Previously, in Trip's Life...

31 March 2007 - Saturday

Modern Medicine: The pneumonia vaccination I received yesterday has turned in a very sore spot on my shoulder. If I were a girl, I'm sure I'd mock it as a paltry pain, but as it is, it makes it hard to sleep. Bah.

Nevertheless, I shambled down to Sunnyvale to get my ichor extracted, and noted the results of my own ichorometer for later comparison, but then I went shopping and stuff so that by the time I got home to hear the message that [indecipherable] was incomplete[?], the lab was already closed for the day. Bah!

Cats: When I got home to hear the message from the lab, there was also a message from Dr Johnson. Dani's blood test indicated that her kidneys are not doing much of anything. I though I had remembered Dani eating earlier in the day, but while I was waiting for Marith, I saw her sitting by her food dish not doing anything, and when I mentioned this to the vet (not Dr Johnson, just whoever was on duty at the time), she thought it would be best to hospitalize Dani and give her IV fluids for a while instead of just having me give her subcutaneous fluids at home. :( We saw Dani tucked into a cage in the ICU, but then had to go away and leave her. :(

Later in the evening, we returned with Dani's favorite thing to sit on, and a paper bag to hide in, and watched while the vet techs put in the IV and fastened it in place with about 800 strips of tape. Poor Dani was not at all happy about any of it, but she was energetic enough to struggle and then sulk, so hopefully that is a good sign.

Television: A few episodes of News Radio, including the famous Halloween episode from third season, because they distracted me from crying all over Ayse about things that probably aren't my fault and are definitely beyond my power to affect.

Writing: FAILURE.

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30 March 2007 - Friday

Modern Medicine: According to my measurements, my ichorometry is good. However, the laboratory test returned a number that was way out of the acceptable range in the unexpected direction, so my endocrinologist came all the way out to Mountain View to give me a lab slip to go and get retested tomorrow. Hopefully it will turn out to have been a lab error.

Even my regular doctor thought my ichor was doing okay, and she is not very approving of things in general.

Anime: Couple episodes of Gilgamesh, which seems to be superpowered intrigue/horror in a future in which someone broke the world with Unwise Science.

Cats: The good news is that Dani seems to have only upper respiratory congestion, which she has antibiotics for. The other good news is that her tail seems to be healing properly. The bad news is that she lost one of her kilograms, and she only had three to begin with! :( Some blood was drawn for testing, but we won't know the results until tomorrow. I will try to not worry.

Writing: Check. Writing is hard, let's go play in traffic.

writing by kit (Sun Apr 1 04:11:45 2007)

NO playing in traffic! That leads to breaking the Prime Directive! NO DYING!

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29 March 2007 - Thursday

Cats: Extremely orange.

Writing: Check.

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28 March 2007 - Wednesday

Anime: FAILURE. I am such an idiot that I forgot the DVDs, so instead of Tenshi ni Nerumon, we had to watch The Incredibles. Fortunately it was new to Ayse, Ken, and Dave, and Marith and Cat like it a lot.

"No capes!"

Also Earl modelled the Giant Head Squid. It has long tentacles, and eyes, and a mantle, and fins, and everything! The other cultists will be so jealous!

Cats: Dani is still not very energetic, but not too wheezy.

Writing: Check.

tennimon! by marith (Thu Mar 29 13:18:29 2007)

You are not an idiot! Unless you're going to call the idiots for forgetting the Utena at a previous gathering. Or me one for forgetting, well, everything not physically attached at one point or another. It might be wisest to admit you're not an idiot. :)

Incredibles by Dave (Fri Mar 30 11:30:00 2007)

After having seen it, I really wonder about all the discussion that I was vaguely aware of when it came out. I didn't really see any of the various conflicts that I heard about, such as power vs gadgets, or husband vs wife. I liked the way it handled having large numbers of heroes and villians die, without being in the least it "dark", "grim", or "gritty".

Why not leave them there? by Carl (Fri Mar 30 11:59:22 2007)

Is there some reason not to just leave all the DVDs at Earl's, as I did for Twelve Kingdoms? Are you sneaking views of them ahead of time?

That way there's no need to remember anything except to show up, and see what happens (Napoleon's Plan).

Re: Why not leave them there? by Trip (Fri Mar 30 16:50:32 2007)

Yes, but to do that I would have to get them there!

