Previously, in Trip's Life...

31 May 2007 - Thursday



Work: Check.

Modern Medicine: Had to get up in the middle of the night to go see a doctor about an endocrine system, and was still late because I failed to remember that the office has moved. Bah, foolish parasite!

I need to exercise more and lose weight, but apparently my ichor numbers are good. Yay me.

Visual Entertainments: First disc of Pani Poni Dash, which makes very little sense. It's sort of like Azumanga Daioh only with Chiyo-chan as the teacher, only more surreal. It doesn't make me leap up and down, but it's kind of cute.

Food: Yay In'n'Out!

Cats: Aspen let me pet her! If I had given her more notice, or spent more than about 1½ seconds petting, she probably would have escaped, so it's not as though she likes me, but she's tolerating me more!

Writing: Check.

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30 May 2007 - Wednesday

Work: Check, kinda.

B3ST THR3D 3V4R: Abi Sutherland, on Catz

Gaming: Yay we have an Ayse for Dragon-Blooded again! Her character helped shoot arrows into the mini-boss before he flew away on his skyboard, carrying Mike's character toward the Pyramid of the Ghoul-King!

Cats: So furry! And cute! And prone to looking at me with big nervous eyes! And unwilling to believe that I am not a cat-eating monster! But they all get along together and eat from the dish at the top of the cat tree and tussle and miau, so I am pleased.

Also, Marmalade is a snuggle-fluffy.

Writing: FAILURE. Gaming ran long, and I have to get up early tomorrow to see a doctor about an endocrine system.

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29 May 2007 - Tuesday

Work: Check.

Visual Entertainments: Neil blew us off again with some lame excuse about his wife having pneumonia, but we had Tuesday Night Anime anyway! This week's episode of Bleach featured extra cleavage, Mushi-shi gave us some backstory on Ginko, Honey and Clover was full of impending doom, and Mezzo was interestingly different from American cyberpunk.

Cats: The first thing I saw when I opened the door was two cats scampering away to their lair and one cat trotting up to be adored. Well, maybe someday there will be three cats demanding adoration when I come home.

Marmalade and Benny tussled!

Writing: Check.

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28 May 2007 - Monday

Work: HOLIDAY. Yay!

Visual Entertainments: In the afternoon, I slithered to the theater to see the most recent Pirates of the Caribbean. No one went with me, because they don't love me that much (except maybe Earl, but he's skipped town). It was okay. It could definitely have been edited down, and the fight scenes were more chaotic than cinematic, but Elizabeth got to kick ass and she had a great Chinese pirate queen outfit. Plus, Chow Yun Fat as king of the pirates of Singapore!

In the evening, I watched a couple of episodes of Sol Bianca (which I got because it was $4/disc, and how can you go wrong with an all-female band of space pirates?). The art is so very 80s!

Cats: My apartment is full of cats!

At one point, all three of them were flopped on my bed, yay! Also, Benny has been following me around (at a safe distance) watching what I do and sometimes miauing, so perhaps he is thinking about whether it's a good idea to consider being my friend.

Aspen, on the other hand, became Extremely Pointy when I tried to catch her to put her collar back on. Ow. I guess I will just have to hope she doesn't run away before becoming more catchable.

Writing: Check.

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27 May 2007 - Sunday

Cats: Marith and I went over to Jimweasel's house to bury Dani's remains under the plum tree, next to Hayama's and Michiru's graves. I'm not big on ceremony, so perhaps it wasn't much of a funeral, but we all miss Dani.

Writing: Check.

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26 May 2007 - Saturday

Visual Entertainments: The Aristocrats. Now I know what jokes comedians tell each other when they're really really drunk.

Food: Yummy Thai lunch!

Cats: I have had Aspen and Benny for two whole weeks! Now my apartment is full of cats! Some of them tussle! But only one of them is my friend so far.

Writing: Check.

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25 May 2007 - Friday

Work: I didn't go to bed late, and I am not as tired as yesterday. I wonder if these facts could be connected? I'm still not very competent, though.

Anime: First disc of Yumeria, alternate-universe harem anime with cheesecake. (Maybe that's redundant.) It's not good or anything, but possibly okay for when I seek entertainment without socially redeeming qualities.

Food: Ayse and I wanted to get In'n'Out, but Ken had taken the car to a con and Marith had already eaten, so we had to have frozen minitacos. For frozen things they were pretty good, although none of the usual taco toppings were included.

