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30 November 2007 - Friday

Work: It can be nap tiemz naow? No, iz tiket tiemz.

Visual Entertainments: Finished the disc of Lost (season 1, disc 4). So much mysterious doom! And Charlie needed to be slapped upside the head with a fish on a regular basis for most of his life, apparently.

Then I watched Puppet Princess (40-minute OAV), which was just weird. And creepy. And had peculiar and somewhat unappealing art, but on the other hand, clock-punk killer robots!

Cats: I have decided to try adopting Madeleine Kitteh! Hopefully this will not results in widespread destruction and dismay.

Writing: Check.

Madeliene by cat (Sat Dec 1 21:27:36 2007)

Augh! Im sorry for spazzing out. maybe Maddie has her little claws in my heart. =( I felt so cruel for putting her with odd kitteh smells. sigh I dont know. Maybe we try again, maybe i try to find a single-cat situation where she can be queen. Im so confused and broken.

Re: Madeliene by Trip (Mon Dec 3 10:47:40 2007)

It's okay! You were not too spastic! Madeleine is definitely an adorable kitty so it is not surprising that you adore her!

I'm also not sure what action to take. It might be that if we put her in the New Place Of New Smells and just left her unmolested for a while she'd get used to it. It's also possible she'd wig out and have to be peeled off the ceiling with heavy gloves.

This probably goes entirely without saying, but if someone offers Madeleine a domain of her very own, you should not wait on me to quit being lame!

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29 November 2007 - Thursday

Work: Finally closed a long-running drama as having been proven to be Not Our Problem. Yay.

Gaming: Maybe my NPCs in Sand Pirates should have surrendered? But up until that last round, victory was within reach!

Visual Entertainments: Couple episodes of Lost. I'm so behind. All the cool kids are watching Heroes now.

Cats: Eight paws!

Perhaps I will try to bring Madeleine Kitteh to dwell in my lair.

Writing: Check, and made up for yesterday too, because I had unusual (ie, non-zero) amounts of inspiration.

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28 November 2007 - Wednesday

Work: Sort of like success. Sort of like not feeling the world is any better for it.

Gaming: Sand Pirates! The protagonist pirates had to make camp until the cleric could get another fly spell, but the other pirates found them before that and there was a big fight. The creepy warlock was blinded, but that didn't stop him from conjuring up infinite swarms of bats to gnaw on the pirates. The cleric went head-to-head with the pirate sorceress and her whirlwind of death and almost went down, but managed to squish her head on the last round before she would have zorched him.

But then it was well past the time Mike had to go home, so there was no looting or gloating phase. Oops.

Cats: Eight paws! Four of them are paws of aloofness, but four are paws of affection!

Writing: FAILURE. Gaming ran until 32965192 o'clock.

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27 November 2007 - Tuesday

Work: It's not Monday anymore!

Gaming: I think I'm mostly ready to run Sand Pirates tomorrow. The PCs have taken hostages, now they must issue demands! Or, you know, be eaten by giant birds.

Visual Entertainments: Neil, Bringer of Burgers, has returned to Tuesday Night Anime! In celebration of this, we showed two episodes of SuperGALS in which Ran beats people up, one episode of Kamichu! in which Yurie is lazy, one episode of My-HiME with fanservice, and two episodes of Ergo Proxy in which Re-L gets involved in conspiracies!

Cats: Aspen's fur is so soft! And fluffy! Which I guess is good because she doesn't want to come sit by the space heater with Marmalade and the scary biped. (Extra-scary, apparently, now that I have a new bathrobe and loom more darkly!)

Writing: Check.

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26 November 2007 - Monday

Work: Twice the weekend makes Monday twice as sad.

Cats: I don't know what happened while I was out, but after I got home, the cats (especially Marmalade) spent most of their time in my bedroom, being cozy on the bed. I think they want me to keep the apartment warmer.

Aspen's fur is so soft!

Writing: Check.