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27 March 2007 - Tuesday

Work: La la la.

Anime: Yay finale of Gankutsuou! Space monkeys attack! Everybody dies! The world ends! (Okay, not all of that is true.)

Melody of Oblivion is entering the final death spiral, but with a brief pause for Coco to get everyone geared up in rub-on spacesuits (of course they don't go on over clothes!).

Next week, Mushi-shi! I better start converting AVIs.

Cats: I cruelly trapped Dani in the bathroom while I showered this morning. She didn't particularly like it, but even when I got home from work she was less wheezy, so I think it did her good.

Writing: Check.

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26 March 2007 - Monday

Work: Yep, it's work.

Cats: I think I didn't realize how wheezy Dani has become because I am used to her, because Marith came over and squacked a lot. Fortunately Dani has a vet appointment on Friday.

Solutions found online seem to involve putting stuff in nose or ears, which I am very dubious about, even if it is just saline solution. I will have to take Dani into the bathroom with me when I shower.

Writing: Check.

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25 March 2007 - Sunday

Gaming: Third session of Agon! I hoped to get through the quest in one session, but no. First, they had to find out the hard way that drowning a cyclops in a sacred spring she's already defiled doesn't work, even if her husband isn't throwing lightning bolts at you. Next time, they will try to get magic weapons so they can do things properly.

I should figure out what to do about the lightning bolts if the heroes capture some and want to keep them. Maybe give them Fate if they want to wield the weapons of the gods?

Also, Strong-Limbed Praxites will now be known as Praxites the Cyclops-Shagger. Ew.

Cats: Still so very orange!

Writing: Uh, check, ish, kinda? I wrote little bits on a bunch of different things, which I think added up to 250 words.

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24 March 2007 - Saturday

Sushi: Wacky rolls at Satsuma! Dave was trapped in the depths of Molten Core, but Marith and Ayse and Ken birthdayed me well.

Most of the wacky rolls were good, but the blueberry(!) roll was not terribly successful. Also, natto is not for me. The taste wasn't bad, but the texture was unspeakably slimy.

Cats: Orange! Orange and cute! Marmalade now sleeps between the two biggest stuffed animals!

Writing: Check.

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23 March 2007 - Friday

Work: Oig. In cycling through all the shifts to see which one I like, I have finally come to the one that starts at 7:00. Normally I get to work a little before 9:00. The amount of time it takes me to go from horizontal to catching the bus is roughly constant. The effect on my sleep schedule is left as exercise for the miserable pile of jelly in the corner.

(Actually, it's not that bad. I suspect the major doom will come tomorrow, and that's a weekend.)

On another tentacle, getting to go home at 15:00 is pretty cool. Having to go to bed before 22:00 would be sad, but I'd have all that time in the afternoon to write and do other things that would otherwise conflict with evening activities. Hm...

Anime: More Genshiken. Also, downloading Mushi-shi for TNA.

Cats: So orange!

Writing: Check.

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22 March 2007 - Thursday

Work: Hah, take that, you customers!

Anime: Couple episodes of Genshiken.

Cats: Dani's tail does not seem to be falling off, nor even mutating in a zombie appendage that strangles the life from people she turns away from. I am quite relieved!

I moved one of the litterboxes to the other bathroom and set out another food dish and a bonus water dish, since I hear cats like to be able to do things in different places, especially if there are other cats. We'll see if it makes them more behavey.

Writing: Check, kinda. Mostly.

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21 March 2007 - Wednesday


Wow, 37 is really old. I'm ready for my bath chair and ear trumpet now. And my pension so I don't have to get up in the mornings and go to work.

Ken made me excellent fish and asparagus and Brussels sprouts (no, really!) and we watched a couple of random episodes of News Radio. Not much of a birthday party, but that's okay. There can be extra celebration on the weekend.

But I am a parasite and brother of very low quality, because I forgot to call Marith to flump wioth us. :(

Work: Almost like a productive employee-creature.

Anime: Started Mushishi downloading. Hopefully it will be done by week after next, so we can watch it at TNA.

Cats: AUGH! I am the worst cat-dad ever! While trying to cut out a huge wad of yick from Dani's tail (which she doesn't groom because she has no feeling in it), I cut off a sizable chunk of Dani! :( The bleeding mostly stopped after a few minutes, and of course she wasn't distressed because she didn't feel a thing, but still! That is not the behavior of a responsible and competent cat-dad! And I am worried about it getting infected, because as mentioned, she doesn't groom well. :(

I think I should make a vet appointment for her in the near future, instead of waiting for her yearly checkup in June.