Cats: Aspen and Benny tussled! Also Benny came to investigate the string I dangled at him, since my hand was extended over the arm of the couch and there was no way I could get to him quickly enough to eat him all up or whatever it is he thinks I plan to do to him. Kawaii!

Writing: Check. Talked to Ayse about writing. Writing is hard. Let's die in a pit.

look, i spelled my name right by kit (Sun May 27 02:38:56 2007)

laugh Benny'll warm up to you. Cats is strange critters. hugs :)

look, kit spelled her name right by Trip (Sun May 27 09:56:26 2007)

He will! But yes, they are quite peculiar! Yet furry!

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24 May 2007 - Thursday

Work: So sleepy! But towards the end of the day I woke up some.

Visual Entertainments: Finished the second disc of Animated Batman Adventurings. It was okay, but I feel no need to move discs 3+ toward the beginning of my queue.

Cats: Miau!

Writing: Check, kinda. I mean, a hundred words on this and fifty words on that and a hundred words on that other piece adds up to 250, even the braining involved is not the same as writing 250 words for real.

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23 May 2007 - Wednesday

Work: Why does my brain not like me? I give it sleep!

Silly Board Games: Ayse and Ken returned from Santa Cruz bearing the Order of the Stick board game, which is quite silly. We all thought Marith was going to win because she kept levelling up like a scary levelling thing, but Ayse pulled ahead by one point because no one would give Marith any loots. I managed to pull ahead of Ken by one point and not come in last, mostly because I eventually started getting numbers above 3 on a d12 and he never did. I think he may be right that Vaarsuvius is weaker than the other characters, because attacking at range is fundamentally less useful than fighting things in the same room, and V has fewer opportunities to fight at range 0. I would not be surprised to learn that we are missing an important cooperative aspect of the game, though. Probably also a competitive aspect, because no one played Belkar.

Anyway, fun was had!

Cats: Wow, Benny was chasing Marmalade! Not seriously, but there was cute scampering! All three cats seem to be getting along perfectly well, although perhaps with not a huge amount of interaction. I am sure the head-sitting will commence in due course.

I think Benny and Aspen are getting slightly more tolerant of me. I was able to walk within half a meter of Benny without him fleeing!

Benny explored to the top of the cat tree and found the crunchyfoods there! Yay! (Aspen continues to be languid, but she does recline in various places throughout the apartment, so it's not like she's on her sickbed or anything.)

OMG Kitties!

Writing: FAILURE. So sleepy. So stupid. So lame.

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22 May 2007 - Tuesday

Work: Check.

Visual Entertainments: Yay Tuesday Night Anime! Mezzo seems to be going over well. Bleach needs a plot arc by someone who will write Orihime properly. (Also, anyone who gets superpowers should be forced to play Champions. When you only have three slots in your multipower, one doesn't help, and you're morally opposed to using one in this situation, it shouldn't take most of a double-length episode to figure out what to try next.) Mushi-Shi might be becoming less creepy as it progresses, although I'm sure it's just lulling us into a false sense of security. Honey and Clover is still what it is.

Cats: The new cats have had the run of the apartment for more than 24 hours, and no disasters have resulted. Yay!

However, Marmalade seems to have been eating my hair while I sleep. Such a weird cat.

OMG kitties!

Writing: Check.

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21 May 2007 - Monday

Work: Check.

Visual Entertainments: More Batman Animated Adventures. Appropriately, the origin story of Two-Face was a two-parter.

Cats: The only thing in the apartment that Benny and Aspen seem to have any trouble with is me. I guess that's like progress!

While watching TV, I entertained Benny with the Red Spot of Uncatchability. It took him a bit to get the idea, but then he chased it very cutely! (Not as adorably as Dani would have, but that's an awfully high bar.) Aspen came out and looked at the RSoU, and followed it around a little, but didn't actually pounce.

OMG kitties!

Writing: Check.

OMG Kitties by marith (Tue May 22 11:50:39 2007)

Yay interacting! Yay chasing red spot! They definitely sound like they are settling in, and they will get more used to you every day!

Re: OMG Kitties by Trip (Wed May 23 11:06:34 2007)

Hopefully! I once got to within a meter of Benny before he spazzed!

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20 May 2007 - Sunday

Visual Entertainments: Marith and I went to see Shrek III, but it was only okay.

