchemist movie until next week, in favor of another helping of the usual doom. Melody of Oblivion: doom! Bleach: doom! Ghost in the Shell: political doom! Gankutsuou: so much DOOOOM!

Cats: Yay purrbucketing!

Writing: check.

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15 January 2007 - Monday

Work: Die! Die, tickets! Die!

Anime: Watched one episode of Bottle Fairies, moved it to the Book Buyers pile.

Cats: They probably aren't grateful that I went out into the cold to get them food and litter, but they should be!

Writing: check.

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14 January 2007 - Sunday

Gaming: Second session of Don't Rest Your Head. Jeremy made a reasonable (okay, appropriate) character, but being dropped into the middle of the insanity instead of working into gradually denied him the chance to form a strong bond with the other PCs. Fortunately it was easy to convert PC-vs-GM mechanics into PC-vs-PC mechanics.

The middle of the session was pretty limp, probably because I was unable to express, "Make your plan, I'll set the pain dice accordingly" in a way that felt like it would actually answer Earl's question about how much to bite off in a single roll. However, once the giant frog got involved, things picked up and stayed fairly actiontastic through the end of the session.

When we broke, the PCs had just escaped the Smythe mansion in Piney Valley, leaving it burning behind them. The biology grad student had the lacquered body of his crush, the conspiracy theory grad student had a sack full of records that might explain his dark past, the were-panther had a belly full of human flesh, and the doctor had the lacquered body of his dead girlfriend, with Maladicta Smythe's black heart sewn into her chest. Among the four of them, they also have a dozen disembodied heads of which one may belong to the typist at the Other Market building.

If I can work up a resolution for the conspiracy theorist and the werepanther, we can probably wrap up in one more session. I'm not sure what we'll do then.

Anime: Big War. I have no idea why I made Greencine bring this to me.

Cats: With a cat on my lap, I can still type. With a cat in my arms, I can still play Spaceward Ho!. But with a cat in my lap and another cat in my arms, I can't do anything except snuggle them!

Writing: check. Still awful.

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13 January 2007 - Saturday

Books: Ayse and I got up early and scuttled to Book Buyers with a huge pile of books, then scuttled back home without the books. Later, I got a phone call informing me that BB had taken all of my eight bags minus two individual books, in exchange for more than six hundred dollars of credit.

I have officially Made Out Like A Bandit.


TV: Marith came over to watch some more Dead LIke Me. Oh, the doom!

Cats: Zen Master Marmalade assumed Sphinx Stance atop the television, closed his eyes, and meditated!

Writing: check.

making out like a bandit by kit (Mon Jan 15 14:28:30 2007)

Wow, you sure did. That's amazing. O.O

Re: making out like a bandit by Trip (Tue Jan 16 11:53:55 2007)

So much credit! If you ever come to visit, I will buy you many books!

And I still have another entire library full of books to prune...

Dead Like Me by Dave (Tue Jan 16 13:55:13 2007)

is that the series where the main character gets hit on by zombie chicks?

Re: Dead Like Me by Trip (Tue Jan 16 14:15:11 2007)

No, and also you are very silly, Dave.

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12 January 2007 - Friday

Work: Hey! That's a lot like working! W00t!

Books: Finished Daughter of Hounds (Caitlín Kiernan). As a Heteronormative Tool of the Patriarchy, all my opinions about books are wrong and evil, but I liked it anyway. Mmm, San loss.

Anime: Mezzo Forte, which is a prequel or sequel or AU or something to Mezzo, but much more violent. Entertaining, but not for the faint of heart.

Cats: Double kittypile! Oof! But so cute!

Marmalade knocked a vase off the TV so that it broke, and I had to pause the anime and shoo the cats away and quickly assemble my vacuum cleaner so I could make sure there were no tiny fragments waiting to attack bare feet. My new vacuum cleaner is mighty. It pleases me.

Maybe tomorrow I will actually move everything off the floor and vacuum it all.

Writing: check.