Writing: Check. Easy stuff, but double wordcount, so I'm going to claim that it counts.

pensions! by kit (Wed Mar 21 14:05:35 2007)

ooh, good deal! not having to work is best!

Ancient Red Trip by Chrisber (Wed Mar 21 14:18:13 2007)

Doesn't being ancient mean you get extra hit dice? CR 23? More spell-like abilities?

Re: Ancient Red Trip by Trip (Wed Mar 21 14:42:10 2007)

Woo, hit points! Skill points! Spell-like abilities!

But on the down side, I'm worth more XP...

Re: Ancient Red Trip by marith (Wed Mar 21 16:30:43 2007)

Indeed, you are worth tons of XP! A party will come and find you any time now!

(Marmalade claims he should get the XP for defeating you by means of kittybreading.)

excellent parasite and brother! by marith (Thu Mar 22 21:14:34 2007)

Best quality! Most awesome! Superlative! Also excellent cat-dad! Dani will be just fine!

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20 March 2007 - Tuesday

Work: Today I did several works!

Anime: Marith was too tired to come see the pre-antepenultimate and antepenultimate episodes of the Doom that is Gankutsuou, so she will have to catch up later.

Bleach does not require so much catching up, because the villains for this plot arc are kind of lame. We eventually figured out that it's because these guys just want to [SPOILER], while the Hollows actually went out and tried to eat named characters, and the [SPOILER]s also assaulted named characters.

Ghost in the Shell is still cyborgoriffic. Melody of Oblivion is still Gainax × Utena, but is entering the death spiral. Poor Sayoko.

I need to download a bunch of Mushishi so we can watch it after Gankutsuou. At least, I'm pretty sure the whole first season is up.

Cats: Still quite orange, and also good for snuggling!

Writing: Check.

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19 March 2007 - Monday

Work: I did an actual work today! Hopefully I didn't explode anything.

Cats: Orangetabulous! Also, so very "helpful" in writing.

Writing: Check, counting the words from yesterday (which I might as well, since I didn't get credit for them then). Writing is hard, let's go play in traffic.

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18 March 2007 - Sunday

Gaming: Ken is sick and Ayse is crushed beneath homework, so no D&D tonight. Sniff!

Cats: Marmalade slept on the sushi pillow that Marith gave me! It was so fitting, and so cute!

Dani has been an extra-snuggly snuggle-cutie today. She even displaced Marmalade to get snuggles!

Writing: FAILURE. Because I suck. I have a vague idea of what to write next, but that doesn't really make me any less suckful.

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17 March 2007 - Saturday

Friends: Marith and I went to lunch with Angie, and can now attest that she is not dead! Also, she has a new tattoo which probably gives her seaweed powers! And she's still a babe.

Now I have a signed sketch from Phil Foglio! And also hugs!

Cats: Still so extraordinarily orange!

Writing: Check.

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16 March 2007 - Friday

Work: The person who is supposed to help accelerate me is out today, so I haven't progressed much toward being a useful employee. Monday for sure!

Anime: First four episodes of Orphen second season. It is still silly.

The active defense magic would be an okay special effect for Shield in D&D, I think.

Cats: Still entirely orangeful!

Writing: Check.

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15 March 2007 - Thursday


Work: I needed to try setting up a custom search engine, so now there's a search box at the top of the nav bar to the right. Eventually I will rejigger something so that individual entries get indexed, but at the moment I think it can only point to monthly pages.

Anime: OVA between season 1 and season 2 of UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie. Enh. The preview for season 2 looks entertaining, though.


Writing: Check.

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14 March 2007 - Wednesday

Work: I'm almost set up. I can start reading docs, anyway.

Anime: Yay Tennimon! So silly!

Cat has taken to knitting sea creatures, including tiny catnip-filled fishes, and has given me some to take home to Marmalade and Dani.

Cats: Marmalade is unimpressed with the knit-covered jingle ball, but finds the catnip fish interesting. Dani has no interest in the other fish, possibly because the shoggoth living in her nasal cavities prevents her from smelling it.

Writing: Check! And I finished for yesterday, too, if easy words count.