In the evening, I watched about a jillion more episodes of Batman: The Animated Series. They were okay. Retro helicopters, insane villains, poisons unknown to science, remote-control Batsub, everything you expect from Batman.

Cats: Before lunch, Marith and I went to the vet and picked up Dani's ashes. They came back in a nice wooden box with her name on it, I guess suitable for keeping on a mantelpiece. I think the plan is still to bury them in Jim's back yard, with the remains of Michiru and Hayama and other much-adored cats of the past.

(I guess the usual phrasing is "bury her" but that's not Dani.)

Meep. :(

The new cats are doing well. I have left the door to their room open most of the day, and they seem to be getting along with Marmalade. Benny has wandered around and played with toys, and Aspen has at least come to the door and watched the goings-on in the rest of the apartment. They have also both hidden under my bed, but they came out when I stopped oppressing them with my presence.

I hope they decide I'm okay soon, because it is sad to have cats that cannot be conveniently snuggled or petted.

Also, OMG Kitties!

Gaming: Spirit of the Century would work pretty well for 30s Pulp Space Adventure, I think. Fold Drive into Pilot, add Gunnery (the offensive skill for air/space combat, as Pilot is the defensive skill), and rename Mysteries to Psi. Stunts can stay pretty much the same, and most equipment doesn't have stats or only has relative ratings, so doesn't need to change.

The exception I might make to equiment is Atomic Blasters, which do +1 Stress to the target, but also do 1 Stress to everyone and most everything in the target's zone (including the target if the attack misses). Sure, this lets you take out an entire zone full of minions in three shots, but the potential downside should be obvious.

Writing: Check.

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19 May 2007 - Saturday

Gaming: Earl has scheduled himself to be unavailable every other Sunday for the foreseeable future, because he doesn't like us any more. Assuming I don't suddenly come to my senses, I need something else to run, and I was thinking about 30s pulp space adventure, which I once wanted to run. I'm still a terrible GM, but now I own a game expressly designed for 30s pulp (Spirit of the Century), and I have just thought of how to do space travel with rocketships and combats and stuff.

To a ship fitted with the Space Compressor, empty space between objects is greatly reduced. Effectively, everything is closer together, though individual objects are not any smaller. Because even interstellar space isn't completely empty, distances aren't reduced to zero, but taking out the space between the individual ions and dust grains of the interplanetary or interstellar medium make space travel a lot more feasible. This greatly increases the apparent density and magnetic field of the medium, which is what limits velocity.

Example: A ship with a Space Compressor, parked on an asteroid, briefly fires its jets to break free of the asteroid's gravity and set itself coasting at a roughly constant velocity toward another asteroid. When it arrives, it fires its retros and lands softly on the destination body. To an observer without a Space Compressor, though, the ship will appear to accelerate tremendously as it recedes from the first asteroid, after it fires its jets, cross the intervening space implausibly fast, then decelerate greatly before arriving at the second asteroid, where it finally fires its retros.

Why this is good:

  • The interplanetary medium is thicker than the interstellar medium, so travel times between stars can be dramatically short without making intrasystem travel instantaneous, but also without having a magic line in space.
  • Space has geography: planetary and stellar magnetopauses are rough, nebulae are slow going, asteroid belts are thick with boulders, etc.
  • Streamlining spaceships makes them go faster.
  • Spaceships can swoop.
  • Distances are short and relative velocities are low, so space combat can be done by people instead of computers (which don't exist).
  • Space storms! (AKA coronal mass ejections)

Really, what's not to like?

Anime: I spent most of the afternoon spending my anniversary bonus gift certificate from Taos at Robert's Anime Corner Store. Soon I will receive enough anime to choke a squid, and not one of those wimpy two-meter Humboldt squids, either!

I also added every series that looked kind of interesting to my Greencine rental queue. I need to watch anime faster!

Cats: This has been a day of cat-related excitement!

In the morning, I took Marmalade into the Special Secret Room and introduced him to the cats who live there. I kept hold of him, so there was no actual interaction, but there wasn't any hissing or anything!

In the afternoon, I locked Marmalade in the back room and let Aspen and Benny out to explore. Benny scampered around looking various rooms, but Aspen just sat under the futon couch, and went back there when I dragged her out and showed her the new litterbox. Oh well.