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11 January 2007 - Thursday

Work: I though I might have escaped the hell of Unicode conversions, but I was quite wrong.

Chores: This evening I found a new way to get from the train station to Lee's, picked up my comics and was home by 19:00, did laundry, packed eight bags full of comics and books I can live without (stopped only by running out of bags) and carried them all over to Ayse's, and remade my bed (which is more of a production than you might think, given the number of objects that have to be carefully removed and replaced before I get to the sheets). Yet, I do not feel that I have justified my claims to be a self-sufficient adult.

Maybe I should unpack my vacuum cleaner and use it, but that would mean I couldn't use the floor as storage space...

Cats: Shoulder-mounted purrbucket!

Writing: check.

self-sufficient adult by marith (Fri Jan 12 19:04:37 2007)

Well, of course not. No cat person is ever self-sufficient. Marmalade and Dani have no idea how you ever managed to keep house without them!

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10 January 2007 - Wednesday

Work: Hey, is that working? Kinda!

Gaming: Wow, I still suck so much at role-playing. I think I'll stay here under this rock for ever and ever.

Cats: Purrbucket!

Writing: check.

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9 January 2007 - Tuesday


Work: You know, I think I'm completely side-tracking myself.

Anime: This time, I was not late to Tuesday Night Anime!

So much doom! Doom for everyone!

I should try to schedule the Full Metal Alchemist movie sometime. Maybe next week.

Cats: Oof, double kittypile!

Writing: check.

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8 January 2007 - Monday

Work: Blargh. Why are you doing this, web server?

Anime: The Boy Who Wanted to Be a Bear, which was not quite as sad as I feared, but still pretty sad. :(

Cats: When I tried to go to work, Marmalade scaled me! I had a terrible time trying to get him off, because I didn't want him to rend either my flesh or my parasite shirt, and anyway he was being all purry and affectionate, which I want to encourage, but finally I dislodged him and ran to my bus. Fortunately he seems to have forgiven me.

Writing: check. Still horrible.

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7 January 2007 - Sunday

Cinema: Marith and I both got up before noon to go see Curse of the Golden Flower with Earl and Cat. Here is my short review:

Augh! The doom! The colors! The doom! The cast of thousands! The doom! The breasts! The DOOOOOM!

And did I mention the doom? But it was spectacularly gorgeous and tragic.

Anime: Professor Shino's Classes in Seduction, which was not too bad. It at least tried to be sex-positive, and had limited non-con. But still. I am saddened by humans.

Gaming: Ken cancelled D&D because he has been socialed for three days straight and has to go to work tomorrow. This is sad, but understandable.

On the other tentacle, I levelled up Amaryllis except for one feat, two skill points, and three spells known. Making decisions is hard!

Cats: Dani kept jumping off my lap to go do Important Cat Stuff, but she always came back!

Writing: check. My writing is so horrible. So very very horrible.

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6 January 2007 - Saturday

Board Games: Ayse, Dave, Ken and I went over to Neil and Stacy's to introduce them to the wonders of the World of Warcraft board game. This took much longer than we had expected, even after taking into account that it would take longer than we expected, but Stacy made us some pasta so we did not have to resort to cannibalism.

The Horde (Ken, Neil, Stacy) found the end boss and jumped him first, but then rolled for crap and were wiped out. Since the Alliance now knew where the end boss was lurking, we were able to run over there and mug him before the Horde had recovered, and we did not roll poorly. Yay us!

Neil and Stacy's larva was pretty cute. He can wave!

Anime: Angelium. Enh. I think XXXenophile has spoiled me for visual porn.

Cats: I am covered in the orange shedding of love!

Writing: check.

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5 January 2007 - Friday

Work: Least productive week ever.

Weekend: Marith and I went over to Ayse's to entertain her while Ken sucked the blood out of LARPers in San Francisco. This mostly consisted of me playing Okami while the womenfolks discussed literature, because I am all lowbrow like that. But it was nice to have people to listen to while waiting for the stupid STUPID cut scene creature to finish so I could try the Konohana Shuffle again.