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25 November 2007 - Sunday

Gaming: No D&D, because Ayse is full of homework. But I finished reading through Mutants and Masterminds and still think it is interesting. Among other things, they seem to have stolen the idea I came up with some time back of having hits that don't KO the target just give a +1 to the next hit. Had I known the idea was actually viable, I might have done something with it!

Visual Entertainments: Finished the second disc of Planetes. The last couple of episodes were less silly.

Cats: Ayse and I went to the Bay Area Cat Rescue adoption fair to meet the fabled Madeline Kitteh! She is pretty and soft and talkative and affectionate toward people, but there is unfortunately some question as to how she will get on with other cats. Some theorized that she acts like a cat who would be queen, which might be okay since Marmalade has lived with a dominant female before, but might not be okay because I don't know what Aspen would think. It was suggested that I foster Madeline for a while to see how she works out, but I wibble.

Ayse became enamored of a small black kitten named Chloe, who ran all around the cage and tussled fiercely with Clancy under the cat-bed and was generally a ball of zoominess. Alas, Chloe is already spoken for, which may be for the best since Ken probably wouldn't be understanding. I think Clancy is still available, but I'm not sure I would be home enough to give him the attention he deserves. (But he could oppress Marmalade...)

Turbo and Tiger Lily also got some cuddles, and many other cats were admired visually. Overall, I would have to rate it as a successful cat-meeting expedition, even if no cats have become more than acquaintances.

Marmalade sniffed and sniffed my hand when I got back. I think he may suspect something!

Writing: Check.

cats by cat (Tue Nov 27 13:47:42 2007)

Madeleine and Phoenix seem to have some sort of mutual-ignoring thing going on, although Madeleine does seem to be dominant kitteh. For example, last night, Phoenix was in the harp room washing his butt, and when Maddy walked in, he stopped, then slunk out of the room.

They seem to be fine as long as they are one-cat-length separated. If they get closer than that, Maddy tends to hiss, and Phoenix looks squashed and slinks away. But last night, they were doing synchronized ruff-washings across the room from each other.

They really don't seem to understand each other; there's a lot of "What the hell?!?!" going on. So, when Maddy walks around miaowing, Phoenix just looks at her like she's nuts. And, when Phoenix is hyper kitty and playing, Maddy looks at him as if he's brain-damaged. Phoenix always seems very relieved when Maddy is put back in the garage.

Re: cats by Trip (Tue Nov 27 18:11:28 2007)

Huh. That doesn't sound too bad. And I am planning to put whatever kitty I get in the front library for a couple of weeks until they get used to the scent of Aspen and Marmalade, like I did for Aspen and Benny when they moved in.

Maybe this is not actually infeasible!

Madeliene and Phoenix by cat (Tue Nov 27 21:48:42 2007)

This should link to a picture of the two cats "interacting":

Although it looks like Phoenix is thinking about jumping on her, he's too afraid to do any such thing. Maddie believes that she is the queen and thus untouchable, and is totally unconcerned.

Re: Madeliene and Phoenix by Trip (Wed Nov 28 14:18:21 2007)

That does not look like an unpleasant interaction! Perhaps maybe it would be okay for Madeleine Kitteh to come live with Marmalade and Aspen!

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24 November 2007 - Saturday

Gaming: I picked up Mutants and Masterminds in Roseville (somewhere near Roseville, anyway) because James Nicoll is playing it and seems to not hate it. It seems to be a strange yet possibly viable mutant hybrid of d20, Tri-Stat (BESM/Silver Age Sentinels), and Hero. The thing that annoyed us most about Tri-Stat (two inconsistent sorts of power limitations with unclear costs) seems to have been fixed, and there are no levels or classes or attacks of opportunity. There are also no hit points: when you hit someone, they save against a DC based on how hard you hit to avoid being knocked out. This is weird, but does eliminate all dice except one d20.

Perhaps someday I will be able to talk people into trying it out.

Visual Entertainments: GreenCine finally sent me the second disc of Planetes, which is somewhat silly. Lunar ninja!

