Previously, in Trip's Life...

30 September 2007 - Sunday

Gaming: After a couple of sessions of flailing around not really knowing what to do, Jehanne and Alazaïs and their entourage have a plan, because I had a Stupid Idea! Now the PCs can be eaten by two extremely powerful supernatural beings at once!

Food: Ken made Indian Potato-Tomato Stuff to feed gamers. Apparently it was more tomatoey than previous instantiations, but still not bad. Also, oyster mushrooms with scallions, naan, and some sort of strange but tasty pumpkin-filled flatbread. Like a giant quesadilla with pumpkin paste instead of cheese!

Cats: Miau!

Writing: Check.

Ring passed by Jeremy (Tue Oct 2 07:44:34 2007)

Level 40, 22k+ points. Free at last! Never reading your wretched time sink of a journal again!

Well, briefly, perhaps.

Ring passed by Marith (Tue Oct 2 09:17:52 2007)

Level 67, last night. :) Still only about 20k points, though. The strategies for high score vs. high level seem to be significantly different.

Re: Ring passed by Trip (Tue Oct 2 10:50:38 2007)

Time to find another game!

Re: Ring passed by Trip (Tue Oct 2 13:32:07 2007)

So far as I can tell, the difference in strategy is how long you hold out for something better, instead of just taking something that will fill the last space.

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29 September 2007 - Saturday

The Tyranny of Stuff: I went to the bookstore to get two books (the new Pratchett and the new Erikson). I ended up with nine. No wonder my bookshelves are stuffed to overflowing. :(

Cats: Twelve extremely cute paws!

Marmalade has taken to lurking in the Linen Closet of Solitude again.

Writing: Check.

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28 September 2007 - Friday

Work: Yay Friday!

Visual Entertainments: Deadwood. This being the US, I presume the preacher is intended to be a sympathetic character, but mostly he just seems schizophrenic to me.

Cats: I have such cute kitties!

Writing: Check. Check. Check. Check. If there were a market for extremely short stories with a bizarre writing style and no semblance of a plot, I'd be rich! (Well, no, because the market would still want them to be written well, but I can dream!)

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27 September 2007 - Thursday

Visual Entertainments: Showed Marith the Bleach and Coyote Ragtime Show she missed. Then finished the disc of Idol Project, which had only one more (long) episode. Wacky!

It randomly occurs to me that for such a shounen series, Bleach doesn't have much fanservice. There's the short white-haired guy's second (Rangiku?) and her Cleavage of Doom, a few bits when Yoruichi [SPOILER]ed, and about two seconds of Orihime in her bra, but not much else that I can remember. Huh.

Buh:Apparently Graydon reads Tales of Mu. Or, well, someone posting under the name Graydon does, and how many can there be? Buh!

Cats: All of my cats have managed to escape their collars. The store I go to is out of stock in the size that fits Marmalade, and of course the other two are collar-resistant. Since they are indoor-only cats, and Marmalade hasn't escaped once in a year and a half, this in theory is okay, but I wibble. Like this: WiBbLe!

Writing: Check. And check again, kinda.

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26 September 2007 - Wednesday

Work: Spent most of the day doing desktop streaming with a customer with a really weird problem. The symptoms clearly indicate one specific problem, but when we corrected that, things didn't work any better. Maybe we corrected it incorrectly? Bah.

Visual Entertainments: Ken, Dave, and I couldn't get to Cat and Earl's because Marith was being flogged for low morale at her work, and then we learned that they had bailed on us without announcing it anyway. Bah!

Finished a disc of Orphen, started a disc of Idol Project. Huh. Wonder why I asked GreenCine to send me that.

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: Check.

lack of anime by cat (Thu Sep 27 13:05:53 2007)

Wait, i didn't think we bailed; i just thought nobody could make it over. nyr?

Re: lack of anime by Trip (Thu Sep 27 13:45:36 2007)

I thought Dave indicated that you had made alternate plans before we confirmed the shape of our doom, but perhaps I thought wrongly. It was like a game of telephone, only with real telephones!

