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31 July 2007 - Tuesday

Work: Check.

Visual Entertainments: Yay Tuesday Night Anime!

Only two more weeks of Mushi-Shi, sniff! Then we will have to watch something else!

Cats: Perhaps seizing Benny the other day was a mistake, because he is now extra-skittish. :( But he is still stripey!

Writing: Check.

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30 July 2007 - Monday

Work: Not too busy for a Monday, surprisingly.

Visual Entertainments: Bound. My, that was some sex scene. And the last half of the movie was a good example of the fun that can come from a failed Sense Motive roll.

Cats: (Breakfast-time) Wow! I petted Benny! I just put my hand out and pressed him to the floor and petted and petted him! After a few seconds he scarpered, of course, but still! Pettins! For the Benny-cat!

(Evening) Aspen flopped down on her back and stretched out her hind paws, but together instead of splayed like cats usually do. Obviously she was doing her exercises to maintain her figure, because she is Beautiful Kitty!

Either that, or she's silly.

Writing: Check.

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29 July 2007 - Sunday

Sociality: Stopped by Rachel's birthday party so Marith could deliver the Ninja Frogs, which were a big hit.

Violence: Ayse has completed the Weapons class! Now she can kick people in the head even if they have a knife or a gun! Fiercest Ayse ever!

Cats: Such adorable kitties! With twelve paws among them!

Writing: Check.

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28 July 2007 - Saturday

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: Check.

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27 July 2007 - Friday

Work: There was some sort of picnic thing this afternoon, which made trying to get lunch annoying. Bah, I say! Bah!

Cats: Benny definitely rubbed up against my legs while miauing for breakfast! He has Wiles!

Later, Aspen and Marmalade were flumped cutely together in the back room. I have such adorable kitties!

Writing: Check.

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26 July 2007 - Thursday


* * *

Visual Entertainments: More DNAngel. Silly magical boy stuff.

Cats:Twelve paws!

Writing: Check, barely.

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25 July 2007 - Wednesday

Work: Today I am extra-tired. Bah.

Gaming: Surprise stunt Wednesday D&D! We only gamed for a couple of hours, but we confirmed that we deserved xp for last time, and found out what the NPCs are planning so that if we suddenly become much cleverer we can make a plan that coordinates. Yay us, I guess.

Cats: I told Benny he is stripy again. He looked at me with big cute kitty eyes again.

Writing: Check.

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24 July 2007 - Tuesday

Work: Not too tired, bizarrely enough!

Visual Entertainments: Started El-Hazard: The Alternative World. Somewhere in El-Hazard is the tribe of over-sexed munchkins, which is dying out because although the men chase women constantly, the women also chase women.

We are running low on Mushi-Shi: only three weeks left! But it is still pretty creepy.

Only halfway through Honey and Clover, so there is plenty more doom before we find out who ends up with who.

Bleach, enh. This arc can end, or get a real writer, any time now.

Cats: Twelve paws! (I think "twelve paws" is the new "orange".)

Writing: Check.

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23 July 2007 - Monday

Work: Another Monday?! Man, there's like one of these every week or something!

The Book: Finally finished Half-Blood Prince so I could read Deathly Hallows. Then I stayed up too late, but not by much.

That was pretty dark for an alleged kid's book! Not that things hadn't been heading that way since Goblet of Fire, but that was an impressive amount of doom.

But I have learned to not review books here.

Cats: Kitties! All over my apartment! And so cute!

Writing: Check.

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22 July 2007 - Sunday

Food: Sushi! Ayse wanted sushi after her first weekend of Weapons class, and Marith wanted sushi after the past weeks of her life, so we went to Ariake and ate sushi from boats until we were full. Then we went next door and ate ice cream.

Cats: Benny sat on top of the box Marmalade was in to reach down and bat at him! Kawaiiii!

Writing: Check.

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21 July 2007 - Saturday

Visual Entertainments: Went to see an early showing of the latest Harry Potter movie, which was not very crowded. I guess all the second-tier fans were at the bookstore picking up book 7.

It was okay. As with several of the previous movies, they left huge amounts out, so it would probably be somewhat incoherent to anyone who hadn't read the book.

Also, what's with putting all the female characters in enveloping robes over heavy sweaters? And not even a hot springs episode? Sheesh, Northern European fantasy settings!

Cats: Sometimes when I am sitting somewhere in my apartment, I will find all three cats in the same room with me. Aspen and Benny aren't anywhere near arm's reach, of course, but it still makes me happy.

Writing: Check.

costumes by cat (Tue Jul 24 13:41:04 2007)

Tonks wasn't in a heavy sweater. AND she had nifty boots.