All that monster-hunting with circle-based techniques paid off, because I was able to whip out vaguely circular figures within the time limit, and eventually (with a suggestion from Ayse) get the computer to apply them to the second through fifth targets instead of to the background.

My, Sakuya is wearing even less now.

I had to do a lot more plot because I couldn't find a save point. The horror.

Cats: So cuddly and orange and furry and warm!

Writing: check.

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4 January 2007 - Thursday

Work: Okay, that's sort of functional. Ish.

Ow, my brain.

Anime: I finished watching Quiet Country Cafe. It was pretty, and cute, and I don't demand those minutes of my life back, but nothing happened. It was the most uneventful anime I have ever seen.

However, I now have much more anime than I did before, including the last discs of Gankutsuo and Ghost in the Shell, and the Full Metal Alchemist movie. Muahahaha!

Intarwebs: I've been reading the Planetocopia, which is moderately entertaining. I've spotted a few scientific errors, the author does tend to use his ideas more than once, and a lot of his sapient species are, um, bonoboriffic, but still. Planets! With climate!

Cats: Meer!

Writing: check. Still lame.

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3 January 2007 - Wednesday

Work: Starting to become slightly less zomboidal. I think I actually produced two lines of perl today!

Anime: Cat and Earl determined that they had seen enough of us over the past couple of weeks and begged off Anime Sampler Platter Night. Sniff!

I tried to watch Quiet Country Cafe so I can return it to Carl, but it was too quiet to be watched when I was already somnolent. I will have to continue when I am more awake.

Cats: So orange and furry!

Writing: check. Still lame, of course.

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2 January 2007 - Tuesday

Work: I think my brain is still on vacation. My metabolism is probably with it.

Anime: First Tuesday Night Anime of the new year! I sucked by being late, but I did show up with all the anime that was on the schedule, so I guess it was okay.

Ghost in the Shell: I think Marith covers it pretty well.

Bleach: Byakhee-boy epitomizes why aristocrats are evil and should be killed on sight. (Personally, I just think he's jealous of Ichigo's cool new threads.)

Melody of Oblivion: Surreal! With doom! And a vaguely interesting ethical question.

Gankutsuo: <zim>So much doooom! It impennnnds!</zim>

Cats: So orange! And Danisnuggles!

Writing: check, for what little it matters.

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1 January 2007 - Monday


Is it the future yet? I want my full cyborg conversion.

Vacation: Despite having very many people, the Zables' New Year Brunch wasn't too bad. Sadly, Marith was still sick, but many other people I know were there. Also sadly, although less so, I did not divine that purple was the spontaneous color of the party, so I wore a blue Ursula-art shirt instead of the purple one.

Because I am lame, I failed to take Angie her present. On the other hand, there was a food dirigible. Also, Loli-Cat! Yike!

In the afternoon, I played some more Okami, starting over from the save point just before the Infamous Konohana Shuffle and avoiding that cut scene like the plague that it is. Thus, I did not advance the plot any, but I did get better at drawing circles and exploding entire gangs of imps with cherry bombs, and also defeated all except one of the monsters on the Moon Shrine's hit list.

Eventually Ken made such big cute eyes at Ayse and me to help try out his new acquisition, Twilight Imperium, that we did. It had many rules, but they were fairly consistent and we did pretty much have them all figured out by the time fear of the impending work week forced us to declare Ayse the winner and put the 3298572396532 fiddly bits away.

Anime: Kakurenbo, which is about kids playing hide and seek with demons. Or something. A whole DVD for half an hour of fairly pretty and creepy but ultimately not-terribly-pointful doom. Bah.

Hatred: Stupid interference in MY bandwidth. Stupid anime not being in MY hands by now when it's scheduled to be shown tomorrow. Stupid prescriptions not automatically refilling. I am filled with seething hatred for the entire world (except mony).

Cats: Slightly less neglected!

Writing: FAILURE. I still suck.

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