Finally, in the evening, I opened the door and let the cats interact freely! Aspen, unsurprisingly, stayed under the futon couch, but Benny went right up to Marmalade and sniffed his nose! When Benny got too pushy, Marmalade hissed some (which I did not expect; I thought any hissing would be done by Benny), but there was no violence. When there was too much hissing, I separated them for a while.



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18 May 2007 - Friday

Work: Check.

Cats: I cleaned up the front bathroom and refilled the litterbox with the new organic stuff that Benny and Aspen are used to, so that should Marmalade sleep in my room, I can safely let the new kitties wander around and show them where the new litterbox is.

Marmalade found this all quite distressing, even the parts that didn't involve the vacuum cleaner. (I like my vacuum cleaner! It sucks!) I hope he will forgive me.

I don't know if it's more sad how much of a mess the front bathroom is now, or that it really is a huge improvement.

Oh, and did I mention? OMG KITTIES!

Writing: Check.

messy bathrooms by kti (Mon May 21 06:23:36 2007)

that's exactly how i felt about my bathroom yesterday after i cleaned it. :p

Re: messy bathrooms by Trip (Mon May 21 12:53:27 2007)

Wow, I'm just like internationally-reknowned author C E Murphy! :)

If I bought a mop, I could make the floor cleaner, but that would be like work.

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17 May 2007 - Thursday

Work: Check. Hey, I had all my tickets in a non-email-needing status by going-home time! Wow!

Visual Entertainments: Greencine has brought me a couple of discs of the Batman Animated Series. The plot holes and bad science are in the finest tradition of old comics, but on the other hand, it opens with police zeppelins!

Cats: Marith came over to help adore the new cats. They are still under-hidey, but Benny let me reach my arm down behind the futon-couch and pet him for several minutes! He became a little fierce when I froofled his tummy, but was not too poorly-behaved. And pettins!


Writing: Check. Probably need to abuse the main character more.

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16 May 2007 - Wednesday

Work: Check. Why are all these customers in my inbox?

Gaming: We had no Ayse, because she is consumed by the Monster of Homework, but we played Dragon-Blooded anyway. My character got no demon sex and had no larvae implanted in him, which was a definite win! However, his positive accomplishments were almost nil, because for most of the game I couldn't roll more than one success on anything.

Someday I should figure out what the best thing to spend all these bonus points on is. Another point of permanent Essence would be cool, but I'm not sure how useful it would actually be. Maybe I should just buy up stats and skills.

Cats: Aspen escaped her collar, and didn't want to be seized to have it reattached, but afterwards she held still and let me pet her for a while. That's like progress, right?


Writing: Check.

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15 May 2007 - Tuesday

Work: Check.

Anime: We had a 50% failure rate for Tuesday Night Anime, so no anime was viewed as a group.

On my own, I finished disc 5 of Mai-HiME. Wow, that's a lot of doom. And not potential doom, either; this is kinetic doom stampeding down upon the characters!

Silly Computer Games: Possibly DragonFable is losing its appeal, but it's so mindless! And I have so little mind!

Cats: Dave, by lying very very still for an hour, got Aspen to accept pettins. Benny played with the cat-dancer, but still wouldn't accept pettins. Also, he was very interested in the door that Marmalade was florning on the other side of. I couldn't see for sure, but there may have been paw-tussling.

I still don't really feel that the new cats are part of my life yet, but I've only had them for three days and they've been locked in a room, so it's not that surprising.


Writing: Check.

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14 May 2007 - Monday

Work: Check. Not even too horrible for a Monday.

Anime: Mai-HiME continues onward into the pit of doom. DOOOOM. It serves them right for listening to mysterious NPCs.

Cats: Benny-cat came almost all the way out from under the futon to play! With his adorable little paws! Aspen is still not very interested in emerging from her hiding place while I'm around, although I have come in to find her eating or whatever. Meep.

I think there may have been paw-batting under the door! Yay!


Writing: Check.

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13 May 2007 - Sunday

Food: Ayse and Ken and I helped Marith brunch her parents at Vasso Azzurro, which was specially open for lunch because today is Mother's Day. Casualties were relatively light.

Cats: I went and sat with the new kitties for most of the afternoon and evening, and Benny came out to attack the toy again but still didn't want anything to do with me myself. He did submit to being petted a little when Marith came to meet the new kitties and he was surrounded and couldn't escape.

They devoured a whole can of wet food between them and properly used the litterbox, so apparently they are functional cats.

Marmalade is still so offended at not being allowed into the Secret Room Of Exciting Smells.


