Previously, in Trip's Life...

30 April 2007 - Monday

Work: Check.

Silly Computer Games: I stayed up too late playing DragonFable, and then their db choked and I lost all the xp and gp I had accumulated. Then I was tired and my character was still 11th level. Bah!

Visual Entertainments: Greencine sent me another disc of the first season of Lost, but knowing that none of the mystery ever goes anywhere greatly diminished my enthusiasm. Sadness.

Cat: Less affectionate, but that's probably because of the weather; he was much more snuggly late at night.

Writing: FAILURE. My net was lame most of the evening, so I could pretty much only work on "Breathtaking", which I have concluded is not only off the rails, but down at the bottom of the canyon while the bridge burns merrily above it. I need to go back almost to the beginning and start over again from there. This time, with conflict.

Wow, I really suck.

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29 April 2007 - Sunday

Dumbassery: Check. I picked up my prescription and within twenty minutes left it on the bus.

Silly Computer Games: I made level 11 in DragonFable! Only three more levels until I can use some of the water weapons I've accumulated and defeat the Doomkitten.

Cat: Miau!

Writing: Check. Reading the various International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day offerings has reminded me why I shouldn't bother, though.

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28 April 2007 - Saturday

Cinema: I went with Earl to see Hot Fuzz, and it rocked like a thing which rocks very much! It does have some gory bits, and lots of swearing, but I recommend it to anyone who isn't put off by that.

Sushi: Check!

Cats: Ayse and I went to the Cat Adoption Fair again, and met some new cats! The famed Rusty is indeed a sweetie, and reminds me a lot of Marmalade, but I do not want a cat with health problems because I am shallow. In fact, all the cats were sweeties, except maybe Uma, who was too wiggly and sproingy to be sweet. However, I am pretty sure my favorites are Aspen and Benny. They snuggled right up in my arms and Benny even purred for me! Aspen was a bit sick today, so I want to meet her again when she is feeling better, but I am strongly considering adopting them.

I explained to Marmalade about the nice cats I met who might want to be his friends, but he was more interested in pettins. I think he's a cat.

Writing: Check.

aspen & benny by kit (Sun Apr 29 04:40:33 2007)

Oh, goodness, doesn't Aspen just have the sweetest little kitty face ever? They look like very nice cats. Which I almost spelled kats. Oi. o.O

Re: aspen & benny by Trip (Sun Apr 29 22:22:23 2007)

Aspen is generally agreed to be a super-beautiful cat. Benny is just adorable.

kitties! by cat (Mon Apr 30 09:51:00 2007)

Oooh, Aspen is the cutest thing EVAR! (Though i say that about all the cats.)

And, well... it's been a while since i've adopted a cat, but i also require a youngish (2-5 years old) cat with no preexisting health problems. Goodness knows that they can develop problems at any time, and i'm more than willing to take care of ill kitties, but i prefer to not set myself up for quick heartbreak. Or, as i sometime say, i want to make sure that any kitty i adopt has lots of miles still left in them.

Re: kitties! by Trip (Mon Apr 30 10:05:13 2007)

Rusty is only 6, which is about the same age as Marmalade, but the FIV thing worries me, as does the fact that he's already needed most of his teeth removed. So I am pretty sure I will not be adopting him, but he is a sweety. Hopefully someone less shallow than me will take him home and adore him as he deserves. (But that applies to all the kitties.)

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27 April 2007 - Friday

Work: Oogh, too many customers with annoying problems.

Anime: More Mai-HiME! One plot arc was resolved with suitable doom and tragedy and explosions, and a new one is starting with even more doom!

Cat: Still so very orange and fuzzy!

Writing: Check.

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26 April 2007 - Thursday

Work: Check.

Cat: Orange!

Writing: Check.

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25 April 2007 - Wednesday

Work: Check.

Anime: Yay Tennimon! We've run out of DVDs and may have to switch to Ayse's ancient fansubbed tapes, unless I can BitTorrent episodes 14-26.

Cat: In the middle of the night, Marmalade decided to scramble for the ceiling. Unfortunately, he was right next to my head at the time. Fortunately, my face wasn't anything special to begin with, and I managed to not get any of the blood on my bedding. I can't really hold it against him, since I probably rolled over onto him. But ow. Messy.