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13 March 2007 - Tuesday

Health: I feel approximately 9832452895 times better than yesterday, despite not actually going to bed early. (Stupid animeband!) Either I slept better, or the pills are working.

Or perhaps it's the Orange. Do not underestimate the power of the Orange!

Work: Progress toward getting me able to do stuff... progresses.

Anime: Wow! Gankutsuou almost had less doom for a moment!

Other doom continues apace, including the doom of Bleach filler arc.

Cats: So orange! So adorable!

Writing: FAILURE. But I did write some, even if it wasn't a full page, so I'm doing better than the past few days.

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12 March 2007 - Monday

Work: Today is my first day back at Google! I'm in the group I was in before, although it has grown and mutated in the half-year I've been away, and I'll have to start over at the beginning. Faith in my learning powers was expressed, but I wasn't able to actually demonstrate because my account is all messed up. I think I confused the procedure by coming back for a third gig.

Lameness: I managed to get my prescription and do laundry, but that was about all I had spoons for. Once I gave up on accomplishing anything more intellectually demanding than confirming my arithmetic for yesterday's XP calculations, I felt a lot better, so I think the blearghy is mostly just stress.

Cats: I am a terrible cat-dad! I don't play with my cats nearly enough or give them gooshyfood or permit them to develop an unnatural thirst for human blood! Oh, wait, I bet if I take one of the pills I just got, I'll feel better about this.

Writing: FAILURE. I can't brain today, I have the dumb.

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11 March 2007 - Sunday

Gaming: Finally we finished the quest in Agon! People seemed to have fun, and got more into the greed for personal glory than before. Oaths were called in, divine favor was spent, wicked princes received their come-uppance, and Zeus was pleased. Fate for everyone!

The next quest needs to annoy Dave's character more, as Arion is distinctly behind in terms of Legend. Jeremy's character Praxites is currently in the lead, and thoroughly enjoys his +2 bonus on leadership contests.

Next fortnight, maybe we'll investigate the wonders of advantage dice and NPC oaths.

Cats: Miau miau miau miau!

Writing: FAILURE. My excuse is that I feel blearghy after not sleeping well or being in Roseville or having not renewed one of my minor prescriptions, but really I just suck.

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10 March 2007 - Saturday

Amazon Quintet of Justice XIIb: "In the Eyestalks of the Beholder! Deathtrap Beneath Rati!"

In a flashback, we see what Natalya and Marika were doing while the other Amazons were being annoyed by teleporting spell-casters:

Using Marika's sketchy mercenary contacts, the two learn that some group has been taking action against anyone who speaks out in favor of the beautiful and magnificent heroines. Following this trail, they find people hiring for a job that seems related, and apply. The recruiter claims that he represents the local Benevolent Association of Completely Legitimate Businessmen, who want to drive the Amazons out because they disrupt the orderly flow of business. Marika, under magical questioning, is not able to swear that she will take the story of this operation to her grave, and has to bow out, but chaotic-aligned and mighty-souled Natalya lies like a rug.

The job is to loot and burn certain buildings, which are not named but are described in enough detail for Natalya to recognize them as magic shops, including the one she has commissioned to make a magic ring for her. She surreptitiously warns the shopkeepers, so that when the mobsters arrive to wreak their havoc, nothing of real value is present and no people are exposed to danger.

The morning after the magic-shop raids, the Amazons attempt to regroup. Fresa is busy studying applied biology with Stephan, but the other five (Amaryllis, Alyra, Gabrielle, Marika, and Natalya) meet and compare notes. Gabrielle is overjoyed to learn that her bow has not been burned up.

The organized crime contact Natalya and Marika met the previous day is protected from scrying, but one of the shopkeepers left out a distinctive ring to be stolen, and with the assistance of the temple of Pelor, Our Heroines are able to narrow down the ring's location to a specific block. Additional magic shows them an odd conical room deep underground, occupied by five armored people and an urchin Natalya talked to earlier while investigating.

The Amazons attack! They appear airborne, near the tip of the cone, well out of reach of the villains on the ground. However, the villains immediately teleport away, and Alyra hears something breathing above her! Alyra swoops down to do in the one villain who failed to escape, while Marika stabs at the thing lurking overhead.