Bellatrix wasn't in a heavy sweater. She was wearing corsetry and artfully ripped rags.


Re: costumes by Trip (Tue Jul 24 16:12:52 2007)

Tonks had hardly any screen time, though!

Good point about Bellatrix, but eee.

Tonks by cat (Wed Jul 25 10:43:06 2007)

Yeah, very sad. I could always do with more Tonks.

Re: Tonks by Trip (Wed Jul 25 11:12:54 2007)

Here you go.

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20 July 2007 - Friday

Work: Oog. I had to push some stuff to Monday, because although I have the seconds to do it, I don't have the neurons.

Food: Marith lured me to dinner at Thai City. I don't think I was hungry enough to justify it, but how can you go wrong with Thai food? (Although the green curry was awfully sweet.)

Cats: Yay kitties!

Writing: Check.

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19 July 2007 - Thursday

Work: Blah, work.

Philosophy: My basic position is that the natural world is all we have reason to even suspect that we have, so sacrificing or neglecting it for promises of something that is at best unverifiable is folly.

Apparently this makes me part of a freakish minority. (Being in favor of more rather than less free speech is probably just an artifact of white male privilege, though.)

Cats: Marmalade was Super Affection Beast while I tried to make the bed!

Writing: Check.

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18 July 2007 - Wednesday

Work: Everyone else went to a company party of some kind. I left work at the usual time to have a life outside of Google.

Visual Entertainments: Ken has to get up godawful early tomorrow morning, so we only had time to watch two episodes of Tennimon, but there are only three left so we should be able to finish next time.

Knitting, filesystems, and the Russian black market were discussed, but not future anime showings.

Cats: OMG! When I got home, Benny was curled up in his nesting box with a graphic novel! (Hana Kimi, I think.) So cute!

Writing: Check.

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17 July 2007 - Tuesday

Work: Well, at least it's not Monday anymore.

Visual Entertainments: Tuesday Night Anime! End of El-Hazard OVAs! We are skipping the second OVA series, because Neil has confirmed my recollections of its awfulness, but will see Alternative World.

Also, we have finished all the televised Mushi-Shi. (Tvaxb unf n tveysevraq! Tvaxb unf n tveysevraq!) Six more episodes that were only on the DVD release, and then we have to find something else to watch! I have scheduled My-HimE for that slot, but Marith is making a case for Rose of Versailles. Maybe after El-Hazard: Alternative World, but I want to show Coyote Ragtime Show at some point. Hm.

Cats: I think Benny rubbed up against my leg while miauing for gooshyfoods! Wow!

Writing: Check.

Mushishi by marith (Wed Jul 18 21:42:49 2007)

Well, abg ernyyl, ohg nf n funzryrff snatvey V nz cyrnfrq abarguryrff! :)

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16 July 2007 - Monday

Work: Bleah, working for a living.

Visual Entertainments: GreenCine hasn't sent me new discs, so I watched some Sol Biana. It was okay.

Food: Not Roman!

Cats: Miau!

Writing: Check.

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15 July 2007 - Sunday

Gaming: Earl couldn't make it, so Dave and Jeremy and I played silly board games. Dave crushed us at Munchkin Impossible, then he crushed us at Roborally, then we changed the rules to keep him from winning Dead Money, then he crushed us at two games of Fluxx in a row.

Maybe that means next time it will be my turn to win! Or maybe we'll get a new person to show up, which would be okay too.

Live Entertainments: Julius Caesar, by the Los Gatos Festival Theatre Ensemble. It was performed in almost-modern dress (the senators had sash-like things that draped down in back to wear over their suits) so the war scenes had guns and daggers, which was kind of strange. Also, about half the senators were women, which made Portia's rant somewhat less moving. On the other hand, Trebonius: Femme Fatale!

The war scenes in the latter half of the play had been recast to use the same characters as in the first half, rather than the completely new characters to whom the audience had no connection that were apparently in the original. I haven't seen the original performed, so I can't compare, but the theory seems sound!

Overall, it was enjoyable. I can't say if it was actually good, because I have weak theatre-fu, and it was definitely a little quiet in parts, but I had fun.

This same group is doing Pericles, Prince of Tyre in an Arabian Nights style. We have our list of who we hope gets cast as dancing girls.

Food: Ken made us a mighty Roman picnic to eat before the play! There was sausage cooked with grapes and garlic (peculiarly delicious!), artichoke hearts mixed with bread crumbs and stuff, fresh mozzarella and tomatoes and toasted bread for bruschetta, oyster mushrooms cooked in butter, something with eggplant that I don't remember the name of, olive bread, and probably more I'm forgetting. Ken is truly mighty!