Writing: Check.

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24 April 2007 - Tuesday


Work: Check.

Anime: Finally started Honey and Clover! It is strange and pastel, but funny, and all Carl's fault. (I am blaming Chris Siebenmann for Mushi-shi and Gretchen for Mezzo. Not sure about Bleach; maybe Genevieve?)

Silly Computer Games: Still playing DragonFable. Level 6, but still haven't coughed up real cash money for a dragon amulet.

Cat: Miau miau miau!

Writing: Check.

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23 April 2007 - Monday

Work: Check.

Cat: So cuddly and orange!

Writing: Check.

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22 April 2007 - Sunday

Silly Computer Games: hegemony lured me into playing DragonFable, which is essentially Kingdom of Loathing with Flash graphics and less surreallity. The animated graphics make it very slow, though, so it's ability to hold on to my brain is limited.

Anime: One episode of Mai-HiME. Oh, look, it's a tragic backstory! And remarkably little use of powers.

Cats: Ayse and I went to the Bay Area Cat Rescue adoption fair at Petsmart on Charleston and admired kitties! They were adorable, but none of them seemed to be exactly the right kitty to come home with me. We'll have to go again next weekend, when hopefully more of the fosterers will be able to show up.

Marmalade is still Super Affection Beast Marma-Marma!

Writing: Check.

cats by cat (Tue Apr 24 12:18:02 2007)

Psst! You can look at the Bay Area Cat Rescue page, and ask to meet any of the cats in person at their foster homes. (Lucy, a coworker/cat lover/knitter/friend, volunteers there.)

Bay Area Cat Rescue by Lucy (Tue Apr 24 12:38:23 2007)

I work with Cat and Chris and I also volunteer for Bay Area Cat Rescue (and knit and quilt...) Thanks for coming to see us, we all love visitors! Did you pet Rusty? He REALLY loves visitors. The cats we have change all the time (there is a never ending supply of needy cats), so keep checking the website. If you see a cat you like, drop us an email and we can always arrange for you to meet the cat in its foster home. Who we have at the fairs depends on who can come and which cats can be caught (they get smart to the carry cases!) Also, if you see a cat at the fair who might be "the one", you can always go see them at the foster home where they are usually less freaked out.

Re: Bay Area Cat Rescue by Trip (Wed Apr 25 10:21:52 2007)

Hi Lucy!

I didn't meet Rusty. Maybe he arrived after we split. The only cats I met were Benny, Percy, and Dottie/Daphne/Sampson.

Travelling around is a pain, but if I meet a nice cat at the fair, I will probably try. (I suspect, "Ayse, let's go meet some kitties" is the magic phrase. :)

meeting kitties! by Ayse (Wed Apr 25 10:24:38 2007)

I think you are probably right! Although meeting kitties is awfully dangerous, since I keep thinking about how sweet the Benny cat was and wishing I could go scoop him and take him home. It's a good distraction from studying for my exam tomorrow. :)

Re: meeting kitties! by Trip (Wed Apr 25 10:29:46 2007)

He was a pretty nice cat! However, I suspect your exam is not on the Niceness of Cats.

meeting kitties! by cat (Wed Apr 25 14:40:32 2007)

Oh, i'd be happy to drive you around to meet kitties, too! Let me know if you need a ride anywhere.

Re: meeting kitties! by Trip (Wed Apr 25 14:51:26 2007)


cats, what else? by Lucy (Thu Apr 26 15:03:52 2007)

Yes, Benny is very sweet, such a darling face. Sometimes I find it very hard not to take them home myself. sigh you always get your favourites... At least our cats live with foster parents and don't have a "time limit"...

Cats again by Lucy (Thu Apr 26 16:05:35 2007)

There are some new cats up on our website! Not sure who will be at the fairs this weekend though...

Re: Cats again by Trip (Thu Apr 26 18:39:45 2007)

Wow, new kitties!

Ah, Rusty is the FIV+ one. Meep. He looks very adorable (not too unlike Marmalade, really), but I'm too shallow to want another cat with health problems after losing Dani. :( In fact, I think I want a pretty young cat, but it doesn't look like that's a problem.

