Previously, in Trip's Life...

31 October 2007 - Wednesday

The Future: All carbon, all the time.

Gaming: Sand Pirates, the do-over! This time the players did not roll abysmally, and did wear their armor, so they were not eaten by faunas. In fact, they defeated five sandgators, three terror birds, and one tall mouther, and were still alive to encounter the human opposition.

Mike had to be at home to hand out sugar while Susan was escorting the kids to get sugar handouts, so we had to game there, but that was okay. Almost none of the candy looked at all appealing.

Food: Mike's Special Chicken Quesadilla of Doom.

Silly Computer Games: Previously, my strategy for DTD has been to make a windy path that the creeps have to traverse while taking fire the whole way. However, in the all-spawn-all-the-time challenge, this isn't entirely satisfactory because when sub-creeps spawn on the other side of walls they often end up further along the path. Clearly I need to lay out the path so that spawning across a wall always leads to outside the path, requiring the creeps to slog back up to the beginning and start again. But that would take twice as many towers and reduce the path length by a factor of, I think, three.

Cats: Poor Marmalade is the most oppressed cat ever because I keep putting things in his eye!

Eight paws. :(

Writing: Check.

Benny by Lucy (Thu Nov 1 09:04:54 2007)

OMG I am SO sorry. I just heard. How perfectly awful. I'm glad the others are OK. I know how terrible it is to suddenly lose a cat and that nothing anyone says can make you feel better. Have you told Ellen?

Re: Benny by Trip (Thu Nov 1 10:05:23 2007)

I haven't told Ellen because I have no idea what to say. "You know that cat you gave me because I said I'd take good care of him? I uh didn't."? :(

Benny by Lucy (Thu Nov 1 14:20:50 2007)

You did take good care of him, one only needs to read this blog to see how much you loved him. There is nothing to say the vet would have been able to do something if you'd taken him sooner and it is so hard to tell how sick a cat is. I know. Walter was fine one day, a bit sick the next morning and dead by the time I got home from work. He was only 5 and in good health, I never imagined he'd die before he reached 6.

Lucy is smart! by Marith (Thu Nov 1 18:24:11 2007)

And wise in the way of cats! So you should believe her!

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30 October 2007 - Tuesday

Work: Bah, customers!

Visual Entertainments: Marith abandoned us, but we started SuperGALS! anyway! Hah! But then I was lame and didn't bring the disc with the second scheduled episode of Kamichu!, so we had to watch an extra My-HiME to make up for it.

Ko-gals! Subsi-dates! Phone hunting! Cats! Revolution! Pro wrestling! Explosions! New HiMEs! Fan service!

Food: Because Marith wasn't there, Neil and I were forced to order a pizza with mushrooms and olives.

Seismic Activity: Check! (5.6, epicenter in San Jose.) Hey, that means the Big One is that much further off, right?

Cats: Marmalade miaus at random intervals. I think he wonders where Benny is. :(

Writing: Check.

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29 October 2007 - Monday

Work: Yucky yucky Monday.

Gaming: I have cut out an assortment of cardboard miniatures (which goes so much better with a sharp blade, a strong light, and a straightedge) to use against the players on Wednesday. Muahahahahaha.

Visual Entertainments: Second (and apparently final) disc of Idol Project. It's like TFOS, without the logical rigor and internal consistency!

Silly Computer Games: Played a little DTD after ignoring it for a while. The challenge modes (random weird restrictions like not being able to unbuild towers, or having only a subset of tower types available) might be interesting.

Cats: It's the time of year when the apartment seems empty and lonely anyway, but the lack of a Bennycat does not help. He may not have played with me or snuggled with me, but he was always around lounging adorably and tussling with the other cats and trotting through the apartment with his tail up.

Benny interacted more with the other cats than they did with each other, but tonight I saw Marmalade and Aspen curled up together on top of the giant plush bee Melli-chan, so perhaps they will be okay.

Eight paws, which is not the correct number.

Writing: Check.