Cats: I think Benny walked on my feet last night! It was the middle of the night, so I might have been unclear on the sequence, but it sure seemed like another cat was stomping across my feets while Marmalade was sitting on my chest, and it's hard to miss Aspen in the dark because she is Fairest Kitty!

Writing: Check.

Menu by Ken (Mon Jul 16 20:06:22 2007)

Here's the menu, with more details available to readers upon request!

Roman Sausage with Grapes (faithfully described above, with a very mild pork sausage) Artichoke Hearts a la Ken (Artichoke hearts with bread crumbs, parmesan, and lots of fresh mint in a white wine olive oil reduction) Bruschetta Mushrooms (Brown mushrooms and oyster mushrooms cooked quickly with a little olive oil and a lot of black pepper) Caponata (Eggplant, onion, pine nuts, and raisins in a balsamic tomato sauce with cinnamon and cocoa) Toasted bread for bruschetta, olive bread, and 9 grain bread.

Some things I skipped: Milk-fed snails, anything involving lark bits, anything involving garum sauce (though I was tempted to substitute Worcester for the balsamic, as it's one of the closest modern equivalents), Cicero's bread recipe (flour, water, a little salt you decadent bastards). It wasn't horribly authentic, though the artichokes and sausages were moderately so. I mean, in several dishes tomatos were involved. I also failed to water the wine, but you know, we're decadent and corrupt these days. Heck, our bread was leavened!

Re: Menu by marith (Tue Jul 17 09:15:05 2007)

Sounds truly yummy and I am sad that I missed it!

(Do you add the decadent bastards to the bread before or after it rises?)

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14 July 2007 - Saturday

Gaming: Earl bailed on gaming, so I don't have to finish an Agon adventure right now. I should probably try to be ready for next fortnight, though.

Visual Entertainments: Ghost Talker's Daydream, a 4-episode OVA series about a dominatrix and medium (being a government medium apparently pays poorly). There is a lot of fan service, but also a lot of doom. The ghosts in this show are not hanging around for trivial reasons after easy deaths.

The main character is portrayed as remarkably unglamorous.

Food: Thai lunch was yummy, but now my digestive system is sad. I don't think the food was bad, I just ate too much or had rich lunch after being too lame to eat breakfast, or something.

Webcomics: I was too lame or oogy or both to go see the new Harry Potter movie, so I spent the afternoon reading webcomics. From somewhere, I got a link to Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan, which is famous for having been running since sometime last century and also amusing. From there I followed links to Amazoness (which has lamentable art but hey, Amazons! It's like Agon research!) and Pawn (which is silly but cute yuri in a dungeon with a scholar and a naked demon), and Pawn led me to Spooky and Tinkle (a cross between the Addams Family and Red Meat, maybe?)

Cats: I extended my foot toward Benny while he was still hoping to get more gooshyfood, and he batted at it a little and put his paw on it! Wow!

Writing: Check.

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13 July 2007 - Friday

Work: I got some customers to stop asking me questions. That's a win, right?

Gaming: Tried to make an Agon adventure in case Earl puts in a surprise appearance on Sunday. Too sleepy and dim. Also, sad with no printer. Maybe Marith can save me.

Visual Entertainments: Happy Lesson OVAs. They're set before the TV series, although the first episodes of each are pretty similar. But yay Hazuki and Mina!

Cats: Yike, Marmalade was Night-Time Affection Monster last night, with the walking on and the purring and flumping down upon and the kittybreading! Good thing I blunted his paws yesterday!

Writing: Check.

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12 July 2007 - Thursday

Work: Check.

Visual Entertainments: Finished the TV series of Happy Lesson! (There are still a few OVAs I haven't seen.) Unlike many shows, the title has an actual meaning! And is explained!

Anyway, I liked it pretty well. The science Mama is definitely my favorite, but for fanservice, the class president's festival costume in the penultimate episode FTW*!

*Where "W" may not actually stand for "Win".

Cats: Marmalade, why are you knocking over the trashcan I just put a new bag in? Freakish cat.

Writing: Check. Ish.

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11 July 2007 - Wednesday

Work: Check.

Customized Clockwork Arthropods: Check.

Gaming: Dragon-Blooded! Somehow we avoided being killed by the horrifically powerful flower spirit Mike's character has a tempestuous relationship with. Presumably she's killing the myriad of giant leeches that crawl toward our base camp because no one but her gets to kill him.

Cats: Miau! (Which might be Cat for "check".)

Writing: Check.