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25 September 2007 - Tuesday

Visual Entertainments: Marith couldn't make it to anime because she had to stay at work and be tortured by her incompetent management structure some more. Thus, she missed the grand finale of the Bounto arc in Bleach. Oh the tragedy.

Honey and Clover taunts us with the possibility of revealing what Morita's job is! Also, fan-service episode! My-HiME had the fan-service epilogue, but also many explosions. Coyote Ragtime Show had a plot twist and quite a few explosions. Only three episodes to go, so I expect there to be quite a few more explosions in the pipeline!

Next week, Kamichu!! I think SuperGALS will be next after CRS. Not sure what to show after H&C. Ergo Proxy, maybe. Or I hear rumors about a third season of Ghost in the Shell.

Cats: The last mat has been brushed out of Marmalade's fur, so his splendor is once again at its proper level!

Writing: Check.

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24 September 2007 - Monday

Work: Augh Monday.

Travel: Now I have heard the story of Ayse and Ken's Excellent Adventure! With visual aids! Wow, British Museum full of old things! Wow, American Museum of Natural History full of dinosaurs! Wow, English gardens! And castles! And books!

They brought me an assortment of parasites!

Visual Entertainments: Half a disk of Orphen. Wow, there was smooching. I thought it was too shounen of a show for that.

Cats: Twelve paws! Of cuteness!

Writing: Check.

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23 September 2007 - Sunday

Travel: Ayse and Ken have successfully returned from Abroad! They are not dead! Their cats are glad to see them!

They were too flat to have people over, but I heard some about Ayse's book-related adventures over the phone. She has books!

Gaming: Amazingly, there were four people available, so we tried out Primetime Adventures. After some brainstorming, we decided upon Disposable Clones of the CDC! Characters were made, or mostly made, and the clones were sent off to deal with a sudden outbreak of Unknown Hemorrhagic Fever in Reno. Confusion abounded, especially regarding the difference between a scene's agenda and a conflict's desired outcome, and the allowable scope of a desired outcome, but we got the first set of clones condemned to a horrible oozing death and the second hooked up with "Patient Zero" before we had to break.

Apparently, any game that requires Dave to think about the story as a story (director stance?) causes his brain to shut down and then implode. This is very sad for everyone involved. I guess it's back to Champions, or D&D.

Silly Computer Games:I still suck at Ring Pass Not, but apparently I've gotten Jeremy hooked on it. I always wanted to grow up to be a bad influence!

Cats: Aspen and Benny were lying on the bed with their arms around each other! So adorable! (The bed is a more popular place for cats to hang out as the weather gets cooler, it seems.)

When I was readying myself to sleep, Aspen and Benny were back on the bed, so I sat down at the end of the bed to read for a bit. That was still too close for Benny, but Aspen stayed where she was and even let me pet her a little bit. When I got up and started moving around, though, she scarpered.

Writing: Check.

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22 September 2007 - Saturday


Visual Entertainments: GreenCine has sent me more Orphen. Which is okay, but I wish they'd find something earlier in my queue to send me. While I'm at it, I wish they'd undo whatever it is they did that changed the one-way trip time for discs from one day to one week. And a pony on the side, please.

Silly Computer Games: Someday I will defeat you, Ring Pass Not!

Cats: Apparently the fur I brushed off Marmalade and squished into a ball is the Best Toy Ever. If it were just Marmalade, I could imagine he was blaming it for the pain of having his mats brushed out and was trying to get revenge, but Aspen and Benny like it too.

Cats are so weird.

Writing: Check.

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21 September 2007 - Friday

Work: Yay Friday!

Cats: Twenty paws!

Writing: Check.

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20 September 2007 - Thursday

Work: Bleeeeeeen.

Visual Entertainments: One episode of Deadwood. Huh. I guess they weren't major characters after all.

Silly Computer Games: Symbol pool 13 and 6 synergy pairs are both good things to get in Ring Pass Not! Now if only I could get them both at once! (Yah, right. I can't even get both quadruple color harmony and quadruple shape harmony at once.)

Cats: Miau! And also, miau!

Writing: check.

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19 September 2007 - Wednesday

Buccaneering: Arr, mateys, it be Talk Like a Pirate Day! No backtalk or I'll keelhaul the lot o' ye!