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28 October 2007 - Sunday

Gaming: After the triumph of last week, we are back to flailing around incompetently trying to plan. We now believe the master villain necromancer kidnapped the local high priest of murder to use in his horrible ritual, and we have a deadline of five days. We sort of have a vague plan, and have a dwarven magic item rented for a promise of a mere few dozen times our current total wealth, so perhaps next time we will have some action scenes.

Food: Yay leftover cacciatored chicken!

Silly Computer Games: I am tempted to set up some kind of Windows emulation on spore so that I can try out Dwarf Fortress because Ken and Ayse keep hyping it. It sounds very... fortified. And dwarfish!

Cats: Today it was Marmalade's turn to ride in the Box of Travelling! He sang revolutionary anthems all the way to the vet and all the way back, but otherwise was about 5612965126521 times more cooperative than Aspen. He did wiggle and climb on my shoulders and wiggle some more the whole time we were waiting in the examination room, but not with claws or teeth, because he is a Good Cat.

He has a little conjunctivitis in one eye, but now we have drops for that, and otherwise he is just what a cat should be, both physically and chemically!

Writing: Check.

Priest of Murder by Ken (Tue Oct 30 18:33:04 2007)

He's pretty insistent on being a priest of the Lord of Endings, which sounds much better than murder! Plus, the only person you've actually seen him murder was Artok "Mister" The Mangler, who was actually pretty clear about being a priest of Murder.

Religion, causing arguments and stabbings since 'ought 6.

Re: Priest of Murder by Trip (Wed Oct 31 08:48:01 2007)

And when Alazaïs becomes a blackguard, maybe she'll buy his PR!

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27 October 2007 - Saturday

Visual Entertainments: Tried watching some Hyper Police. I liked it when I watched the fansubs many years ago, so I bought it on DVD at some point. (Maybe as part of the 25-discs-for-$100 special.) I'm not sure it holds up to rewatching, though, or maybe it's just that the art style is rather dated. Ah well. Maybe the "Quick Return" feature that GreenCine has introduced in response to their slowness will ensure that I have a proper supply of frivolous anime to watch.

Silly Computer Games:I tried Onslaught and Flash Circle TD (from this page opining about the top 5 tower defense games), but they are not as cool as DTD. Also, I think the simple graphics of DTD are a feature, not a bug, but then I'm not one of these hip modern gamers with their photorealistic breasts and their special ray-traced dirt.

Cats:Most traumatic vet visit ever!

Not so much for Aspen, although she was not best pleased, but for poor Marith, who was mauled by Fierce Warrior Cat Aspen in our first attempt to capture her! (After my failed attempt to lure her into the carrier with gooshyfood.) Somehow I then lulled her into a false sense of security and managed to stuff her into the carrier and take her away to be poked and prodded and deprived of her dignity. One of the receptionists told Marith horror stories about untreated cat bites leading to mutation and amputation and whatnot, so she went to the doctor while Aspen was being assaulted.

Except for being plump, Aspen was pronounced acceptable upon cursory examination, but I wanted them to take blood samples to see if she had what Benny had. Alas, it turns out that one of her Fierce Warrior Cat techniques is to not bleed easily, so it took at least four attempts to get enough blood for testing. Poor punctured kitty!

Later, the nice vet said that the red fluid that was extracted from Aspen was almost entirely like cat blood! A couple of the numbers are slightly off, so they'd like to see her back in a month or so to check the derivative, but no action is called for at this time.

Writing: Check.

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26 October 2007 - Friday

Work: Blah, too many customers.

Visual Entertainments: Even more Black Cat. Eve doesn't get enough screen time.

Cats: Thanks to everyone who sent good wishes and condolences and stuff.

Marmalade is all antsy and fidgety. I think he might realize something is wrong. :(

Aspen and Marmalade both seem to be in good health, but we will take them in for preventive maintenance over the weekend, since we don't know whether Benny had something that could be contagious.

There should not be any more cats dying.

Writing: Check.