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10 July 2007 - Tuesday

Work: Check.

Visual Entertainments: Neil has abandoned us to do something horrible involving family members and germs, but we had Tuesday Night Anime anyway!

Gah, what sort of numbskulls did they get to write this arc of Bleach!? Even characters played by me are more competent than that!

And what is the major malfunction of these subtitlers!? The sign/screen text subtitles in this fansub of Honey and Clover are about three scan lines high, which is not nearly enough to be legible on a TV!

But Mushi-Shi is good!

Brain: My ruby thing works! It doesn't have any of the bits that would make it interesting, but the most rudimentary functionality is functional!

Cats:Cats, presented with string:

Marmalade: "String! String! Yum!"

Benny: "OMG there's a SCARY HAND MONSTER on the other end of that string!"

Aspen: "Yes, that's a string."

Writing: Check.

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9 July 2007 - Monday


The wall I face has been lowered, but fortunately my big flatscreen monitor protects me from having to look at people in the cube opposite. It's really not as bad as I feared.

Visual Entertainments: More Happy Lesson, which is also Ratty's fault. It continues to have the form of harem comedy, but not really the substance. (There's fan service, but no romance with the harem. The only potential love interests are outsiders.) I like the mad scientist mama, but I also fear her.

Cats: Twelve paws worth! Wow!

Writing: Check.

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8 July 2007 - Sunday

Gaming: Adventures of Jehanne & Alazaïs. The master villain called us up to try to talk us out of crushing him like the insect he is. Alazaïs used her special magic power to make him rant about his plan, which was probably a waste, but now we know it's as bad as NPCs claim. Also, we worked long and hard to use magic to circumvent the orcs.

Brain: One thing that makes me sad about ruby is that if there's a misplaced or missing "end" (and all loops, class definitions, method definitions, ifs, and cases are closed with "end", so there are a lot) the interpreter just complains about the last line in the file. I haven't found a better way of locating the offending line than commenting out pieces of the file until it stops complaining.

Python's mandatory indentation may be wacky, but it does solve this problem nicely.

Cats: No Aspen-scooping today, because she was all nervous. Oh well. She is still Beautiful Kitty!

Writing: Check.

Pre-ending Ruby by Carl (Wed Jul 11 02:08:34 2007)

Why not put the End in as soon as you put the opening statement for the loop structure in, and then insert the block between those lines?

Or Emacs probably has some Ruby-mode that is helpful in some manner, but I'm still a vi-dino and wouldn't know about that.

Re: Pre-ending Ruby by Trip (Wed Jul 11 18:22:25 2007)

I do put the ends in, but unlike some people, I sometimes have to go back and revise my code, and it's easy to miss one end, especially if there's a bunch of them.

Bah, emacs. I have a perfectly good shell already!

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7 July 2007 - Saturday

Visual Entertainments: I had nothing better to do with my Saturday, so I went to see the Transformers movie. It was okay. I mean, it was giant robots from outer space taking the form of internal-combustion vehicles, which places an upper bound on how good it could be, but there was plenty of potential suckage that was avoided.

The fight scenes would have been a lot better if the two sides were color-coded, though.

Also, Finished Space Pirate Mito! The ending was heteronormative, but not as much so as it could have been, and it was an ending. Happy, even!

Food: Yay Thai lunch!

Cats: Oops, today Aspen was pointy when I scooped her. Only a little bit, and once I had her I got to hold her for a little while, but still. Ow.

I set up a box with towel padding for the new kitties on the first day they arrived, but only in the past few days has Benny actually nested in it. I guess that's like progress!

Writing: Check.

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6 July 2007 - Friday

Work: Yay! A second Friday to offset the second Monday!

Gaming: I don't have any strong urge to run a Bleach game, but these random zanpakutō would make pretty good magic weapons for D&D too. Where by "good" I mean "completely confusing to the players".

Visual Entertainments: More Space Pirate Mito! It really is the TFoS genre.

The Mythos: This makes me sad I don't play chess.

Cats: I got to hug Aspen again! In fact, I scooped her! I had to do it during the few seconds between her finishing her gooshyfood and her daring escape, but I managed to cuddle her in my lap and tell her what a good cat she is!

Benny, of course, is still a spaz. But a cute spaz! Maybe he will be less of a spaz when I decide for good whether to end his name with a y or an ie.

Writing: Check.

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5 July 2007 - Thursday

Thermions: DO NOT WANT. I think they made my DSL modem stop working for a while.

Work: The problem with an extra bonus Friday in the week is that it comes with an extra bonus Monday, inseparable as quarks.