Work: The landlubbers be oppressin' my pirate spirit with their scurvy business language!

Silly Computer Games: Arrr! That dragon canna avoid bein' pillaged forever!

Cats: All five o' the little buccaneers present an' accounted for!

Writing: Aye!

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18 September 2007 - Tuesday

Visual Entertainments: Wow, I had forgotten how fan-servicy My-HiME it is. But on the other hand, the first episode has both a ninja and a pirate!

The final battle in Bleach has started, so only two more episodes to go! After being dead slow for 27 episodes, Honey and Clover has started resolving things at a good clip! (Which is probably for the best, since they have only eight more episodes.) Coyote Ragtime Show continues to have improvised plans and HUGE EXPLOSIONS! Marciano has clearly been shopping at a higher tech level than everyone else.

Food: Blargh, I think something in the Quizno's sandwich I had for dinner disagreed with me. Fortunately my digestion is sturdy.

Silly Computer Games: I only played a few games of Ring Pass Not! Really!

Cats: Twenty paws!

Writing: Check.

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17 September 2007 - Monday

Visual Entertainments: Oh. That's where they hide the other episodes on the Tylor discs. I have to cop to being an idiot, but jeez, who designed these DVD menus? (Yah, I know, same as who's responsible for any aspect of an American release of any anime: the brother of the old college roommate of the producer, the producer in his spare time, some homeless guy off the street with a WILL DESIGN DVD MENUS FOR BOOZE sign, ....)

At least I figured it out in time to watch the end of the series.

Cats: I didn't know the Foglios had met Marmalade!

Jinian, by the way, is fine. And also stripy.

Writing: Check.

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16 September 2007 - Sunday

Gaming: Today would normally be Adventures of Jehan & Alazaïs, but Ayse and Ken are GONE! Hmph! I'll just have to have fun without them!

...apparently by reading werewolf books all day. Oh well.

Visual Entertainments: These Irresponsible Captain Tylor DVDs seem to skip huge chunks of episodes. I don't remember what volume 1 was, but volume 2 has episodes 8-11, and volume 3 has episodes 15-17. And they're not double-sided. ???

Silly Computer Games: Well, at least I didn't stay up until 3986512951 o'clock playing Ring Pass Not!

Cats: So many kitties!

I can't tell if Marmalade likes the Furminator or not! He wiggles around so much it's hard to brush him, and fangs me if I catch a mat, but otherwise purrs and purrs and flops down purring and stands up to wiggle around with more purring!

Writing: Check. (Actually double check, I think, but enh.)

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15 September 2007 - Saturday

Visual Entertainments: A little more Irresponsible Captain Tylor. Still waiting for it to become cool.

Silly Computer Games: Still full of the suck at Ring Pass Not.

Cats: All three of my kitties were sleeping on my bed this morning! Aspen was using Benny as a pillow, Benny was using my stuffed animals as a pillow, and Marmalade was curled up right next to them! So cute!

When I went over to feed Ayse's kitties, there was no sign of Jinian, but Aime was Super-Snuggle-Kitty! I scooped her and walked around with her and she purred and purred. I think she misses her people.

Writing: Check. Check. Check. Check. Check. Check. Check. Check. Yes, that's OCTUPLE writing: more than 2000 words. Not good or useful words, mind you, but they are mostly English words and marginally grammaticabled.

check check check check check! by kitlings (Sun Sep 16 10:50:48 2007)


Re: check check check check check! by Trip (Sun Sep 16 17:34:22 2007)

If I could get one check for each Kitling, I'd be set!

Jinian by Ken (Tue Sep 18 07:43:08 2007)

Have you and/or Dave seen her since? Bad dream makes me a little concerned.

Re: Jinian by Trip (Tue Sep 18 09:21:05 2007)

Yes! I saw her yesterday morning and she was fine!

Jinian by Dave (Tue Sep 18 10:14:52 2007)

As you know, Aimee loves attention. And when there aren't people around, she tries to get it from Jinian. Well, that's okay to a point, but eventually Jinian gets fed up with it, so she goes and hides inside the matress, and growls when anything disturbs her. She's fine, she just needs a little time on her own, sometimes. ;)

Oh, and she comes right out when gooshyfood shows up. Some things take priority.