Cats again by Lucy (Fri Apr 27 15:43:23 2007)

Yeah, I know what you mean. We lost our Walter at the end of January (he was only 5 - poisoned by his pet food, bitter? No I just hope they slowly rot in hell), so we made sure we got a young cat (Charles - he on the happy tails page of BACR's web site) coz I can't go through that again...

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21 April 2007 - Saturday

Amazon Sextet of Justice XIIc: "The All-You-Can-Eat Venison Buffet... OF DEATH!"

With Rati disinfected for the time being, the Amazons turn their attention to other parts of the plan for saving the world. Rumors of piracy near Rati, attributed to King Penn's fleet, quickly prove to be exaggerated reports of one incident which did not seem to involve the powers of evil. The death match against the Champions of Evil for the votes of Nööl is finally scheduled, and terms set. Marika points out that there is no reason to believe either the organizers or the opposition will keep to their word, but no one has a better idea. Fresa refuses to have anything to do with the match, but dwarves are like that.

Daniel, the drow paladin, is contacted in his extra-dimensional watery cave, and it turns out that he is indeed the lost prince of the drow. He went into exile to avoid plunging his people into civil war, and isn't very happy at the idea of doing so deliberately, but the world does need saving. While Daniel meditates, his brother Sam attempts to determine the Amazons' trustworthiness. No conclusions are reached, but all the drow appreciate Natalya's non-fish dinner.

With no other obvious leads to follow, Our Heroines decide to hunt down and squash the evil strike team that almost killed Fresa with dozens of magical tentacles. Divination magic leads them to a secret camp hidden in the woods near Tigris, where they swoop down upon a handful of huts, two dire elk, and a guard dog.

Armored people pile out of one of the huts, and a druid lurking nearby turns the dire elk into 40-foot-long, 30-foot-tall monstrosities! For a while things are touch-and-go, especially when a treant joins the fray. Fresa in particular is trampled by an enlarged dire elk no fewer than four times! However, the druid is quickly dispatched when he returns to help his beasts, and his companion forced to teleport away, leaving the Amazons unhindered in their fight against the elks and hangers-on.

The camp's two cooks are taken prisoner and interrogated, confirming that the strike team just defeated were the ones who were tormenting both Lisbet's rebel army and the loyalists in Tigris. Presenting this information to the ruler of Tigris may avert civil war!

Cat: Marmalade is all affectionate! I don't know if he's glad to have the alien zombie infestation over with, or misses Dani, or thinks I miss Dani or what, but he is super-snuggly and full of purrbucketing.

I seem to have reached the stage of feeling bad for not having loved Dani more, which is a lot like feeling bad for not feeling bad enough.

Writing: Check, surprisingly.

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20 April 2007 - Friday


11th May 1998 -- 20th April 2007

She Will Always Be Missed

Dani by cat (Fri Apr 20 22:18:15 2007)

Oh no! Poor thing. =( I'm so sorry to hear. She had a wonderful kitty-daddy in you, though.

Dani by Silkie (Fri Apr 20 22:42:50 2007)

hugs I'm so sorry about Dani.

Dani by kit (Sat Apr 21 06:22:25 2007)

Oh, no. I'm so sorry. :(

Dani by Tayefeth (Sat Apr 21 08:13:06 2007)

I can't remember my idiom account, if I ever had one, so I just wanted to offer you my condolences here. Kitties shouldn't ever get sick and die.

(reposted from LJ by Trip)

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19 April 2007 - Thursday

Work: Check.

Anime: FAILURE. I like watching anime, but I seem to be very bad at doing it on my own. Maybe this is really a feature, like with drinking.

Cats: Dani did not appear to be very energetic when I got home, and there were a few signs of failure to use the litterbox. Surmising that this was due to her not being properly fluidized yesterday, Marith and I went to the vet to try to get more fluid, but failed because the pharmacy was closed. We did have enough for one more try, and this time we succeeded. I don't know if it made Dani any healthier, and it sure didn't make her happier, but she basked in front of the space heater and hide under the blankets, which must be good.

Writing: Check. After florning because I had used up all my spoons on worrying about Dani and wasn't smart enough to write anything worthwhile anyway, I wrote 300-odd words. I was right that they're so terrible they shouldn't have been written, but they are words. Some of them are even English words.