Food: Went to Thai City for lunch, where I randomly encountered the Gollubs! The lost art of conversation was sought, but appears to be hiding in a remote part of Scotland.

Cats: So cutely curled up together with all their eight paws!

Sometime around mid-afternoon, Marmalade became extra-affectionate. Apparently I was forgiven for failing in my gooshyfood-providing duties!

Writing: Check.

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23 November 2007 - Friday

Food: Leftovers! And then, more leftovers! Because it is the way of our people!

Vacation: First, the shopping! Ken and I have no local gaming store since Gamescape was killed, so we got Al to take us to his local and semilocal gaming stores. The first one had run out of parking, which I attribute to their cleverness in putting a stacked redhead on the register. However, they did not sell me any gaming stuff. (They did sell me a few manga back issues I had on my list of stuff to buy, though.) The other store had a curmudgeonly old guy behind the counter, and was mostly wargames and boardgames, but they had RPG stuff I actually wanted, so w00t!

Amazon Sextet of Justice XIIe: "Death Spiral II ½: The Cozy, Well-furnished Den of the Undead!"

(We spent an extended period mucking about teleconferencing so that Harold could play without having to actually drive to Roseville. Of course it worked perfectly in the test yesterday, and of course it didn't work worth beans today. Finally we got the webcam working and borrowed JHart's cell phone for voice. It didn't really work because Harold could only hear us when we shouted, and couldn't see the battle map well enough to make decisions. Bah. Our technology is inadequate!)

Onward, into the depths of the lich's lair!

The next room the Amazons sneak into is a library, or at least full of books! However, the filing system leaves something to be desired: quite a few of the books are just stacked in huge piles on the floor. As the Sextet enter and start looking around for the "Plot Hooks" section, some of the piles stir to life and lash out with hideously enlongated tentacles!

Marika, Amaryllis, Alyra, and Fresa are grabbed at various times, but Natalya and Gabrielle stay back and fill the monsters full of arrows, and soon the mutated ropers are down for the count. The library proves to be of limited interest, but all the books that seem interesting are stuffed into the pocket dimension, along with a complete set of Amazon Sextet action figures (mint, in box). The complete series of Nancy Drow mysteries is left behind, though.

There is still more to the dungeon, though, so Our Heroines continue around the spiral. Further down, past some familiar-looking evil stairs, is a room in which two of the lich's frost giant minions sit playing chess, apparently heedless of the earlier commotion. Gabrielle charms one with a spell, but the other one is still full of fight and the charmed one isn't willing to stand by while his friend gets chopped up, so the situation devolves into a general melee. Both giants end up dead, but so does Alyra! Fortunately Fresa is able to call her soul back from the great beyond, and she is willing to return, so the Sextet remains a Sextet.

The Amazons are not disturbed during Fresa's prayers, which turns out to be because every room above them has been cleared out and there is only one more room below: a well-appointed, comfortable space with quite a few books, some magical trinkets useful to one of the living dead, and a lot of correspondence. The Amazons grab everything not nailed down, including the long villainous rant about how the Forces of Good will never figure out the complex process for freeing Queen Ditte of her unwanted tentacles (see appendix B for detentacularization ritual).

Now the Sextet just have to escape before anyone can set off the evil stairs!

Vacation (cont): Suddenly, JHart appeared to help Al redesign Runequest! Then we finished with AQoJ, and he lured everyone into playing Civ, so Marith and I snuck away into the darkness. There were stupid people on our freeways, but not enough of them to prevent us from arriving home in due course.

Cats: They are okay! I am so glad! Aspen seems to have lost some of her tolerance of me, but I don't mind, because she is okay. I gave them extra gooshyfoods.

Writing: VACATION.

Nancy Drow! by Carl (Mon Nov 26 20:05:58 2007)

I really like the idea of Nancy Drow mysteries! Although I know some prefer the Halfling Boys.

Were the tentacular book piles really Ropers and not Mimics? Shocking!