Jinian! by Ayse (Tue Sep 18 15:42:53 2007)

Thanks for the reassurance! I'm so glad that the kitties are doing well. We are all good too and having fun, although with very sore feets!

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14 September 2007 - Friday

Work: Friday!

Gaming: No gaming for me.

Visual Entertainments: Couple more episodes of Irresponsible Captain Tylor. I'm assured it gets more interesting.

Silly Computer Games: Still sucking at Ring Pass Not.

Cats: Twelve paws! And some borrowed paws!

Writing: Check.

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13 September 2007 - Thursday

Silly Computer Games: Obviously I didn't stay up late enough playing Ring Pass Not, because I only made it to level 17. My best score ever, though.

Cats: So many kitties! So furry!

Marmalade's fur is getting some mats around his hindquarters. Meep. He is not tolerant of my messing with them like Dani was, either.

Writing: Check.

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12 September 2007 - Wednesday

Glyphs: Here's how to write "wum" in Unicode! Also "Zatz"!

Visual Entertainments: Despite the lack of Ayse and Ken, we descended upon Cat and Earl and made them show us The Cat Returns. It was very cute!

After Earl and Cat double-teamed Windows and beat it into submission, they also showed us some pictures of their expedition to Japan and Taiwan. I think if Cat is going to be used as a scale bar, she should wear a floor-length white dress with black stripes every ten centimeters.

Cats: While the cats were crowding around the door waiting for me to come across with the gooshyfoods, Benny ran under Marmalade! Stripy cats at right angles! So silly!

Writing: Check.

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11 September 2007 - Tuesday

Work: Fortunately I a) have no masculinity left to lose, and b) have my own cube, so it was more or less okay that I broke down crying when reading Alex's last words. Because I am a big lame softy.

Visual Entertainments: Oigh, I had forgotten about the "bonus" episode of El-Hazard: The Alternative World. But that's over and done with now. Bleach has only one more three-episode-long fight scene until the end of the plot arc. Honey and Clover actually advanced the plot! Coyote Ragtime Show was very Feng Shui-like this week.

Next week, My-HiME! Two weeks after that, Kamichu!!

I should investigate Bleach episodes 110 onward, to find out what, if any, should be shown in future.

Food: Despite Marith being flogged daily by her current workplace, at least they probably don't have a cafeteria whose daily theme today is "Spicy!".

Silly Computer Games: Actually, I only ever made it to level 21 on Ring Pass Not. But I got more points when I managed to get perfectly balanced symbols about five times in a row, even though I only made it to level 15.

Sleep is for the weak!

Cats: After the incident described above, I had to flee home and hug Marmalade and tell him I love him. Because I am a big lame softy.

Writing: Check.

How to win at Ring Pass Not by marith (Fri Sep 14 00:20:10 2007)

Promise yourself to go to bed after just one game. You will suddenly start doing amazingly well and be unable to sleep until oh, say midnight and level 36. :P


Kamichu! by Carl (Fri Sep 14 03:41:04 2007)

Conveniently, the all-in-one DVD set of Kamichu comes out 9/25. Along with the final disc of Ergo Proxy which you should therefore schedule for some future Tuesday, because it's Goth CSI Meets Bladerunner or so people have claimed with a straight face.

Story of Saiunkoku's first volume just came out, but second season only recently got underway in Japan, I believe. It's very good so far.

Black Lagoon can take over the mindless but stylish violence slot from Coyote Ragtime Show when it finishes coming out in a year or so. It would be a spoiler to say whether it has lethal maid robots but it came out this year, so you can probably realize the answer easily ennough.

Cat's Eye is finally coming out in the US but it'll be a while yet. Its animation style is very old school, but it has the world's dumbest detective and three cute sisters who steal stuff dressed up like cat burglars, so you know you wanna.

By the time you finish My-Hime the unsequel Mai-Otome should be finished coming out, or something like that.