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18 April 2007 - Wednesday

SCIENCE! Why global climate change must be stopped!

Work: Check.

Gaming: Dragon-Blooded! We doinked around with a athropophagous spirit of narcotic flowers, and Aerith almost got filleted, but we escaped and determined that the l3wt he promised is stuff we've already salvaged. On the other hand, he has stuff we need for the Great Work, so next fortnight we need to rob and possibly murder him. Serves him right for carving up Viraine's useful pawn the group's melee specialist!

It seems like 15 points should be good for something, but I'm not sure what. Maybe we should all buy the energy blast Charm. Then Viraine could get one of the archery Charms so that our Five Dragon Justice Strike can actually hit something, or he could instead get two dots of stamina so he can do even more damage to the environment behind the target.

Cats: I have failed to give Dani fluids! I don't know how -- maybe a connection was loose? -- but some large amount of the fluid ended up on my lap. I don't know how much, since it's hard to estimate volume as a function of soggy trousers, so I didn't want to try again and risk overloading her, but I don't think she got very much. She was quite unhappy, though. :(

Writing: FAILURE. Fluids everywhere, no brain. I suck.

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17 April 2007 - Tuesday

Work: Check.

Anime: Finale of Ghost in the Shell! First two episodes of Mezzo! A new low for Bleach! Extra doom in Mushi-shi!

Next week, Honey and Clover! Hm, better burn a DVD.

Cats: Dani has been a non-litterbox-using cat, which is perhaps understandable given her medical issues, but still isn't something I can approve of. "Hm," I thought. "Maybe she is stressed because all the attention I give her involves shoving things down her throat or sticking needles in her back!" So when I got back from anime, I scooped her and put her in my lap and cuddled her extensively for the rest of the evening. Marith came over and helped with the pettins, and also played with Marmalade and made box structures for kitties to play in.

When I finally got up from the couch to go to bed, Dani ran into the bathroom and used the litter box! By the time I was done remaking my bed, she had used the other litter box too! I will take this as support for my theory, and give Dani lots more snuggles in the future.

Writing: FAILURE. I had to snuggle Danikins!

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16 April 2007 - Monday

Work: Blah, Monday.

Anime: FAILURE. I meant to at least finish the disc of This Ugly yet Beautiful World, but was too lame.

Cats: I think Dani struggled less when being fluidized, perhaps because the fluid was a lot warmer. (Actually, when I felt how warm the bulge was, I worried, but I figured if it made her feel bad, she would complain a lot more. That didn't stop me from later searching the apartment until I found the box in the back library that she was hiding in, to make sure she wasn't lying dead in a corner, because I am a worrywort.)

Writing: Check.

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15 April 2007 - Sunday

Anime: This Ugly Yet Beautiful World is more standard shounen than the title would indicate, at least so far. There are hints that it might get more interesting later, though.

Gaming: After another unplanned hiatus, we have played The adventures of Jehane & Alazaïs again. No villains were defeated, but Alazaïs got to shine at a wizards' salon despite being a rogue/paladin, because she is Just That Stacked Cool.

Next session, hopefully in two weeks, we will try to lure the master villain out so we can explode him like we did his skanky boyfriend. Possibly this results in Father William teleporting back to town to take up a collection for getting True Resurrection on the rest of us, but perhaps the druids we're rescuing will stake him with a treant.

Cats: Dani still hides under the covers! Marmalade is still big and orange!

Writing: Check.

Getting Staked by Dave (Thu Apr 19 11:45:43 2007)

I don't know about the others, but Father William would certainly not look forward to being staked with a treant.

Re: Getting Staked by Trip (Thu Apr 19 12:11:31 2007)

You vertebrates and your strange notions of pronoun antecedents!

Re: Getting Staked by kti (Fri Apr 20 04:46:16 2007)


Re: Getting Staked by kti by Trip (Fri Apr 20 09:15:47 2007)

Oh no! It's Kit's evil permutation!

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14 April 2007 - Saturday

Weekend: I went shopping and did laundry and stuff, but I still don't feel like I accomplished anything. Bah.