On the other tentacle, a lot of customers seem to be taking this half of the week off.

Visual Entertainments: Disc 2 (of 4) of Space Pirate Mito. Soon, more doom!

Cats: Orange and white and grey and stripey!

Writing: Check.

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4 July 2007 - Wednesday

Work: No work! Exploding Day!

Visual Entertainments: Unbreakable, which I failed to see in the theater. Okay, that was a plot twist, but overall, enh. Insufficient exploration of the ideas, presumably because Shyamalan isn't a real SF person.

Silly Computer Games: Pseudoquest. I blame Lore Sjoberg.

Cats: It is very unfair of Benny to have such a cute tummy but not allow me to froofle it! (Oh look, it's the voice of Primate Privilege.)

Writing: Check.

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3 July 2007 - Tuesday

Work: It's like Extra Bonus Friday!

Visual Entertainments: Yay Tuesday Night Anime!

The hot-springs episode of El-Hazard has more fan service than I had remembered. But that's okay!

I am considering blowing off the second OAV series, which I recall as really not being very good, and skipping straight to Alternative World. It is within my power, you know!

I suspect we'll stop watching Bleach when the Bounto arch ends, to give the next plot arc time to finish so we can watch it straight through. This is unquestionably a failure on my part.

Cats: I can walk right by Aspen without her running away, so long as I'm obviously not coming to get her.

Writing: Check.

Bleach by marith (Thu Jul 5 00:04:17 2007)

How is it a failure on your part? Have you failed to anticipate the release schedule of the anime 110 episodes in advance? Tsk! :)

Re: Bleach by Trip (Thu Jul 5 07:54:45 2007)

I didn't make sure that Bleach was completely released before beginning to show it at Tuesday Night Anime!

Re: bleach by marith (Thu Jul 5 11:13:28 2007)

But then we still wouldn't have seen any of it, and we wouldn't know what a zanpakuto was or anything! (Also, I wouldn't get half the anime references being made on LJ these days.)

So I'm glad we started watching it anyway. :)

Re: Bleach by Carl (Thu Jul 5 18:45:31 2007)

Bleach will never end! It will continue on and on even past the limits of Inuyasha, until at the final heat death of the universe there will be only Bleach! And Naruto, of course.

In the meantime, Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society just came out.

Pleasingly, Rightstuf will be releasing Victorian Romance Emma as two boxed sets, although maybe there'll be a third season and so you still can't show it.

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2 July 2007 - Monday

Work: Check. Bah.

Visual Entertainments: Madlax disc five! All the major characters are now in the same place and most of them are about to be fed to the Maguffin!

Cats: I got to hug Aspen! She was hogging all the gooshyfood, so I switched from petting her to hugging her and holding her away from the food while Bennie caught up, and although she was not entirely happy, she did not growl or savage me or anything! Yay Aspen!

I should probably switch to giving each cat an individual plate to eat gooshyfood from.

Writing: Check.

Cats! by Lucy (Mon Jul 2 11:03:53 2007)

Yay for Aspen! Sounds like the little guys are coming on really well :)

Re: Cats! by Trip (Mon Jul 2 19:08:01 2007)

They are! I expect I will get to scoop them both before the year is out!

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1 July 2007 - Sunday

Gaming: I meant to ride the bus over to Jeremy's to play silly board games, but I ran into Jeremy near the burrito joint, which was much more convenient and also involved watermelon juice.

Before there could be games, though, Dave and I had to help assemble a trampoline for the benefit of Jeremy and Rachel's spawns. Casualties were relatively light.

Jeremy, Carcassonne shark, used his vast experience at playing against Mike to crush us like insects. He didn't quite double my score, but he did triple Dave's. Then, he crushed us at Roborally! (This time, it was Dave who was less doomed.) And at King's Blood! When we had to break in the middle of SPANC, I was ahead, but Jeremy claims he would have won that game too if we had gotten to finish. I can't say he wouldn't have!

Visual Entertainments: First disc of Hikaru no Go It's like sports anime without the sweat! (Yes, I do seem to be watching a lot of first discs. Eventually I will decide which second discs to watch.)

Cats: Have I mentioned that my cats are adorable?

Writing: Check.

Karma by Jeremy (Thu Jul 5 22:22:07 2007)

I guess I was owed something to balance out the arm-breaking, back-wrenching doom I inflicted on my daughters before we settled down to game. They'll recover, but I'll pay for the rest of my life.

No injuries yet, but I doubt I'll have to wait long.

Re: Karma by Trip (Fri Jul 6 10:17:44 2007)

Actually, my money is on Rachel for first serious trampoline injury.

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