Amaryllis seals off the tip of the cone with a wall of force, which turns out to be exactly the right thing to do, as the beholder hovering there has to turn aside its magic-dampening central eye in order to destroy the wall of force with one of its many eyestalks. Natalya sinks a massively enchanted arrow into the beholder's loathsome body, but not before it enchants Amaryllis into thinking it's her friend. Fortunately, that one mighty shot (combined with the wounds previously inflicted by Marika) is enough to slay the monster, so Amaryllis is just upset, not actively opposing her comrades.

During the battle, a fire giant peers out of a hidden extra-dimensional space, sees the beholder's noisome corpse drifting to the floor, and disappears again, but not before someone notices him. Investigation reveals a total of four such hiding places, which are inviolable but of limited duration. The Amazons have only to wait until the fire giants decide to make a break for it.

Flung rocks and huge swords are no match for the Quintet, and soon three of the giants are dispatched and the fourth taken prisoner. He knows little, having been recently hired with the promise of much gold (his village has the custom of bride-prices, so young males are easily swayed by the promise of treasure), but does reveal that the beholder trap did work on another group of adventurers a few days before. Has Connor met a dire fate at the hands of the Necrotheologians?!

Natalya and Amaryllis explain the error of his ways to the giant. When they are certain that he will not only not rejoin the Necrotheologians, but will let them know if more recruiters come sniffing around. They return the giant's sword, the swords of his fallen companions, and even his ring of cold resistance, and take him home. (Safe in their pocket dimension, he does not witness the trouble Amaryllis has getting to the right mountain range.) The fire giants, not being an overly sentimental people, don't hold the deaths of their warriors against the Amazons, and are sufficiently impressed by the return of the swords to the families of the fallen that they insist on feasting Amaryllis and Natalya. The pair return much later that night, suffering slightly from the extremely large size of giantish winecups.

In the meantime, Gabrielle and Alyra (Marika having been put in charge of the urchin) have knocked down the stone walls behind the doors leading out of the trap room and found living quarters protected by magic that wards against good people. Alyra pierces the wards and brings out all the documents she can find.

The internal communications of the Necrotheologians gloat about the instability of Tigris, worry about when King Penn will betray them, complain about the loss of vital military resources which will have to be replaced, and recommend against allowing the lost prince of the drow to show up and throw his nation into chaos, as the drow armies are an important part of the plan to destroy the world.

The next day, the Amazons ask the temple of Pelor to locate the ring again. The first time, they find it in a similar conical room under a different part of the city, but the occupants immediately realize they are being spied upon and scarper. Undeterred, the Amazons try again, this time having Amaryllis scry on one of the other people they encountered the previous day. This works, and Our Heroines immediately assault the villains' lair, spells blazing!

Silence spells and a ward like that in the previous lair cramp the Amazon's style a little, but the silence also prevents the villains from teleporting away and they have to fall back into the living quarters. Marika makes it through the wards and engages them in hand-to-hand combat while Natalya shoots through the doorway. Together they kill two of the foe, and then Amaryllis makes it through the wards and is able to incapacitate the remaining two long enough for them to meet their just reward.

The Amazons are triumphant! Now Natalya will be able to construct an even better urchinarium.

Travel: We tried to go home at a sensible hour, but the battery was dead. Jump-starting from another car didn't work, so Ayse and Ken had to get a tow truck to apply massive amounts of electricity. That worked, and the whole thing was not too traumatic (I say, it not being my car), but it was not like leaving when we hoped to.

Cats: They are just fine, of course.

Writing: FAILURE. Got home after 23:00.

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9 March 2007 - Friday

Work: This is my last day at Palmsource, so of course the thing I am responsible for exploded this morning. Eventually it de-exploded and I was able to finish setting up the new instance of the thing. Hopefully the problem that went away on its own won't come back on its own, but it's not really my problem any more.

Travel: Ayse, Dave, Ken and I zoomed up to Roseville with expeditiousness and no traffic. (Marith did not zoom with us because she is oppressed by horrible work. Sniff!) We tried to not stay up all night, so that gaming can proceed with vigor and grace tomorrow.

Cats: I hope they will be okay!

Writing: FAILURE. Travellingu travellingu la la la.

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8 March 2007 - Thursday

Cats: Orange!

Writing: FAILURE. Because I suck.

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7 March 2007 - Wednesday

For Your Edification: D&S.

Gaming: For the first time in a long time, we played Dragon-Blooded. I am still a terrible gamer, but Mike and Dave's clever plan to entangle the hair elemental worked, so that's good.