Writing: Check.

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12 May 2007 - Saturday


I finally managed to coordinate with Ellen, and she delivered Aspen and Benny this afternoon, along with about 2956293642 cat toys and plenty of advice. OMG KITTIES!

Mostly they are hiding under the futon or in the box (together! kawaii!) but I fetched them out to be admired by Ayse and Ken, and later in the evening Benny came out from under the futon to attack the cat-dancer. He ran away if I moved toward him at all, though. OMG KITTIES!

Marmalade is so intrigued by the closed door with new-cat smells coming out under it! OMG KITTIES!

And did I say? OMG KITTIES!

Writing: Check.

Kittens! by Lucy (Tue May 15 14:18:44 2007)

LOL, yes Ellen does bring a lot of toys with the cats... You do get attached to them when you look after though. I hope they are getting on well!

Re: Kittens! by Trip (Tue May 15 14:29:29 2007)

So far, so good!


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11 May 2007 - Friday

Work: Check.

Anime: Extra-cheesy giant robot melodrama. One disc was enough.

Food: Dinner with Ayse and Carl and Marith and Earl and Saori at Vasso Azzurro! It was quite good, but also loud. The waiter person flirted outrageously with Ayse, because well Italian! Possibly we were silly.

I had pollo alla piomentese, which was extra-yummy, and also the Helen of Troy dessert, which I did not have to sell my soul for.

Perhaps someday we will move on to the third restaurant on Castro!

Silly Computer Games: Found a new section in DragonFable and pillaged it extensively.

Cat: Tried to get hold of Ellen to arrange catdelivery, but failed.

Writing: Check.

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10 May 2007 - Thursday

Work: Check. But most of the users who contacted me today were helpable and not just completely doomed, so it wasn't so bad.

Cat: I bought a bunch of supplies and stashed them in the front library with the doors closed, so Marmalade is quite agitated and wants to know what's going on! However, Ellen is at the ICU with a sick kitten, so Aspen and Benny will not be arriving today.

I forgot to flag Dani as an ex-kitty on Catster, so today they sent a birthday notice for her. :(

Writing: Check.

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9 May 2007 - Wednesday

Work: Check.

Anime: Check! The Tennimon episodes I downloaded and burned to DVD are definitely the same fansub, but the DVD spins round and round, so it must be better! (The video quality certainly isn't worse, anyway.)

Food: Ayse has no Ken to cook for her this week, so she had to eat at Thai City! The horror! The taro root! The soup!

Cat: Miau!

Writing: Check, kinda.

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8 May 2007 - Tuesday

Work: Check.

Anime: Check! Bleach 83 sucked less, perhaps because it had the all-important character-history flashback in the middle of the big fight scene.

Cats: I got a huge long list of what equipment and supplies I should get for the new kitties. Hopefully I will be able to approximate well enough with my limited shopping ability.

Probably Aspen and Benny will arive on Thursday.


Writing: Check. This is going in a much different direction than the previous version, but the protagonist is getting beat up more, so it must be good.

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7 May 2007 - Monday

Work: It's sad to think that every customer who opens a ticket represents a person or organization that voluntarily chose to purchase software created by humans. Everyone knows the only thing humans can produce decently is rock videos.

Friendship: Ayse was all sad because Ken has been sent to be indoctrinated in the ways of his corporate masters for a week, so Marith and I went over and entertained her with humanities geeking and discussion of post-modern food. No doom!

Silly Computer Games: Only about 280 spiders/driders/ugly blue lizards to kill before my rogue can upgrade her defender necklace!

Cat: Miau!

Writing: Check.

rock videos by kit (Thu May 10 00:54:20 2007)

I'm now torn between wondering if the aforementioned rock videos mean "videos of rock stars/music" or "videos of rocks". I find myself rather attached to the latter being the only thing humans do well. :)

Re: rock videos by Trip (Thu May 10 20:29:54 2007)

I admit, I wasn't specific! But are humans really smart enough to get good footage of rocks? I mean, they have rigid skulls; how big could their brains be?

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6 May 2007 - Sunday

Thermions: Check.

Trees Having Sex in My Nose: Check.

Socialization: I made it to the last five minutes of the Zables' baby shower, congratulated Chris and Harold on their impending spawn, and met Lucy the cat rescue person. Also JHart got to mock me for not having a girlfriend, but that's not news.