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25 October 2007 - Thursday

Cats: Benny was awfully inert this morning, but didn't seem to be in distress, so I went in to work for my designated frontline shift until 13:00, and then went home to meet up with Marith and take Benny to the vet.

We didn't have an appointment, but the vet-tech was able to look at Benny fairly quickly, and went "OMG THIS CAT IS SO SICK!" In a professional manner, of course, but there was summoning of vets and rushing to the treatment room and IVs and hot-water bottles (because Benny's core temp was about ten °F low) and general alarm. They whisked Benny into the ICU to be hydrated and warmed while waiting for test results to come back and shooed Marith and I away.

A couple of hours later I got a call from the vet (Dr Nakamura, I think) saying that Benny was a little warmer inside, although still quite sick, and his problem seemed to be that he had a lot of broken-down red blood cells, which could be either an easily-treated parasitic infection, or some sort of autoimmune disorder. He had already started treatment for the parasites, and the easiest way to find out which it was would be to wait and see if Benny got better right away.

A couple of hours after that, I got a call saying that Benny had gone into arrest and they hadn't been able to rescusitate him.

Of course they were too nice to say it, but if I had been competent enough to take Benny in when he was first going off his feed instead of waiting until he was nearly dead, he'd probably be fine now. Not that there was a lot of doubt about my being the worst cat-dad ever.


2006 -- 25th October 2007

With Us Too Short A Time

Writing: FAILURE, as with everything else.

cats by cat (Fri Oct 26 10:25:31 2007)

*many hugs* NOOOO, so not a bad cat-dad. Really. I should tell you about the time i thought i killed Cinders through failure-to-take-to-the-vet-on-time. I got really lucky and she was okay ("just" diabetes and a urinary tract infection), but, yeah, intense guilt. hugs We just do the best we can, which isn't perfect, but way better than most humans are capable of.

Not by marith (Fri Oct 26 10:29:58 2007)

Not, not, not. I know you don't believe it, but it's true. Bad things happen. There are no perfect parents, no matter how much they love and want to protect. Only people who make mistakes and get lucky, or don't, and keep trying.


Cats and Vets by Ken (Fri Oct 26 15:29:24 2007)

You brought in Benny more quickly than Cera and I brought in Jinian when she was sick a year or two ago. You don't need to feel bad about it, unless it'll help you feel better down the line. I guess I'm trying to say that some guilt is normal, and some paranoia in the future will be normal, but you're not a bad person or a bad cat-owner.

Benny by Jeremy (Sat Oct 27 08:26:14 2007)

I'm so very sorry about Benny. We still miss Jake and Elwood, too. Condolences on the loss of your friend.

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24 October 2007 - Wednesday

Visual Entertainments: We attempted to have Wednesday Night Whatever at Dave's place, but although Cat seemed to be up for this, she never actually appeared. Ken tried to lure us into board games, but apathy ruled. Apparently we are bad friends.

So I went home and watched a bit of Black Cat.

Cats: Benny let me pick him up! He is furry and soft and cuddly, but this is a great change of policy on his part. Also he seems pretty lethargic and I haven't seen him eat anything in a while. On the other tentacle, he got down when he was ready, and he walks around without seeming to be in distress, and the other cats don't conspicuously avoid him. Still, I worry. If he still seems to be feeling poorly tomorrow, I think I will take him to the vet.

Writing: Check.

being lame by cat (Thu Oct 25 16:58:18 2007)

yeah... i didn't get dave's address before i left work... and don't have phone numbers... so i DDRd at home instead. hides

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23 October 2007 - Tuesday


Work: I seem to be becoming cynical. Maybe I've had enough support for now.

Gaming: If Alazaïs gets a seventh level of rogue, she gets +1 BAB, +1d6 sneak attack, and 11 skill points. If she gets a fourth level of paladin of Sune, she gets +1 BAB, +1 to Fort and Will saves, another second-level spell per day, a free Skill Focus feat (in one of a few class skills), and 7 skill points. And one level closer to getting an magical animal companion. Put that way, the choice seems obvious, except that among the skills I really want to improve are Listen, Search, and Spot, which aren't in-class for paladins of Sune.