Cats: Augh so cute! Dani has taken to hiding under the covers on my bed! The first time it was because I made the bed over her, but after she escaped to get food she went back into the same cave. Later, I found her hiding in a couple of different places under the covers (once by putting my hand down on her, oops!) at different times. Possibly this is a bad sign and she's hiding like a sick kitty, but there are plenty of places to hide without exhibiting new behavior, and she came out to get food and stuff.

Dani is the most oppressed kitty ever because we pinned her down and pumped fluids into her back! Marmalade is the most oppressed kitty because we locked him in the library while Dani got to play with the Special String! Poor kitties!

Writing: Check.

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13 April 2007 - Friday

Work: Friday!

Anime: Finished second disc of Mai-Hime. Ack, doom!

Cats: Dani is still quite Dani-like! I think she is more scampery, but perhaps a little less agile than before.

Marmalade is still entirely Marmalade-like, which is as it should be!

Writing: Check.

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12 April 2007 - Thursday

Work: Check.

Cats: Dani is more squirmy every time we give her fluids. I feel bad for oppressing her so, but it's good that she has the energy to wiggle, right?

Actually, she is pretty energetic in general. She sits in the front library window to catch some rays, and I even saw her eating from the food dish on top of the cat tree. She is still way way too skinny, though. I want an adorable snugglecat, not a supermodel cat!

Writing: Check. Still lame.

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11 April 2007 - Wednesday

Electrons: Check.

Anime: Tennimon! Next fortnight, the Durian Comet story arc!

Cats: Dani does not have a great appetite, but is eating at least a little. Also, she is adorable.

Writing: Check.

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10 April 2007 - Tuesday

Work: Check.

Arrgh: Stupid stupid PG&E creatures turned off my electricity! My phone still works so I was able to complain, and they say they'll turn it back on tomorrow, but grr! ("We called you last week," they say. No they didn't!)

Anime: The finale of Melody of Oblivion didn't actually explain very much. Despite that, it wasn't a bad ending. ("And the moral of this story is, [SPOILER]s are only visual cover.")

I have been claiming that next week we'll start Simoun, but I think I'll try to find my copy of El Hazard instead, so as to better distribute series endings.

Also next week is the finale of Ghost in the Shell, after which we will see Honey and Clover because Carl reminded me that I have it. Thanks, Carl!

Cats: I gave Dani her kitty antacid this morning, but she is still not very ravenous. Meep.

Giving a cat subcutaneous fluids in the dark is too exciting. We were mostly successful, though.

Writing: Failure. I didn't want to run down spore's battery. Also, it was dark and I was sullen. And I suck.

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9 April 2007 - Monday

Work: Why are weekends so short?

Bonus Pickle: Check. Thanks, Ken!

Visual Entertainment: The City of Lost Children, which was freakishly steampunk. I'm not sure it was particularly coherent, but it was definitely freaky.

Also some more Mai-Hime. More explosions! More breasts! More doom!

Cats: Dani helped me watch DVDs, because she is just that sort of cat. She is kind of wheezy, but doesn't have the mucusy face she's had since forever, so I think the antibiotics are working. Also, she is adorable.

Writing: Check. Ish.

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8 April 2007 - Sunday

Weekend: Ayse and Ken fed us ham for Easter! Besides the usual five of us, Neil was there because his wife and larva are out of town. He brought berry grunt, the favored dessert of samurai.

There was some sadness when Ayse and Ken's equipment betrayed them and the ham took longer than scheduled, but we had Carcassonne and deviled eggs to tide us over. Then, ham! And leeks! And chocolate mousse! And other foodstuffs! The feasting was mighty!

After dinner we tried out Runebound, which does indeed seem to be ancestral to the WoW boardgame in a number of ways. Could be convergent evolution, though.

I like that the encounters have opportunities to get little advantages or avoid penalties before combat begins, so they feel like a little more than just another fight with monster type #3 on the short list. And there's sort of a plotline and stuff. The terrain dice are just wacky, and would probably be more exciting if we didn't play the wasps cooperatively.

We used a misreading of the rules house rule that before-combat abilities can be activated multiple times if you pay the cost for each one, which might make the runewitch playable although you couldn't prove it by me. (The problem is that even the lowest-level encounters are likely to inflict more damage than they provide gold to heal before the runewitch can smite them in the last phase of a combat round.)