And Endgame is a really excellent game store only two blocks from the Oakland 12th Street BART station, although that would perhaps be more useful to you if BART was laid out in a reasonable manner.

Re: Nancy Drow! by Trip (Tue Nov 27 10:02:05 2007)

I don't remember who was responsible for Nancy Drow. Maybe Ayse?

Apparently mimics don't have enough tentacles, so we got mutant ropers instead. Which are immune to electricity, so really not very shocking at all.

I suspect that getting to Endgame from Mountain View by public transit takes as long or longer than getting to Roseville by car, and without the added bonus of AQoJ at the end!

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22 November 2007 - Thursday

Vacation: Josh woke me up by cutting me into pieces with a light saber, but Kate cast animate dead on me. Yay!

Gaming: Ken got six people to play Twilight Imperium, but we had to stop midway through the second turn to free up players and tables for food preparation. Most oppressed gamer-monkey ever!

Food: Turkey! Mashed spuds! Yams! Green bean casserole! Rolls! Gravy! Cranberry stuff! Stuffing! Different stuffing! Pumpkin stuff! Chocolate-pecan pie! Blueberry stuff! Happiness! Rotundity!

Cats: I hope they are okay!

Writing: VACATION.

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21 November 2007 - Wednesday

Work: Motivation? What is that?

Vacation: It took us(MT) an hour to get from home to the freeway, but after that we made good time. Despite ominous predictions of doom, there was almost no traffic slowness and we arrived in Roseville just before midnight. Unprecedentedly, instead of staying up until all hours socializing, everyone went to bed! I guess Ayse, Ken, and Dave socialized everyone sufficiently when they arrived in the middle of the day.

Cats: I hope they will be okay while I am gone! I will only be away for a few days, but it only took Benny a few days to decline precipitously.

Writing: VACATION.

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20 November 2007 - Tuesday

Visual Entertainments: Neil ditched us for TNA again, hmph! But we watched SuperGALS (Datchu!), My-HiME (I think Natsuki's outfit was cute, although admittedly entirely impractical), Kamichu! (it's the war on Christmas!), and Ergo Proxy (is that a romantic subplot looming?!) successfully without him, so there!

Cats: Eight paws!

Writing: Check.

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19 November 2007 - Monday

Work: Bleah, Monday.

Silly Computer Games: 202135 in Bejeweled! And it only took me 74 minutes!

Actually, that's a pretty long time to spend staring at little colored shapes.

Cats: Plumptious Aspen looks pretty silly when she does the Halloween Cat stretch, with her big round body and little cute paws!

Writing: Check.

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18 November 2007 - Sunday

Gaming: Dave and I went over to Jeremy's place and played Roborally, Cthulhu Munchkin, and a bunch of Fluxx. Jeremy is a good host, so he let Dave and me win all the games.

Silly Computer Games: 121400 in Bejeweled!

Cats: Eight paws!

Writing: Check.

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17 November 2007 - Saturday

Food: Marith and I went to yummy Thai lunch with flapper girl Angie Kelp-Foot! There was, inevitably, much WoW-geeking, but it seemed to make Angie and Marith happy, so that's okay.

Silly Computer Games: In Bejeweled I got more than 107000 points! Sadly, they are just regular points, not experience points.

I downloaded the downloadable version because the lag on the online version is sometimes annoying, but the gameplay is much better on the online version. Oh well.

Cats: Aspen seems to be more tolerant of non-meal-time pettins than she used to. Also she sometimes shows up in the doorway to wherever I'm sitting and watches me. She still runs away if I approach her when she's not settled in place, though.

Also, kitty tussling! So cute!

Writing: Check.

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16 November 2007 - Friday

Work: I was a little bit successful, I think. Maybe my cow orkers won't hate me on Monday.

Visual Entertainments: Finished Black Cat. Okay, that did indeed beat the climax of the penultimate disc. It reminded me a tiny bit of the end of Melody of Oblivion.

WTF? The lawnmowerosaurus.

Food: Wow, this sounds good!