Visual Entertainments: UPS successfully delivered to me a big box of anime! Muahahahaha!

However, none of this new anime was shown at Tuesday Night Anime. In fact, even some old anime was not shown, because Neil and Marith were very late and then Neil had to bail early, so we didn't get to start SuperGALS this week either. Bah!

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: Check.

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22 October 2007 - Monday

Work: Surprisingly busy for Monday.

Visual Entertainments: More Black Cat. The main villain is convincingly psychotic. Eve is still best.

Food: Yummy Thai supper with Marith!

Cats: The kitties, especially Benny(!), have become less interested in gooshyfoods. I find this worrying, because they used to really like it! I'd think Benny was sick, but Marmalade is also eating less of it. Maybe I should microwave it or something?

Writing: Check, although not quite enough extra to make up for yesterday.

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21 October 2007 - Sunday

Gaming: Alternate Sunday afternoon gaming fell through, so there was bonus stunt D&D instead!

We got started so late, pretty much the entire session was spent on the fight that last session's cliffhanger ending set up. For a while Dave was convinced that we were all going to die, but in fact we exploded two demons and a couple of werewolves and set the desecrated church on fire, which not only deprived the master villain of resources, but let the pagan spirit get her people safely away. (Maybe someday she'll even turn them back from thrushes to people.)

The first night we were back in civilization, someone used magic to kill about twenty people in the bar owned by the murder cultist, but I'm not sure what we could actually have done to stop it. It's not even clear it was the master villain; it might have been the murder cultist himself. I hear they kill people sometimes.


Oh the pain of multi-classing! Now I have to decide whether Alazaïs should become a 7th level rogue, or a 4th level paladin of Sune.

Food: Ken made chicken cacciatore! It contains juniper berries!

Cats: I got to pet Benny's tail! He was lying there on his box by the window and I crept up and petted his tail! He looked at me with GREAT BIG EYES but didn't run away!

Writing: FAILURE. I suck.

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20 October 2007 - Saturday

Gaming: I hear there was board gaming at the Mittmanns's, but I was too lame to go.

Visual Entertainments: Marith came over and almost caught up on My-HiME.

Food: Marith puts blackberry jam on her chicken pot pie. This may be because she's peculiar.

Cats: Twelve fuzzy little paws!

Writing: Check.

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19 October 2007 - Friday

Ecology of the Future: Urban owls.

Alien Linguistics: Reading about the Pirahã and their concreteness of thought, together with Temple Grandin's Animals in Translation, makes me think this must be what the language of borderline sapients must be like. Cool!

The End of Humanity: Bow before the Icon of Your Tentacled Masters, puny vertebrate!

The Icons of Our Tentacled Masters by Chrisber (Mon Oct 22 16:39:32 2007)

You have of course seen the icon for

Re: The Icons of Our Tentacled Masters by Trip (Mon Oct 22 17:05:49 2007)

Augh! The one-eyed technosquid of DEATH!

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18 October 2007 - Thursday

Visual Entertainments: First disc of Black Cat. It is slightly different than the manga, but not freakishly so. Mostly the same events, in a somewhat different order.

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: Check.

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17 October 2007 - Wednesday

Gaming:I guess it wasn't technically a TPK, because Ken's character (Maxwell?) was able to escape invisibly, but that left him trapped on an island with at least one halfling-eating death bird, so his life expectancy was probably not great.

Must have been a dream sequence!

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: Check.

Character by Ken (Mon Oct 22 20:05:24 2007)

Maxwell! Because he is quick enough to open a small door only for the fast moving particles.

Or something.

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16 October 2007 - Tuesday

Work: Bleah, I shouldn't have tried to go to a meeting right after lunch. Not only did I almost pass out several times, but I could have used that time to oppress customers directly.