Cats: It still takes two of us to give Dani fluids, but we're getting better! Fear our l33t cat-filling sk1llz!

When I went to bed, Dani was sleeping on the stuffed animals where Marmalade often naps, and even kittybreading them. So cute!

Writing: FAILURE. Because I suck.

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7 April 2007 - Saturday

Anime: Marith finally caught up on the Gankutsuou she missed.

Cats: Orange! And adorable! Marmalade got proper shoulder-perching this time, and also got to be quite fresh with Marith (but not do her hair). Dani eats and drinks and looks up at me with big cute kitty-eyes, which is all that I can hope for!

Writing: FAILURE. I wrote a little, but not 250 words. I am beginning to wonder if "Breathtaking" is fundamentally flawed and should be some other story entirely. Also, I suck.

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6 April 2007 - Friday


Work: Check.

Cats: Dani still appears to be doing well. She is not eating as much as earlier in the week, possibly just because she was starvated then and is caught up now. Her orangeness is not diminished!

Marmalade is the most oppressed cat ever! When he tried to snuggle on my shoulders, I made him get off just so I could go to work! And then in the evening he got locked in a room while Dani got attention from two people and got the Special String! Poor Marmalade!

Writing: Check.

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5 April 2007 - Thursday

Work: Check.

Anime: First disc of Mai-HiME. It is so very shonen (hot teenagers, repressed teenagers, monsters, explosions, reluctance to fight, sinking ships, etc), but entertaining.

I packed up Grave of the Fireflies and sent it back to Greencine unwatched, because I really do not need more death and sadness just now.

Cats: Dani continues to do wellish. She helped me watch some anime and fiddle with the internets, because that is how adorable she is.

I finally got in touch with Dr Johnson about Fortekor, which she's never heard of but will look into. (Why didn't I do this before? Because I SUCK. Any other questions?)

Writing: Check, surprisingly enough. They aren't good or interesting or cheerful words, but there are at least 250 of them.

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4 April 2007 - Wednesday

Work: Everybody likes work, work goes... wait, maybe not everybody likes work, because sometimes their work requires them to bother me.

Gaming: We have successfully played Dragon-Blooded again, at least those of us who were not oppressed by homework. Our heroes protagonists have a clever plan to use the hair elemental G-, who thinks he is using them, and successfully explained the True History of the World to confused lizard people who expand their population by kidnapping wild lizard people and forcing them to watch Sesame Street for years on end. Next step, profit!

Cats: Dani continues much as yesterday, which is to say orange and adorable and hungry, if not as vigorous as in the old days. Go Dani!

Giving a cat subcutaneous fluids requires more tentacles than I have, but with Marith's help (and Marmalade locked in another room so he couldn't help) I managed to get Dani topped up. This produced a big weird squishy lump on her side, but apparently that's to be expected, and it didn't seem to bother her. I hope it makes her feel better.

Writing: FAILURE.

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3 April 2007 - Tuesday

Work: Check.

Anime: Mushi-shi is cool and pretty and creepy! W00t!

Next week is the finale of Melody of Oblivion, after which we start Simoun (episode 26 just became available on BitTorrent). No idea what to show after Ghost in the Shell ends in a couple more weeks. (I was thinking Gilgamesh, but Chris says the ending sucks the PMW. Maybe Hyper Police, to make sure we don't overdose on artistic merit?)

Cats: Marmalade hasn't shown much interest in gooshyfood, or on food/water at ground level after I showed him his food dish is now at the top of the cat tree, so I'm going to presume that the pro-kidney gooshyfood with the medicine I mixed in has been eaten all up by Dani. Certainly she ate and ate when I got home and put more food on her empty plate! Also she has absorbed her Pink Horror without managing to spit it onto the carpet. (Tomorrow, the scariness that is subcutaneous fluids!)

Jim came over to visit the Orange, which was nice of him. I don't know if they remembered him at all, but they got petted anyway, muahahahah. Dani even showed a little interest in playing, although she didn't have the energy. Poor kitty.

I left an update about Dani's eatingness and walkingaroundness on the vet's voicemail, along with a question about Dani should be taking Fortekor (thanks, scribblemoose!).