After a long long time there's now a sequel coming out to Aura Battler Dunbine, called Wings of Rean, because I guess people couldn't get enough of big bug robot battles in a fantasy kingdom. is having a 20% off sale on everything in stock, until 9/23.

The new Neon Genesis Evangelion movie was allegedly showing in Tokyo but not at the theaters I ran across. It's only the first of four anyway.

Re: Kamichu! by Trip (Fri Sep 14 09:37:31 2007)

I think I already have all of Kamichu!. There are only 16 episodes, right?

The mere presence of the name "Kamichu" kept trying to turn my <cite> tags into <cute> tags.

Since Coyote Ragtime Show is only 12 episodes, I don't think it will last until Black Lagoon comes out, but I'm sure we can find something to fill the gap. Maybe this Ergo Proxy thing. Or third season of GitS.

Thanks for the recommendations!

Re: How to win at Ring Pass Not by Trip (Fri Sep 14 09:38:57 2007)

No fair! When I did that, I only got to level 17!

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10 September 2007 - Monday

Work: Huh, not too bad for a Monday. Even with the bit where I forgot to log out of my phone and got called at the very moment I had to go catch a bus.

Silly Computer Games: Gave up on the boomerang level of Bloons in favor of Ring Pass Not. I made it to level 22 once!

Cats: Benny lurked upon the dark bedding of my bed, all ninja-like! And adorable!

Writing: Check.

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9 September 2007 - Sunday

Visual Entertainments: Second disc of season two of Orphen. Enh. Hopefully soon GreenCine will be able to scare up some of the discs higher on my queue.

Cats: Dave has been enkeyed, so I am only responsible for (on average) sixteen paws! But they are all still very cute!

Writing: Check.

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8 September 2007 - Saturday

Bookstore Accident: Well, not so much an accident as depraved negligence, since I had to deliberately get on the bus to Palo Alto where the Borders is. On the other hand, my list of books to hunt down is much shorter now, and my shoulder joints didn't quite come apart on the way home!

Visual Entertainments: Another couple episodes of Deadwood. Okay, I don't want all the characters to die.

Silly Computer Games: Bloons should be easy -- how complicated can you get with a monkey and a stack of darts? -- but I can't figure out the boomerang level. Bah.

Cats: I am now responsible for twenty paws' worth of cats! Aieee!

On the other hand, I got to beep Aspen's nose on multiple occasions!

Writing: Check.

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7 September 2007 - Friday

Work: Well, at least today we had electricity all day!

Food: Yummy Thai take-out! (When three-seasoned chicken gets put in a takeout container, the chili oil accumulates on the top in a really alarming thick red layer!)

Friends: Ayse and Ken are safely away in the direction of London! The airport shuttle suffered a mechanical breakdown, an organization breakdown, or both (now we know why they had the cheapest rates!) but Marith was able to transport them and all their stuff to the airport.

After all that panicking, they better have fun on their vacation! Or I will frown!

Cats: TWENTY paws! (Okay, I am only visiting some of them, but still!)

Writing: Check.

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6 September 2007 - Thursday

Work: There was a huge power outage in the middle of the day so I had to sit and read for a couple of hours until PG&E got its act together. Well, after doing a couple of puzzles on the whiteboard.

Random Encounters: Linnea! Gwack! She isn't dead! She's married! She has two kids and a station wagon! She lives about three towns to the north of here! She passed by while I was waiting for the bus home from comics! I was very astounded!

Cats: It's a myth that cats are colorblind. Like most mammals, they are dichromatic (two color receptors), which gives Marmalade the ability to recognize which of my shirts make the best backgrounds for orange fur.

In the evening, Ayse came over to visit the kitties. She was very admiring of Benny's splendidness, and got him to nibble her fingers! Also she was leapt all over by Marmalade!

Writing: Check, although I didn't quite make up for yesterday. (There were kitties!)

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5 September 2007 - Wednesday

Gaming: No Dragon-Blooded because no Ayse! Sadness!

Mike lured us over to his place to play board games and we ended up playing Scepter of Zavandor, which is really remarkably similar to Phoenicia (the other proposal). I did well in the early and middle game, but then Ken swooped from behind to crush me like the insect I am! Bah!