Cats: Miau! Miau!

Writing: Check, kinda. (Easy stuff, but almost double quota.)

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6 March 2007 - Tuesday

Anime: I still like Coco better, but Sayoko did redeem herself somewhat.

Gankutsuou is converting from potential doom to kinetic doom at an ever-increasing rate.

Cats: So very very orange and fuzzy!

Writing: Check.

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5 March 2007 - Monday

Work: Blargle. And you can quote me on that.

Cinema: Ayse had to go to an Impact meeting, so Dave and I entertained Ken by letting him show us Hackers. The cheese, it burns!

Hack the planet!!

Cats: So very orange! This time they tag-teamed me with snuggles to prevent me from writing, but I prevailed!

Writing: Check.

Hack the Planet!! by Ken (Fri Mar 9 18:15:09 2007)

Hack the Planet!!!1

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4 March 2007 - Sunday

Weekend: Cleared 24 on virus2. Still playing animeband even though it's not very well done (not nearly as well as steamband). No accomplishments of note.

Cats: So orange! But today they did not oppress me completely.

Putting the food dish on top of the cat tree seems to induced the cats to leave fewer presents for me on the hallway carpet. I'm not sure why this might be so; hopefully it's not that eating is such a pain that they aren't doing it enough any more.

Also, this is so true.

Writing: Check, and I finished up yesterday's quota too.

you're a kitty! by kit (Mon Mar 5 14:30:08 2007)

*laughs out loud*

Re: you're a kitty! by Trip (Mon Mar 5 15:55:26 2007)

Through long exposure, I have built up an immunity to the point where I can use adjectives even in the direct presence of a cat: "You're a cute kitty!"

Re: you're a kitty! by kit (Tue Mar 6 07:27:37 2007)

Your fortitude is obviously greater than mine, as I tend to entirely forego such delicate parts of speech as "you" and move directly to, "AWW KITTY!" I bow before your superiority!

Kitty! by Dave (Tue Mar 6 12:23:23 2007)

Thanks for the link - that's a great site.

Re: Kitty! by Trip (Tue Mar 6 12:55:03 2007)

xkcd rocks like a stick-figure drawing of a rocking thing with extra equations!

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3 March 2007 - Saturday

Cats: I failed to set my alarm, and when I woke up I was buried under cats, so I didn't get up, and then I didn't get up some more, and then it was 13:30. Oops. But so cuddly!

Writing: FAILURE. In a continuation of cats eating my day, Marmalade came and snuggled on me while I was trying to write, so that finally my arm fell completely off and it was time to go to bed. (Yes, I could have dislodged him, but ORANGE!)

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2 March 2007 - Friday

Internet Wankery:

You'll die from a Heart Attack during Sex.

Your a lover not a fighter but sadly, in the act of making love your heart will stop. But what a way to go.

'How will you die?' at

Apparently, I am going to live forever!

Biology: These are not the moths you're looking for.

Work: I probably have only one more week at Palmsource.

Anime: UFO Ultra-Maiden Valkyrie. It is still so TFOS.

Cats: Marmalade came to be my friend early this morning, which was cute and purry, but he wanted to kittybread the inside of my elbow, and I hadn't blunted the Talons of Bloody Death recently enough. I wasn't awake enough to do much except go, "Ow! I love you too, Marmalade! Ow!", so now I have a nice red patch there where he repeatedly didn't quite break the skin.

Writing: Check.

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1 March 2007 - Thursday

Television: USPS has delivered Greencine discs OUT OF SEQUENCE, the fiends! So I watched the rest of the first disc of Venture Brothers while sharing a burrito with the cats. Enh. I think it may still be too much stupid for the funny.

Cats: Marmalade was sniffing around my ichorometry supplies, so I had to quickly proclaim a new rule of the household: No Developing an Unnatural Thirst for Human Blood! (This Means You!)

Writing: Check. It's still horrible, of course.

cats drinking human blood by cat (Mon Mar 5 12:31:50 2007)

Yeah, I've had to make the same rule for Phoenix, too. I really snapped at him the first time he showed extreme interest because it was just too... um.

Re: cats drinking human blood by Trip (Mon Mar 5 14:24:50 2007)

I'm almost certain that Marmalade is too good-natured to become a vampire, but better safe than exsanguinated!

Hey, look, links about ginormous cats and vampirism!

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