Silly Computer Games: The old stand-by, Bejeweled.

Cats: Paws and paws!

Writing: Check.

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15 November 2007 - Thursday

Ph4t L3wtz: Yay my dead tree copies of Tales of Mu arrived!

Visual Entertainments: Couple more episodes of Black Cat. They are indeed about Eve, yay!

Cats: Eight paws of scampering doom!

I hear that Madeline Kitteh who Cat and Earl rescued is full of adorable purrs. Also her name is Maddy and she is staying in a garage, which seems like an omen over-sensitive pattern-matching to me.

Writing: Check.

Madeline by cat (Mon Nov 19 19:24:46 2007)

She should be making appearances at the bay area cat rescue adoption fairs. =)

Madeline by Trip (Mon Nov 19 22:24:19 2007)

I must try to meet her!

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14 November 2007 - Wednesday

Work: Blargh.

I Vote For: The Robot Overlords.

Gaming: Today I displayed my lameness in Sand Pirates! My poor NPCs were crushed like bugs, because they did not expect there to be a third, invisible PC who could cast deeper slumber as a spell-like ability. Maybe they can escape later and wreak havoc, but probably I just suck.

Cats: Apparently the cats do not like Liver and Chicken Feast. Aspen ate it, but then she tried to bury it. Hopefully I will remember to not buy it for them next time.

Writing: Check, although just barely. Gaming ran late and then I was uninspired, because I suck.

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13 November 2007 - Tuesday

Work: Yes, I still suck.

Visual Entertainments:

  • SuperGALS: Still cute! Still not subversive, except maybe in showing some kogals as not evil.
  • Kamichu!: Still cute! With Kami Convention!
  • My-HiME: Still more alarming developments! And the all-important message, "Never trust anyone in uniform".
  • Ergo Proxy: Still poorly lit and confusing, but things are definitely happening!

Cats: Eight paws.

Writing: Check.

Anime! by Dave (Wed Nov 14 11:58:09 2007)

I dunno - I think the having fun rather than trying to live up to your parents' expectations is fairly subversive. And in My-HIME, it seemed more that one shouldn't listen to people just because they're in uniform - one should always be suspicious of people doing suspicious things.

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12 November 2007 - Monday

Work: Blah, work. I am not smart enough to do work. Perhaps I will die in a deep deep pit instead.

Visual Entertainments: GreenCine is not giving to me the animes. Bah. Maybe I should upgrade to where I get five DVDs at a time instead of three, in hopes of getting the amount of time it takes me to watch all the stuff I have more like the amount of time it takes to get new stuff.


  • Tales of MU, excellent* on-line serial (warning, sex)
  • Goblins, excellent* webcomic (warning, violence)

*Well, I like them!

Cats: Marmalade was all curled up sleeping on the bed, so I took off my glasses and faceplanted right into the fluffiness! This is because I am silly.

Writing: Check, somehow. So uninspired. (CHORUS: "So what's new?")

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11 November 2007 - Sunday

Gaming: Jehanne and Alazaïs and their entourage have successfully formulated a plan to foil the master villain! It involves waiting for the sun cultists and their angel to kick down the front door, and then sneaking in the back way to find the master villain's now-vacant body and stake it.

Food: I really should eat better on weekends.

Cats: Aspen is so fluffy! But she will not snuggle me, because I took her best friend Benny away in the scary box and never brought him back.

Writing: Check.

Aspen by marith (Tue Nov 13 09:38:52 2007)

That's not why Aspen won't snuggle you and you know it! She is just suspicious of all mere mortals trying to touch her divine feline self!

(I bet she wouldn't let me oppress her with nose-beeping, even! She is clearly more used to you now.)

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10 November 2007 - Saturday

Cats: I oppressed Aspen so much with the pettins and the nose-beeping!

Writing: Check.

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9 November 2007 - Friday

Work: Bah, customers who don't say anything for a week and then decide their ticket needs escalation.

Visual Entertainments: Fifth disc of Orphen II. Huh, I wasn't really expecting that particular plot twist.