Visual Entertainments: Neil abandoned us with some flimsy excuse like he loves his wife and wants to spend more time with her, so instead of starting SuperGALS, we finished Honey and Clover II. It was a suitable ending!

Kamichu! is still extremely cute. My-HiME is full of doom, and also poor moral reasoning on the part of junior high students.

Cats: Paws and paws and paws! And cuteness!

Writing: Check.

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15 October 2007 - Monday

Work: It can be nap tiemz naow, plz?

Gaming: I wonder if we'll have a GM on Sunday.

Visual Entertainments: Disc three of Comic Party. Still enh, but GreenCine seems to indicated that it might send me something else soon.

Cats: I turned on the space heater for a bit while I was sitting in bed reading, and Marmalade reaped the reward of his willingness to be near me in bonus thermions! Also he snuggled next to me while I slept, which resulted in his getting elbowed in the head when I rolled over in the middle of the night, but I think he forgave me.

Writing: Check.

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14 October 2007 - Sunday

Gaming: I was sure my stupid idea would end up terminating the Adventures of Jehanne & Alazaïs in a TPK, but as of the end of tonight's session, all the PCs were still alive and had accomplished their secondary goal of having all the imprisoned pagans transformed into thrushes. Next session, we take down the demon in the nun outfit and her mooks! And their ten-foot-tall patchwork abomination. And maybe the master vampire. Hopefully not his newly-made god of Things Man Was Not Meant To Know.

(Okay, if the god was complete, the pagans wouldn't have still been breathing, but even an embryonic evil god probably isn't much fun. Didn't Glen Cook write a fantasy series about that?)

Food: Yay posole! This time the recipe was doubled but the chipotles were not doubled, so the spiciness level was about right.

Cats: Aw! Benny and Aspen were snuggled up on the bed with their arms around each other! So cute!

Writing: Check. It's crap, but it's marginally-grammaticable English prose-like substance.

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13 October 2007 - Saturday

Gaming: Okay, I'll say that's like a D&D adventure. I may have better ideas before Wednesday, but even if I don't, I will be prepared to crush the PCs! Muahahahahaha!

Theatrical Entertainments: Ayse lured us all to see Assassins, which she likes very much, being a Sondheim fangirl and all. It was a fairly amateur performance, or maybe I'm just bitter about the poor sound levels during the first half. Anyway, I can't say I liked it, but it was definitely interesting. And you know, I can't really object to the message that murder is for losers.

Cats: Twelve adorable paws!

Writing: FAILURE. Didn't get home from post-show street-corner analysis until almost midnight.

Assassins! by Ayse (Wed Oct 17 10:15:35 2007)

You may be bitter, but it was an amateur performance; messy sound levels and a few weak singers and some serious over-acting. The risk of going to random shows one finds on the web! But I did have a good time, anyway, and I'm glad you found it interesting. (And thank goodness it was not like Vlad Dracul in the Year 2000; I had a few moments of terror in the very, very beginning.)

I think I have a soft spot for really amateur theatre, since the sincerity and chance for random people to get to be on stage overcomes for me the weaknesses of the productions, and thus I enjoy it in a way that I don't enjoy glossy professionals or even semi-glossy semi-professionals.

Also, now if I suddenly say to you, "I am a terrifying and imposing figure!" you will know to what am I referring!

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12 October 2007 - Friday

Weather: Ack, it's raining! How did that happen?

Work: Yay Friday! It can be nap tiemz naow?

Gaming: Monster monster monster. Okay, that's more like being ready to crush the sand pirates!

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: Uninspired, but check.

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11 October 2007 - Thursday

Gaming: I am made of fail.

Silly Webcomics: Bonobo Conspiracy[*] has eaten my brain. All the neurons that should have been going into designing a sand pirates adventure or a Champions character or WRITING belong to Matthew Skala now.

[*]Contains no actual bonobos.

Cats: The Snuggle-Marma Attacks at Dawn!