Cats: Aspen and Benny seem to have leveled out in their acceptance of me. I need a Very Clever Plan.

Writing: FAILURE. I didn't get home until late and my network connection doesn't connect and I suck.

The Extremely Sad Absence of the Internet on Wednesday last by Chrisber (Thu Sep 6 15:27:05 2007)

We had no internet on Wednesday, from 1600 till past bedtime (i.e. it was still down when I went to bed). Do you get your internet from idiom? I called their phone-tree, and even pushed the buttons to page someone. It was very sad, but the internet was working again this morning. I wonder what happened....

Re: The Extremely Sad Absence of the Internet on Wednesday last by Trip (Thu Sep 6 15:33:55 2007)

Yes, yes I do! And it was looking like it might be a problem on their side of the connection, because all my lights were green, but I had to be crushed like an insect so I didn't get a chance to look into it and then there was a huge power outage at work today so I haven't gotten around to writing them. But I will do that now!

Re: The Extremely Sad Absence of the Internet on Wednesday last by Trip (Thu Sep 6 18:53:34 2007)

Idiom has confirmed that they had an outage last night which is all fixed now. It wasn't the Network Gnomes eating our packets!

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4 September 2007 - Tuesday

Work: It's like Monday, but on Tuesday!

Visual Entertainments: Tuesday Night Anime! Coyote Ragtime Show had one of the sillier security systems I've seen (they should have gotten someone who watches lots of heist/caper flicks to consult), but it still rocks OK. We've gotten to season 2 of Honey and Clover, so after the recap episode there was new doom. Yay! Bleach continues to slaughter named characters, so presumably the end of the arc continues to draw nearer! (Eventually I should look up what episode it ends on, so I can schedule properly.) El-Hazard: The Alternative World will explode horribly next week, killing all the characters.

Food: Neil brought burritos from the place which has dethroned the previous Best Burritos in Mountain View champion after 27(?) years. Yummy!

Silly Computer Games:I sacrificed a Button Men Online player to the dark gods of DTD! Soon, all power will be mine!

Cats: Marmalade has taken to lurking under the futon in the front library where Aspen used to lurk. Aspen now mostly sleeps in the cat bed, which is where Benny used to sleep. Benny has knocked a bunch of boxes off the stack in the back bedroom to make a good place to lie near the window. Cats are weird sometimes.

Writing: Check.

Burritos by Ken (Fri Sep 7 19:27:53 2007)

Well, man? What is the name and where is it? Out with it! This is critical information, dammit!

Re: Burritos by Trip (Fri Sep 7 22:56:11 2007)

Taqueria La Bamba, which Google says is on Old Middlefield just east of Rengstorff. That matches Neil's description of being about a hundred feet from the place on the corner that used to be the Best Burrito in Mountain View, so I believe Google this time.

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3 September 2007 - Monday

Work: Labor Day!

Visual Entertainments: Watched another episode of Deadwood. Still not sure anyone in the show doesn't need shooting.

Cats: I foolishly attempted to seize Benny because he was so seizable! No harm to anyone ensued, but Benny looked at me so accusingly! I am such a terrible cat-dad!

Writing: Check.

deadwood by kit (Tue Sep 4 14:14:00 2007)

Not that I've watched it, but I thought that was kind of the point of Deadwood. :)

Re: deadwood by Trip (Tue Sep 4 18:36:24 2007)

I guess it's pretty successful, then!

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2 September 2007 - Sunday

Gaming: No gaming! Dave failed to schedule appropriately! Ayse has to do three weeks worth of homework by day after tomorrow or something, so this isn't the worst possible outcome.

Visual Entertainments: Final disc of DNAngel. Enh. It was okay.

Silly Computer Games: I didn't spend the whole day playing DTD!

Cats: Still exactly twelve paws!

Writing: Check.

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1 September 2007 - Saturday

Food: Marith lured me to OPH for brunch, so I lured her to Thai City for dinner. Muahahaha!

Cats: All three cats were at the end of the hallway together tussling and looking at me and emitting rays of superiority!

Writing: Check.

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