I am still terribly worried about Dani all the time, but not quite as much as before, since she came and sat on my leg while I beebled with the computer, just like old times.

Writing: FAILURE.

Mushishi by Dave (Wed Apr 4 10:48:48 2007)

Actually, I found it was comfortable, and not creepy at all, although it certainly had lots of the hallmarks of creepy things. I've very glad you decided to start showing - it's nice to have something that's not another action show (not that there's anything wrong with those, but variety is good ;).

Re: Mushishi by Trip (Wed Apr 4 10:58:43 2007)

I dunno; the giant purple [SPOILER] in the little girl's [SPOILER]s was kind of creepy. It wasn't really scary, though. So far it definitely isn't in the horror genre.

poking cats by cat (Wed Apr 4 14:43:48 2007)

sub-Q fluids shouldn't be too scary. When i was trying subcutaneous insulin injections on Cinders (we had to move to intramuscular), it was astonishingly simple. The vet showed me how to pull up the skin at the back of the neck; it's easy to do, and if you're calm about it, they really don't seem to care much. I was afraid of poking straight through her, but never did - the fear of doing that probably made me careful.

Re: poking cats by Trip (Wed Apr 4 15:12:40 2007)

I'm not too worried about it, because it does seem fairly simple. I'm just alarmed at the prospect of sticking sharp metal things into poor Dani.

Biology is so flimsy and difficult to service properly. Bah.

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2 April 2007 - Monday

Cats: YAY! Marith (who is the best sister in the world) phoned the vet and learned that Dani ate some of her salmon this morning! She even moved around and purred, instead of being a little fuzzy orange lump of sick kitty!

Apparently her numbers are still not very good, but hopefully now they will improve!

(later) Dani's numbers have not improved. :( She has been eating quite a bit, and looks and acts better, but ultrasound confirms that her kidneys have exceeded their warranty period. :( There isn't much modern veterinary medicine can do for her, so I have brought her home and have some supplies to make her comfortable and extend the time she has left, but the vet doesn't think that's likely to be more than a couple of months. :( :(

I am glad to have her home, though, and I think she is glad to be back. She jumped right out of the cat carrier the moment I opened it, ran all over the apartment to make sure it was still there, and then flopped down in front of the space heater. She spent all evening there being held and petted and looking content and maybe purring a little. Dani is so adorable and I love her so much.

Writing: FAILURE.

Dani by cat (Mon Apr 2 15:47:10 2007)

Poor fuzzy! I hope she does get better. (I feel so sorry for them when they have the teeny little IVs.)

And, I can be mean and volunteer Phoenix as blood donor kitty. (He's done it in the past!) I believe that he's kitty blood type B, which is the less common one. I could be horribly wrong about that, though.

Re: Dani by Trip (Mon Apr 2 16:56:01 2007)

I was surprised at how little she objects to the IV (after the initial insertion). Maybe it's just that she doesn't have the energy to object.

I don't think it's blood that Dani needs, but I will keep your offer in mind! Thank you!

Dani by kit (Tue Apr 3 14:10:59 2007)

*hugs a lot*

Re: Dani by Trip (Wed Apr 4 22:47:33 2007)

I gave Dani hugs from you, and she seemed to be happy!

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1 April 2007 - Sunday


Anime: Finished the first disc of Gilgamesh. It has potential.

Cats: Marith and I went to visit Dani in the morning, and she seemed a bit more active; she snuggled her face into my hand and everything.

In the evening, the vet called and said that the results of the latest blood test didn't show any improvement. :( She wanted to keep Dani on treatment for at least another 24 hours, since some cats are slow to respond, but sounded much less optimistic than before. :(

After dinner there was some spastic scurrying on my part, but we managed to get to Dani before visiting hours ended, with some of the tuna she had gobbled up last week and also some strong-smelling canned salmon. She licked the salmon interestedly for a bit, but then gave up without eating any. :( She didn't even really want to be held, but did use my hand for a pillow while hiding in the back corner of her cage, and even purred a little.

Marith, who is the best sister in the world and has been dealing with all the practical stuff, remembered to bring the camera, so we have some pictures of Dani.

I know there is still hope, but I am already worrying about what to do if the worst happens. :(

Writing: FAILURE, as with so much else.

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