Cats: Fuzzydorable paws of eight.

Writing: Check.

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8 November 2007 - Thursday

Work: Bah, customers!

Visual Entertainments: Finished Comic Party. Maybe now GreenCine will send me something better!

Cats: Aw! Aspen and Marmalade were all curled up together with the stuffed animals!

Writing: Check.

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7 November 2007 - Wednesday


Work: I keep being so productive at work that I don't have time to read all my webcomics. Sheesh.

Visual Entertainments: Marith had a bad day at work (unlike the days she's had at work for the past, oh, TWO YEARS STRAIGHT) so we had to have Wednesday Night Whatever at Dave's place. Cat and Dave played DDR until Cat became self-conscious and made all the boy-type creatures (ie, Dave and Ken) leave the room. Then she declared victory and we watched Castle in the Sky. Yay steampunk! Yay things that fly but shouldn't! Ken thought the moral was, "Knowledge is bad," which of course he doesn't approve of, but I took it as, "People in suits or uniforms suck and should never be given power," which I think we're all down with.

Cats: Eight paws of fuzziness.

Writing: Check.

DDR by cat (Fri Nov 9 12:12:04 2007)

I think i more admitted defeat than declared victory. I don't like shoes. Or, that's my excuse, and i'm sticking to it.

Plus, the falling over laughing made it hard to DDR. (I feel really really stupid stepping on arrows; it takes a while to drop the self-conscious enough to be effective.)

The message I got was more "don't use knowledge for evil". "Suits bad" works for me, too. =)

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6 November 2007 - Tuesday

Visual Entertainments: We finally started Ergo Proxy, which is like GitS with a visual style more like Witch Hunter Robin and none of that exposition that lesser shows bother with. Also, as Marith points out, the female lead wears pants. It is confusing and murky, but intriguing.

The Junior High School Goddess seems to be getting a better grip on her powers in Kamichu!, Miyu's sordid past is revealed in SuperGALS, and the love triangle angst of My-HiME is interrupted by orbital laser bombardment!

Cats: Eight fuzzy paws, and perhaps some of those paws tussled under the DVD rack! That is not like having a Benny to tussle with, but maybe it is good anyway.

Writing: Check.

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5 November 2007 - Monday

Work: Augh, it's a Monday! Where did that come from?

Visual Entertainments: started to watch the last disc of Comic Party, gave up and went to read Timothy Zahn and pet a cat.

Silly Computer Games: Desktop Tower Defense is hard, let's go Button Men Online.

Cats: Eight paws of fuzziness.

Writing: Check.

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4 November 2007 - Sunday

Gaming: Ayse is full of homework, so there is no bonus D&D for us.

Cats: Eight furry paws of softness.

Writing: Check.

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3 November 2007 - Saturday

Food: Ayse and Cat had their traditional[1] birthday tapas extravaganza at Iberia Restaurant, and very much tapas was consumed. Mmm, deviled dates! Cheese scones! Sausage on toast!

Also people who are cooler than me engaged in the search for the lost art of conversation. They all make things and write things and game things and do things. I will be over here under a big rock with cockroaches.

[1] Two years in a row!

Gaming: I am so lame that Earl has gone off gaming entirely. Also, I will never have any ideas, never mind any as far outside the box as giant robots of weaponized love.

Cats: Eight fuzzy paws.

Writing: Check.

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2 November 2007 - Friday

Cats: Eight paws. But they are adorable paws.

Writing: Check.

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1 November 2007 - Thursday

Work: Bah, customers!

Visual Entertainments: 5th disc of Black Cat. Huh, that was pretty much the climax of the plot arc. I wonder what they're going to do for four more episodes. Maybe give Eve more screen time?

Silly Computer Games: Hm, that strategy for DTD's all-swarms-all-the-time challenge didn't work as well as I had hoped. Maybe I just need a bunch of high-level area-effect towers.

Cats: Eight paws. :(

Writing: Check.

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