I tried the different gooshyfood that Cat gave me because her kitty scorned it, and my cats seem to think it's okay. It seems weirdly glutinous to me, but what do I know?

Writing: FAILURE. See above.

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10 October 2007 - Wednesday


Gaming: I still suck.

Visual Entertainments: Ayse has endless papers to write forever, and Marith had to hide under a rock, but Dave and I (and later Earl) successfully showed Cat and Ken Better Off Dead. "Shame when folks be throwin' away a perfectly good white boy like that."

Cats: Twelve very adorable paws!

Writing: Check.

Better Off Dead by Dave (Wed Oct 17 13:49:21 2007)

"It's got raisins in it. You like raisins."

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9 October 2007 - Tuesday

Gaming: Hm, I don't seem to have done anything for either Sandpirates or Invisible College. Apparently I suck.

Visual Entertainments: The finale of Coyote Ragtime Show was somewhat disappointing. Even a small amount of backstory would have made it better.

Honey and Clover is full of doom! My-HiME is full of explosions and cheesecake! Kamichu! is full of extraordinary cuteness!

Next week, SuperGALS, which is also pretty cute! After that, Ergo Proxy, I think.

Cats: Miau miau miau miau twelve paws! And orange cuddles!

Writing: Check.

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8 October 2007 - Monday

Invertebrates: It's International Cephalopod Awareness Day! Tentacles for everyone!

Work: Bah, the ticket interface I am used to has finally been retired and I have to use the new one, which is much prettier and also slow and obnoxious. It is a consumer interface, not so much a geek interface.

Gaming: I really should make a character for Invisible College, and also an adventure for Sandpirates. I wonder what important pirate tropes I'm forgetting?

Food: I helped Ayse lug cat food home from the vet (cleverly having someone to talk to during the expected wait means not having to wait, of course) and was rewarded by tasty Ken fajitas!

Er, that means fajitas made BY Ken, not made OF Ken, because Ayse has a firm no-cannibalism stance. Probably healthier this way, too.

Silly Computer Games: Started playing Ant Buster. I have a vague memory of someone saying ice cannons are the way to victory, but I haven't gotten more than about 10k points so far. (Hi, Jeremy!)

Cats: Twelve paws!

I have taken to only replenishing the kibble dishes in the evenings, in hopes of getting Aspen to shrink a bit, but this makes Marmalade kind of obnoxious when I get home from work. On the other hand, his tummy is not bloated, and he is snuggly!

Writing: Check.

Nice try, buster by Jeremy (Sat Oct 13 16:06:59 2007)

Not falling for it. Not even for a second. Pbbbttthhh!

Re: nice try, buster by Trip (Sun Oct 14 11:46:42 2007)

You're just saying that because you know you couldn't get 10k!

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7 October 2007 - Sunday

Gaming: We played the character creation game for Earl's proposed Magical Superheroes campaign, with moderate success. Jeremy has a munchkin brick[*], Dave has a weird character who has a huge attack but only after she learns her target's true name, and I seem to have a character with spells and a magic coat and internally-mounted demons and stuff.

[*] Not that there's really any other kind of brick in stock Hero. Obviously I should be working on Antihero with greater vigor.

Visual Entertainments: Second disc of Comic Party. Still enh. I am sad about GreenCine and their not giving me the DVDs I really want and their doing it all very slowly. Maybe I should switch to Netflix or something.

Cats: Twelve extremely adorable paws! I petted Aspen a bit as she snoozed in her basket, but she twitched alarmingly so I stopped that.

Writing: Check. Didn't quite make up for last night, but almost.

So, this Invisible College thing? by Chrisber (Thu Oct 18 20:36:41 2007)

So, what important character design concepts were discussed and never put in email? Or should I reverse-engineer everything from your character sheet? And what happens if someone demon-posessed has children? Because I have a character idea...