Anime: Ah, there's the doom in This Ugly Yet Beautiful World! (As distinct from the doom of watching the last six episodes all at once on Sunday night.) It reminded me a little of Saikano, but not as depressing*.

*I admit that's not a very high bar.

Sadly, my grasp of vertebrate psychology is not strong enough to tell whether the drama was touching or cheap, so others will have to develop their own opinions.

Cat: Miau!

Writing: Check.

smackupsideheading by marith (Tue May 8 23:54:48 2007)

Is it time to smack Jhart upside the head again and remind him that he doesn't have even one orange cat?

Re: smackupsideheading by Trip (Fri May 11 10:44:06 2007)

Nah, he was okay for JHart.

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5 May 2007 - Saturday

Silly Computer Games: Curse you extra, mony!

Cats: Marlamade continues to be snuggly and adorable when it is not too hot!

I went to the adoption fair and visited with Aspen-kitty, who is still snuggly, but now that she is not so sick, looked all around at the scary pet store! Many passers-by commented on her adorability!

I officially put in my claim for Aspen-kitty and Benny-kitty. Now I have to make my apartment ready for them! Augh!

Writing: FAILURE. Not by much, but I didn't actually perpetrate 250 new words. I un-unrote some more, too.

new kitties! by cat (Mon May 7 21:59:35 2007)

Yay! new kitties! congratulations!

Re: new kitties! by Trip (Tue May 8 07:40:33 2007)

Thanks! Augh!

Aspen and Benny! by Lucy (Tue May 8 14:09:05 2007)

Congratulations on Benny and Aspen! They are great kitties.

It was nice to meet you on Sunday :-)

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4 May 2007 - Friday

Work: Check. I think I have made some customers happy. Or at least not increased their sadness.

Anime: This Ugly Yet Beautiful World continues to be pretty happy-bunny but with occasional hints that there will be HUGE DOOM.

Silly Computer Games: Curse you, mony!

Cat: So orange and cuddly!

Writing: Check.

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3 May 2007 - Thursday

Work: Check.

Anime: Started the second season of UFO Ultra-Maiden Valkyrie. Enh. I think I still believe it was a mistake to wimp out on the first season ending.

Silly Computer Games: I defeated the Doomkitten! I didn't even need to be level 14 with a water weapon to do it! But the next stage of that quest isn't available until Friday. Bah!

Cat: So splendid and orange!

Writing: Check. I un-unwrote some words, and then deleted all the unwritten words and wrote some new words. Yay me, or something.

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2 May 2007 - Wednesday

Gaming: Dragon-Blooded! Building pirates! Bored demonesses! The three sons of the Ghoul King!

Viraine did not sleep with the bored demoness, although it's probably a good thing she didn't insist he put out before going on about the First Age technical manuals she'd read.

Cat: More affectionate, because the weather is colder!

I got a call from the lady who is fostering Aspen, so I need to make a clever plan to visit Aspen and determine if she is still adorable.

Writing: Check.

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1 May 2007 - Tuesday


Work: Check.

Anime: Check! No endings or beginnings or major plot twists this week. Sad episodes of Mezzo.

Cat: Orange and splendid!

Writing: I did write at least 250 new words, but I also unwrote 17 000-odd words. I'm not sure I can legitimately write "check" here.

unwriting by kit (Thu May 3 08:05:56 2007)

Oh, man, if unwriting doesn't count as some kind of progress, I am SO TOTALLY BUGGERED. :)

Re: unwriting by Trip (Thu May 3 10:16:17 2007)

I don't know if it counts as progress, or if it just clears the path for future progress. Continuing to write after the point at which you realize you need to unwrite is definitely the opposite of progress, though.

But now that I've stopped mixing "Breathtaking" up with "Peri Hotter", I'm not sure what my plot is. Bah.

re: unwriting by kit (Sat May 5 01:36:23 2007)

Continuing to write after the point at which you realize you need to unwrite is definitely the opposite of progress, though.

wince Yes, and I do that a lot more than I care to think about, too. :)

Anagnorisis in Action by Carl (Sat May 5 10:43:02 2007)

Anagnorisis: the point where the protagonist realizes they have made a mistake and must change or be destroyed.

Re: Anagnorisis in Action by Trip (Tue May 8 07:42:15 2007)

Wow, the Greeks had a word for everything.

I think this might be metanagnorisis, though: the point where the author realizes they have made a mistake and must change or destroy the protagonist.

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