Re: So, this Invisible College thing? by Trip (Thu Oct 18 21:00:37 2007)

It's now on hold, or maybe dead, because Earl lost his inspiration. :(

Re: So, this Invisible College thing? by Chrisber (Mon Oct 22 16:32:40 2007)

Alas. Did you look under the table for it? In the dice bag?

Re: So, this Invisible College thing? by Trip (Mon Oct 22 17:09:07 2007)

I know it's not in my dice bag. I don't know where Earl might have looked, because he is not so much with the communication. :(

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6 October 2007 - Saturday

Gaming: Gaming is hard, let's buy books.

Food: Earl and Cat invited us over for fondue! I had to scuttle and fetch some additional supplies at Ayse's instigation, but then we trundled over and there was fondue of bread and vegetables and fruits! Marith was so dubious about the apple-jalapeño wine that we ended up not using it, but that was okay. We had cheddary fondue as the second round instead, and it was excellently delicious. Then there was chocolate fondue with CREAM CHEESE BALLS! Yay!

I knew there was a reason I like Earl and Cat!

Cats: While I sat on the bed reading, Marmalade and Benny came and flopped down at the other end of the bed. Benny was a bit skittish when I petted Marmalade, but did not run away! Then Aspen came and flopped down between them so that her tail was draped over Marmalade's neck and Benny could hug her around the forequarters and wash her face! So cute! Much cuter than other cats!

Writing: FAILURE. Too sleepy when I got home.

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5 October 2007 - Friday

Modern Medicine: Well, apparently I'm not only not dead, but show no signs of imminent demise. That's good, I guess.

Work: Extra bah! Busses betrayed me so I was late! Even more bah!

Gaming: Doinked around with ideas for Sandpirates. I should become smarter. Except that being too clever never works out. Maybe I should just start writing up monsters. And custom magic items for villains. Muahahaha.

Visual Entertainments: Deadwood. Okay, now I feel sorry for the preacher guy.

Cats: Marmalaffection all over my tummy while I sat at the computer! Aw!

Writing: Check.

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4 October 2007 - Thursday

Work: Bah, late to work because bus broke down. Had to stay correspondingly late. Bah.

Gaming: Oh no, I only have two weeks to plan how to crush the PCs in Sandpirates! Fortunately I have many books full of hideous monsters.

Visual Entertainments: First disc of Comic Party. Enh. However, I think GreenCine in its continuing failure to send me things at the head of my queue has send me another disc of it. Bah!

Cats: It somewhat worries me that both Benny and Marmalade are both high-tailed cats, but when Aspen wanders around, she carries her tail low. It's probably just personality, but Dani was also a low-tailed cat (and also a girl cat, but hopefully the similarities end there).

Writing: Check.

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3 October 2007 - Wednesday

Gaming: Augh, sand pirates! But I have two weeks to plan, since we only barely completed character creation tonight. We have a halfling captain, his perpetually-invisible halfling warlock bodyguard, and a half-orc cleric of stevedores. And a shipwreck.

Cats: Miau miau miau!

Writing: Check.

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2 October 2007 - Tuesday

Gaming: Apparently I will be running D&D sand pirates. Arrr!

Visual Entertainments: Dave and I decided to watch anime even though both Marith and Neil had abandoned us... and then Neil revealed himself to be merely uncommunicative, not dead. So it's a good thing we were ruthless!

Kamichu! is much like I remembered it, but maybe even cuter! Coyote Ragtime Show is setting up for the Climactic Confrontation! Honey and Clover had an episode of extra doom, explaining Morita's backstory! My-HiME had more fanservice, but also plot!

Cats: Twelve paws! And orange snuggles!

Writing: Check.

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1 October 2007 - Monday

Visual Entertainments: First disc of Karin (aka Chibi Vampire), which is silly but cute. (Although I have to say, if the problem is that a teenage male character needs to be made happy, you wouldn't think it would take much thought to solve.)

Cats: Marmalade got to ride in the laundry basket and play under the new sheets! Benny looked like he might have wanted to help, but wasn't brave enough. Ganbatte for silliness, Benny-kun!

Writing: Check.

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